Rogue (Aliens)



Welcome to the former penal colony of Charon, where the underground tunnels are home to an alien hive. Here Professor Ernst Kleist rules like the paranoid tyrant that he is, seeing everything, hearing everything and making humans disappear. Wearing a yellow Harley-Davidson cap and a T-shirt, Captain Joyce Palmer is headed for the universe's darkest hell. Before her stay on Charon is over, she will uncover Kleist's mad plan. Using the drained bodies of his victims, the professor has given birth to his own murderous creation, the Rogue. He plans to use the monster against the alien queen in a battle for total dominion over Charon. Only Captain Palmer--and a handful of courageous marines--can stop him. Suddenly they are plunged into an all-out firefight against Kleist, the aliens, and the seemingly indestructible Rogue t save innocent lives...including their own.




It looks like terry towelling fbriac soft interlock with a tiny loop pile, usually cotton ( or a cotton poly mix). These aliens are very appealing so simple and graphic looking