Aliens vs Predator - Requiem



blood, guts, and gore!!!!!!!


the movie is really awesome, and bloody, i'd give it a 10!!!!!!! So i guess, its originally called "avpr", aliens versus predator requiem. Ad as for the predalien, is cool!!! The aliens and predalien is my favorite, and so, the parts i like is the bloody ones.

alien vs predator 2


I think it was so good with all the action and killing and the big perdalien. the predator had more weapons then the ferst avp. so 5/5. i am 10 as well so i loved it.

AvP review


i think it is a brilliant film shaky at the start but the rest of the way through it, it is full of action the greatest action film of the year in my opinion until a better action film gets written. and i hope there is another AvP film.

My Thought


The movie was terrible, the story was rubbish taken from the back of a cereal box. To pay homage to older films, the directors concluded that making up most of their climatic scenes as direct copies from the movies they were to pay homage to.

The human acting was the final blow that put this monstrosity out of commission, the characters were forced down your throat and the action served the purpose to blind you from the hellish acting. The alien and predator action was the only redeeming quality in this film. As James Cameron said during his work on Aliens the sequel needs to be a movie on its own, it cannot rely on the previous movies to carry the load. This is entirely true with AVPR, when watching this movie I felt as though I was watching a fan film on YouTube.

Another nail in the coffins of all aliens and predators.


The action was good, but it focused on the humans way too much! Its AvP, Not AvP and some humans!!!



I LOVED IT!!! IT WAS PURE AWESOMENESS!!! I agree, LOVED the PredAlien, thought he was awesome!!! And the predator-just AWESOME!!! The aliens were AWESOME!!! I liked their screech, as it was as like the ones in 'Aliens'... I LOVED the predator's whip!!! Damn he looked AWESOME!!! I also admired the way the PredAlien breed... It was something new... I also thought Steven Pasquale was the star of the movie, as he played a string character... I hated the teenagers... With out them, everything I type here would be in capitals... I ALSO LOVED THE MUSIC-Gimme a break, only twelve, only admire R-16 movies... TEAM PREDATOR!!!


colt kerr

This movie is great, if your ex-army, over the age of 12 or just plane crazy i recommend this movie for you! The movie starts off with an alien out break on earth, one predator (killed) sends a warning to another predator, that predator then comes down to earth to "clean up". Neways it's full of blood guts action and suspense, watch it!

Are you all crazy?


This film is an absolute abomination. Do not watch it. It will ruin the happy memories that you have of the first 2 Aliens films and the original Predator. Hollywood has ruined the Aliens and Predator characters ever since the 3rd Alien film and 2nd Predator film. With all their god damn money and power you would have thought they could do a good job. Spastics!