Aliens vs Predator - Requiem



The trailer is Intense


I cannot stop watching it - it looks incredible.

A pal has just sent me the belwo streaming links which have the trailer in a super clear 1500k format. ENJOY!

Yes, No, Maby So

Its me that guy

It looks so cool but the predalien needs some help that hair it has going on needs to go. Im cool with the gore but it better have cool graphics and that idea about making the movie a horor film is shit it needs to stay an action film.

I will give it a way better score when they fix these problems
Over all and either way it will be an awsome film I just think it could be cooler
and that score 3 igave it is actualy a 3.5

I actually watched the movie


Truth is, nobody's going to make a high-quality, grade-A movie for alien/predator franchises. The movie was just fun to watch just like the first one. Of course dialogue was a problem and so was acting and the development of the story. Some substories really weren't necessary like the loser boy- hot girl relationship or the mother coming home from military duty. The human characters' stories weren't done well, but the focus of the movie was on the predator and the aliens.
Putting in a bad-ass predator was great. This predator was a pro and well experienced hunter, unlike the unblooded predators from the first AVP who got killed quickly by the aliens. This sequel had a more scary effect to it contributed by the aliens' ruthlessness and horrific actionas to every adult and child in the town. The directors also put subtle references in the movie to relate to comics and old movies.

Avp2 review


Another shitty AvP movie that truly wrecks the basic idea of the Alien movies.

Little has gotten better from the first AvP film.

alien versus predator, the battle between alien-pre and predator .

fong woei jiunn

the battle of the war between the alien-pre and the predator is happened at our earth, this battle start at a predaotr`s space ship, the alien-pred killed all of the predator in the space ships, the good predator has a good fortune, and he diceded to kill the alien-pred who killed all the predator in the space ships, when the predator arrived to him stars, and used a amazing, modern and technology fasted space ship to the earth to find him enemy and the battle begins.........................................

Totally shit!!!!!!


well how wrong was everyone the film sucks big time, the predalien hardly features and the human characters are so boring I wanted them all to die! the only good thing id say is that the predator design was actually really good! WASTE AN HOUR AND A HALF OF YOUR LIFE WATCHING IT AND YOU'LL WANT THE TIME BACK!!!!

Not good enough


Well, I give just 3 because of the speed of facts and no-suspense at all... It's good the action in there, but I guess to mantain the Alien style there would be more SUSPENSE and about the time... well, less than 2 hrs. is not that cool.



good movie better than the first one