Aliens vs Predator - Requiem





This movie had a good combination of violence, gore, suspence, and humor. the characters were weak. 4/5

Blah, that was terrible

Revelation Now

Its funny how, when you see a really bad film it tends to force you to re-assess some of the other bad films you've seen.

You know what, AVP was really really pretty. The artwork in the pyramid was awesome and the characters were developed just enough to make you almost care.

AVP:R throws all of that out the window. One of the things I could not get out of my mind while watching this was "made for TV". Don't get me wrong, the effects were pretty good (read: on par with all of the other films.. all), but the story seems to have been written during dinner on a napkin and subsequently thrown away. The story was a very typical hick-town colarado alien invasion fair with a tacked on predator component. This would be an F grade horror if not for the licenses involved.

Just a few tips for potential horror directors in the future: if your gonna hire E grade actors, at least attempt to write a script that makes them remotely likable before killing them off. You know, make the human race seem worth saving.

Also, we're now expected to believe the aliens can just reproduce full aliens through elaborate kisses with human chicks. Sort of defeats the purpose of facehuggers doesn't it.

I'm going to pretend that this installment in the franchise didn't happen. Sort of like what everyone did after Universal Soldier 2 (a film that the third installment denies ever happened). This film is an absolute embarassment to the franchise, its diluted and without imagination or any creative direction. You should watch it, possibly while very drunk to drown the sorrow you *will* feel, only to know for yourself why you are only hiring this, and not adding it to your collection. You shouldn't support any director that churns out crud like AVP:R

i dont like the avp2 movie


i didn´t like the last movie because it is to dark and i can never see in detail the caracters, most of all the predalien.

Also the movie is ti fast and you can enjoy all the action, beside that it dont have any argument when the predalien put eggs by his mouth.

I was very desapointed with this movie and i am a bigg fan of all the saga and games, but this movie sucks

AVP:R review


“Final Part of the Sequel. One Vs. More.â€Â

Visual-Fx: (84%)
= In viewing the movie clearly, I noticed that the scout ship size and characteristics has changed. As for the Wolf/Predator it’s body isn’t muscular than the other Predators in the last AVP movie, the only cool thing about the Wolf is it’s new Dual-Plasma Cannon and improved Wrist-Blades. With the Wolf’s new visions, the Specimen-Track Vision is cool and not irritating in the eye than in AVP. Then, the Xenomorphs (Aliens), their body became quite flexible and has a new improved face. The Pred-Alien, hybrid of the Xenomorphs, have some problems in it’s effects, the V-fx of the Pred-Alien is quite overused, or even too overused, it’s body is not really in a great and attractive side, but in the unattractive side. Lastly, the Facehugger’s new V-fx has really attracted me. The movie is good in its Visual Fx.

Sound-Fx: (81%)
= The S-fx in this movie is….. Good enough. The Dual-Plasma Cannon’s fire and explosion effects are not good enough for me. With the original voice-fx of the Predator is there and that’s good to hear. Xenormorphs s-fx is good too, using its old S-fx from the original movie is great than changing it’s S-fx. 2 Words: Good-Enough.
P.S.: BLOW ME AWAY by Breaking Benjamin maybe the official song for the movie, rumors said it.

Storyline: (89%)
= In continuing the AVP sequel really got me hyped, because of it’s new character, the Pred-Alien, will be shown in AVP:R. The story really continues the last part of AVP. The story is placed in Gunnison, Colorado (WARNING! Spoilers maybe ahead!) And the part of the Predator’s planet will be shown also. With the Predator’s great warrior and the hybrid of the Xenomorphs, the Pred-Alien, face each other one last time. And the new president of Weyland Industries, Ms. Yutani, will be shown in this movie also. The company’s name is changed to Weyland-Yutani. If you already saw ALIEN, then you have already noticed the name. This is when the Alien franchise is next.

Violent-Factor: (71%)
=Much blood is spilled in this movie. This isn’t a movie for kids.

Overall: (90%)
=The AVP, Alien, and Predator franchise is complete, so it’s cool. The movie is good for all who sees it.

awsome sequal

tyrant drone

that movie is awsome, i wish i cold see the predalien a little more, but it was good. When me and 2 of my friends went to the movies to see it, there were 2 parts in the movie, no 3, that surprised everyone in the audiance.
1.) in the first 5 minutes of the movie when the dad and the kid got attacked, when that facehugger came out of nowhere and got the kid.
2.) in the store when the pred, aliens, and people fought, when the predator shot 2 guy's heads off with the 2 plasmacasters.
3.) this one wasn't a surprise but when one guy said,
"the government wouldn't lie to us!", everyone was like, "that is bull","whatever","sure".

This is way Better than the first one!


This is better than the 1st one... just to sum it up, Bad Acting,Good Predator,Good Alien,Great Predalien, and some things doesn't make sence.
My Rating 3.5/5

AVP 2!! best movie ever! =)


omg!!! that half alien half predator was freaky!!!!! a jumpy movie but the best ive seen in a while!!! i give it 5 stars!!!!!!!! a must see for any action movie lover!!



This movie was good i liked it alot.There was only 1 problem they should have shown the predalien in more action like what the queen had that was good ending.I hope that in the 3 one they will have the predalien back.The predalien could have survived the explosion.It could of regenerate itself and make more mayhem cause more destruction.More predators and alot of warrior aliens maybe with the regular aliens two alot more action blood and acid.Still have the dark scary fog and all that stuff rain ec... but show some scenes in the light so that you can see the predalien and the warrior aliens their full body.I am looking foward for avp 3 maybe avp 4,5,6,7,8.So far there very good movies