Aliens vs Predator - Requiem



Aliens vs. Predator 2: Requiem


The movie's premise was very interesting, but the camera angles, lighting, and bad acting just flushed it down the drain. The bad acting, I could handle, but you can\'t see a thing during ANY of the fight scenes, except when we see it with the Predators vision modes. The only fight I could make out was the final fight between the Predalien, and Wolf. The only good things that came out of this film were the Predalien and Wolf, whom is now one of my faveorite Predators, other than Scarface, of course. This film is, overall, a no-see. Play the game for the PSP, and you\'ll enjoy THAT expierience.



i loved the film good fight scenes and stuff but the fighting was in the dark quiet a lot but other than that i loved it the pred alien also rocked



I thought that the movie was good overall. But the storyline focused way too much on the humans. It needed more blood and gore and better actors. I loved the music from the movie though, so epic.

I liked this movie


Pretty cool movie!!! Loved the predalien! It was disappointing that we didn't get to see the predalien fully grown though because it is a Queen. If it didn't die, it would've probably grown an egg sack and layed eggs containing facehuggers with maybe DNA from the aliens and predators. Liked its ability to use its inner jaw to impregnate people and have the aliens incubate inside the stomach. I hope that they make a third film. They left room for one because, now we have the predator's technology. I hope they come back on a bigger ship containing an alien queen chest burster or predalien chest burster and it gets loose and it starts a colony on earth. If they make another, I would like the queen to have more screen time. In previous movies, we saw the queen the most in AVP. But it was shown breifly. Need more chest bursters and facehuggers. Plus way more blood and goore!!! Needs to be darker. Need to see more eggs and tons more aliens!!! Then I would call that the best movie of all time!!!

This movie


Sucked! I can see now why so many people wanted and still want their money back for this crappy film! Glad I just bought it on DVD and didn't go see it in theaters!

A V P R movie


well it wasent as good as the first predator or alien movies, but i liked it accept the characters they remind me of characters nfrom tv soaps



I loved the movie,i have wached all of it but i thought it was a bit dark but other than that it was great.

Aliens vs Predator-Requiem


I thought that this movie frickin rocked better than avp I loved that it was once again taking on the role of a awesome R rated movie