Aliens vs Predator - Requiem



AvPR: aliens vs predator requiem


The movie picked off where the second left off. The Wolf predator mask was sick.The first one was probarly only a 15 cuz of the chestbursters. But requiem has loads of reasons to be 15. The straus bros need to make a 3rd. The scene where the pregnant lady has those chestbursters pop out is one of the goriest scenes. I think it was Jessies fault that she died because the Predator threw the disk at an Xenomorph it went through it and Jessie ran into it. AvP requiem is a 10/10 movie of the year 2007.

Interesting, but....


It was a great movie until they involved the government/military. That's a total fail in my opinion. So next, in AvP3, humans all of a sudden have super massive technology and they go invade the predator planet and win the war in less than 5 years because humans are bad-ass and they can take on a race that's been pro at hunting and superior technologies for millennia. So, involving more than just "local", this movie fails massively. We can expect massive bullshit from AvP3 and beyond if they get made at all...



Awesome movie with the battles and stuff but i had two problems

1: they friging nuked the town, which was a poor ending

2: The predator vs predalien battle was like 10 minutes long and that sucked

Alright movie


It was kind of good because the predalien but the whole bomb thing messed it up.



Great film, dark n gorey but needed a stronger a-list lead/s.

Aliens and Predators were great, need some slow motion face bugger action, a huge over run scene would be great in the 3rd!!



The PredAlien isnt very accurate to the Alien King...

Avp premium sucks


Hated this movie, they made it just like every other horror like film, and the human characters were dumb. I enjoyed the wolf very much though, he was cool.