Aliens vs Predator - Requiem





the movie was kinda good but there were more boring talk scenes than violent scenes. I like the predalien but he dosent do much just inserts like 7 aliens into like 3 girls that is pretty much it. the third alien vs predator movie better not suk like this one(i know there is going to be a third one cuz of the ending tho the 2nd one).oh and they r makeing a new predator movie called "predators" i hope that one is going to be good too.Anyways this movie SUKZ VERY BADLY.

Most undermining film to Aliens I've ever seen.

Pred Killer

The only reason this movie is getting a 4 is because of storyline execution, and it's references to the original films, the audio was amazing, as was creature design, except for the Aliens, mind you. However, the thing that really ticks me off, is that the directors were your typical Pred fanboys, getting a kick out of watching Aliens get their asses kicked. Sure the Predator was experienced at killing these things, but when he lifted 2 aliens, one in each arm... I almost laughed, really, Aliens are too heavy for that, and Preds are not that strong, they may seem strong, but no, not really. This film may make references to the originals, but it will never be canon... never. 4/5



Overall, the movie was a bust. The plot reminded me too much of those crappy movies you watch on SyFy. About some small town people dealing with an extraterrestrial problem. There was no originality and the predators and aliens could have easily been replaces with anything else and keep the same B-movie feel.

The movie kept none of the spirit of the previous films. The Predator and Aliens never felt so abused. The Predator, as opposed to the hunter who took care to only kill those he deemed worthy, was more of a murderer who just killed anything in his way. Sure his main targets were the Aliens, but they just seemed bonus points to his overall body count.

Another thing that irked me, about the Aliens, was their new level of brutality. Before, sure, they killed, and killed a lot, but it was kill, or take to nest. In the movie you observe and alien eating a body. Now a lot of people did hypothesize this, but part of the alien character was not knowing what he did with the dead body. But that's more of a personal thing, yet it still was something that ruined some of the mood for me.

On some positive notes, it was good to see the Prealien finally make it to the big screen. Also seeing a Predator using a shoulder canon into a hand blaster was a fun idea an well done. The special effects did their job well and the actual avp scenes, while dark, were entertaining.

Overall, the movie fails to meet any of the expectations of a true Alien or Predator fan. However, it does its job as a popcorn movie with bland acting and a lot of mindless gore. Its just terrible to think this is how the AvP movies have become after so many years of waiting.

I want my money back


the seconded one was horrible in my opinion! And I was hopping toget my money back from the jerks who directed this movie, to bad Paul W S Anderson didn't direct AVPR!

the review of alien vs predator


well i think of the movie is awesome because of the blood gore, the fighting, the killing, espaecially the harvesting.



why does everyone pay it out i think it was a good movie alot of action but i do think there should be a predator planet and out of space and alot more marines like in the alien movies and maybe more than 1 predator although the predator wolf looked SOOO good and they did a good job on the predalien but the story was a bit messed up. people are saying they just got some new actors never been in movies in movies or anything but i liked them and they did a good job overall i think it was a good movie.



The movie was just a shock. I was just blown away by how good it is. The predalien was the most coolest of the whole film it made my heart start to rush so 5 stars.



The movie was outstanding, but the bad thing was that most of it was in the dark! They could`ve put more light on it.