Connection to Alien!


Prometheus might be about the Space Jokey, leading on to the Xenomorph! It is posiable that the Sicentists died and set up a beacon for help: that got Ripley's Crew involved with Alien! This might all be true!



Hey guys! I just bought the new issue of EMPIRE magazine and I thought I\'d share with you a little about it cause I\'m really happy with it!

It has an awesome holographic cover and great coverage of Prometheus. The cast give their perspective on the movie and Sir Ridley Scott answers all the questions you could ever ask! Definitely worth the cash.

Speaking as a true Alien fan that\'s stoked for this movie, you guys should definitely check it out when you get the chance!

Here\'s the link:

Great movie by Ridly Scott


The Alien universe has never seemed so alive now with the addition of Prometheus. With great acting and awesome VFX supporting a great storyline that places itself prior to the events of the first Alien movie. The only thing that I did not like in this movie was one small surgical scene that left me holding my gut. But with new creatures and the origins of human kind out there it is Space Jockey galore.

This is one movie that you do not want to miss.

Prometheus Review


The movie was very well done, from the effects to the music I enjoyed it very much. Sure it has some scripting issues and there were a few moments in the movie where I was wondering why nobody cared about certain giant creatures in certain parts of the ship...

However in response to a lot of the negative comments floating around about it I can pretty much sum all them up into one statement and that is: Majority of people who are pissed off about Prometheus are people who entered that movie theater with their hearts dead set on it being a direct prequel and more importantly the thing popping out of the engineer being a classic xenomorph. The point you have to understand is while Prometheus shares many details with alien it is a separate movie and not a direct prequel, live with people and just enjoy the movie for what it is.

4 out of 5.

not really a xenomorph movie


well its great but not really a xenomorph movie because it mainly a ennginer movie but at the end there was one at the end of the movie...the deacon.



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refers to avp


well yes it does refer t aliens cause wayland corps aliens and avp1