Aliens vs Predator - Requiem





i think this movie would only be good if they make it into a serious action /sci fi/ thriller movie, with marines , aliens and predators

the 1st movie was a total disgrace and predator runnin off with that woman was a big joke...

plz dont make predators look like pansies and they seriously need some more action where predators get surrounded and do some serious ass kickin.. i mean this has to be hardcore R rating for mature ppl not teeny kids ..

more scares marines out numbered getin flanked , aliens by the numbers .. just not that pathtetic mishap which was avp1

demolision pred

alien vs pred 2

saw the trailer on you all trailers on the website are fake just guys running around in costumes you can tell it aint the real thing and im still wary of watching avp2 afther the first one preds got killed to quickly in the first film and it would be nice to finaly see the preds home world is there planet really gasey cause of the masks they where and get to see mayb the younger preds practiceing with spears training to become hunters ect...

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!


Bull shit the aliens won in the first AVP with the PredAlien.And just because that ship you see in Alien has a corpse in it thats not ,the predator I got the book explaainimg what it,is.But I already know theres gonna be one predator versus a hybrid humans aliens.

the shit

von von's

yes a movie with the predator killing ppl and aliens
its going to be sick as hell + i think its R cuz of sooooooooo much blood and gore

better then its father


Im guna give it a 4 because i thoguht the first avp looked good but was shit. though this does look A LOT better, more action in the trailer then in the whole first film! :P. Aliens n Preds have been designed well and it looks awesome! :D



yeah the predalien will be so cool...i think this one is gonna be R rated so it will have tons of action probly... its so cool

alein dude

alien dude

i think this will be awsome because i just saw a 2minute preview youtube theres a alein slash predator and the predators dont care if u have weapons i saw a little girl die by one to prove it she looked like nute and the min girl lokked like ripley and one dude hicks

another Scarry Movie ?


Well the trailer reminds me of those wonders that people call horror movies today. A lot of green jelly and blood , hack and slash, but not much of this overwhelming feeling of danger hiding in the dark, that can be foound in the first two parts of Alien, a real clasics allreay. I'm afraid they went a simple path this time and it will be another "Teenagers lost in a sloughterhouse" move again, just another "Scarry movie". Will see, too badif it'll be so :( Im expecting more from a sequel to oneof the most unique movies of the sort..