The Hunt

Xenomorph1212, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

OFF TOPIC- Everyone posting in this rpg please follow these rules-

1. Capitalize, and spell your posts correctly

2. Please try to have your posts be at least three lines or more (And have the first post at least be five or more lines)

3. Wait until you have posted five times in a battle before killing another player

4. If you are talking about something not in the rpg please put (OFF TOPIC-) before it

tawganator, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Off Topic: Anyone want to set up the story for this RPG? Or should I just throw something together for us to use?

Titulus12, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Throw something together, so we can start.

Xenomorph1212, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

OFF TOPIC- Supersonic is going to start out the rpg.

SuperTrey007, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

May I pretty please join this RPG?

supersonicman96, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Super saw the planet from his spaceship. The planet looks like earth with more vegetation. Supers leader, Concrete hunter was offered the chance to scout the planet but he gave the honor to Super.

"This a blooded Super, i'm landing on the planet."

Super activated the boost on his dropship. The dropship Sped towards the planet at unmatched speeds. The planet was getting closer and bigger. Super broke through the planets atmosphere. He saw land getting closer.

Super let out the landing gear and landed on the planet. Super left his ship but not before setting it to camoflauge. Super looked around the planet. There were abandoned buildings everywhere. This planet was overrun probably.

When it came to the serpents, it wasn't unusual for that to happen. It was believed that the same thing happened to the Mala'kak but no one is entirely sure where they are now. Super set his bio mask to Serpent mode. So he could see them no matter where they are. Super activated his camoflauge as well just in case humans were near.

Super jumped through the trees, looking for any sign of life. Super thought he heard something but he looked around but saw no one. Super switched to human mode and saw a man lying on the ground. Super jumped to the human and saw him squirming in horrid pain. The human looked at Super and screamed in either agony or fear.

Super changed to internal mode and saw a chestburster in the dying human. The chestburster jumped through the human and at Super. Super grabbed it and looking at it, crushed it in his hand, laughing to himself. Super looked around. All the evidence pointed to a new hive begining. Super sent a message to concrete hunter to explain the situation. A hunting part would be coming. Just then Super heard hissing a turned around.

Xeno-Hunter, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Grid hissed and walked through the building and looked around for thing's once the hive was secreted he would than molt into a praetorian and than into the queen his whole plan was to get rid of the queen and become one but that sounded to weak of him so he just let her die by herself no help.He climbed through the vent and saw a face-hugger and hissed for it to follow him.He walked to the elevator and used his second jaw to bite the button and the machine broke down allowing him and the face-hugger to climb up the side and move in.He saw a guard and stood up and disarmed him than allowed the face-hugger to attach to him.He hid in the dark as a guard walked past and started shooting the face-hugger and acid spilled all over the victim's body.He grabbed the guard and in a quick motion cut his head off.He hissed than kept walking looking for a warm area to settle the hive in.He was now only focused on getting host's and making more of his kind so he went into the research facility where he saw a little girl and her mom hiding he hissed than walked over to them.

He grabbed the women and head bit her than grabbed the girl and left he dropped her than hissed when he heard a noise and human was coming he hid somewhere as the girl sat their." Hey little girl you okay come with me okay ",She shook her head in fear.Grid jumped down and the man turned around fast and tried to shoot but was stopped by Grid's hand he used his acid to burn the man's hand severing it than stuck his tail right through the man.He pushed the little girl and hissed for a Face-Hugger to come one appeared and jumped on her face the Weyland-Yutani Corporation was dumb enough to hold face-hugger and actually implant them did they really know what would happen or are they dumb.He hissed and left looking for more host's soon a queen will be created and than the hive will be at glory.He had forgotten about the Yautja's another kind of alien when he had found information on and learned about.

badapple24, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

May i join this RPG please?

tawganator, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Tawganator was out on the prowl for hosts for the ever growing hive. He was taller than most Drones but he was much more slender and had long wrinkled like hands. As he crawled his way through the seemingly deserted ruins of the former city, he heard the sound of something flying over above. It was very quite and almost unnoticeable but it was there.

Making his way over an abandoned vehicle he gave chase to were he thinks the source of the sound landed. As he neared his destination the sense of a young chestburster being killed gave Tawganator hesitation before he sprinted onwards and came across a hunter. The hunter was standing over the lifeless body of the crushed chestburster.

Tawganator let out a loud and steady hiss in anger.

god-of-death, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Of topic: anyone else that wants to join can just tell us k.

badapple24, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Bad apple awoke in the dank dark cavern that the hive called home. It would have been alright if it were newer but they had been there for centuries. He hissed unraveling the Night black body in the form of a warrior alien. Bad apple hissed streching his innerjaw and cracking unused joints he ran out of the hive entrance. jumping over any obstacle he came across a human still barely alive. The human screamed as Bad apple Pinned him. *Crack* the inner jaw went through the humans skull and thus killing him in an instant. After about a half an hour bad apple had striped the human to a reminants of bones. Bad apple went to go find a brother alien and help with what they were doing.

Abominamentum, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

(Off Topic if it is easier just call me Abomination since Abominamentum is Latin for Abomination)

(On Topic) Abominamentum was being kept in a small Weyland Yutani research facility, until the black out that hit the city like a wave. He was a young PredAlien drone. He quickly broke out of the facility and ran for the city that was now quiet. He decided that he should hunt on the citizens of this city. He found a suitable prey a soldier patrolling the streets alone. He jumped down and before the soldier could react he had ripped his head off. Ahhhh an easy kill. He then sensed unarmed citizens. He hunted them through the night taking them back one by one to the hive to be fertilized when a queen would begin laying eggs.

Xenomorph1212, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Scar was still trapped at the lab while the others had escaped. He was stuck inside a large silvery tube and was floating in liquids that kept him alive. Then a small, elderly scientist came into the lab chamber in which he was being held in and stared at him before putting on a white coat with his name tag on it and said, "Goodbye 1212, it as been... interesting to examine you. But my time is over, you though still have a chance to live... A chance to grow and enjoy whatever you creatures find enjoyable. Either way I myself shall be killed so I might as well save you 1212. Let you roam free." The scientist then went up to a computer, sending all of his work and progress to the Weyland Yutani database before signing off for the last time and then pressing a red button that freed Scar.
Scar stood up to his full hight of seven feet staring down at the man. He was confused to why this human had cared about him. He decided that if he would not kill him though one of his siblings would so he gave him a quick, almost painless death by stabbing him with his tail right through his chest almost instantly killing him. Scar then rushed out of the now burning lab and watched it crumble from a nearby tree that was part of a vast jungle on this almost barren planet. Scar had now stopped watching the destroyed building and ran for a nearby W.Y. settlement where he could harvest the humans and wait for other Xenomorphs to aid him and build a hive.

Titulus12, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Titulus had arrived in a small pod landing in a swamp outside of the city. He was fully prepared to stop the Alien infestation on this world. He headed in the direction of the city meeting mere citizens on his was. He left them in peace as an act of honor on not taking the lives of unarmed, women and children. He was near the entrance of the city when the human military patrols started getting in his was. He had disposed of two but wasting his energy on weak prey was inefficient. So Titulus decided to go through the sewers instead.

badapple24, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Bad apple had got out of the hive, the scents of at least 12 different pheromones clogged his brain. One in particular was in part of revenge, Titulus was on this planet with another hunter, Fun times all around he thought. Now he was figuring out where he would go first should he go for titulus or the other hunter. After about a minute of thinking a Thick fog rolled in and there was a thunderstorm overhead. Now that the Xeno's had an advantage with camoflauge from the fog and the rain would prevent the hunters from cloaking. the stage was set as it were. Bad apple smelled for Scar. He was near and he could help me in bringing a Hunter to the hive and kill off the other one. The yummy taste of a hunter, it had been too long. He smelled for Scars pheromones once more, he was two miles due east. So bad apple had begun his trek hoping he wouldn't see one of the hunters alone.

NetHead, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

He cloaked his mother-ship than landed it and looked at his alien radar as 3 popped up.He got up from his chair and got his combi-stick and blades along with a burning liquid made to deteriorate his enemies or bystander's who found him.He grabbed his mask like the Berseker Predator except his had a alien jaw at the mouth part.He got out his ship and ran toward the facility where he spotted a alien and a guard he jumped to the top than grabbed his activated his plasma blaster where he kept walking looking for the right path to find the alien hive.

badapple24, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Bad apple saw another Drop pod come through the burning atmosphere, and hissed at the sight of it. He was now only about five kilometers away from Scar and now the rain was pouring all over the colony, And the fog only seemed to get thicker. Finally he saw scar and hissed in acknowledgement. Bad apple thought he'd never see Scar after the events In north Carolina. Bad apple now sprinted to catch up with him to get help.

Xenotor, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

He hissed and as the newly born PredAlien chestburster was still alive and the incident in North Carolina had him feeling more matured which might have better when he molt's and grows he'd probably be more smarter,faster,stronger.That what was he was focused on becoming a leader and leading his brother's and sister's to glory.There were two kind's of Predaliens Alpha Alien/Young Queen and he was a Alpha Alien a boy predalien and the queen well he'd just wait to see who it is maybe a born-queen those were rare ones maybe because a queen is born once because another one would be in the process of dying or they would fight it out and the winner would become a Mother Alien stronger the a queen.It let out a cry and than went into the food area where it heard alien chestbursters talking about killing the next queen.He also saw human's and chestbursters popping out one of them jumped out and attacked him not knowing he was older and stronger and faster them her.He moved to the left and right and used his Pharyngeal jaw to bite into the chestburster leaving blood all over the floor.This got interesting as his rage come over him like an explosion.

He hissed and kept biting her making her cry.What a idiot thought she could beat me well i taught her to fight.He kept biting her in rage and later on killed her angering her other brother's who came after him only making there death's faster.The first one came and with no hard work Xenotor brought out the Pharyngeal jaw of his straight into the head of a chestburster where it just fell limp.The second one came and it was a big one he turned his eyes over to the host as he saw him a huge man with big muscles so they have inherited that trait.He dodged the first bite and than used his Pharyngeal jaw to kill him three dead chestbursters and two left.

He charged at the first one and opened his mouth and with his mandibles grabbed her face and threw her leaving her bloody than used his Pharyngeal jaw to finish her off with style which was a good term.Fuck where had the other one gone to.He started chasing much faster than stepped in front of it than used it's mandibles to grab it and threw it around.He than used his Pharyngeal jaw to kill him.He let out a cry and than kept going knowing he'd just fought his traitorous brother's who were scheming to kill the next queen.

Xeno-Hunter, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

(Off topic-Are we gonna have a npc queen)

He moved toward the south exit and walked through he could almost sense the predator's as they invaded the alien's new hive.He chased after the pheromones leading toward the scent of this weak prey.He spotted a human guard and roared." What the hell is that a Xenomorph i have never expected to see you idiot who escaped my net .well die you stupid bastard",He kept firing and still had not hit Grid.He reached out and with a quick move swiped the gun from his hand's and hissed the guy backed off.He kept walking toward him and cut him in the leg leaving him weak while also lunch.The man reached into his left leg and pulled out a gun which Grid swiped away with no problem.Human are morons not strong enough to tell we have sense which tell us you guys have weapons.

He used his tail to impale the man making him spit blood from his mouth and gasp for breath.He was still alive but barely.Grid pulled his arm to make his body slid down his tail really killing him.He hissed than cut the body in half and left.He climbed up the wall and into the eating area where he saw Xenotor killing chestbursters."Weird but good skills especially for a alien with no arms or legs",He climbed down and hissed.

alienxeno, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

can i join please.

i will play nice.

alienxeno, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

alienxeno had finaly awakend.

alienxeno could not believe his eyes.

he saw that a lab was that is not the strange part.the strange part.he was saved by COLONIAL MARINES!how,why and when did he got in the lab. the marine said:dont worry you will be out of here in no time.a doctor was sitting in his chair but it was dead.a kill by a xeno.alienxeno took a closer look and saw it was groves.alienxeno saw another xeno.he jumped out of the hands of the colonial marines and told the xeno he.....he?no its not a he its a she.alienxeno took a closer spreaded behind him.its 6!alienxeno said:how do i keep losing you and finding you?six answered:i know you fight in a hellhole and i respect that but i have to run.your mother the queen told me to keep some thing secret from you.alienxeno said:i know and i do not want to fight you so tell me it now.six said:.....after all of this is done.the marine kept yelling an yelling:i know that you understand what i say so come here we have to get can take your friend with ya.alienxeno and 6 folowed the marine and did not kill him.they found the exit.alienxeno said:she is not even close to a friend.....but the marine did not understand the language.they saw 2 yuatja.the marine said:get in the mud.he said it so quit the hunters did not hear it.if we stay in the mud they will not see us with any of their visions.something i learned from major dutch scheafer