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Name: Xenotor

Age: Unknown( Presumably Young)

Gender: Male

Height: 14'

Weight: 3,500kg/3.5 tons

Rank: Young Praetorian

Species: Xenomorph

Description: Xenotor has a set of mandibles and also the dreadlocks of his host; the Yautja. Xenotor is incredibly bulky just as his host who was big in his own way, Xenotor has a blue exoskeleton that glows a brighter blue in the sunlight and the dome covering the head was also slightly more transparent than a Warrior's and hollow eye sockets could be seen beneath. Its tail measures eleven feet in length and is triple-spiked blade for a tail which was thicker, longer, not as skeletal as a human-spawned Warrior's , his tail was powerful enough to pierce a Yautja during his hunting ritual. He has acid blood except it glows like it's host. Xenotor has strong skin and is able to fight small fire arms and can withstand pistol bullets easily. It measures eight feet across at the shoulders and has 5 large spines coming from its back that are slightly mobile. Xenotor is not as intelligent as some would think, more of the warrior than a Queen. Xenotor is extremely agile and strong, seen battling Predators during their ritual. Xenotor is able to impregnate with his mandibles up to 5 embryos at once.

History: The Bad Blood Yaujta was on one knee, his brethren stood in corners watching him like he was their king. He slowly removed his mask and suddenly jerked forward, dropping his mask and roared, A rupture was heard and he fell back......The room remained silent and his two comrades stood in the corner, A roar could be heard and the 2 Yautja turned around to the entrance of the room. They brought up their blades and prepared for battle, The large vent above their heads broke and a large red Predalien fell from it and landed immediately whacking one of the Yautja into the wall. The Predalien soon proceeded to grabbing the other and impaling it with it's tail and using it's second to jaw to kill it. The other Yautja jumped up and immediately died after having his neck broken with titanic strength by the over-sized Predalien who stared down at the chest of the Yautja as the sound of broken ribs was heard and a 3'10 predalien chestburster emerged from the chest of the young bad blood, It had mandibles, dreadlocks and it had a strange blue hide, a little big for it's age.

Xenotor looked up to see it's family, A large Predalien that stared down at him in a brotherly manner. The Red Beast turned and ran through the door, Xenotor followed the large creature who led it to a hive, Xenotor's brothers were either staring or nesting a human in secrin.

Xenotor grew to 14' in 3 weeks and was absolutely monstrous in terms of his build, He was bulky and looked like he came from the depths of hell. He was a darkish blue and in the sun was a lighter blue, He had long dreadlocks and had a crown similar to a Praetorian. He was 2 jointed and had a chest similar to his host.


\" Only the strong survive in the depths of hell \"

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