Swift_Spear, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Kidd aimed at Swift Spear's head with his pulse rifle but before he could fire Swift Spear threw Kidd in the air Kidd landed on the ground hard dropping his pulse rifle a few feet away Swift Spear grabbed ahold of Kidd's pulse rifle and bashed it across a tree. Kidd grabbed ahold of his hand gun and fired a few rounds at Swift Spear hitting him in the shoulder. Swift Spear looked at the wound and stared at Kidd again he then readyed his Speargun. Swift Spear fired two rounds at Kidd, Kidd dived to the forest floor so the Spears will not hit him. Kidd was trying to catch his breath but felt Swift Spear grabbed ahold of his leg Kidd said to himself oh no NOT AGAIN as Swift Spear threw him threw the air once more. Kidd landed on his feet but fell backwards hitting his head on a tree Kidd rubbed his head for a few seconds and looked at Swift Spear.

Swift Spear was walking towards Kidd with his glaive in hand. Kidd got to his feet reloading his hand gun and ran into the forest with Swift Spear chasing after him

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Skystalker, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Skystalker sadly notes that that wasnt the alpha alien of the hive but takes some confidence in the fact thet he was able to kill a praetorian almost single handedly as he delves deeper into the hive he faces hoardes of aliens but with renewed confidence he cuts them down with graceful swings of his combistick and sure shots with his newly modified plasma caster. The sounds of the two clashing xenos grows fainter as he gets deeper, skystalker is now covered with burns and slashes from the hoardes of aliens that assail him. He eventually reaches the bottom to see the Queen in all her deadly majesty. knowing better than to engage it singlehandedly he radios over his comlink "to all living members of hunters moon i have made it to the queens chamber come AS SOON AS POSSIBLE i need your help to engage and defeat, and xeno good luck in finishing your fight." Skystalker also notices with relief that through all the turmoil and fighting the queen has managed to slumber. "cocky.... must think her underlings can finish me off, well they underestimated me." As he finishes off the last of the aliens he positions himself in a crevice in the entrance of the cavern to wait for support.


predatoress, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

From the depths of space a predators' morthership floated closer to the orbits of the Sun. The ship full of mighty warriors, ready for the game of honor. The tension were almost touchable when hunters of Balatu checked their equipments once again. But this time something was different, the clan weren't just full of yautjas but there was something else too. A human, as you could first see. But still not human at all.

Predatoress walks to the window in the front part of the ship. Passing the great red planet, the Sun stroke into her eyes making her blind for awhile. Slowly the sight got back and she could distinguish two objects in front of the ship. Blinking awhile she saw the dark side of the moon and behind that - the blue planet of Earth. -Home, she whispered to herself feeling a touch on her shoulder. Turning her head she saw concerned look of Doctor. -It's not the same than the place you left, he said with the language what had been hard to learn with the capacity of a human. Predatoress turns her head back to the planet what seemed so pieceful observing it from a distant. But she knew there was a battle of life going on. The most fiercest being were infiltrated in there with devastating consequences. The anger grew inside of her thinking what kind of place it has become. And the humans just have made it worse with their massive attacks againts the creatures. And to become honored member of the clan she have the change to prove her worthy by killing things she hated so much at the moment. But the hatred makes you blind and she had to gather all her strenght to put that aside.

Turning back and putting her mask on she lenghten her wristblades. Rising her right hand on her chest the blades flashes in front of her face. -'Till the death, she says to a group of yautjas in front of her as cheering herself ready for the battle.

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Swift_Spear, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Swift Spear grabbed donut by the tail and swung her around 4 times and threw her in to a tree. Donut hit the tree hard and fell to the ground, she was all fired up to the point of going berzerk, she jumped at Swift who was laughing how she cannot get a hit off either of them, and missed him as he ducked before she could grab him, and landed on the ground with a loud thud.

Donut spin around in circles abit and hopped onto her feet, she jumped at Swift Spear again but as soon as she got close, she was greeted with a punch from Kill the Queen.

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donut, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

*clip clop clip clop* A team of marines and scientists were traveling through the jungle collecting dead specimens. Their mission was to collect these specimens and alter them (revive/re-create) for further studies because it was too dangerous to capture one speicies that was already alive. A drop ship was hovering above them, it held all the bodies they had collected. They traveled through some of the jungle, luckily not encounterin enemies. They came to an opening, and found burnt holes in the ground as well as glowing green blood. "Look around here, there is bound to be something!" said one of the scientists. The scientists and the marines were looking around cautiously, giving each other glares every now and then, and checking where their weapons were. "look here!" one of the scientists came and kneeled down beside the body of a be-headed xenomorph... "wow i wonder what could of happend to this one, its head seemed to be twisted off from its body, according to the marks on the neck.." "hmm this one seems to be different from the last, its got two tails...very interesting." "well come on, send it to the drop ship, we cant stay here too long." 3 of the scientists pulled out a stretcher and plopped the xenomorph on it, a cable came from the drop ship and it was attached to the stretcher then pulled up. The body was put in the xenomorph research facility of the ship, where it would be studied and re-made. The stretcher with the body was brought to yet another group of scientist. "hmmm... This is very interesting..." one said, "what do you see?" "It seems that the same electromagnetic field that allows us to have memories is surrounding this body... very interesting indeed." "what does this mean?" "it means it is possible to gather these memories and re-place them in a new body, or even the old one, but for that we need the cranium. This will be a very facsinating experiment."
The scientists brought the stretcher under a giant machine, with this in place they began to opperate....

*dzzzzzzzz* *beep* *zoom* *Drill* *click*
The New cranium was placed on the old but re-made body of the xenomorph. The memories surrounding the xenomorph were captivated and placed inside the new cranium. The chest of the xenomorph was re-armored but was still capable of holding the acid blood inside. The lower part of the body was also re-armored, more flexable, and could stand higher speeds and friction, it was also capable of moving at higher speeds then a normal xenomorph. The two tails were built longer, re-armored, and had a more piercing point as well as spikes receding from its tails. The xenomorph was now partly robotic but still held all the xenomorph instincts, and it still had all of its memories. Nothing mentally was changed, only the body was reborn...Donut was reborn. (what? where am i?) Donut awoke under a large machine, she saw many of her breatherin being experimented on, some whom she knew personaly. Donut tried to move but she could'nt, she seemed to be tied down by this strange substance. Some scientists began to gather around her, taking notes and inspecting her. The began to murmur things in their language, Donut felt worried, and scared. She didnt know what was going on, she felt empty and didnt know why, her thoughts were running in all directions. She began to pant, making a hissing-grunting noise. The scientists backed away a few steps when she made this noise. One of the scientists placed their hand on donuts face, making somewhat of a petting motion around around the jaw. This was getting a bit irritating to her, she didnt like being touched on the face, expecially by her enemy. Donut started to scream and move histaricly, the scientist that was stroking her head backed away in surprise, he called an order to the other scientists and they moved in diffrent directions collecting things from diffrent tables. Donut was more afraid then ever, she moved harder then before and started shrilling untill the scientists could bear the noise no longer and held their ears. The substance tying down donut started to loosen, she noticed this and continued even harder. Finaly the substance was broken and Donut was free, She leaped from the table to the cieling and stared down at the humans below, warm goo dripped from her crystal teeth and slowly made way to the floor. She let out a hiss and began her escape. She ripped open a hole in the nearest vent and made her way through the maze of metal. She found the exit to the ship and crawled on the top of it, it was day break, the sun was beginning to rise and the moon was fadeing. Her memories came back to her, she rememberd running out the hive, her mother, the adrenelene of the hive...she remembered Decon... she remembered what he did to her- but wait, she had died... Donut looked at her hands, they felt the same, but she felt a little bit more heavy. (did i die??) Donut felt sick, what had they done to her? what did they do?!! Donut threw her thoughts aside, she needed to protect her mother....


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kill_the_queen, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

decon was sat next to cw and he saw him look at his photo decon looked away fast. the camp fire was hot and decon saw in the distance some thing move he told cw what he saw. cw looked up at the trees.


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Celtic_Warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

c.w was running trough the forest. he tried to communicate p.of hell and the other members of the group to no availe. they must have been 2 or 3 days ahead of him now, IF he actully knew where to look. he decided to keep going in the direction he was going and if he was lucky he would find or hear from them.

he didnt trust the forest anymore he kept a sharp eye open for any movement, and he carried on the hunt. the sounds of gun shots were all he heard now. he had his weapons handy for any close encounters he may find himself in. and he must hope for the best. the weather began to change again, but it was still Very cold. he scanned the area as he moved on and found himself at a huge lake.

he decided to get some water for it may be the only sorce of to clench his thirst for miles. he sat on a log and filled up some small capsuals, tended to his wounds and tried to get through to someone.


Stalker, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Stalker scoured the nearby jungle, the clan's co-second in command had been located, Stalker saw the doctor & PREDATOR up in a nearby tree, probably considering hunting tactics. Black warrior was eating his fill, Stalker advised him to extinguish the fire, it would be all too easy for their prey to spot. The doctor approached Stalker, "we're moving on, the hunt must continue", Stalker nodded, "everyone, we're moving on". Black warrior had covered up their trace & predess had now joined with them.

As they began to move on, Stalker heard rustling in the bushes nearby, the hunter began cycling through his vision modes, trying to track whatever lifeform had startled him. He cycled to his tech mode, nothing, thermal, nothing, EM vision, a trace. Stalker slowly moved in to invetigate, kneeling down over the "sample" it was resin, resin he had seen before.....


solo_pred, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

solo was the real black death. equiped with only two sets of wrist blades and two combi stix. solos armor is all black including his mask witch he got when he became a god of death. All of his wepons are black two including the blades on the wrist blades and combi sticks. the blades are made of black steel witch is the srongest meatle in the galaxy.

the hunter waited in a tree for an enemy or untill sun down. waiting solo herd his fellow comrads in the distance. solos sences became aware as he jumped from tree to tree. finaly he saw them in the distance stalker and the doctor.

solo was winded, usualy this wouldent overheat him but in this jungle it was different. he cloaked real fast then jumped to a nother tree accedently stepping on a monkeys tail. the monkey houled and the xeno looked up.

just in time solo jumped to the ground and landed between doc and stalker.

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Celtic_Warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

the wristblades dug deep into the predalien it squeeled with pain and c.w kept on stabbing. c.w got off and extended his maul, he raised it and sliced off his legs (SRY) he then stabbed his shirikin into it's eyes.

the creature lay in a heap, dieing. c.w unsheathed his dagger. he looked down upon the creature. "this is for celtic" he said to the beast as he swung the dagger.

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celtic102, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

C.w was roaring as he was hanging upside down. The predalien crawled closer and stared into the predators eyes. C.w laughed at the alien. the predalien smacked the predator of a tree knocking him out. He finally opened his eyes and he looked down and he started to scream ,he was hanging off the side of the cliff. He looked over and seen that the predalien was lying on the cliff edge with his tail fully outstreached. The Predalien screeched. The Tail started to lower. C.w started to shrik. All of a sudden A predator landed behind the predalien. The Predalien lifted his tail and flung c.w at the other predator knocking him into the trees. The Predaalien then outstreached his tail again. The Alien screeched and a small divice fell from the tree and the predalien didn't think and jumped from th cliff with c.w and started to fly down to his and c.w's doom. The small divice was stuck to the predaliens tail as it had spikes which dug into the skin. The predaline reached his head over to c.w as they fell. he screeched and a ticking was heard. C.w said "This is for celtic" and he dug his arm down the aliens throat. C.w lay back as he fell and one tick was heard and he laughed and booommmmmm the divice exploaded and c.w and the predalien got decapitated before the bomb was 2 seconds exploaded...

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xeno_slayer, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

slayer gets up and looks at the dead alien
"skystalker...this wasnt the alpha male it was a preatorian(young queen)"
but it was luckey we killed it or we might have had another hive or our hands here
"ya but that means daveberg's still out there..."skystalker says
just then a yautja tackles slayer in the side
"you took my kill!!! I was hunting that thing and u killed it!!!"PREDATOR screams in rage
slayer extends his wristblades into PREDATOR's shoulder and throws him off
"this one's mine continue into the hive and try and contact the rest of hunter's moon"slayer yells to skystalker
"fine just try not to die"comes the reply
PREDATOR pulls out his combistick and slayer pulls his swords and the fight was on!!!
PREDATOR jabs at slayer's stomach but slayer parries it and kicks him in the chest
PREDATOR puulls out his dagger and stabbs slayer in the arm.

as the two mighty hunters clash skystalker continues into the maze of resin that is the HIVE!!!


K20A2, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

...a veil of stars and systems blur into a stunning show of light and finally nothing but a blue tunnel rushing around the small spacecraft. K20 was at the heart of the ship, meditating before the deep pluge, focusing his thoughts on the coming hunt, but was this merely another hunt or something more. K20 was sure that thedoctor would not have sent a message to him if it was any hunt. Especailly if the hunting ground was earth. It had been long since he had hunted oomans. To long prehapes their technology had improved and provided better sport. Yet another question that would be answered soon enough. Solar systems were nothing more than a flash of light. Then it opens to K20, a bright light brillantly shining in the endless void of space. The mighty sun roared with an intensity that the Yaujta had longed for since they opened their eyes for the first time in the universe. As his sun dropped out of hyperspace he slowly made his way to the ooman home world.

Awakening at the sound of the alert upon his arrival K20 rose from his prone position, and made his way to the flight room. Raising the panel that concealed his weapons and armor, K20 donned his armor and weapons, taking his favorite...first his most prized of weapons his two deadly side arm blades, then his double wrist blades, followed then by his combistick, with enough ammo for his net gun to ensare a fair share of prey. Finally his plasmacaster and his sacred mask. His armor appeared worn and old scars and scratches dotted the surface, but it gave the appearance of a warrior of countless hunts and battles. A few acid burns also adorned the armor. But it had saved his life many times and will continue to til the day of his death.

As his ship appoarched orbit of the small planet, K20 hailed his old mothership...no answer. Without waiting he ran to the drop pods, and quickly shut the door with a slam and launched it into space and rocketed it toward thedoctors homing beacon located on his pod. As his craft broke the atomosphere fire enveloped his craft, it reminded him of the fire that burned within him. And with that K20 focused his mind on the coming struggles and as he broke through atomsphere a sonic boom sounded alerting the inhabitants around of his arrival.

With a another huge explosion of dirt and mud K20s craft imbedded itself into the terrain. Without regard for the dust and dirt in the air K20 opened the hatch and took his first steps on the ooman home world. Dirt still hanging in the air concealed his presence, but he wanted his prey to know he arrived he wanted them to fear his presence...ROARING with all of his might K20 shook the forest around him, any animals ran from him scared by the primal fury and rage that flowed from him it has begun the hunt has started and none would survive his onslaught...so it begins

K20A2 is equipped with standard Predator armor, 2 wristblades, 2 sidearm blades(acid proof), 1 disc, wrist netgun, 2 combisticks(acid proof), plasmacaster, thermalnetting


Skystalker, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

"Now your in for it Blade!" Skystalker roars in agitation drawing his 2 shruykin he advances on
Blade Hunter. Skystalker charges toward him but he effortessly dodges skystalkers attack frontflipping over him and cracking him hard on the head with his fist as he somersaults over. As he completes the landing a dazed skystalker has no time to react before Blade unsheaths his extendable blades and brings them down but skystalker is knocked off his feet by POH, "Down!" he yells. THe blades miss the back of my head clipping a piece of one of my dreadlocks in the process. "i guess were even now huh?" i say to him as we both recollect ourselves and prepare for battle. I take out my spear with the newly aquired tail of the praetorian i killed, still dripping with acid on its tip. THis time im ready for any tricks Blade Hunter trys to pull on me. Me and Predator of Hell both charge him he trys to somersault again but we both catch his one of his ankles and he falls to the ground getting the wind knocked out of him. As i hold my spear inches from his head he suddenly uses his arms to push his body off the ground in a swift motion he is in the air doig a full backflip. Going over my head before i have time to duck he wraps both legs around my neck and tightens as i struggle for breath the world becomes slower time seems to fade away i cough and gasp the world starts to blacken.... all the sudden the grip on my neck is loosened and i crumple to the ground gasping in the fresh air. I look to my left and see POh standing with his blades dripping green blood i nod at him and look to my left to see Blade Hunter oozing blood onto the ground from a deep gash in his side. he struggles to his feet to coninue the fight. "Still trying? why not just give up theres two of us and one of you and your injured, your not going to win." skystalker mocks.....


cystic_warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Cystic returned to the HIVE now he could rest and relax he brought his prey throughout the hive showing off the trophy he killed he brought it to the queens chamber and laid it by the eggs and let them facehug it. H ecould hear screeches and roars everywhere no more humans to his knowlegde were alive so he went to sleep in a tunnel in the hive where he could heal his wounded leg. Now he dreamed of the fight that nearly claimed his life. But he was fine so he now slept. But was still aware of his surroundings.

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Celtic_Warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

c.w was jumping from tree to tree, his group followed behind him. he was tiring out but he knew that he must carry on. he jumped on a tree branch, but it snaped and sent c.w plumiting to the ground.

he was dazed, but still with it. he got up and looked around. he was changing his views........nothing. he typed on his wristcomputer and the pad fliped over and a hologramatic map came up. he didnt understand it, he could see nothing, yet according to the map there was movement all over the place.

he warned his group to move with caution as they carried on the hunt and tried to get to their other clan members


solo_pred, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

solo and k20a2 talked for a wile untill k2o asked him where the other clan members where. solo had no clue where his clan members where all he knew was they split up 4 hours ago. solo thold his formor leader that they split up caus it would be easer to cover more ground than they can togeter. they where sitting ducks out there vonrable to any attack, then they herd gun shots and saw a marien in the bushes, solo and K20A2 cloaked quickly. they watched the lone marien (this is a non character marien) call someone on his radio, this was there cance.
they barraged the marien with shuriken, and red blood flew all over the place. they herd a voice saying "jim u there... JIM!!!!" solo and K20 picked there shurekin out of the oomans bodie. and started walking hoping to find some enemys

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black_warrior, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

(to rogue)ok. but your leg is half blown away( by plasma caster) i roll away from your leg and shoot a net from my netgun. it catches you in the leg further deamaging your balance. As you tilt from your damaged leg i run at full speed, jump and kick your leg, making you fall knocking you over many trees . and one huge treebranch peirces your other leg making you almost unable to walk. As you limp Back to me i cloak and watch Otang from a distance launching one shuriken at ace. I knew otang wanted ace so i stood back. after all he was an elder and it was his turn to KILL. I see otang jump out of a cloud of dust and tackle Ace. Ace starts scratching the back of otangs armor. but he keeps on going. Just as Otang was about to backhand Ace, Ace screeched and barley grazed otangs shoulder with its tail. But otang had that "i aint got time to bleed attitude." So he just kept on throwing punches. Otangs hands where beginning to show bright green blood from all the force on his hands from punching. After Otang does a flying martial arts style kick. Ace goes flying, but then Ace goes fast like a blur and trips Otang with his tail. Otang roars and kicks Ace back. Otang gets up then................. you do the rest Otang(btw Predalien 64 is a predalien and predaliens have mandibles just like preds they take some traits)

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OTANG, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

Like a dream in slow motion, a close up to Otang’s muscles revealed clenching and flexing ripples of strength. Clawed fists tightened up and sweat dripped from his chest and shoulders. Blood pumped through his veins, throbbing through his body. Quietly, gently, his mind reverted to recent past and how BLACK WARRIOR arrived to help him, selfishly taking on PREDALIEN 64 and defended Otang when he was knocked on conscience, by the black demons.

Birds chirped, primates howled their territory calls, their senses alerted to the carnage running ramped about their forest. Black warrior had slain the all-ready tattered and mutilated monster that was PredAlien64. Pred 64 had somehow survived being stabbed in the abdomen, both his tail blade tip and arm cut off by SkyStalker, then meeting up against Black warrior and Blade Hunter in the Hive who cut his tail, as Ghola88 stabbed his back and caused him to pass out for the second time. His luck changed somewhat when ACE found him, (dragged him outside of the cave,) and encountered an assault by Otang who cut off 2 breathing appendages, stabbed his shoulders with wrist blades and yet somehow snapped a combi-stick in half with only one arm. All this only to face Black Warrior when BW helped Otang as he was un conscience and once more who managed to stab PredAlien64’s back, cut off two mandibles (mandibles??) then decapitated the young black beast. This was all an achievement by any comparison. But that mattered no more.

Ace experienced the agony of having his exoskeleton cracked by the impact of 300 lbs of muscle and determination traveling through the ground at max speed. Like a linebacker preparing to tackle a running back, Otang’s leg muscles had pumped and flexed the hunter beast through the rocky terrain and targeted the Xeno who never even noticed him. A solid ‘Thud!†sounded out and Ace’s head whip lashed away from his body almost decapitating him. Both life forms traveled momentarily thru the air when Ace’s rag doll body landed under Otang who’s sheer momentum carried him sliding over Ace’s frame and to a rest halfway on the ground, half way on Ace.

Black warrior’s eyes remained wide-eyed as now it was Otang who came to return the favor. The rampaging hunter positioned himself back on Ace’s body and pulled back his heavy set arm. Ace, disoriented and gasping from the sudden onslaught, twisted and flared his arms and tail all about. Dust kick up and clouded the spot where Otang lunged his fist at the xeno’s head and jaw. Repeated strikes landed their mark but Ace was not giving up for dead. His legs gained traction blow his body and hurled both Otang and ace into the air. The warring bodies separated now and both decided to once again make the attack.

Black Warrior fighting The Rouge, looked back and launched a shuriken at Ace which embedded into the animal’s side. Otang wanted this trophy as his own. He defiantly gestured to Black Warrior to stand aside and focus on his own fight with the other xeno who arrived unexpectedly. Ace screeched at Black Warrior and ‘looked’ at the objected embedded in him. Ace swiped the shuriken off and it lay melting on the ground. Otang ran for momentum and hurled his scratched body threw the air and with a half flip marked Ace’s abdomen with the hunter’s heel and the full force of a martial-art styled flying kick.

Clan Balatu
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XTheXRogueX, Xenomorph, 16 years ago

ahh out of nowere there was an emense pain in the rogues head.....hes on me!!!!
so the rogue trashed around antill the pred fell off....he will pay
soo then b4 the pred gets a chance to get up the rogue steps down hard on his chest crush his ribs..
(sry we can finish this tommaro)