Alien vs Predator



An expedition of archaeologists on Earth discover an Aztec temple hidden under the Antarctic circle, housing a host of Alien creatures. A group of coming-of-age Predators have also come to the temple, as it has long been a training ground for their race. From there on, it's Aliens vs. Predators, with the humans caught in the middle.


alien vs. predator was a really cool movie


alien vs. predator was a really cool movie with some great special effects. it amazes me that it was rated PG-13 to me. it should be rated R. i would give it 3 out of 5 stars.

This movie is a great dissapointment


This movie is a great dissapointment for me, he took the same guideline with the stinky movie of resident evil, at the close half movie.... he kills almost every character in the film. second is that he completely fucked the preator bleeding rituals. He wanted to impress people by killing 2 predators with a single ubersmart alien... fotograph is very bad, predators in action are like frogs, okay in the 80's early 90's you coulnd't have some nice vistual improvements but... aside of that, he took the original comic of aliens vs predator and completely screwed it. Not to speak also he killed weyland yutani... ¬¬' in my humble opionion, we could lived much better without knowing a real crappy version of AVP was coming out... and now i hear there will be 2nd part... MEH!!
please mr paul, stop destroying miths! stop being like UWE!(with more money to spend)

mr andersen, have took a look to a fan fiction short movie called batman dead end? well, it's 10000000000000 times better than your stinky movie, LEARN! or just go screw any other good stuff, but leave preds and aliens be!!!!

aww.. i really needed this.

it rocked


OMG>I was a huge ALien fan and up until recently I had never seen any of the Predator movies.But I have watched them and..ehh there ok.Naturally Predators are vicious man killing machines...You beg for your life and you die anyways.But in AvP one actually saves the woman.I thought that was awsome.The movie was full of action,suspense with some comedy thrown in...I.E. when the predator taps his bomb and makes the kaboom motion.The aliens of course were all grrr..argh..trying to eat the actors.((Typical alien))But neways..Over all it rocked and I think they need to make a second one where the alien ends up aboard the predator ship....((Sorry to those if you ahvent seen the movie yet))

Really disappointing


Really disappointing. I really can't stand it that "they" couldn't just put the whole thing some time in the future when people had colonized other worlds. At least with the Predator story lines alone, you can place them anywhere in history. The aliens were first encountered by humans with the Nostromo (nevermind all the spacejockey comments, I'm just talking about humans). But to put the two together would best have been done in the future on something other than Earth. Nevermind present day in Antarctica. One more thing from my soapbox, I really f'ing hate that the writers actually tried to base the human/predator relationship by citing Erich Von Daniken's Chariots Of the Gods. I've read it, it is by far the stupidest thing in print. Don't get me wrong, I get into the whole we're not alone thing, but his book is based on S**T he seemed to make up as he went. There seemed to be no background to what he rambled on about. As far as the movie, I loved the fight scenes, but was really disappointed no Preds surrived. What was that all about? And to 'somewhat' follow the comics, why wasn't "Alex" taken along the ship at the end?

I think on a scale of 1-10 it gets a 9 1/2


This is the only alien or predator movie I have ever seen and I watch it almost everday. I think on a scale of 1-10 it gets a 9 1/2 because the adult alien never actually kills a human. I would have given it a ten otherwise. It's still my favorite movie.



People forget we have seen Predator twice and Alien almost a fistful of times and expect to be surprised! The whole idea of using a pyramid with the likeness of Angkor/Egypt/Mexico was great and maybe inspired by the authors Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval saying all those civilizations pointed out in their structures a specific date. To use Antartic area and the quoting there are maps showing it was once without all that ice is based upon real cartographic research. The pyramid itself working like a Cube II Hypercube magic-box using Mayan calendar and reforming itself every 10 minutes was great itself and special effects were as astonishing as ever. The scene of ancient Aztec pyramids literally covered with millions of reptilian-aliens and recreation of cruel ancient Aztec rituals was excelent indeed. The plot was better than just watching them fight. No tby chance X Files, The Thing and this movie are located in Antartic area. This is the place where Martian meteorites actually have been found including "Frass" meteorite where an odd spidy that can turn its head (earthy spiders can't because they have fused heads and thorax) was found, a hybrid creature just like Alien is like insect and reptile at the same time:
Just like spider huge design has been found in Peruvian Nazca desert, a similar one was photographed on Mars;
Compare with the one in Nazca:
I wonder if there are hidden reasons why Spiderman is "in" now, or hobbit fighting a giant one in Lord of the Rings III or if is just a coincidence.

I skip all the way to the fight scene


Everytime i put the movie in the dvd player I skip all the way to the fight scene which last about 4 minutes. it was a rly good fight (though i think the predator would should have won cause there better in everyway)it just did not last long.the predator series is my favorite franchise and i hope the next AvP wont be such a dissapointment. this was a good comic series and it should have been an awesome movie.ALSO i want to tell u that Paul is an alien freak and thats another reason why this movie was not as good,the aliens suk but he wanted the alien to win.well when i saw this film comeout they had who ever wins we lose title to it,i thouhgt hell this is gonna be an all out war,but infact it was three freakin predators which incase u forgot 2/3 died by the same alien at the 1 hour marker.MORE FIGHTS,MORE ALIENS AND PREDATORS,LESS TALK,and tho i do like it being noncomputerized so much if it makes the fight scene Better than do it.All in all if u like predator or if ur an alienfreak check it out, i still luv it,just a warning ur not gonna be hooked on it long(rent it)

there should definately be a sequel to it


I don't know what your getting at with AVP being bad i think it was a great film and there should definately be a sequel to it