Alien vs Predator



An expedition of archaeologists on Earth discover an Aztec temple hidden under the Antarctic circle, housing a host of Alien creatures. A group of coming-of-age Predators have also come to the temple, as it has long been a training ground for their race. From there on, it's Aliens vs. Predators, with the humans caught in the middle.


avp 1 sucked big time


avp (great movie) yeah rite!! it sucked really bad first off the title AVP that's suppose to mean alien verses predator it took 45 odd minutes until they finally appeared on screen. I was starting to wunder wether i'd see anything apart from humans in this movie, the alien design was rubbish i wud of gone with the design from ALIENS which was kool the only thing which was good about the movie was the predators although 2 of them get killed within 10 minutes what the fuck is that all about their predators for godsack it's usually the aliens who get blasted to hell within minutes. all togeather the movie was poorley directed, paul w s anderson should never do a another big horror film again he's crap.



Well, It was pretty actionless and as the person who wrote the first post said, the predators were too weak and dumb.
I mean, a predator did so much to an alien, and then its net came off jumped o him and bit him right through the head and owned him.

And the predators died too fast!
But the second one looks WAY COOL. Already 5/5 for trailer:) :D



i loved all the previous alien and predator movies but AVP sucked seriously i was so disapointed i hope AVP2 will be better

The movie sucked compared to expectations.


I got nothing but bad things from this movie #1 PREDATORS MADE IT VERY CLEAR THAT THEY DIDN'T LIKE US IN THEIR OWN SERIES AND NO ONE CAN SAY ANYTHING ABOUT, "Well they explained why they allied with us, it was just their honor system" CAUSE IF THEY HAVE AN HONOR SYSTEM WHY OH WHY DID THEY RANDOMLY ATTACK AND MURDER US IN THE PREDATOR SERIES EH!?!?!?!? this movie deserves NO stars as already said it isnt as much AvP as AvH for the first half and the second was all explosions no blood and stabbing like in the predator series this is an insult to the alien and predator franchises AND WHY ARE HUMANS HERE!!??!?!?!?! THIS IS AvP NOT AvPvH!!!!!!!

avp fan


AVP 1 was a superb movie, i fookin loved it. it would have been violent and R rated if Fox had the sightest fucking clue what their so called audience wants. Fox also crucified die hard 4, so its not just this movie, they do it all the time. Paul Anderson is the reason we have avp after nearly 14 years in development hell. He is a superb director capable of even more genious in the future, let us not forget the excellent resident evil and the now legendary Event Horizon. avp Is excellent, and i truly enjoyed the movie, and you retards slating the film wouldnt know a decent movie if it fucked you in the arse.

Keep it coming Paul, we want event horizon 2 now. I know you can do it!!


mr alien

i thought the movie was well worth the wait at the cinema when i went to see it, and it didnt disappoint either.
the alien/predator action was awesome as were the special effects in general, surely 10 out of 10 from and sci-fi fan whos not ripped on soda n burgers (you know who you are boys!!!)
the only down side for this film was the ever present bishop (oh sorry, this time mr something else???), how can he be brought back time and time again with any humility by the writers/producers and hope to (and fail to) give a decent performance?
looking forward to the next film, but hopefully an entirelly new cast, and not just spare parts from the previous movies guys

Alien vs Predator


The Movie Alien Vs Predator: What i think is that this movie is good, but could've been better way better.... And what i mean is that i am a big movie's fan ok!!!! i love awesome movies with stories behind it, i love something that it suppose to meet the headline for exp:"Alien Vs Predator" When i 1st saw that movie i look at the cover and go WOW this look great and i bet its going to kick ass too, as soon as i watched i was dispointed because in this movie it had more Aliens then the Predators, and when it came to fighting part the Predator was more in the camera but there werent alot of Aliens in the picture......
i was hoping there were more Aliens and Predators fighting together around the humans, Now that would've gave more excitings to the viewers....
So i had to give a lower score i am sorry but thats the way i feel about this movie....
I hope u guys are going to make Alien Vs Predator 2 coz if ur going to make it i hope its way better then the 1st movie, i hope it blows out like a big bon fire and expore.
But my over all was this movie is ok to watch cheer...
if u want to know more add this:[email protected]


The Drizzle 1212

This movie is so terrible why did 2 out of 3 predators die in the first hour of the movie it makes no sense because 3 predators could hold off hundreds of aliens and why do they team up at the end the movie the predator would just kill the human because thats just the way they are. paul w.s. anderson u ruined the avp franchie. lets hope that the new movie is good as it looks