Alien vs Predator



An expedition of archaeologists on Earth discover an Aztec temple hidden under the Antarctic circle, housing a host of Alien creatures. A group of coming-of-age Predators have also come to the temple, as it has long been a training ground for their race. From there on, it's Aliens vs. Predators, with the humans caught in the middle.



woulf hound

i think it should have been a real war... not some act of achivement on the preditors part and it should of taken place in a city.... like new york

Major Let Down


Awful stuff, terrible script, cast, action and plot. How do you go wrong with the 2 fav xenos in the galaxy in one movie? I dont know but if your fans of alien and predatory then stay clear of this sorry tie in. Anderson will gain an extra enternity in hell for this.


Doyle Smith

All I have to say is that it should have been set in the future. Ripley was the first human to ever encounter the Aliens so how can this movie be set in the present? If this movie was more like the AVP games then it would have kicked ass! Any thing else that is AVP is good, this, not so much.

Paul W S HACKerson

Mike Man

As a true old skool Aliens Vs Predator fan (original comics were genius!)...this movie blew. I mean a couple good fight scenes and that's it. Story, actting, dialog, predator make-up, all awful. Even after my huge disappointment in the theater, I bought the DVD because I own all other Alien and Predator DVD's. I still can't bring myself to open it and watch it.

Am I writing this now as the teaser was just released for part 2. Hey it looks great...but so did the previews for the first one. Most likely will suck, but I will see a matinee.

Our only saving grace...Paul Anderson has nothing to do with this one...thank the powers that be!

AvP 1 was terrible


this movie was so bad i lost all hope of alien vs predator movies but when is saw the traier for the new one i hope that this is better than the first one cuz i cant take another bad movie or im goin to go crazy!



i cant begin to say how awfuly directed this film was... hardly any alien vs predator action... the alins were designed awfuly, i mean thy facehugged humans... so thy shud stand upright? but no he makes them small, smaller heads, n dog like movement. the predators werent done justice and were made to look to big. The film was shit, it didnt feel like a war betweeen the 2 races, felt like predators were 2 much in control. Wasnt enjoyable to wath at all =/.

Aliens vs Predator? Paul Anderson?!

an outraged fan

I really thought that the movie was gonna be awesome. That is until i saw it... Some questions for the audience:
1) do you really think that the ending of a movie should be a promise of a sequel? Shouldn't films be more independent from one another and make you just stand and think "wow, great movie, i wonder if there's gonna be a sequel" or "what a piece of crap, i am definately not going to see the sequel"
2) one of the final scenes(after they killed the queen) that featured the woman and the predator. The question is: "don't you think that after all that bullcrap we had to witness some hours before it they should kiss?" well i think they should, the atmosphere was just perfect.
3) how about throwing aliens through walls? In all the movies before they weren't super-aliens, but aliens. The idea that one alien killed a heavily armoured predator disgusts me.
4) who is so stupid not to bring wristblades and spears out of acid-resistant metal to fight a creature that has acid for blood? Predators are ailens too, just more advanced... Shouldn't they think of it?

Oh dear oh dear...

Dave T

For me, all the Alien Films were utterly fantastic...ALL OF THEM...and I have to admit that Predator was also an excellent Film! I will even go so far as to say Danny Glover did a pretty good job in the sequel. I really could watch all these movies over and over again because of their depth.

Back in the day and with the promise of AVP being released, I was gobsmacked and absolutely thrilled that the 2 were being put together and I counted down the days like thousands of others.

For me AVP was ok but there was a hell of a lot wrong with it. For instance: Dates just didn't add up, predators were no longer die hard, no mercy killers and the Aliens which were once the ULTIMATE PERFECT BEINGS ended up as just feeble prey. I ended up feeling sorry for them!

The absolue worst thing about this movie was the fact that a Woman with no acting skills whatsoever had the lead roll! Just compare her abilities to Arnie or even Danny! I was looking forward to her getting killed very early on but imagine my dissapointment when she walked away from it. She was absolutely rubbish. Really rubbish. The worst most unbelieveable shat that I've ever seen from any single person.

I'm sorry to say that AVP 2 looks just as bad; eye candy for early teenagers and no real thought. Trust me, this new movie will completely ruin the whole series and dissapoint a hell of a lot of people.

Where's the good flicks these days? Tarrantino looks to be the only one whose trying to push the boundaries and good luck to him. Can't wait for him to make a Sci-Fi flick.

Good luck with AVP2 but I think it'l be a wash out.