DeathWraith, Yautja, 12 years ago

Crap that's like... doing stuff in the dark and someone telling you the next day that they were watching, i feel so exposed...

Or like being on a reality TV show without knowing and suddenly a spectator comes on the set and tells you...

And all the welcomes are a bit late since you've been here for 5 years...

This is creepy. Think i'm gonna go to /x/ and lurk since you got me in the mood.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 12 years ago

"Or like being on a reality TV show without knowing and suddenly a spectator comes on the set and tells you..."

Oh, shit.

Dude, we just got Punk'd.

Pred_Killer, Yautja, 12 years ago

Jesus, you've seen it all then. You're like, like... like our real mother, or something.

Lawl, you get a cookie for that. <3

Good to be here, finally. I actually registered awhile back, like 2 years ago, but I didn't stay on for long at all, I think I just sorta posted once or twice and left, but I consider this my first 'official' registration, since I know I'm going to be staying much longer.

Peterson, Yautja, 12 years ago

on December 14,2009 I am being shipped to Marine Recruit Depot for boot camp, i gotta say im siked but nervous lol but i finally got my MOS today turns out instead of straight infantry the Corps. put me in as a Infantry Security Force Marine, gona be guarding classified naval bases one of the best parts is i might be stationed 20 minutes away from my house lol there is only three places Security force marines can be stationed aparently so yeah wish me luck everyone!

Private First Class Matthew Peterson USMC
Semper Fi

-Bloo-, Yautja, 12 years ago

Well damn, another one of us are going big. Good luck Peterson, and to you, too, Kidd, even though I'm late on this.

@PK: Hey, uh, just curious. Do you visit the ACM forums, too? I'm Hei Gui over there.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 12 years ago

OH NO YOU DI'INT! PK is predalienking, we're gonna have to call him something else. How about "guy"... Though at some point if we go "Hey, guy!" Bloo could think we're saying Hei Gui and kill us all.

Oh and good luck Petereson, i knew i was forgetting something. I was just assuming you don't need luck, cos you're just that damn good. You're gonna have to be, anyway.

Peterson, Yautja, 12 years ago

thanks bloo im set to graduate boot camp sometime in the third week of febuary unless i fuck up so yeah im pretty siked about going!!

Edit: Thanks DW lol your right man I am badass but hell even a Marine Needs some luck.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 12 years ago

I won't kill you all, I'll probably just have a fit and fall asleep or something.

Edit: You know I should have joined the Air Force.

Pred_Killer, Yautja, 12 years ago

Just call me... uh... that other alien guy, or xeno dude is fine also. XP

And yes, I am ASH! Lol, I actually named myself after my favorite pet cat, not the short robot with a bad temper.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 12 years ago

Dude, this is like finding a lost brother or something. Except I knew you the whole time.

You know I think there's a movie like this.

PREDATORv2, Yautja, 12 years ago

"short robot with a bad temper"

That is how I will forever remember you.

Pred_Killer, Yautja, 12 years ago



superxinyang, Yautja, 11 years ago

finally... my exams are over... its time to hunt...

-Bloo-, Yautja, 11 years ago

Hey, what's up man.

Kidd, Yautja, 11 years ago

Coming home in like nine days. Golly, it has been a good six months since I left home. I tell you guys this, I will forever cherish every little moment that I have while I am at home. -nods-

Nine more days, and I'll be home.

What is the Sound of Artillery? Boom! Boom!
Raining Down on the Enemy? Boom! Boom!

ash, Yautja, 11 years ago

I shall be returning after the on and off's in the past few years, i remember when i first come here in 2005/2006 me thinks :S Anyway, i used to own Shadow Serpants before given over to Angus, not sure whether he's still around or not? Well anyway the new game is out and predator 3 is being made so i thought my favourate avp forum site was back in my favourates list :D So hello all! :)

DeathWraith, Yautja, 11 years ago

Welcome back then, didn't know you were gone, but it's nice that you're back.

ash, Yautja, 11 years ago

Lol i've been on and off for AGES and i havn't even opened this site for about 6 months how could you not of noticed?! Plus good to see you still active here DW and is this place active now?

Tribstar, Yautja, 11 years ago

I came here when I was like 10 lol. Twas my first forum and taught me much of the ways of the interwebnets. Good to be back, although it all seems a tad inactive.

celtic102, Yautja, 11 years ago

Hi People,
Thought id pop round. its been a while guys :]
hows everyone doing ?
this place is quite different. lot more clans now