TDN, Yautja, 11 years ago

Well it's good to see some old members dropping in once in a while. As for me, I'm still checking in here from time to time (actually been back since the last time I said I had returned), but my studies restrict me from being here more often. Hopefully this place will pick up by the time the AVP3 game rolls around.

Just a question though, what exactly have been going on with my clan, the ALpha Draconis lately? All I can gather is that apparently some of the members are leaving for Gaia and that in the last RPG (which I was not a part of), some of the members dropped out and it really upset Deathdrop. So, what exactly is happenning?

DeathWraith, Yautja, 11 years ago

Your old clan was morphed into Malus' People Herding Center and now he's taking the herd back to the green pastures of gaia because the soil here is full of semen, blood and shit and nothing will grow anymore. You can probably thank me for that, for the most part, but shadow and her superfriends helped too. I guess Malus wasn't expecting anyone else to have people herding skills and kinda left his sheep wandering around freely, the unfortunate bastard.

Welcome back.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 11 years ago

What happened depends on who you ask.

Step 1: Dunn brings in shitload of people from Gaia, some of whom apparently didn't know anything about A/P.

Step 2: Everyone wants to be a goofy hybrid, defeating the whole point of pitting 3 DIFFERENT species against each other.

Step 3: Dunn attempts to rig RPG.

Step 4: Everyone (myself included) gets pissy with everyone else because of general douchebaggery.

Step 5: Everything blows up and RPG is restarted at the halfway mark.

Step 6: After a month of inactivity, new sign-ups are started FOR REALLY REAL this time. They are left up for a month.

Step 7: A week after said sign-ups were closed (and signed by several AD members) they all left without telling anyone and caused the whole RPG to generally go to shit.

Step 8: The RPG is taken behind the chemical shed and shot.

To be fair, AD was not the only reason it failed (thought the biggest in my mind) Us mods could have done a better job explaining things, and plenty of other alien/pred players left as well. All-in-all, it was a fuckup of massive... fuckupitude.

predatoress, Yautja, 11 years ago

*Ahem* I would correct you, DD, that hybrids brings totally new kind of depth in the whole "monsters kicks other's ass and everybody dies" -scene. As I feel the beginner of whole hybrid theory for being the first introducing the background story of my character to the site, I find it a bit insulting that you're dismissing it.

Nevertheless since I've been inactive, I dunno how many people are attempting the same thing as I still know only me and shadow as hybrids.

Nevertheless whole "ban hybrids from RPG" thing (or so I heard) doesn't touch me though 'cos I'm not attempting in them anyway anymore. I just gave a point of view that the plots with characters can be created into more complex with the idea.

TDN, Yautja, 11 years ago

To DeathWraith and Deathdrop:

So basically what I get from this is that Sam-Jack-Dunn went around and screwed everything up. This of course is confusing me greatly, because I have no idea what Dunn have to do with AD in the first place. I mean, when the hell did he and a bunch of other WY guys join my clan, and what's going on with theirs?

This problem with the clan and members not posting much was there since I first found it. The one RPG I remembered the most (Leap of Faith, I believe) and it was only me, Kidd and kerrigan(who's probably gone now) that posted regularly. And now with most of the original members gone and Kidd not showing up that often, it looks like it's going to get even worse.

Oh well, at least on a more brighter note, I'm getting the AVP3 game as soon as it comes out. Hopefully by the time it's released, this site's activity will start to pick up.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 11 years ago

If you can figure out what the hell happened with that clan, you're a better man than I.

Good luck getting it back under control.

shadowatching, Yautja, 11 years ago

TDN, I can talk to you about it in the clan room as soon as you wish to know whats going on, would be the time i will tell you everything that's happening. Thus far.

TDN, Yautja, 11 years ago

Damn, I'm gone for about half a year and so many things happened (makes me kinda wish I'd been there to help fix things).

Shadowatching, yeah let's go to the clan forums and discuss further what has happened thus far.

daveberg, Yautja, 11 years ago


TDN, Yautja, 11 years ago

Woah, daveberg? Can it be? How the hell have you been? What brings you back here? Are you back for real or just here for old time's sake? Either good to hear something from you again.

Hopefully you'll at least be back to respond to this (with more than a couple of elipses I hope).

daveberg, Yautja, 11 years ago

None other.

Good to hear from an old friend, TDN!

I stumbled upon this place by accident today, brought back a lot of fond memories, was my internet home here for years, nice to look around the old 'house' again.

I'll be trying to stop by from time to time, no promises of full time return though, later life has it's dull responsibilities and all that jazz...

Take care.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 11 years ago

Here are all your solutions.

Dave, you never liked me, right? Even if that's not true, pretend it is and ban me.

daveberg, Yautja, 11 years ago

I'm not here to cause ripples my friend. My days of being commander and chief are long relinquished since i left this place.

Glad to drop by and 'see' old faces. Hope you're all well.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 11 years ago

EDIT: You know what, this will never work. We'd be doomed to an eternity of stupidity. There is only one person who can still help now...

daveberg, Yautja, 11 years ago

I take it this place is still suffering the same fates as when I departed?

shadowatching, Yautja, 11 years ago

sadly yes, Dave.

daveberg, Yautja, 11 years ago

Hmmm. Some things just want to stay broken. It's a real shame.

shadowatching, Yautja, 11 years ago

Well most of the questions has been answered, those thinking about new ones is thinking harder than before. And, well something jsut never change until new people come in and then after that...depends on the person (s) and situation (s)

TDN, Yautja, 11 years ago

Daveberg: Good to hear that you'll at least check up here from time to time. It's the same for me as well, as this place holds too much nostalgia and memories for me to leave completely (which is why I keep coming back).

Hell, if the other older members start returning like this things might start picking up again (ones like bug-hunt, Topdogg, Stalker, Katam, Iseijin etc). I mean, Deathdrop's the only other oldie still around.

PS: Hopefully AVP-R hasn't completely killed your interest in the Alien franchise yet.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 11 years ago

I like it when you guys get all nostalgic and stuff and say that if the old members come back this place will start running smoother, but i think it's time to face the fact that the older a member you are, the more likely it is that you'll make a topic everyone's seen so many times before that they're already sick of answering it and pretty much no one will post in it.

That said, this place won't have anything interesting in it until the new AvP game comes out and even then it will only be for a few days. We, as people, and i'm talking about all of us, are too old already to discuss ridiculous theories about aliens and predators because most of us are already too quick to notice that some shit fits together and some doesn't. AvP will never have the same appeal so long as we, the people who know too much about it, exist.