My creation: AvP Annihilation

Waralien, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

Hey everyone. Over my summer vacation I began to work on a story on AvP. In my standards its good but I want to see what everyone else thinks. I'll post it as soon as I get the chance. Anyway critisize me if you want on my grammer(take in consideration I only have a high school level of english writing). So as soon as some asks to see it I'll post the first part of it. BTW if preds aren't in it it's because they come later in the story. One last thing if anyone of the pred clans would like me to add them their name's into the story just ask.

Waralien, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

Here it is. Sorry if it is a little late.

Alien vs. Predator: Annihilation


Many light years away near the distant planet of LX-765 a space station colony orbits around its atmosphere. This colony is one of many colonies that were set up to find mineral ore. This particular colony was dubbed Alpha Omega and was once a very prosperous colony. For many years it lived in peace that is until they showed up. Now the colony is nothing more then a ghost station. Here is how it began. After it instillation the colony made many treks on to the planet surface. But one trip proved to be most valuable. While excavating in the caverns the miners came upon an unusual discovery. In a hollowed out area of the caverns the miners found a strange creature, frozen and perfectly preserved. Immediately the Colonial Marines spent their entire effort to transport the preserved the creature. They sent the creature to the colony for revitalization, and experimentation.
“Is it ready?†asked an important looking man in a white lab coat. He was accompanied by several soldiers and two other scientists. They were walking in a dark hall far beneath the colony surface.
“Finally, after much research we have found the key to control them.†A secure door opened and they entered a large room with many other scientists and soldiers. In the center of the room a, now revived, a Queen hung menacingly with its Egg sack hanging below pushing out the eggs.
“Ah, now my pretty lets see how much our research has given us.†said the scientist. Suddenly the Queen’s fangs bore. Little did they know this would be the last sight anyone in that room would see.
It’s now been six years since that incident and the shining utopia that was Alpha Omega is now a wasteland of a colony. Thick, black material runs along buildings and streets covering the entire area. Although the place seems bleak there are a few survivors. These were the ones who managed to find a safe place to hide from the invading storm that rocked the colony they once lived on. These survivors knew that there was only one way they could get off that colony. Their plan was to call for support from any near by Colonial Marines. And so they were set. A few of the survivors headed to the radio room to send a S.O.S message to anyone who could receive it. After a few minutes of navigating the sector containing their objective, they had reached the transmitter. They quickly made their way to the radio room and begun to transmit the signal until they heard the sound of slithering, and clawing coming from the ventilation shafts.
“Look out!†one of them shouted.

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DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

I, for one, am ignoring it... If i were to read it, be sure i`d forget it before i`d finish it. If not, i`d comment on it if i considered it fit to do so.

Hm... i`m glad to see that my using the World of Warcraft language is fading FTW! BAH, FOR JEANNE`S SAKE!!!

Really, sorry, i`m tired most of the time, i`ll read it when i get the chance to wake up during the day. I`ve really not read something new for.. 2 years... i think...

Waralien, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

Thanks for being honest. I'll still have it on though. Untill something comes along and kicks it out.

predatoress, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

Don't mind Wraith, he's just rude lazy ass alien, who keeps spawning from himself lol

Sounds goo to me, I'm looking forward to read some more. But I can't say anything about the spelling since my own spelling and especially grammar sucks.

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

Indeed, predess, have i ever told you how... the more you post, the less english you seem to know? So... wherever you are... WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING???

On a lighter note, i`m reading it right now...

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

BAH, THAT`S ALL??? What happens next??? Post how the humans die, all of them! And id you could add some part where a half human, half predator female falls on her face off a building and dies and everyone laughs at her and then they go back to the main action...

predatoress, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

Me no speak English. Me know suki suki. And Wraith will be kaboom in the head in next RPG. lol

And back to having brains. Just leave half breds out, we are out of the canon <.

MrXeno, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

That story sounds quite nice to me.

And you both better behave, even when i really don't care >

Waralien, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

Thanks for the comments even if they were off. I'll post the first chapter later. Oh yeah Predatoress, and DW find some where else to post you arguments please.

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

Ah, but we have lots of places! Only this one... this one is specisl! Yes, this is our special place! Last comment, sorry, EVERYBODY REPORT TO MIDIAN IMMEDIATELY!!! AND I`D BETTER BE THERE!!

sorry, sorry, sorry...

also, my head no kaboom, puny half wolf, half naked woman!!!

Waralien, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

Sorry to leave the readers hanging I was busy with the third and fourth chapters in my story. Sooner or later I'll post the new chapters. BTW I asked and no one answered so I created two new Pred characters. One is named Bayne. He is an oustanding and noble hunter of a clan. The other is Ravage. He is from the same clan as Bayne. They are about to come to another blood hunt when their elder tells them that he would take up a position as an anchient pred. So that means that Bayne and Ravage will compete with one another for the position of Pred leader. Unfortunaly they both are good allies. Well that is a quick summary of the begining fourth chapter. What do you think?

Namicole, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

POST THE NEXT CHAPTERS THATS WHAT I THINK!!!!!!!!!! ( good idea i liek Bayne lol)

Karo, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

Not bad but it seemed a little rushed near the end, pretty kool though.

K1LLA_4_H1RE, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

so far so good nice job.

lol DW just got OWNED!!. lmao.

Malus-Darkblade, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

Of course he did, Killa. That is the sole reason that we allow DW to exist in our glorious presence! He is always getting owned, he is our entertainment. Now it seems that all you do on this site is say: "lol he got 0wn3d." or "lol"

Wow. What an amazing contribution to this site. You most certainly deserve our respect and the right to even try to own DW.

Seriously mate, saying LOL just isn't good enough. Start TAKING PART, and get into the juicy peice of action that's coming around the boards, before I shove your face into it for you.

(DISCLAMER: No offence was meant to any member, with the exception of Death_Wraith. And btw, Good story mate. I will find and bump mine, although it is much older and in need of many edits, which I have sitting on my USB somewhere)

ScarredShadow, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

I like the story mate I was actually working on a story myself can't wait to read the next part. Also if you have more pred characters I have some pretty cool names you can use. Just saying.

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

I never got 0w\/\3|) actually predess got very owned for saying that me kaboom. Also don`t let her know i said this cos i`ll get owned.

Now sorry for the spam and Killa, you should do what the most asteemed former human, former alien, twice traitor, Darkblade says and get into juice, cos water is so last year!

K1LLA_4_H1RE, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

was there any need for the last bit?

listen im new here i dont know alot about avp even thoe i seen all the movies and played all the games i dont have much to say and talk about cus i dont know alot so im gonna keep my posts simple cus I ANIT GOT NOTHIN TO SAY ABOUT STUFF I DONT KNOW ABOUT!!. (sorry bout the caps im just a little bit at this sorta stuff).

i know what your saying and i do agree with you that i should contribute more but what can i say to contribute to stuff i dont know about?.

im still new here i dont know alot on whats going on but until i do understand stuff and learn stuff about avp i suggest you keep that finger of yours away from me before i break it off!!. with that said i dont mean to offend anyone i just wanna make a point that im new, im noob, so get use to it.

K1LLA_4_H1RE, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

oh and i was talking to darkblade (no offence mate but if you wanna start something between us then you can go someone else and do it cus im not interested in gettin into little pethetic arguments over nothing).

oh and is it appeal juice?

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 12 years ago

Yes, also, there`s now a topic about respect so you can fight there so stop spamming here please.

And please note that apple and appeal are two very different things, though apples may appear appealing to some people.