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.::Predator Description::.

Name: ScarredShadow(SS, Scarred)

Race: Yautja

Clan: Hunter's Moon

Rank: Hunter of Darkness of Hunter's Moon

Height: 7'4"

Weight: 382Lbs

Hair: Black Dreads

Eyes: Ghost White


Sertolic (Silent Kill) is a Ritual Hunter. He stands 7'4 weighing 405Lbs has ritual armor dark gray with dark green tribal designs. The tribal vinals are ritual markings that he follows. Human skulls hanging on his shoulders, and a human skull of an honorable marine used as a belt buckle. Has a large battle scar through his left eye from a struggle against a Xenomorph warrior. His mask is similar to the Chopper Predator with few modifications to make a mixture of Celtic and Chopper. Has a custom made engraving symoling a sort of crest over his left eye on his mask. Eyes have bright white glow to them when he is cloaked. Dark black dreadlocks and slightly darker skin then the City Hunter. Has a full arsenal of powerful weapons including side arm blades.

His weapons designed from the skulls of his kills. He has some minor battle scars that cover the majority of his body, and carries the mark of the hunter.He has a full trophy rack, but also uses many of his trophies to make weapons of. Been on many hunts and all hunts have been successfull. His nick name (Silent Kill) given to him by his Elder because of his steathily hunting style and his relentless brutality. The first half of his nickname "Silent" stands for his steath, he always made his prey unaware of his presence whether he was cloaked or not. "Kill" stood for how savage he was when he attacked and killed his prey. Sertolic would never leave a hunt without a trophy skull in the palm of his hand.

Setolic is a fierce warrior that is feared by many including his brethren, reason being his savage hunting style. But is also looked up upon by the young bloods and unblooded beneath him in his clan. Some of these young bloods seek his wisdom on his past hunts and look up to his savage hunting style. This powerful hunter has great wisdom making him just as intelligent as he is strong. Sertolic has been Alpha Male of his hunting packs many times, known to lead other hunters or unbloods on their Kainde Amedha Chiva. His size gives him great strength giving his prey no chance of survival. Amongst the fearesome of his prey, the blades of this warrior have spilt the blood of many as countless more fall before his feet. Death Before Dishonour"

.::Character Biography::.

Sertolic was born on the planet Ke'drana where he first saw the sight of the three suns. When he was born he was raised by the Elder of his clan. He was raised to become a great Hunter. When he became a teenager it was time for him to face his "Kainde Amedha Chiva" to kill the Xenomorphs. He was sent down with two others in his clan Diruxis and Asudak. Sertolic was sent as the Alpha of this group to lead him and his brethren for their trial. He did a great job leading him, Diruxis and Asudak successfully hunted down killed the Xenomorphs marking themselves. Fortunately him and his fellow brethren survived their trial and all became men of their clan. When he was brought back on board he was informed of terrible news his best friend was killed in a struggle with a Xenomorph. Sertolic was in shock he tried to hold his feelings but his sadness turned to hatred and anger. He now seeks revenge on all Xenomorph existence but he must stay honorable.

Soon after that Sertolic grew up and came up with such a great hunting style. His Elder gave him a nickname "Silent Kill" from how steathily he stalked his prey and how savage and brutal he was when he destroyed his prey. He had been on many hunts and became a ritual hunter who made his weapons out of the skulls of his kills. Sertolic visited Earth many times for more hunts and has been a huge success. His size gives him great strength giving his prey no chance of survival. Currently he is a feared hunter of his clan by even some of his fellow brethren. This hunter is always savage from the loss of his best friend Nih'koute. His brethren was killed in a savage struggle against a xenomorph. They were in a huge battle and both died simultaneously. He seeks revenge for those who killed Nih'koute. Over the years, Sertolic sought revenge for the death of Nih'koute. Amongst the fearsome of all of his prey the blades of the warrior have spilt the blood of many while countless more fall before his feet.
"Death Before Dishonour"


Pair of Side Arm Blades acid proof, 2 combisticks, 2 Glaives, 5 Smart discs, 3 Shurikens, 3 Sacrificial Daggers, 18 inch acid proof Wristblades, Wrist mounted Netgun, Mid-sized Plasmacaster, 1 Speargun, 1 Maul.

.::RPG & Kills/Battles::.

.::The Bleeding Star::.

Scarred Yautja12 vs Hive_Tyrant

About Me

Well I have been on this site for quite a while now. My old username was Scarred Yautja12 now it's ScarredShadow. Just recently I have been promoted to Sub Leader of Hunter's Moon so if you are interested in joining contact me at [email protected]
I am 15 years old and a sophomore in high school and my main hobbies are drawing, bowling, writing short stories, watching movies, video games, filming movie parodies, computer design and much more. I am a big fan of Alien and Predator, but Aliens and Predators is just one of my favorites along with others like Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur, Final Fantasy and much more. I really like most sci fi and horror movies. I like other movies like Chronicles of Narnia, Final Destination, Nightmare on Elm Street, Die Hard, I Robot, Dawn of the Dead, Star Wars, and many others. Right now me and some of my friends are working on a parody of Final Destination, well it's not really a parody we are actually trying to make a good video. Also I am woking on my own AVP story called Aliens vs Predators: Last Rites.
Also I was going to start another story/biography called Legacy of Sertolic: A Blooded Warrior.

Some Sigs I've had

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