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The Warrior (or Hunter) is one of the primary assault organisms of the hive. It is fast, reasonably tough, and a savage combatant. Even in death the Warrior is dangerous, bursting apart when killed and drenching nearby enemies in acid.
The most visible difference that Warriors have from other Xenomorphs is the ridged head. The head carapace is also harder than that of Drones, able to ram into targets and capable of knocking an armored Yautja Hunter away.
Warriors are shown to be extremely agile; capable of navigating through vents, up walls, and navigating large areas swiftly. They also have an astonishing leaping ability.


Claws are used to quickly slash at your enemy. It also is used to interrupt opponents who are about to perform a Heavy Attack on you. Blocking can also be used to block another player's Light Attack from hurting you.
Tail Attack
Use your tail to strike your enemy. It's slower than Claws but it does a lot more damage. It also stuns your opponent so you could finish them off with a few fas attacks. Your tail can reach surprisingly far so a good way to use it from the ceiling. You can also break through an opponent's block with your Tail whereas you can't with your Claws.
Wall Walking
Have the ability to crawl on ceilings and walls to reach places where Humans and Yautja can't go. It's a great ability to use if you want to sneak up on your prey.
Sprint increases your speed for a short duration. It's best used to gain terrain on an enemies, or as an escape method.
Health Regeneration
Automatically regenerate health when not being attacked. If you get drawn into battle, don't be afraid to retreat to a safe place to regenerate and find a different strategy.
Spit Acid
Stronger Exoskeleton
Fire-Retardant Secretions
Increased Strength


I\'m what you could call an old veteran. I\'ve seen my fair share of things in life. Sophomore in College, I\'m planning to major in English Literature and go on to better things in life. Character\'s name is Waralien, veteran of several RPG\'s and fight threads, don\'t underestimate the War.

Here is the tale of waralien:

Born like most Xenomorphs, Waralien was inserted into a host. But what was different was that it wasn\'t a facehugger that inserted him in his host, it was a robot. Humans had aquired several alien embyros and insterted them into convicts that had been on deathrow.

Once in his chestburster stage, scientist removed him from his host and left in him in a specialized tube to develop into his adult form. During his growth he was given several serums to develop him into a product of millitary use.

He wasn\'t the only one. Several other Xenos had be subject to this experiment. These Xenos became known to the scientists as the X-series.

These were bred to surpass normal Xenos in many aspects. Strength, speed, intelligence, ect.

During a pretest, Waralien and his \"brothers\" were forced to fight one another. Waralien was crowned the ultimate subject and was to be put into mass production.

During another test Waralien noticed some mechanics working on a power box. Waralien observed them for some time then a thought occured to him. He turned to the other aliens and told them his plan.

As soon as the door opened, the aliens sped out and began the trials normally. Unsuspecting to the humans, Waralien snuck off to the box and disabled it. The power went out, the doors that seperated the Xenos from the rest of the complex opened. Out sped the Xenos led by Waralien, he was determined to do what all Xenos do.

Find host, Establish a hive, dominate all others.

The name of the planet they had begun their conquest?

Main info:
Name: Waralien

Size: Several feet taller than the standard size of a warrior Xenomoroph.

Strength: Due to testing on his body during his maturation into adulthood, War\'s strength increases with every battle and can rise for a short period of time during fights.

Intelligince: Due to serums, War\'s intelligence has increased to dangerous levels. He\'s become intelligent enough to understand human language and knows some words of the yajuta race.

Markings: Two back spines gone, due to predator428\'s plasma caster

Tactics: Prefers to observe his opponents, doesn\'t act based on what he sees. Is able to read and predict enemy movements and actions. Can make accurate observations using nothing less than a few clues. Plans out things and is able to over come most tasks with ease.

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