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Name: Malus Jay Darkblade

Age: 19

Gender: Male


Designation: Squad CO-SMARTGUNNER

Callsign: ‘Mal'

Theme Song: ‘Figure .09' -Linkin Park

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 91kg

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Black

Physical Description:

Standing at five feet and eleven inches in height, Malus Jay Darkblade is no shorty, but he ain’t the tallest bloke in the Corps either. Weighing in at just over ninety kilograms, he is a tad heavier than he should be, but this can be attributed to the fact that his skeletal system is made from Trinium, a lighter but stronger version of Titanium. If you have not noticed by now, Malus is actually a Synthetic Android with an armoured endoskeleton, but he wasn’t always a robot.

On the outside, he looks completely human, with a pale complexion and a muscular build that he has managed to keep up through hard training. Other than the CPU in his head and the skeletal system, Malus’s body is almost entirely human, albeit with enhanced reflexes, strength and a heightened mental processing speed. He bears only two visible scars, a large vertical claw mark on the left side of his face, going from under his eye to his jawline, and a smaller claw mark on the left side of his chin. He also has three confirmed tattoos on his body, the letters U.S.C.M on the right side of his face, just below and to the right of his eye. Just under this tat is a small barcode, directly under the U.S part of the tattoo. He also has U.S.C.M done vertically down the left side of his throat. It is rumoured that he has the words ‘Property of the United States Colonial Marines’ branded on his left buttock, although this is unconfirmed.

Worn around his neck at all times are two pairs of USCM dog tags. One is made of metal and was issued to him when he enlisted, and the other is carved from Xenomorph Bone, from the skull of a Xenomorph Queen that he killed at 10 years of age. The issued one has his details, the Xeno Bone one has the details of his father, Sergeant Jay Darkblade. Other than his Custom Python Magnum, this is all he has left of his father, and indeed his very childhood, and he guards both items jealously.

His hair is cut slightly longer than regulation standard and is kept spiked, although usually partially hidden under a ‘Metallic Blue’ USCM Combat elmet worn backwards, with a dust & shrapnel proof visor (tinted blue, to match his uniform) on the Helmet, above his eyes and high enough to let some hair poke down in a attractive way when he ain't wearin the helmet. Worn on his helmet also is the USCM helmet camera and radio headset, so that he can keep in contact with his fellow marines at all times, and listen to the USCM radio channel when bored. Usually, he has the camera turned off so that command can’t see what he gets up to. His deep blue eyes are kept visible because of this attire, and are reported by Malus’s female comrades to be the kind that you can lose yourself in. There is a sadness in those eyes, and they show that inside Malus is still in mourning for the comrades and family that he has lost.

His pale skin is usually streaked with three diagonal stripes of black camouflage paint, starting at the left side of his face and slanting down to the right, in a more cosmetic than practical style, although in combat he will add to it until his entire face is hidden behind a tiger stripes pattern. He has a strong and slightly angular jawbone, although his face itself is somewhat gaunt in appearance, and he has been described as ‘rugged’. The difference between Rugged and Handsome being that handsome people look at themselves in a mirror, whilst with ruggedness other people do the looking for you.

He wears his ‘S.W.A.T Blue’ USCM camouflage BDUs at all times, sometimes with the sleeves on his shirt rolled up, sometimes without. He also always wears his heavy combat boots, which are jet-black in colour. When not on missions of off-duty he tends to wear his M3 armour, and instead of carrying his Issued M56 Smartgun keeps his M240 Incinerator and his Python .357 on him, simply because when not on mission the Smartgun is bulky and unwieldy. When on mission, he wears his M2 armour and his Smartgun harness, along with the shin armour from his M3 set. In both sets, he has a motion tracker at his hip, linked to the Smartgun when he has it, and worn at his hip when not. Also present on both suits of armour is the Shoulder Lamp that is standard issue amongst the USCM.

All in all, without looking into his eyes he seems a young man at peak physical condition, and when you look into his eyes does his sensitive and vulnerable side become clear.


On the outside, Malus Jay Darkblade appears to be confident, outgoing, humorous and friendly, the typical young Australian soldier incarnate, complete with a jovial disregard for officers (he is known for making rather cruel jokes about them) and a generally optimistic outlook on life. He cracks jokes, plays pranks on his fellow marines and is amazingly skilled at inventing good drinking songs and is credited with the creation of the Drinking game ‘Alcohol and Ammo’. A regular at the Garrison Bars at whatever base he is stationed at, he can be the life of any party when he wants to be, and is gifted with an ability to make friends, thanks to his easygoing attitude.

Other marines have reported that Malus is quite fun to hang out with, and is a great drinking partner, and no matter how drunk he gets he seems to be utterly incapable of collapsing. They don’t realize that this is because of his Synthetic parts. Reports have also shown that he appears to be considered desirable by the female members of his unit, although he is either completely unaware of their attentions, or he simply does not care. He is reported to be something of a leader amongst his fellow marines, both on and off the battlefield, despite his refusals of promotion to a leadership rank. Although his fellow grunts like him, Officers tend to consider him something of a pain, and seeing how much he bags them out, that’s about fair enough.

On the battlefield, his skill in inspiring his fellow troopers to great deeds of courage and his morale-raising wisecracks make him a valuable asset to any unit, and he displays an amazing initiative, and is what some might call a tactical savant, being almost able to ‘see’ the opposition’s tactics and what they are planning. More than once his ‘thunks’ as he calls them have saved his unit from a particularly nasty trap or ambush the enemy has laid for them. Although because of his memory loss, his skill in leadership is somewhat diminished, lacking the leadership experience to draw on, Malus’s natural affinity for it is still present, although he would be more suited to small time command than a commission.

He is very passionate about the Marines, since he has been either training for one or been one his entire life, war and a soldier’s life is all that Malus knows. His loyalty to the Colonial Marines is unquestioned, and he is a very intense man at times.

Although he appears to be fine and normal on the outside, this is all an act. Malus has been diagnosed with clinical depression, and although he manages to keep it in check with medication and a determination to look on the bright side of everything, Malus is still prone to times where the hopelessness and sorrow of his life get to him, and he becomes very withdrawn and depressed at these times. Anyone who looks deep enough into his eyes will be able to see past the mask, and at the loss and pain that Malus constantly feels. A very soulful and moral person, Malus is a lot deeper than he acts, and is highly philosophical. It is usually when he delves too deep into the great mysteries of the universe that he realizes what a shithole it all is, and gets depressed. He is an independent person whom does not try to be like others, but is at the same time vulnerable and takes criticism very hard.

Given his traumatic life and his utter lack of a childhood, this is perhaps justified, having never known his mother and watched his only family ripped apart in full gory detail right before his eyes at only 10 years of age, and shortly after committing his first ever murder. Thrust into a life of killing at such a young age, he has very odd views about life and death, and has a somewhat sociopathic side to him, being able to block out the natural revulsion of killing others, although the sadistic enjoyment of the pain inflicted in others is much harder to get rid of.

It is entirely possible that someday Malus will just snap, as he did so when he led the 501st against Alpha Draconis, and become a bitter and twisted individual existing only to kill and bathe the world in the very same pain that he constantly fears, and his commanders fear that if he has done it before he could do it again. This is one reason why his commanders do not trust him. The fact that his fellow grunts trust him almost unconditionally is also a big worry to command, as who knows wether the grunts would join Malus or them if it came down to war.

In actuality, he is afraid to get close to anyone, given the fact that everyone he has ever loved has died, he fears that he is a jinx, and that everyone he cares for is fated to die. Always at the edges of true marine life, but unable to truly join it because of his scarred mind, Malus is at the same time tragedy and triumph. A triumph simply because he has still made it to where he is today, despite whatever odds stacked against him, and a tragedy because it has cost him whatever chance he ever had of being normal.

Unable to remember anything before he first joined with the Marines, Malus has something that very few people get- a second chance. Well, he has the chance for a second chance, wether or not his commanders and comrades will allow him it is unknown.


Primary: Weapon M56 Smartgun


The M56 Smartgun is a man-portable Squad Automatic Weapon with a difference. With an incredibly high ammunition capacity in it’s magazine, approximately 150 rounds per drum mag, the real thing about this weapon is that thanks to a motion tracker and infrared scanning, it can aim itself. Worn on a harness that acts as both armour and the system that lets the weapon aim itself, it is a deadly, although large and bulky, weapon, and only the strongest marines are given it.
Malus’s Smartgun is fresh from the old Fort Alpha armoury, and has the words ‘Smarter than your average Officer’ written down the barrel.

Secondary: Weapon M240 Incinerator Unit


The M240 Incinerator unit is a modern-day flamethrower, and is much smaller and less bulky than your old-style weapon. It has a fuel barrel on the underside of it, more like your average ammo clip than the bulky backpack tanks flamer troops used to wear, and therefore is a lot safer. Malus’s is completely unchanged from when it was made in a factory.

Tertiary: Weapon Modified Python .357 Magnum


This weapon has been Malus’s ever since he was 10, being a gift from his fathers on the day that he died, and is Malus’s most prized possession.
Intensely modified, it has a Bushnell Phantom II 2.5x Telescopic Scope, a ‘Green Dot’ laser sight and housing for a bayonet. Firing .357 Hollow Point rounds, it is a high-velocity ‘dum dum’ round that packs excellent armour penetration and given the ‘mushroom’ effect of a dum dum, it is deadly, especially in the hands of Malus.

It is painted jet black, and has the words ‘Deus Ex Xenos’ engraved on the sides of the barrel.

Reserve: Weapon K-Bar Combat Knife, 1x Cold Steel SRK (survival knife)


Unable to locate his old Xeno Bone Combat Machete, Malus has settled for an Issued K-Bar Combat Knife, from the armoury of the old Fort Alpha. Blade is 20cm Length, and usually is attached to his Magnum. He also has a Cold Steel Survival Knife in his right boot, which he only uses as a last resort weapon.

Other: Weapon

8x CS ‘Gas’ Grenades

8x Fragmentation Grenades

8x Flash-Bang Stun Grenades


* USCM Issue Helmet (Colour: Blue Steel)

* USCM Issue Helmet Camera

* USCM Issue Helmet Mike & Radio

* USCM Issue M56 Smartgun

* USCM Issue M56 Smartgun Infra-Red Lens

* USCM Issue M56 Smartgun Harness

* USCM Issue M2 Personal Body Armour (Colour: Steel)

* USCM Issue M3 Shin Armour (Colour: ‘SWAT Blue’)

* USCM Issue Shoulder Mounted M3 Lamp Addition

* USCM Issue Combat Webbing Belt

* USCM Issue Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) (Colour: ‘SWAT BLUE’)

* USCM Issue 2 Litre Camelback Hydration Unit


In war, only two things matter. The lives of your fellow soldiers, and the life of yourself. In that exact order.