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Does anyone here even play AVP3?

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Dallas in AVPR

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A gift from the Masters

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He comes here every two days to feed.

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In a world where our intelligence can be as much of a curse as a blessing, and where understanding and fear come hand in hand, making ties with the monsters of our minds doesn't sound like such a bad idea.

I am a fan of good concepts. Aliens is a good concept, Predator is a good concept, Aliens versus Predator is a great concept. I found this site and have repeatedly looked it up for information, I am very active on youtube, a link to my channel and its description is below.

youtube Channel


Gladly learning and exploring the possibilities and innovations of man's AV technology. Music video, special effects, animation demonstrations, are my primary interests on youtube, and although I seem to advocate largely anti-Christian propaganda, I am a fully aware and understanding atheist. Having no delusions about the reality I am subject to, I see no reason not to embrace it while I'm here. I like listening to Metal, because unlike so many people out there, I am capable of hearing music. Enjoy and please give whatever feedback you might have.