-Bloo-, Human, 10 years ago

That wasn't directed at you, and this isn't the place to ask.

skull_ripper, Human, 10 years ago

I am requesting to join the hunter's moon clan

Name: cold throne ( nicknamed skull ripper)

for the hunt!

batmanbegins123, Human, 10 years ago

requesting to join Shadow Serpents.

Name: Dark Knight

would also appreciate some answers to some questions i have.


krio, Human, 10 years ago

i wish to join shadow serpents.

Waralien, Human, 10 years ago

Dark Knight and Krio, you'll both be under observation. Just keep posting, stick to the rules and you'll be in the clan in no time.

batmanbegins123, Human, 10 years ago

thanks WAR ALIEN but i still have questions about the clan.

-Bloo-, Human, 10 years ago

To answer your questions in the other topic, you can do whatever you want, dude. I'm not so strict about it as long as you have enough points to be a Predalien. Also, follow the RPG rules and don't be a God Mode asshole, simple as that.

Anyway, you gotta relax, man. I'm not ignoring you, I don't hate you, I just didn't happen to see your questions. I've only ever strongly disliked a total of 3 people over my 6 years here, and they were all either banned or just rage quit off the forums.

Remember, 85% of the time, treat me like a friend, not an authority figure. Unless BadApple or Banana decide to freak out and start swearing at everybody, I'm not going to shove my leader status in the forum's face. (My sig does that enough, anyway.)

batmanbegins123, Human, 10 years ago

wasnt thinking that you hated me. i was just joking. but if i only have 10 pts. could i still be a predalien and have negative whatever pts.? and your sig is deffinitely authoratative. but i wasnt freaking. so we cool? hugs? (that was kind of creepy)

-Bloo-, Human, 10 years ago

It's fine. Hugs are nice.

You can't be a Predalien just yet. You have to level up through Mainboard RPGs - we do have a ranking system, after all. And no, I don't know when the staff is holding the next one, but it might be as close as the summer.

(Mods, there's GOT to be a better place for this conversation, maybe a "Clan Leader Q&A" thread?)

batmanbegins123, Human, 10 years ago

cool... thanks. why not just start a new topic? and hugs are nice.

-Bloo-, Human, 10 years ago

I'm not a mod, so I can't authorize pinned topics like that.

PredAlienWarrior, Human, 10 years ago

RJ Hayman

I would like to join the hive, if thats not possible, shadow serpents...thank you!

Kirby-Cage, Human, 10 years ago

@PredAlienWarrior: The Shadow Serpents are interested in your request(?); However I ask that you definalty choose one of the alien clans, weather that be the Hive or the Shadow Serpents, before switching your request to the other clan. This just prevents confusion, for both clans thinking that you want them to enlist you.

-Bloo-, Human, 10 years ago

@Valkyrie: We've decided that, because of the lack of activity in addition to demanding to be let in, we can't accept you, though if you do become more active with better intentions, we'll be glad to give you another trial period.

@Predalien/Scar: Since you've been regularly checking back in these past few weeks while being alright in general, you're in. Congrats, and be sure to check in on the Clan Room every now and then.

@Krio: Noted. Keep posting, we'll be watching you. Enjoy your stay.

@Dark Knight: Same with you. You're off to a good start.

PredAlienWarrior, Human, 10 years ago

I would like to be a shadow serpent, not in the hive, so if the shadow serpents would want to take me I'm ready when they are.

Waralien, Human, 10 years ago

PredAlienWarrior, we've asked you already to specify which group you want to be with. Please do not make the same mistake twice for reasons that Kirby already mentioned.

Voltage-3000, Human, 10 years ago

Can i get an update on my request or balatu just not into having members seeing how their clan has lingering veterans

Peterson, Human, 10 years ago

PredAlien no you cannot join any of the clans, STOP ASKING! Ive counted at least 5 posts of you asking, and since you obviously cant read the rules then no you cant join a clan, ask again in three weeks.

batmanbegins123, Human, 10 years ago

oh thats fine bloo. and thanks for the compliment.

PredAlienWarrior, Human, 10 years ago

Sorry for another reply, dont mean to keep spamming, but @Peterson I dont know what you are counting due to the fact I've commented twice.