Kirby-Cage, Human, 8 years ago

Ok Six Your under observation as well.

six, Human, 8 years ago

Thanks Kirby-Cage when I leave my cell I'll fix a human mutant to further increase my strength and intelligence and ability to regenerate quickly and become a super mutant Xenomorph, I know here has a super-human mutant here in his cell and neighboring cell and a bit tough but I'll leave when the doctor opened my cell haha and go straight to the ventilation ducts and then going to the super mutant human cell by ventilation ducts, and I will join him and mer will become a super mutant adult Xenomorph powerful and then I will leave the lab without killing anyone so gonna kill me if attacked.

Peterson, Human, 8 years ago

Stop Spamming Six, This is not the topic to place your bio in, you can ether place it in your profile or the RPG character thread.

-Bloo- already told you that I would suggest reading the rules before posting again.

six, Human, 8 years ago

sorry Peterson and so

Your name:six

Clan you wish to join: shadow serpents

antoniod2, Human, 8 years ago

Your name:antoniod2

Clan you wish to join: Balatu

the super predator antoniod2 be prepared to enter the clan balatu..

-Bloo-, Human, 8 years ago

Six/Antonio, I can't issue any warnings, but as a clan leader I'm denying you access. First of all, you can't have two accounts, and second, you can't use that second account to apply to a different clan.

On the off chance that you genuinely didn't know that (judging from the fact that you actually have a link to the same Facebook in both accounts, which means you probably aren't posing as two different people), the consequences may not be as bad. I can't speak for the mods, however.

Peterson, Human, 7 years ago

Six, this is your Second warning, if continue to disobey and break our forum rules you will be banned do not test me on this as many before you have tried. Consider yourself warned.

Kirby-Cage, Human, 7 years ago

Ok Blizzard after a week of watching for the last week, I have decided to let you in. Welcome to the Shadow Serpents.

Blizzard, Human, 7 years ago

ok thanks for letting me know

Hanei, Human, 7 years ago

Your name: Hanei

Clan you wish to join: Shadow Serpents

Kirby-Cage, Human, 7 years ago

All right Hanei lets try this again, reply to this post to get your probation period started.

Hanei, Human, 7 years ago

Replying as requested, I apologize if I have tested your patience to any level. I thought I could be active and I attempted to be but there never really came a chance to roleplay around here and thereby be active at the time. I'm giving you my word to do better about being active and doing what I can to prove that.

Kirby-Cage, Human, 7 years ago

Its not that your testing my patience, its just....I've had a very trying day today, I'm sorry if I came across hard.

Anyways your probation period has officially started, keep up the good posting.

Hanei, Human, 7 years ago

Alright then, thank you for this chance.

Eshtar, Human, 7 years ago

sorry I have not been here some things came up but am back.

Peterson, Human, 7 years ago

This is not the appropriot topic to post this in.

Kirby-Cage, Human, 7 years ago

Congrats Hanei you Have been accepted into the Shadow Serpents. WELCOME TO DIE!

Hanei, Human, 7 years ago

Awesomesauce, thanks Kirby. I'll do my best to represent the clan well

gamefreak33797, Human, 7 years ago

Ok, I think this is the place, could I join the XBL version of the AD clan, my GT is gamefreak33797, I do not have gold yet but plan on getting it soon.

ValkyrieWrath, Human, 7 years ago

Name: ValkyrieWrath

Clan I wish to join: Shadow Serpents

I used to be a member of Silent Assassins btw