2010 upcoming AvP game

donut, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

I'm not sure if this has been covered before, but I sure as heck just found out.


I am pleased.

TDN, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

It's also posted here:


Personally I'm really excited about this. I absolutely loved the other 2 AVP games (didn't like Primal Hunt or Concrete Jungle all that much). Let's just hope this game keeps all the things that made the other games great (scary levels as Marines, unique sides and addicting multiplayer).

MaxFate, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

That sound sweat one on the human's story now I'd like to play that.

_Zwecky_, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

This is good news and bad news. The good is obvious we get another Alien vs Predator game but the bad news is that Aliens: Colonial Marines and the Alien RPG will not be released until after this new AvP game.

Gaunt, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

It what I've been waiting for, YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!
=D I can't wait!!!

Sam-Jack-Dunn, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

WHAT!?! Colonial Marines is being delayed AGAIN!?

....Words do not describe my irritation at this.

TDN, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

Eh, you know by the rate that they are going it might never be released. They haven't canceled it yet but with so many projects on their hands, who knows.

Well look on the bright side, we're getting a new AVP game, which means Aliens, Predators and Marines 3 way war all over again.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

It would be best to play this one on PC, but putting it on the PS3 and 360 would be a very smart move.

@Colonial Marines: Aw, f!ck. Again?

Gaunt, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

I'd like it to be on PC, I think that would be a bloodbath.

TITANOSAUR, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

this is great. I always new that a new AvP game was being made. but now that its confirmed I am realy excited. I plan to get a new computer. cuz this one I got now, most likely won't support the game no way no how. but yeah. the Alien drone will return to wreck havac again! MUAHAHAHA!

I'm not sure If we'll have Harrison, the Predator Prince and the Intelegent Alien again. we'll probly get some new greenhorn charactors.

well, its a shame A:CM is delayed yet again. but I didn't realy intend on buying it. probly not with the system I have now. possibly if I had a new computer. but yeah its a shame.

Aliens Versus Predator 3 will be epic. I'm sure it'll be like AvP 1 and 2 was. or maybe even better! polish ya'lls Pulse Rifle, Wristblades, and Claws boys and gals. the three way battle is comin back out of the box!

_Zwecky_, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

Also news from AvP Galaxy states that the Alien RPG has been cancelled (which is good imo because i always thought it was a stupid idea for a game) and Aliens: Colonial Marines could possibly be delayed until 2011 =/

TITANOSAUR, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

@_Zweaky_: thats Most likely. ALIENS: Colonial Marines has been givin the green light then delayed then cancled. then greenlighted again. now delayed. I'm unsure if it'll be cancled, but never know. it looks that way.

and yeah. I didn't quite like the Idea of an ALIEN RPG game. thought it was a bad idea myself. and didn't make sence. plus the franchise isn't best for that type of game.

Gaunt, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

I thought I'd better remind anyone who dosen't know (or can't remember) that in this sites news section we have a link for A V P 3.
Last time I checked it was updated, So keep an eye on it if you wan't to find out more.

And for those of you who wan't to see it now:


Sogetes, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

I really do hope this all doesn't constitute a shift in priorities within Sega. After all, AvP will probably sell better then Colonial Marines, due to the movies and the success of the previous games.

If anyone from Sega is reading this...I WANT MY RINES! (cries)

Karo, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

wow, this is my first post in almost 2 years and i find out that colonial marines is delayed, and its not like there are even any pre production screens of this AVP game, fans are being starved. I never played the first AVP FPS, but I used to play the second one online all the time, until it became overpopulated with hack wielding jackasses running across the sky at high speeds and utterly invincible. Just ruined it for me.

Vampyrik, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

I really hope Aliens: Colonial marines won't be canceled other wise I will be hugly disappointed, No point in saying your making and going to release a game then cancel it, So many people will be disappointed, Me and my friends are looking forward to buy it and go through the 4 player co op together to experiece the game together, Yet with all the delayes they are having they better make the wait worth it other wise I will be very unhappy with them and refuse to buy any games that they make from now on, Cause it's an Aliens game so if they don't deliver on that then that just ruins there reputation for me big time but they should deliver, They have had plenty of time but still, If they can't produce the goods then they should'nt of taken on such a big challenge, Yet as long as it is as good as Left4dead as it looks very similar then I will be happy as Left4dead is a simple game yet it can be addictive, All I really hope is that the game has a bit of diversity compaired to Left4dead as Left4dead is very repetative, Always the same route again and again, Hopefully they will put 2 or 3 routes maybe 4 in it to mix it up and have some clever tricks like hacking doors and cutting them open to get through certain routes so if you lose the guy with the hacking device that's one route cut off and if you lose the guy with the welder/cutter then you only have one option left which is to go through the one of the open routes but it's the longest and most dangerous routes, Now that would be fun, Cause I know it's about team work but it's still fun to split up and do your own thing now and again and even then there will probly be 2 teams of 2 so your still in a team, That's the one thing that bugged me about Left4dead, Split up = Dead, So I'm hoping they are at least going to put that in cause it opens so much more tactical play just by putting a few routes in and that would make me so happy, Tactical = Fun.

I just love the thought of going down one of the routes and getting attacked by so many aliens you have to fall back and try to take another route because you just don't have the fire power to keep them back so you back up and try to find another way round but oh no, The door is locked or welded shut by past survivors trying to hold out in a random room or something so you have to get someone to by-pass the door or cut it which means less fire power again so the aliens keep pushing forward so your all like "AHHHHH" "COME ON" " HURRY UP" making the game so intence your out of your seat shouting "HURRY THE F**K UP" and screaming cause the aliens are getting so close and you really don't want to die cause everyone wants to try and get through the game with out dying, Cause we all know people like to pretend the char they are playing is them so of coures you want to stay alive.

So you all rush through the door and survive, Your all like "Hell ye" and like "Haha no way" makes you feel like you have accomplished a task, Yet, The game is'nt even over yet. Lol. That's what I want, Really could'nt care much abour graphics, They could have the old AVP graphics for all I care, As long as the game play is diverse and intresting with some good features like operating doors that you can manipulate and stuff, That's what I look forward to seeing, The old games had operating doors so I don't see why you can.nt put that in and add some simple features to the game like hacking, Welding/Cutting and circuit repair on doors just to add something diffrent, It all adds to the game play and it ain't hard, That, Along with all this next gen gaming stuff would add up to one hell of a game I think, But anyways, With AVP.

I really can't wait for it, Coming out so soon after anouncement to which is odd, Still waiting for Starcraft 2 to come out and god knows how long ago that was anounced. Can't wait though, Loved all the AVP games, Even Extintion and that was'nt that great for an RTS, Being made by the original people who made the AVP game to so they should know what there doing so hopfully we wont be disappointed.

*Few* Long post. XD

_Zwecky_, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

Turns out the rumors about the RPG being canceled wer not true.

Direct Copy+Paste from the AvP Galaxy news section as follows:

"Variety.com has just posted up a new article stating that Colonial isn't cancelled but maybe seeing release under a new developer:

"However, I've just spoken to a source in a very good position to know what's up with both games who told me that they're definitely not canceled. Production is expected to continue and the games, both of which are well into development, will come out. But quite possibly not with the developers they're at. "

This collaborates the information I've recieved from my own sources. However, just to build on what I've heard: The RPG isn't being canned. It is merely postponed while Obsidian concentrate their work on Alpha Protocol (the other Sega game they are working on). It is Colonial Marines that is in danger of changing hands. As you may have all read in various other articles, Sega is "reviewing" the quality of the game and my source is saying that Sega aren't too keen on what they see.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

Hey, I think an RPG would be great for an Alien game. Do you want to know why?

When many of you think RPG, you think Final Fantasy or Pokemon, or some other game with that type of battle system. But it doesn't have to be like that.

Think Fallout 3. It had RPG elements as well as FPS ones, but it was more of an RPG than an FPS. A game where you can say the opposite is Bioshock. Both games had those scary moments with zombie-like enemies. That is what the Aliens could be in an Alien RPG. With a smiliar system, the RPG could work.

I doubt they had Pokemon in mind when making it.

Colonial Marines was one game I was looking forward to buying in the summer. Looks like I'll have to wait another two years.

predalienking, Xenomorph, 14 years ago


waiting so long sob sob i m going to but those and live to beat them if it is the last thing i do

Griddy, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

Yeah, I was sad when they delayed Colonial Marines, but an AVP game would be better.

TribalWerewolf9, Xenomorph, 14 years ago

im not caring for the colonial marines game right now because i have none of the systems for it and i hope the new avp game i hope i have the right systems