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Name: Sam Jack Dunn (ALIAS: Malus Jay Darkblade)

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Rank: Gunnery Sergeant

Designation: Quartermaster, Squad Commander, Pilot, Medic, Mechanic.

Callsign: Dunny

Theme Song: Redgum - I was only 19

Height: 170cm

Weight: 68kg

Eye Colour: Red

Hair Colour: Red

Physical Description:

With red hair and red eyes, you'd think that Sam Dunn would look demonic, but this couldn't possibly be farther from the truth. With a tan gained from the light of countless suns and his ever-present smile, he manages to pull off the 'charming' look. His strong jaw is flecked with stubble that he never really has the time to fully remove, and often has two streaks of camouflage paint on each cheek. His face has two large scars, one over his right eye and one over his chin. A closer look at his eyes show that the pupils are pixelated, and that they revolve slowly as Sam looks around. In fact, these eyes are mechanical in nature, not organic.

His red-brown hair is about chin-length, and is generally kept under his signature black Akubra hat, which is worn at all times unless he's in cryo-sleep or it has gone missing. It is somewhat battered, and there's a bullet hole in the brim on the left side, but it has stuck with him through thick and thin, and he's suffered a fair few injuries to keep it in one piece. He's proud of the hat, and set into the band around the circumference of the hat are Xenomorph fangs, trophies from earlier victories. Also always worn is his lucky bandanna, which he keeps wrapped around his leg. This bandanna was used as a makeshift bandage during Operation Descending Fate, and saved his life during that mission, hence why he considers it 'lucky'.

As a Gunner, he wears the M2 Gunner's Vest as standard at all times, even when he isn't on duty. Painted on the front is his signature 'Combat Wombat' graffiti, and on the back is 'You go first?' in white paint. He wears the typical Outback Squad desert camouflage pants, though instead of a the uniform shirt he wears a tan-coloured flannel shirt, on which his rank and unit patches are sewn, and he keeps the sleeves rolled up on this little number. His HUD eyepeice, his lucky bandanna and his shirt are all the same colour.

His combat boots are, like his armour, knee & elbow pads and gloves, all jet-black. He is never seen without his favourite cigar, one of which is always clamped between his teeth, whether lit or not.


Sam Dunn, or Dunny as his friends call him, is a person with two layers. On the outside, he is outgoing, outspoken and very friendly. He's got a brilliant if dark sense of humour and is always there with a joke and a smile to cheer up his mates. He's always willing to join in on any pranks that his troops are brewing, and is generally behind any skylarking or 'buggery' that happens in Alpha Draconis. He has a very casual attitude to most things, and is known to happily watch as Xavier breaks an unprecedented amount of military laws.

He is very tactically and mechanically minded, and though he might appear to be sitting back and enjoying one of his signature cigars, he is quite likely analysing and planning, keeping one step ahead of everyone else. That, or he is honestly sitting back and enjoying his cigar. You never really know with Sam, he's pretty unpredictable at times. He might randomly blurt out some philosophical nugget of wisdom one moment, and fall asleep the next.

He is also very insubordinate, with little regard for his superiors and a total contempt for those who havn't earned his friendship. He has been demoted numerous times for striking a superior officer. Consequently, he allows an alarming amount of insubordination from his own troops, who feel free to insult, strike, satirize or generally make fun of him. This is because he doesn't see them as his subordinates, but his closest friends.

Everyone who knows Sam knows of the loud stereotypical Aussie with a heart of gold and eyes full of mischef, who seems unfazed by everything around him, always there to laugh in the face of death. This, however, is only one side to the infamous leader of Outback Squad.

Only his closest friends know about the nightmares, depression and stress that he faces every day, along with his fragile mental state. He keeps it almost perfectly hidden, but in times of weakness glimmers into his damaged soul have been known to appear: A moment of complete nonreaction as a flashback or voice from his past leaps up at him unexpectedly, a momentary dark tone in his voice as he remembers something, and sometimes, rarely, a complete nervous breakdown when he thinks no-one is watching.

Haunted by his years of war and death, he struggles with putting on a brave face for his men and keeping them alive. Because of all the people he's lost, he makes sure to only really care about a few chosen people, and is more than willing to let everyone else burn when the shit hits the fan. He's even killed officers who ordered his men on suicide missions (though records say they were killed by the enemy), and will do anything, absolutely anything, nessecary to keep his mates alive.

He also hates non-humans -with the exception of androids – with a passion, and has been known for his unsanctioned Xenocidal campagains. The only non-human species for whom he feels any kind of empathy are his oldest enemies – the Xenomorphs. He has studied them for years, learned how they think, how they fight. He has reached the point where, with a simple mental switch, he can stop thinking like Sam Dunn, and start thinking with the base survival instinct and low cunning that Xenomorphs do, though he only ever does this when he is alone and doing so endangers none of his comrades.


Primary Weapon: F-99 Minigun “Moar Dakka�


Having switched his Pulse Rifle for a Minigun at some point in his career, Sam is very efficient with this weapon. His first rule of combat is that “It needs Moar Dakka, no exceptions.� The F-99 epitomzes this, and he has spent long, long hours training with this weapon to ensure he can fire it with some accuracy. It is painted in tan, and almost covered with graffiti and trophies.

Secondary Weapon: Remington 870 'Bug Swatter'


As ancient as the Colt Python, this old, reliable shotgun is Sam's weapon of choice in close quarters, able to deliver an imnense amount of damage at close range. It is especially effective against Xenomorphs, and has been known to shred bugs in a single, well-aimed shot. With five rounds in the tubular clip and another in the barrel, it operates with a simple pump-action, and reloading is absolute simplicity. It's main selling points are its reliability and power, and Sam never leaves home without it. Sam's doesn't have a stock, and engraved on the barrel are the words 'Bug Swatter'

Sidearm Weapon:2x Python Silhouette .357 Magnum w/ Bushnell Phantom 2.5x Scope & 8 Inch Barrel.


Known as Outback Squad's signature weapons, between them Outback Squad has legal ownership of ten Colt Pythons, two of which Sam keeps on his person at all times. They have an 8 inch barrel and a royal blue finish, along with the words 'Outback' engraved along the barrel, making them as unique to the squad as they are powerful. Preferred for their effectiveness against the larger Xenomorph variants and against Predators, these weapons are deadly in every way. Their only drawbacks are their absolutely vicious recoil, and their relatively small clip of six rounds.

Melee Weapon: Xeno-Bone Machete 'Bug Clipper'


Carved from the bones of a Xenomorph, this weapon is reputed to be so sharp that the cutting edge is about a centimetre farther than the visible edge of the blade. Serrated on one edge, and a smooth blade on the other, this weapon is a cruel, heartless thing that’s ebony hide is known by the name 'Bug Clipper' since it is more than capable of clipping a Xenomorph's wings and rendering them helpless.

It is immune to all acid-based attacks, and after years of being re-enforced by skilled metal-worker and carvers, it is almost impossble to destroy. Sam has had this weapon for years, and refuses to say where he got it from.

Other Weapons:

Boot Knife

8x M40 Fragmentation Grenades


[This is where you'll list your basic equipment such as Uniform and Armour, or more specifically, what you wear on your body in combat.[Limit: 5 unissued Items]]

*Outback-Issue Akubra Hat [Colour: “Black�]

*USCM Issue Headset Camera

*USCM Issue Headset Mike & Radio Earbud

*USCM Issue M2 Personal Body Armour (Colour: “Black�]

*USCM Issue Smartgunner's Head-Mounted Sight

*USCM Issue M3 Shin Armour [Colour: “Black�]

*USCM Issue TNR Shoulder Lamp

*USCM Issue Combat Webbing Belt

*USCM Issue Military Uniform [Colour: “Desert Camouflage�]

*2x USCM Issue 1 Litre Canteen

*USCM Issue Dog Tags

*USCM Issue ME3 Hand Welder

*USCM Issue Motion Tracker

*Xeno-Bone Necklace

*Fingerless Nomex (Titanium weave) Gloves

*Signature HUD Visor

*Titanium weave Elbow Pads

Survival Pack:

*USCM Issue Bedroll

*USCM Issue Entrenchment/Utility Tool

*USCM Issue Respirator Gasmask

*USCM Issue 20 Day's Rations

*USCM Issue Spare Fatigues

*USCM Issue Cold Weather Gear

*USCM Issue Socks & Undies (x4 pairs)

*USCM Issue Spare Ammo Clips FOR PRIMARY WEAPON(x3)

*USCM Issue Emergency Medical Kit x5

*Pink Fluffy Slippers

*Sun Tzu-Art Of War

*’Principles of Fighting Extra-Terrestrials’ (Written by Sam himself)

*Spare socks & undies (everyone forgets thiers)

*Additional survival rations.

Combat Webbing

*Individual Marine Carrying Pouch

*GATLING Ammunition Backpack

1,000 rounds for Minigun

*MINIMI Ammunition Pouch.

10x Python .357 Ammo Clip

Barracks Gear:

(This is where you'll list your personal gear that you keep In barracks. Pets are not allowed, weapons have to be approved by a Officer, as do vehicles, remember, your barracks Is your home, so make sure to put stuff In this list)


*USCM Issue Bunk Bed

*USCM Issue Mattress & 2x Bedsheets

*USCM Issue Footlocker w/ Combination Lock

*USCM Issue SPARE ISSUED GEAR (Everything you have been Issued, there's a clean, spare one waiting at the barracks, with the exception of weapons & ammo)

*USCM Issue Work Bench w/ Lamp

*Xenomorph Queen Skull (Mounted on Wall)

*Photo of himself and the pilots of Wedgie Flight (RACM)


Sam Jack Dunn was born on the Australian colony world 'New Adelaide', the youngest son of Jack Dunn and Hayley Murray. He had one older brother, Steven Dunn, who was three years older than he himself was. Jack worked as a part of the security detachment that guarded and policed the colony, whilst his mother was a ship mechanic and a qualified pilot. Sam was taught about Australian values from an early age and helped out on their family's farm, where they raised and bred a descendant of the 20th Century cows for the meat market. Sam learned a lot about mechanics fixing their two old, notoriously unreliable Daihotai 8x8 ATVs, which they relied on to get from the farm to the nearest town and back.

New Adelaide is a desert world, with two hot suns and an almost unbearably dry surface. It's year is divided into two seasons, the 'Dry' season and the 'Wet' season. The wet season is actually more warm than the dry season, and even the rain is uncomfortably hot, but people prefer the wey season to the dry for obvious reasons. Every year as the wet season ended Sam and his father would take the wheel of the ATV's and lead the cattle towards the stocks, where they would be sold for slaughter and they would receive the pay that was to last them the year.

Sam learned a lot about shooting and how to survive in adverse conditions from his father, whilst his mother taught him how to handle machinery and a lot of general knowledge, in which he competed with his older brother. The two were inseperable, and were known as the 'Dunn twins' even though Stevo was quite older. When Sam turned seventeen, the two left home and both joined up with the Royal Australian Colonial Marines. Whilst their father was killed in a Xenomorph outbreak soon after they enlisted, their mother is still alive and well.

Stevo joined up as a grunt, whilst Sam went in as a pilot. Stevo proved himself to be extremely talented, and was in NorForce whilst Sam was still in Flight School. By the time that he'd finished Flight School and graduated as a Drover, his brother was already in the Triple S, Australia's elite combat unit. The two kept in close contact throughout their careers, each of them excelling in their seperate fields.They both also became very rich, with Stevo using classified information to make money. Because of this, the brothers bought a lot of shares in Weyland-Yutani Corporation...they're filthy rich, such that they bought the HMAS Gallipoli from the USCM for the price of a small planet, and sold planet LV-474 to Weyland-Yutani Corporation (admittedly, this was after Sam and Stevo joined W-Y Corp).


Sam was assigned to the USCM, in Alpha Squad to replace a marine who'd been promoted into command. He was the first Australian to serve in the unit. At this time, Outback Squad was still rebuilding, and Xavier was in prison for murdering a superior officer. Sam served with distinction during Operation Falling Sky, where he critically injured and quite probably killed a Predator elder, though he himself was killed in the process, and only revived after extensive theraputic cloning and donation organs from his brother. He was promoted to Sergeant after this, and is known to have rescued Private Delta and Lieutenant Peterson during Operation Descending Fate. It is known that he became more and more disillusioned with the Marines with each mission, tiring of incompetent, uncaring commanders.

So, during Operation Lost Souls, the only known boarding action of a Predator Clanship, Sam Dunn and Xavier Blacknight (who'd rejoined the unit) turned traitor. They abandoned Alpha Draconis to its fate, taking half of their numbers with them, and left their commander, Peterson, to die.


After this, he joined Weyland-Yutani Corporation, offering their skills in return for employment and asylum. This happened, and Sam's skill as a leader brought many new people to the unit, and he is responsible for recruiting such infamous characters as Darman Carmine and Gene Wells (the latter is his 2nd In Command now). He quickly rose to a position of command, and was Company Executive Officer for Corporate Security in the Draconis Sector.

Still, it was in spite of his treachery and crimminal record, he commanded the human forces in the Battle for Nuremberg, hailed by many as his finest hour. Both Xenomorphs and Predators had landed in this old German city, and it was Sam that oversaw the systematic destruction of both invading forces. It is to be noted that he left his marine allies to die during this, though it is unclear as to whether he ever really saw them as on the same side. It was a stunning victory, though attributed to as much as, if not more than, the effectiveness of Sam's troops as it was to his own leadership.

This whole time, the RACMC had been looking to get Dunn back, as he'd been imprisoned by the USCM without their consent. Eventually, after speaking to Major Shannon Murray, a second uncle of Sam's, he rejoined and taking his three closest troops with him (all Aussie) he reformed Outback Squad, which had been disbanded. Much to his disgust, he was reassigned to Alpha Draconis to hopefully revive the almost destroyed unit. Still, the new commander was smart enough to ask him for help, and so far the two have gotten along reasonably well.

His last known location was on the Conestoga-Cruiser USS Kiowa, which as been reportedly destroyed in transit to an undisclosed location. Still, Sam Dunn has a habit of coming back from the dead. Perhaps this time is no different.

UserName: Sam-Jack-Dunn


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Sample Roleplay:


0-17: Living on New Adelaide

17-19: Training & Flight School

19-22: RACAC


23-24: RACMC


26-27: W-Y Corporation

27-Present: RACMC (Outback Squad)






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