the_doctor, Yautja, 10 years ago

Hours Earlier...

The Elder quietly froze as the creature below loudly shambled about. He could tell by the loud thudding footsteps that it was Yuatja and not one of those pesky insects down there. The question was who? And could he trust them? He needed to find PREDATORv2 and get off this rock before something much worse than sabotage happened. But was his brother even alive? If they had succeeded in killing his closest friend then the council would not last for much longer. Every one of them would pay. He would drown, burn and slaughter every one of those dishonorable bastards... “No, I'm wasting time with this fantasy”. He took a deep breath and dropped from the branch onto the hunter below, together they joined and rolled to the ground. They tumbled for a few seconds before The_Doctor righted himself on top of the other, wrist blades drawn and ready to descend. He paused to see a sight that he couldn't believe. The old son of a bitch was still alive.

He was a wreck but alive. PREDATORv2 was suffering major burns and loosing blood like a burst water balloon. PREDATORv2 let out a low growl indicating relief. He would be lucky to survive but The_Doctor had treated much worse than this. He applied some temporary patching over the worst of the wounds and pumped him full of pain reducers. He picked him up and made way back to the ship.

20 minutes ago...

Something more was going on than The_Doctor knew. He had received conflicting reports over comms from Concretehunter and Phone, really he couldn't trust either of them. He'd kept any replies to a minimum hoping to sneak out and have no one remember he was even there to being with. However he was now sure that both of them were heading to his position. He had decided that he would confront the both of them. One of them had to be the one who screwed around with the drop pods. He had a much longer history with Phone and in all likely hood it was he who was the traitor. He let out a soft laugh, some celebration hunt this turned out to be. The elder grazed into the cryo-pod that contained the female in stasis. “This is all probably because of you” he mused to himself. He had pieced together from PREDATORv2's logs that the council had opposed their proposals to return to the old ways and that they were rocking the boat a little too hard. The council had become corrupted with the need for violence, they were now nothing more than a group of old thugs who did not respect the culture that had spawned them. He knew that they were concerned that PREDATORv2 and himself would lead some sort of revolt, perhaps even start a civil war. Especially if the rumors about what was in The_Doctor's cargo hold were true.

PREDATORv2 was lying in the ships medical stasis pod. For now he was out of the game but when wounds healed the two of them would bring the council down. They were afraid of war but were willing to fire the first shot, a shot that would now be heard around the galaxy. That was as long as they got out of this alive. No, everyone must know. The_Doctor sat down at the ships helm, fingers swiftly gliding over the keys.


There was an annoying banging at the door. His guests had finally arrived. “Did he just say he was hungry?” he thought as the whining from outside got louder. He could hear Phone's voice now. Perhaps they would kill each other. He shook his head. The ships door opened with the loud should of decompression and before him stood a totally expected sight. The two exchanged insults and accusations before Concretehunter lashed out, swiftly hanging up Phone's life. “I think I need medical attention” the victorious hunter declared. The_Doctor sighed and gestured for the hunter to enter the ship.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 10 years ago

2 Hours Before Descent

         Phone set an alarm for his self-destruct mechanism. He was going to need a cop-out if things turned for the worst. He and Roots, his Xenomorph companion, were close to The Doctor’s personal ship, which was floating about a mile away from the site of the mother ship’s landing bay.
         To the Narrator’s knowledge (see: educated guess), Roots may have been named after Jim’s fondness for the musical group of the same name. The Narrator only makes this guess because Red’s Praetorian Guards, Wumbo, Thank, and Coco, when shortened to WTC, have the same initials as the Wu-Tang Clan. Do what you will with this information, because none of them are important characters anymore.
         Indeed, WTC were supposed to be powerful game-breakers that would have complicated things for both Aliens and Predators. There was this thing about --
         What the hell are you talking about, asks Phone. Who, me? Yes, you, Narrator. He demands that I shut the fuck up if I’m not going to talk about the actual story. I call him a buffoon. He asks me what that is. I don’t know, man, but Roots is indeed the most important character in the story. Phone doesn’t know what the hell I’m talking about. I don’t either. Let’s see what the hell I’m talking about.
         Roots stayed behind as Phone came within 25 meters of The Doctor’s ship. Phone didn’t know why, but he was gonna miss his buddy.
          Roots, I will miss you. You have been like no other companion to me, listening to my feelings and complaints about the Elder Council and what stupid assholes they are. If they knew how many times I had sighed in their general direction, they would surely turn a new heel. Is that how the saying goes?
          Anyway, Roots, I bid you farewell, my parasite friend. You and I have known a friendship that transcends races, and we have lived a short but sweet campaign.
          Maybe I will adopt you?
          No, that is out of the question, even though that IS the question.
          Roots, what I am trying to say is…
          You know, if perhaps I was a Xenomorph, or you were a high-ranking female Yautja , or perhaps you had a vagina…
          Not that I am insinuating bestiality.
          Actually, yes, that is exactly what I am insinuating.
          Thank Cetanu that no one is actually hearing this conversation. Except the Narrator, that stupid asshole.
         Hey! That’s not very nice.
          Well, I bid you farewell, my friend. The Narrator says you are the most important character in this RPG, and while I cannot vouch for that fact, you are indeed my very best friend.
          Now go and prosper, friend. What is about to happen with Concrete Hunter will be gay as hell.

          oh god what the fuck was that asshole talking about

1.5 Hours Before Descent

          The one and only. And you are Concrete Hunter.
          Well then… Shall we?
         Phone injected himself with more convenient power drugs and began messing with his self-destruct mechanism. He had no idea how to use it.


          … Then, as tears of bubbling pitch stream down my face, my dark work will begin. I will open one of my six mouths, and I will sing the song that ends the Earth.
          If you strike me down,

          I will probably die, but good Cetanu, anything to get away from this wangst. Kill me, you stupid asshole, and let’s get this over with.

         The last thing Phone saw wasn’t Concrete Hunter’s blade, but Roots’ face in a conveniently placed window. Roots was smiling.

          ROOTS! NOOOOOO

          The jungle went quiet. The Narrator guesses one could say that Phone’s life…

         …Was disconnected.


          I think I need medical attention.
         The Doctor sighed in his general direction.
          …Come in. PREDATORv2’s here, before you ask.
          Great. Deathdrop should be here too, if that asshole doesn’t get killed by the Predalien.
          His father challenged one to a fist-fight. You were there, correct?
          Yep. Good times. Old bastard took the same drugs as Phone. By the way, Phone was the evil one.
          I gathered. Come.

1 Hour Before Descent

         Jim was just around the corner before being cornered by Roots into another corner.
         ”Oh, FUCK.”
         ”Hey, move!”
         ”Goddammit, move it! There’s a huge fucking bitch chasing ME!”
          Oh my fucking Cetanu. You have got to be kidding me.
         Bloo paused DEAD in her tracks and actually took a step or two backward. Roots – at 3’4” – was hardly the threat that Bloo was implying. Jim was astounded. He sat in the middle of two larger forces yet again, this time with curiosity rather than fear. What the hell is going on? he thought. If only he could understand what they were saying to each other.
          You! You bitch! All those years ago!
          oh man, you are such a has-been
          just give up the crown you blubber-fuddling chicken whip
          I can’t, you whore. It’s literally stuck to my head. Get the hell outta here!
          what if i say no <33
         Jim shook as Bloo began twirling on the ground, probably in… annoyance? What is even going on?
          hahahaha oh man you should see how you look, it’s no different from all those years ago when you were mommy’s little bitch praetorian
          They stood still for a moment, both hunched over with pools of saliva gathering at their feet.
          blah blah oh man you really need to get laid or at least stop laying so many eggs
          AN ASSYLUM
          BUT WITH EGGS
         This entire time, Jim was looking at Roots. She was a weird-looking Xeno. She was as red as a strawberry, as small as a German Shepherd, and had a crown that you’d normally only see on a Praetorian.
          you’re just jealous that firehunter AND mommy always liked me more
          admit it, you’re mad that i was supposed to become the next queen after mommy died
          she didn’t even want you
          it was the nick_kang and angus and ash and ace who dumped you in her royal jelly after kidd killed you
          dave and firehunter wanted nothing to do with you
          you disgrace
          murdered by a silly little monkey
          if you knew how many times mommy sighed in your general direction then maybe you’d flip a turn or whatever the fuck the saying is
          no, mommy’s gonna be reborn and i’m gonna be her favorite again, and you’re just gonna die
          but this time, all of your shadowy serpents are gonna be too dead to dump your body in a vat of royal jelly
          who knows what you would morph into
          a queen mother probably
          but you’re too stupid for that
          again with the nutrition plateaus
          first of all you don’t have nearly as many irons in the fire as you think
          and stop using that line, you stole it from another alien

30 Minutes Before Descent

         All this time, Jim had actually already run away. He climbed a tree to get to the open cockpit. Unfortunately, he grunted pretty loudly when he made his jump, which caught Bloo’s attention. Bloo smacked Roots in the cheek, which inadvertently sent her flying onto the ship. Roots peered through the window – her new friend Phone was about to die. She smiled at him, as if to say goodbye.
          ROOTS! NOOOOOO
         And then Phone died.
         Roots held on for dear life as Jim clumsily piloted the ship toward the mother ship out in orbit. Bloo couldn’t let Red get away.
         Somehow, she latched onto the hull of the ship and dragged it downward. It spun around in varying degrees of motion until Bloo was thrown off. She landed on the side of the pyramid. The ship itself made impact with the very tip of the pyramid, creating a gigantic explosion. Flaming metal showered the air, as did the on-going storm of acid rain. What remained of the ship croaked as the metal bent outwards. Red herself woke up and sensed the presence of her predecessor’s Praetorian guard, Roots.
         Jim woke up, his clothes and skin steaming from the short-exposure to the acid rain. It hurt him, but the pain was the furthest thing from his mind. “Goddamn, yo. Where am I? Phone? Doc? Where you at? Whoa, hey, I can explain, man. Whoa. WHOA!”
          roots? roots!
         The Doctor held Jim by his throat up against one of the remaining walls. Roots immediately tackled The Doctor – in turn, Concrete Hunter tackled Roots. Roots ran from the crime scene. They decided not to chase her, as there was an even bigger threat looming in the distance.
         Bloo’s deathguise seemed to freeze everyone.
          oh nooo
         ”Aw hell nah!”
          GOD what a DRAMA QUEEN
          Concrete Hunter, that blue Xenomorph… That’s the Queen that PREDATORv2 and I captured. It’s the one that killed Dark.
          …Oh no.
         Bloo noticed that she had finally encountered the same Demon that sentenced her to 700 years of egg-pumping asshole stretching.
          Oh hell yes.
         She flexed every inch of her fiber to look as intimidating as possible. The wound that FireHunter and DarkLioness inflicted on her side had stopped bleeding some time ago.
          Hell. Fucking. Yes.
         She couldn’t wait to do to The Doctor what she did to the Dark-Skinned Hunter all those years ago. She couldn’t remember the last time she actually killed something worth remembering.

Kirby-Cage, Yautja, 10 years ago

*WHERE IS THAT OTHER QUEEN!!!* Kirby kept saying to himself in his head as he searched the woods for any sign of it and its carrier.


*What was that!?! That sounded like it came from the pyramid but why would the Demons bomb it? It made no sense .* Kirby ran though the woods as fast as he could in the direction of the boom and got there in about 10 minutes.

What Kirby found when he got to the edge of the woods looking at the pyramid shocked him, Bloo was on top of the pyramid and looking mighty pissed which is saying something as she was already really pissed off. *What could possibly have made her even angrier then she was before? What in the world cou....* Kirby had reached the top of the pyramid, or what was left of it, and was looking at a Human, his target, two demons, and Bloo looking down at one of the Demons like shes seen him before *there is no way one of those demons would be stuiped enough to come back after seeing Bloo way*

Bloo was now standing at full height "Hell. Fucking. Yes." *Yep that Demon must had done something to piss Bloo off. I'll just leave her to deal with those Demons while I deal with this Human....* Kirby had easily crept behind and grabbed the human while the others where busy dealing with each other.

"So you're the carrier of this other Queen that has managed to evade did you manage that?"
"Roots? Roots!"
"Those are hardly fitting last words you slut. To think that with you dead I will take the place of Alpha male and then become the next preat..."
"What the fu...!"

Something reddish just pounced on Kirby knocking himself, and whomever had jumped him, off the pyramid and all the way to the ground.

"BADAPPLE YOU SORE ASS MOTHERFUCKER! SHE IS MINE! GO BACK TO HUNTING RABBITS YOU...WHO THE HOLY FUCK ARE YOU?!?" Kirby was now noticing that it was not Badapple who had knocked Kirby off the pyramid

"Yep! You are most definalty one of HERS!
"What do you mean by that, and Seriously WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!"
"I see no reason to introduce myself to someone soon to be dead!"
Kirby was now getting a better look at his assailant and noticed the crown of a preatorion yet Kirby was bigger then her, how is that even possible?
"Your so small.... and is that a deformity growing on your head? Your not nearly big enough to be one."
"You talk too much, an unfortunate side effect of having HER as a mother no doubt, its too bad that after I deal with you MY mother will take her rightful place once more!"
"Shes a little young to have children and what do you mean once more? Wait was your mother the previous queen that had her own head ripped off shoved up her own egg chute?"

She took great insult to that last comment and attacked Kirby with redoubled rage. Kirby just managed to back away from Her as she started swinging for the fences.

"Did I hit a nerve?"

Kirby jumped onto the pyramid barely dodging her pounce and spitting right on her face


*Things are starting to get fun!* Kirby thought to himself

gamefreak33797, Yautja, 10 years ago

There was GF, running through the woods, hoping that she could catch up to Badapple. "Hey Badapple, slow the fuc-" BOOM!! "Woah, that sounded like it came from the pyramid." She turned towards Badapple to tell him to hurry his ass up but he was already gone. "Well, that just means more fun for me." Then gamefreak sprinted off towards the crash as fast as her tiny legs would let her. Maybe along her way she would get lucky and find something to fight.

----11 minutes later----

"Finally, now that I am here I can see what is happening, maybe I will be able to have some fun after being stuck in that pyramid for what seemed like forever." She looked up at the pyramid and saw what appeared to be Bloo standing at full height on top, she seemed extremely pissed. "Good thing I am on her side." Then something hit her senses, "Woah, that smell, it has to be Kirby, and a, hmm, a female, looks like Kirby got himself a date. I think I should go break it up."

Gamefreak rounded a corner of the pyramid to find Kirby being tackled by a red xeno, she appeared to have a praetorian crown but was smaller than even gamefreak. "Well, this will be fun." Then with all speed her legs could manage she charged towards that red slut and tackled her right after she gave off a hiss. "Get off my brother you bitch! I mean ya, we might hate each other, but we are brother and sister. Maybe next time you plan on attacking one of us you should make sure there are no other siblings around. Now prepare to face not only one Shadow Serpent, but two." Then gamefreak crawled up next to Kirby while the red one was recovering. "Okay brother, lets take this bitch out."

concretehunter, Yautja, 10 years ago

I sat up gasping for air, I had been unconscious. Doc was nowhere to be seen, Although i couldn't see much as i was under some form of table. I crawled out from beneath it and looked around, The room was trashed. I needed to fix myself up, Quickly.

My staples had blown completely, My entire leg was smothered in glowing blood. I've lost a fair bit of blood. I'm going to have to hide for a while, Find some stimulants, Pain killers. Maybe even a blood transfusion.

I looked around the room, It must have been eating quarters. I picked up some bread and stuffed it into my face. A full stomach is a good foundation to fight on.

I walked slowly towards the door, Trying not to hurt myself. My legs felt like jelly, But that should ware off. I looked at the wall to see where the medical bay was, Luckily it was just in the next room. It's a small ship.

I collapsed through the door with a thud. My legs had given way. As had my heart. I was having a Heart attack.

"Fuck" i muttered under my breath. I was half aware of the Queen, The Red xeno and the fact that Doc is around here somewhere. But i need to repair myself first. I pulled myself along to the bed and clawed my way ontop of it. One of my legs hung over the edge, I didn't have the strength to pull it up.

My blood felt like it was going to melt through my skin, My eyes buldged. I had so little strength. It's almost as i aged 10000 years in a moment.

I stuck my arm out to grab a Stim-Shot. Just out of reach.

I stretched harder, Clawing at the metal tray they were on.

My arm fell limp for a moment and slammed into the tray, Syringes and Blades flew into the air. A rouge scalpel lodged itself into my arm. If i was halfway concious, That would have hurt. A stim had fallen closer to me so i grabbed it and jammed it into my leg.


Either that's dub step or my heart decided to start working again.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 10 years ago

His arm was attached, but functionally useless. It hurt. Fuck.

And that Predalien was just standing there like some kind of fuck.

"What are you? You think you can mock me, is that it?"

There it was. Black and Red and Grinning like death. Like Cetanu. It was smiling?

"You dirty humanfucker."

He charged again, knife in hand.

FireHunter, Yautja, 10 years ago

FireHunter swiped at the charging predator, slamming into his side and causing his injured arm to detach in a spurt of glowing green as he sailed and skidded along the ground. Deathdrop rolled to his feet, and FireHunter roared in terrible rage, the predator still showed no signs of stopping, just as his predecessors didn't. Deathdrop came running again, and this time overleaped FireHunter's swipe and with his one arm lodged the knife directly into FireHunter's face. FireHunter shrieked in surprise and pain as the predator held onto the knife and used FireHunter's shoulders as footholds. Deathdrop twisted the knife this way and that, tearing up FireHunter's iron-like exoskeleton with shocking ease, FireHunter reached up before he could do more damage and pulled the predator off of it before throwing him at the ground with a crackling thud.

FireHunter's foot raised to crush the Predator once again, poised over his torso like a thundercloud.

DarkLioness, Yautja, 10 years ago

What Gamefreak failed to realize, or keep on guard for, was that her attack against Roots hadn't gone unoticed. Of course Kirby saw the attack and perhaps Bloo did as well, seeing she was on top of the pyramid. However who did notice the attack against Roots was quickly closing in on Gamefreak while Kirby was oblivious to the approaching attacker. But before all this happend DarkLioness lost track of Tawganator after the former took a short-cut through a small rock cavern. DarkLioness rested inside the cavern for a while after her shoulder began to bother her yet again. Her other wounds were almost healed up by now but not all the way. DarkLioness traced her clawed fingers over the scar on her chest slowly before she hissed in what she thought would be Tawganator's direction.

*Sorry I needed to rest for a while, my shoulder was bugging me again. Tawganator do you think we'll be-Tawganator? Tawganator?! Where are you?*

DarkLioness was on her feet in an instant looking for her companion. Damn, he wasn't there. That could only mean he went in another direction when DarkLioness took the short-cut into the cavern. DarkLioness growled, disappointed she was seperated from Tawganator once again but she was confident that he'd be ok. He was tough, that she knew for sure. DarkLioness decided to rest for a few more minutes before taking off on the trail of Bloo's scent, which had grown faint. Maybe taking that break was a bad idea because now the Warrior had no idea how far ahead Bloo had gotten. Of Jim for that matter. DarkLioness had been sprinting for almost seven minutes when she heard a loud explosion. What the hell was it this time? Probably Bloo or a Predator that had to go and screw up everything. As she resumed her sprinting the trees became thinner and soon the pyramid was in view. And Bloo was standing on like she was so damn important. That's when DarkLioness noticed the scent of a Praetorian nearby. One of her mother's Praetorians at that. They were so close she could almost see-What the hell?

There was a tiny red Xenomorph standing on the ground, seeming to be recovering from a blow of some sort. On top of her head was a crown, like a Praetorian? DarkLioness hissed,a nd tilted her head to the side. The Warrior was beyond perplexed by this.

*How is it that she's a Praetorian but she's barely bigger tham most of the animals I eat?*

Oh well, she was not a threat to the Warrior but if she was DarkLioness would have no problem getting rid of her. There was a problem though: Kirby-Cage and Gamefreak was there and the two seemed to be preparing to attack the tiny Praetorian. This would not stand at all. DarkLioness crouched to the ground and charged silently towards Gamefreak while Kirby was oblivious to the apparoach threat. No one noticed untilt he last second when the tiny Praetorian looked in DarkLioness direction. It was then that DarkLioness changed her course. Instead of tackling Gamefreak, who by now would have at least turned around and see the Warrior approaching, DarkLioness tackled Kirby-Cage who was off guard and unaware. The force at which DarkLioness tackled Kirby was enough to send the two rolling several feet away. DarkLioness clasped one clawed hand around Kirby's neck and squeezed almost almost as hard and Bloo had squeezed her after slamming her into that tree. DarkLioness leaned in close and hissed.

*Surpised to see me alive?*

Gamefreak growled at DarkLioness who merely ignored her.

*You think the two of you can kill me? I nearly killed BadApple and Tawganator and I survived being bitch slapped SEVERAL times by Bloo, who also nearly squeezed me to death. Yet here I am still alive!*

DarkLioness was so busy preparing herself for her upcoming battle that she didnt notice Jim or the Hunters. Namely the Hunter she died trying to kill all those years ago.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 10 years ago

         The acidic rain made short work of the surrounding fauna and only further morphed the ground into mud. Kirby and Gamefreak rolled with DarkLioness and Roots, all while evading the metal hail from the exploding ship.
         DarkLioness noticed Roots’ crown and paused to examine it while Kirby and Gamefreak recollected themselves.
          How is it that she’s a Praetorian but she’s barely bigger than most of the animals I eat?...
         Roots, with an unbelievable amount of strength, knocked down a nearby tree with a single swipe of her tail. She was incredibly fast – the two Shadow Serpents had little time to realize why the burning tree was falling, just that it was. It was supposed to crush Kirby, and with any other target she may have succeeded, but Kirby was one of the more agile Xenomorphs of Bloo’s hive.
         DarkLioness noted that Roots was a bigger threat than her appearance let on. This boosted her confidence.
          You think the two of you can kill me? I nearly killed BadApple and Tawganator and I survived being bitch slapped SEVERAL times by Bloo, who also nearly squeezed me to death. Yet here I am still alive!
         Gamefreak only growled again.

[Intermission=”Nobody Cares, Goddammit!”]



          hey thank
          why is your name thank
          I Dunno, It’s the Narrator’s Fault
          He Also Makes Me Write as if My Dialogue is the Title of a Movie
          whats a movie
          would you like more tea thank
          Yes Please
          Wumbo What Do You Think of All This
          What… What do I think of what, exactly?
          What Do You Think of Us Not Being Main Characters Anymore
          We never were.
          speak for yourself, honky
          We were plot devices used to escalate, well, the plot. The narrator had big plans for us, but that would have extended the plot to something far beyond anyone’s care. We’re useless, which is why we’re having a tea party while everyone else is doing important stuff.
          Then Why Is Roots the Most Important Character of the RPG
          yeah and why do i have hair
          Roots is the most important character of the RPG because she’s the one who orchestrated the entire plot. She’s a synthetic Xenomorph that was created by Weyland-Yutani upon the insistence of Old Red’s mother, a Queen Mother on some other planet. Roots has the ability to speak with all three species, and she’s incredibly strong while being unrealistically small. She’s the perfect organism, and ironically, she’s not even a living thing.
          Although she could never become a Queen through traditional means, Old Red’s mother saw to it that a Queen body was built for Roots in the event that Old Red died.
          This was another plot point that the narrator decided to scratch. It’s just too much for a mini-RPG, assuming we even knew what an RPG was, which we don’t.
          The narrator just realized that people simply don’t care about characters that aren’t players. That’s all there is to it. Perhaps we will make an appearance in a future project of his.
          Anyway, Roots was the one that caused Kidd to gain the upperhand in his fight with Bloo, which caused Bloo to die. She’s the one who coerced the original Shadow Serpents to lay his old body in a vat of Royal Jelly, causing him to emerge as a batshit-crazy Praetorian with an Oedipus Complex, among other things.
          And Roots, again, is the one that allowed Bloo to escape Old Red’s clutches and morph into a rival Queen. She knew Old Red could not out-crazy Bloo in a battle of craziness. Bloo is simply the best there is.
          Why Would Roots Do This
          Why Else? She’s actually being controlled by someone else. Of course, Roots CAN function on her own, but it’s to my understanding that someone is controlling her.
          so who is controlling her
          That’s a good question, Coco. My initial guess was Phone, but then Phone actually began interacting with her and tried to have the sex with her, which was all sorts of fucked up. If I had to make a guess now based off what the narrator has given us in conjunction with everyone else’s posts, I’d say Roots is being controlled by an evil Space Jockey Wizard that no one has heard of until now.


          ”Whoa” indeed.
          Xeno-Politics Make no Sense to Me
          Yes, I have no idea why this evil Space Jockey Wizard is controlling a Xenomorph synthetic created by humans to terrorize the participants of mini-RPG on a rather obscure fansite, but it’s happening.
          Oh my god. Not the miracles again.
          it’s happening ‘cause of miracles, bro
          I mean like
          okay, computers, right
          what the fuck?
          miracles is what
          Fuck you.
          Fuck you for me just listening to that.
          Computers aren’t miracles just because you don’t know how they work, assuming we even knew what computers are, which we don’t.
          miracles bro
          Why Do You Have Hair
          yeah wumbo, how do you explain my hair
          I’m sighing in your general direction.

[/Intermission_April Fools]

Narrator’s Notes: I wasn’t actually writing a post for Planes of Nightmares yet.

gamefreak33797, Yautja, 10 years ago

That bitch, she tried to crush me and my brother. I think it is time to end this. GF then turned towards Roots and charged, but at the last moment she changed course and attacked DarkLioness. She took her tail and pierced it through her midsection. DarkLioness let out a screech and pushed GF off of her. While she pushed GF off she had torn through GF's Ribcage(?). Then pools of blood fell from her, soaking into the already muddy acidic ground. She readied herself. Ready for and attack from either of them.

the_doctor, Yautja, 10 years ago

The elder peered over at the wreck of metal that was once his trusted ship and sighed in frustration. “Damn-son-of-a-bitch-inscets” he spat out. The old rustbucket of a craft had been in his possession for so long now that it was practically a part of him. It's descruction hurt. Scanning through the wreckage he could see the dark thermal patterns of the two cryo pods containg his brother and the pregnant humanoid. They were intact but the in bult back up batteries wouldnt last much longer though. He then noticed the huge stalking creature at the top of the pyramid.

In the years that had passed he never had seen such perversion among the xenomorph hives as he had on that planet that burned with fire. He and PREDATORv2 had managed to capture the creature mainly at his own assertion that the creature would be worth studying. In the following centuries he had shared and written on the subject persuing the Xenomorph psyche. Did they have a sexuality? Where did it come from? Could the creatures inherit psychological complications from their hosts? It had opened up discussion that would last for hundreds of years. Yet the original subject had been imprisoned and forgotten, left to serve as their baby factory. He should have followed the old ways and killed the creature for it's sadistic rape of Dark. The Elder knew that one day his mistake would come back to get him, honor must be satisfied. This principle was what the Council did not understand. They rejected the old teachings and turned to most deceitful and subversive means of ruling. The soul of Dark hungered for it's honor to be restored, honor that could only come with the death of the hulking creature bearing down upon him. If The_Doctor was to die here he felt confident that the Council would eventually pay for their betrayal, the rules of honor would ensure it.

The rain softly burned and the fire from the ship started to erupt around them. Burning in water, drowning in flame. The_Doctor let out a snarl at the creature that towered above him. It was pacing back and forth at the top of the pyramid, as if it were savoring the moment. The Elder could tell that the creature remembered him. He unleashed his wristblades, yanked the combi-stick from his back and extended it to it's full length. The creature let out a hissing roar that could be heard over the planet. It started to charge, taking massive strides down the side of the structure. The_Doctor took the only advantage he had of the low road and fired a quick shot of plasma right under It's feet. The ancient stone gave way and crumbled. The hard meat tumbled head first down into the flat stone. Again and again, it rolled unable to find a footing and right it's self before landing on the plateau where The_Doctor stood. It had finally came to rest on it's back. The Elder lept in to the air, his large shaft at the ready and lunged down into the vile beast. The two locked together intimately in a dance of death, the insect hissed in pain as the metal penetrated is chest. Yellow blood poured from the wound. It grabbed The_Doctor and tossed him aside, righting it's self up in the process. The Elder landed a fair few meters away on the stone plateau. He suddenly noticed that his blood had been drawn as well. The Hard Meat had managed to slice open a large but shallow wound along his left shoulder blade. “Must have happened when it grabbed me” he concluded. Jumping back to his feet he finally noticed that the creature was readying to attack.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 10 years ago

Deathdrop only just rolled out of the way of the Predalien's foot. Spinning on his hip back to the upright position, Deathdrop jammed the knife into the same foot that was about to crush him only seconds before, pinning it to the ground.

Or so it would have were this thing not the bastard son of Cetanu. It ripped it's foot from the ground and charged again. Deathdrop could feel the rain now. The war had only begun...

-Bloo-, Yautja, 10 years ago

         Bloo and The Doctor fell together in the mass of rubble crumbling apart from the ancient Yautja building, spiraling downward with each successive attempt to sever the other’s spine. Hundreds if not thousands of Xenomorphs gathered at the base of the construct, making their way to the top and quarreling amongst each other over who was the true Queen – Bloo or Red. The acid rain reduced the surrounding vegetation to steaming piles of dirt and water. The collective steam from this area – which spanned miles upon miles – shrouded everything in a surreal whiteness, and had it not been for the violent insects stirring pandemonium, all that would be heard would be the sky’s burning tears.
         They’d fallen for what seemed like an eternity, but they had yet to even get passed what was considered the tip of the pyramid. Concrete Hunter managed to keep the swarm at bay. He’d decided The Doctor was to fight Bloo on his own, either for redemption or out of repentance. Both, perhaps?
         None of this mattered to Bloo – her anger had gotten the best of her and evolved into something much more inhuman. She cared little for whether or not her children sided with her at this point, even when they fought for supremacy against the “traitors” in her name. Kirby, GameFreak and Badapple were the more notorious defenders, managing to take out entire groups of the lesser Xenomorph Drones who sided with Roots. But again, none of this mattered – she hated the Shadow Serpents all the same. The only thing that mattered right now was consuming the Demon that sentenced her to a lifetime of involuntary reproduction.
         One set of claws swiped left and right, the other smaller pair twiddling its thumbs in hopes of decapitating the Demon’s head. He was agile for an elder. They zigzagged along the pyramid’s side, trading blows and swapping blood at lightning speed. One such streak of blood made its way to The Doctor’s mask, forcing him to remove it in the midst of their bout. The clever old-timer used this to his advantage and heaved the now defunct mask in Bloo’s direction, effectively reopening the gash in her side. She let out a barbarous, throaty yelp in response. Blood barked up from her mouth, and it never seemed to stop – a cascade of extremely potent blood poured out from between her teeth, whipping and splashing everything underneath the Empress’ thighs. This didn’t help her mood in the slightest. Bloo retaliated by hocking an alarming amount of her acid at The Doctor, nullifying his chest piece.
         They were the fiercest of their respective species; to have an unstoppable force meet an immovable object would surely be the end for these two.
         Whether or not they knew it, Jim had fallen with them, having been caught up in the mess when trying to escape Roots’ grasp. His path was smoother as Bloo and The Doctor smashed their way ahead of him. His chest was about ready to explode, but he couldn’t die without seeing this to the end. This was the end – he knew it. Even with thousands of Xenomorphs scurrying around him, he grabbed a fallen combi-stick and cautiously stepped toward Bloo and The Doctor’s thunderous bout. If he could interfere and put an end to the one that meant the most trouble…

concretehunter, Yautja, 10 years ago

Falling, Falling was not a strange feeling to me. Falling in ship to surface pod. Falling off of buildings, I've even had high velocity shells hit me out of trees. Yet every time, without fail. Just before I hit the ground, I forget. I forget everything. I forget who I am and what I’m here for. I forget my name. I lose everything to the unbeatable gravity. It’s the ultimate surrender. It’s giving up. It’s giving up the hunt, the never ending chase for glory. It’s a brief moment where nothing matters. Then, As soon as I left this world I’m back; tumbling back to the earth. Back to reality. For a few moments i lose everything, Lost in oblivion, Dark, Silent and complete

So when I hit the ground, when I am real. Breaking ribs from my pod tumbling through the atmosphere and hitting the ground askew. Real. I remember why I don’t give up. I remember the reason. The life force universal in all hunters. We don’t speak it in words. It’s our condition. It’s how we define ourselves. The law of the meat is not spoken but acted. It is the hunt. And it demands our attention. No matter how hard I hit the ground.

I didn't know why i was fighting anymore, This is more of a slaughter than a fight for survival. I am a hardened warrior, fending off the children of the race of which i have slain thousands. My blood was thick from dehydration, I only had one arm but i kept swinging my wrist blades hand stomping skulls like it was my fucking birthday. I was finally at a point of no return. I was walking death.

I took a brief glance up to see these two titans trading blows, I wish i could join them. I must of killed at least 100 of these by now. I think I realize that there may be one way out of this.

FireHunter, Yautja, 10 years ago

FireHunter unleashed a scream as it tore towards Deathdrop, lashing out with both arms, acid dribbled down its face and over its jaws, it poured from the sky and came from the ground, it was everywhere. The monster's mangled face was slowly dragging itself together again, painfully slowly. Deathdrop slid between FireHunter's legs as it neared him, and the beast unleashed a deep howl of irritation as it stopped itself in a shower of melting mud. Its hand flexed as it turned back towards Deathdrop, the two ancient enemies stared into each other's faces, FireHunter roared again and sprinted towards its ancient foe.

The pair collided with tremendous force, Deathdrop had leaped at his foe and grasped its finger, holding on for dear life with his one hand, and the beast swung its arm in an attempt to remove the Predator, and struck with its handless stump, the acid burned away at Deathdrop's face and he let go, tumbling into the mud once more.

FireHunter's tail snaked towards the Predator with deadly, slow precision, and as it neared his chest, he saw the end of the combi-stick glint from the yellow hole in the black monster's sternum. The tail reared back, ready to impale him, and as it lunged down he shoved the broad side of the blade away from him, and it speared the ground where his other arm would have been. He rolled out of the way of its massive foot as it tried to crush him once more and ran around it, leaping and grasping the spear, which flexed from his weight. Deathdrop pushed the button on the spear, and it retracted, tearing itself from the mighty demon in which it was embedded in a spurt of burning yellow, which burned away at Deathdrop's ankles and shins, he dropped from its back and its spines flicked up, barely missing him in his descent.

tawganator, Yautja, 10 years ago

There he sits atop of the remains of what had been a great mountain, brought down to but a rocky outcrop from eons of erosion. There he watches the show, the carnage of all manor of beasts and monsters as they devour each other under the rising moon. He is no one and this is all his.

The beautiful sound of death and slaughter is like metal scraping against metal, it mixes well with the rain. The spreading fire from a crashed ship seems to pour down the pyramid like water, illuminating the ever darkening world. It looks like a beacon, a beacon trying to catch the attention of the gods as it screams at the heavens. The senses of this no one is on edge.

His wounds are closing and the remnents of blood both his and not are washed away by the rain that eats. His body recovering from the shock of his sudden activity after an age spent in rest. The meal he had now finishing the process and entering his energy stores. He readies himself.

Onward he looks to the frey and battle of forces that destroy all in their path. The pretender to the throne and the healer of monsters, how they do clash. Further to his left is the dark one of feline qualities and a beast of red as they have their own personal little war with the brother serpants of the false Queen. Admist all this he can still sence the duel of titans coming from the other side of the blazing pyramid, the Alpha and the Omega. Onward he looks.

The battle from all over seems to play like music and it speaks to him. Through whispers and screams it conveys its message to him as if through a dream. It calls and it becons. He answers and he is Drone.

With silent speed he moves towards his target. The acid rain has made the ground turn to mud and now it too seems to devour. Leaping over the half sunken corpses of the fallen he draws in on his prey. One burst of power and he pounces into the sky and crashes down on the blue Warrior breaking its body. A new target, another Warrior of blue. This time it is Drone that's being attacked but this is no fair fight. With a simple thought he calls and the music answers. Another Drone grabs the Warrior's tail and one arm while another grasps at the things legs. A quick swipe and the Warrior's throat is cut and the blood sprays everywhere as the head is torn off from a third Drone from behind. He is Drone and so are they.

As the fight draws out he is able to call more Drones to his side and soon they become a very effective killing machine. The Warriors may be the real fighters but it is the Drones that are the real working heart of the Hive. A Warrior will fight strong and tear down many foes but does so more as an individual acting with others. A Drone on the other hand is slightly weaker and not as armoured and willoften fall to a stronger enemy in a one on one. But a Drone's real power comes from the strong connection that links them to one another more so than any other type of Xenomorph, enabeling them to work together very effeciantly even in the heat of battle. It is for this reason that he is able to make a secure a strong foothold in the feild of the battle. He is the Drone Tawganator.

Every unpleasant sound from the blue must be answered with a call from the red. To correct the music. No to perfect it, that is why he kills. With every Drone they gather into their group Tawganator's influence over other Drones begins to grow. Even able to convert some enemy Drones to join him. They fight on a foundation of broken bodies and the soon to be dead. Clawed at from all sides and pelted from above by the rain. As the slaughter goes on a mound of bodies begins to form and atop it one a throne of the dead he sits. Tawganator, King of the Drones.

concretehunter, Yautja, 10 years ago

Using my mandibles as fingers i set my wristcomp to 1 minute. That should be sufficient time. I reattached my mask, Yet the gas tubes were broken; I could smell everything.

As the flesh fell from my legs i began climbing the steps, The smell of burning flesh and flames rushed into the blistered gaps that were my nostrils. I was falling apart like tissue paper. Where my arm used to be was a stump of ripped flesh and inflamed blood vessels clotted with blood. I closed the gap on Doc and Bloo. My wrist comp beeped, 40 seconds.

.: Get inside. :. I coughed over the comm.

I ran up to Doc, Mid combat and shoulder barged him onto a lower platform of the Pyramid.

30 seconds.

.: What do you think you're doing? :. He said over the Comm. His voice full of venom and hatred of me for interrupting.

.: Can't talk. 20 seconds. :.

Doc cottoned on, He slid into one of the many openings into the pyramid.

I jumped onto Bloo, With my arm i grabbed onto the top of her head. She began shaking, My hand began to slip. My fingers were erroding away.

I let go, My body went flying off the Pyramid. I could see the swarm on the battlefield. 5 seconds.

My body goes limp, My eyes shut. I draw one last breath.