-Bloo-, Yautja, 11 years ago

”Where are my Children?”

     *One of the pyramid’s more grandeur mechanisms began shifting the inner architecture of my prison to an alternate design. I don’t normally question the beginnings of my forced pregnancies – my ovaries and I have been prisoner here for about six human lifetimes - but this would be impossible at the moment as the Hunters were nowhere near us yet. Something so curiously out of the ordinary only naturally grabbed my attention.
     Let me tell you something, it’s been an enormous bitch staying here for so long. I don’t like having company over. I like staying in and sleeping and not being fucking pregnant. Those horndog lizard men stole my virginity when I was just a young little girl. My time in cryogenic hibernation within their giant refrigerator is my favorite time of the century. I didn’t always feel that way – I used to absolutely loathe going back in, but a girl gets tired of clenching her fists in vain while her babies are taken away from her so mercilessly.
     That brings me to the Demons: They’re disgusting rapists. My Alpha Male Firehunter came from an Elder Hunter and is the only reason I’m still here open for business. Had it not been for his birth (and the birth of hundreds of other Demon-borns), maybe the demons wouldn’t have gotten angry enough to glass the entire planet.
     I hate them, and I especially hate their medic. He, too, must be an Elder Hunter by now. He was mean to me and oh, if you saw the things he did to me - I want to eat their current medic, just out of spite, and I want to drag his rectal tube out and stuff into the Elder Medic’s anal cavity and –
     Stop talking to me, you’re distracting.
     Where are my children? Allow your blood to salivate through your throats and onto the chains that have held me down for centuries! For great justice, allow me freedom!
     One would think the Demons would install much higher security measures than chains made of earth metal. Stupid assholes, just like my Firehunter (who, by the way, ran away at my call rather than help me free myself and even had the nerve to knock some of his brothers down in his mindless rampage). *

Jim’s Log #3

      “I awoke to a startling image of some kind of delicious-looking space crab making its home on my face, to which it promptly dropped and squirmed for a few moments before falling asleep.
     Curious creature. I’ll have to keep him in my bag for later, in which case I can befriend him. The moniker “Hedy” will do, and Hedy shall be my friend.
     The rest of my party had vanished, and so I stuffed Hedy into my pack and made my way out of the room. The doors were jammed, but luckily a screwdriver of the most bizarre nature was left on a mantle near a foreign statue.
     Wow, Italy sure is a weird place.

DarkLioness, Yautja, 11 years ago

DarkLioness watched as the birds flew out of the trees at the sound of FireHunter's roar. Ah, the sweet smell of fear on prey. All the more sweeter if their blood was dripping from your mouth and off your teeth. She could sense the others in the Hive stirring as well. The Queen was stirring as well in her bounds.

The Queen. It was her duty to serve the Queen but there was still something she couldn't quite place. Something she didn't like at all. Something about the Queen. Something she couldn't quite remember.....DarkLioness ignored the feeling and continued moving through the trees. Whatever it was she'd figure it out later.

DarkLioness continued until the smell fo the Hunters got very strong. She stopped and climbed up to the top of the highest tree nearby to avoid detection. The Hunters would never know she was there is she stayed hidden. Even now, hidden from view, in the shadows as she always was she could hear the Hunters as they moved.

"The first Hunter foolish enough to let his guard down is going to be sorry if I catch him. They'd have a better chance as a host. In my grasp......death will be slower than what a Chestburster can cause." she thought to herself. A delightful thought for such s sadistic creature.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 11 years ago

Jim’s Log #4

      “Audience, since my last entry, I’ve discovered a new species of reptile. I’ve ventured for what’s felt like hours, and though I’m stuck among the shadows of these serpents, I can’t help but feel giddy. Giddy because, well –
     I’m on an adventure!
     I’ve reason to believe they eat crabs, as there are hundreds of them on the floor wherever I go, and they all look just like Hedy, but smaller and pale. Curiously, Hedy was of a darker pigment and had webbed legs. Now, I’m no expert, but this was rather strange, even for a crab. I’m assuming Hedy’s a premature king crab. I’ll protect you, Hedy!
     Now, onto my recent scientific discovery. I’d gone and lost any sense of direction and chanced upon a new catwalk formed from the constant shifting of this hotel’s architecture. The insides seem to morph every ten minutes or so, which caught me off guard while on the catwalk and threw me down a good twenty feet.
     Well, how utterly lucky of me it was that they didn’t notice my rough landing. (It may have helped that I was two stories above them.)
     What seemed like millions of them crowded around a gigantic version, and the poor old girl – I’m assuming she’s their Queen, as in a bee hive – was stuck. Fascinating! I was told Italy held peculiar species of lizard, but living dinosaurs! Wow!
     Of course, another part of me, perhaps my fear, held me from introducing myself to this new species, especially because Hedy was in my bag and they eat crabs. I simply watched, as I do, as they began to salivate an acidic liquid from their gums, freeing their Queen.
     But she was beautiful. Even as she seemed… angry at the statues of ancient masked Native American Hunters all around the room, she radiated a certain twisted extravagance. It was as if I was staring at a frozen ocean in motion…
     Oh, no! She’ll eat all the crabs, and Hedy won’t have any friends!”

Plot Twist

     *A human! But so far up, I don’t think he’s a prob –
     Hold on – the scent. A Queen Facehugger? The Demons! They want to replace me!*

concretehunter, Yautja, 11 years ago

I stopped my movement when i came into a clearing, We were still a mile from the human encampment. With a clearer view of the landscape i notice the clouds gathering around the moon. Deathdrop caught up with me, I had fought along his bloodline, They're a proud and strong minded family. He's not the kind of hunter i would worry about in a fray; On the ship the scans showed a high population in the encampment, So i'm glad i have someone with a bit of balls. His father fought a predalien with just his fists, I cant say that it wasn't a legendary move.

I pointed to the clouds, He knew what i was trying to say. This planet had a strange weather pattern, If the humans had kept terraforming this place would be tropical. But as twist of fate they were unaware that this was Hunters Moon's old hunting ground. An egg must have crept under our noses and infested the Human base. One of the reactors went critical and polluted the entire planet. High concentration Acid rain would come in large amounts every few weeks. The human structures are resilient to the erosion, yet all indigenous life beside trees are dead.

And then i heard it. I heard the Predalien. Now the average hunters would be worried. But i wasn't made leader of Hunters moon because i'm sane and reasonable.

badapple24, Yautja, 11 years ago

Bad apple hissed returning to the hive and seeing the Majestic queen awakened. She was quite matured since we last saw eachother. Bad apple hissed hearing the BOOM and knew something big crashed on the planet. Good some food. Bad apple thought. Bad apple hissed smelling a human venturing the hive. "Mabye if I catch the human my queen will Praise me!" Bad apple thought to himself. But the hunters. surely they have come for us xeno's. It happens every few hundred years. Bad apple's mouth salivated thinking about plunging his tail into the soft green flesh of the hunters, or peircing their thick skull with his scarred inner jaw. His body tingled as he thought about it more and more. "Right onto the task at hand, time to find the human, I hope Kirby won't find him first."

Bad apple hissed. the human was on a higher level than he was at. And judging by the smell he had a queen facehugger with him. "The hunters want to replace Bloo... Fat chance" Bad apple thought continuing on. Eventually getting to where the human was he decided to stalk him first. As he always loved to scare his prey. He hissed and allowed the human to see him for a split second before Bad apple darted behind a nearby wall. Suddenly the pyramid decided that it wanted to shift and Bad apple stood on a platform as it began to rise. Bad apple hissed leaping through a gap before closing him and the human off.

gamefreak33797, Yautja, 11 years ago

GF had been sitting lazily around after she finished her meal. She barely even noticed the queen awaking from her slumber. She was so tired she barely noticed anything, but she did notice BA going off in another direction towards an unfamiliar scent. *Hmm, I wonder where he is going? I guess I will have to follow him to find out.

GF followed BA, being careful not to alert him to her presence. He seemed to be focused on the unfamiliar scent. Actually, it seemed to smell like a human and alien mix. *Hmmmm, I wonder, could it be another sister or brother brewing? I guess I better follow BA to find out.

GF followed Ba through the Pyramid, into the upper levels, slowly the scent was becoming clearer, it smelled more like a queen more than anything. *Maybe, maybe this is a queen to help out Bloo, with the egg laying and everything, I know how she hates it, or it could be breed to replace her. I better catch up with BA to tell him about it.

She was now running to catch up to Badapple, she wanted to tell him of her theory. She actually felt like she had to, if she didn't he might kill it. She caught up to him only to have the pyramid shift and him jump through a hole, it was just barely big enough, but she fit in too.

concretehunter, Yautja, 11 years ago

And suddenly it stood there, Proud. The Pyramid. Tall, With carvings of us, Me. Some of my greatest moments immortalized in stone.

>>@Pv2: How far off the Pyramid are you?<<

I kept dancing through the trees, I didn't have to judge distances or wonder what branch can hold me. I just knew.

Hunting planet

"So what of your son?"

"Concrete? He is growing. What he lacks in brute strength he makes up for in speed and agility."

"Aspects of a great hunter, Much like his father"

The Father sighed and took another bite of his rations. They were on a planet in the middle of a dead sector, The hunt had gone horribly wrong. In the end they had killed all the hard meat, yet they were the only survivors. 6 masks sat next to the fire, 4 of them no longer had owners.

"Is he enjoying his training?"

The father was proud of his son, He didn't think of him as proof of mating much like other fathers.

"Yes he does, He loves to climb and sneak."

"And his weapon"

"Eventually he settled on the maul" The father said bluntly. "Look, If i go. Would you watch over him for me? He has no mother."

"I would be honored to" The elder said holding his fist and forearm to his chest.

the_doctor, Yautja, 11 years ago

The room was almost totally dark except for a small flame burning away upon its tower of wax. The scent of a thousand worlds permeated the air of the small dark cavern that The_Doctor had made home for the last few months. The mighty creature sat crossed legged in the middle of the room, focusing on the flame. Outside he could hear the rush of foot steps as the others were getting into the hunting frenzy. Most of the young ones would probably die. His mind started to roll back to another world where many young bloods had perished early and horribly. He still carried the mask of one of them. How long ago was that now? Time had started to loose its stability in The_Doctor's mind. Maybe he was just getting too old. A soft growl escaped his mouth. “No, not old” he declared to himself. The Elder arose, blew out the flame and exited the still pitch black room. The light from the hallway was almost blinding and for a second there was pain. Once his sight returned he realized that there were no young hunters rushing around anymore. “How long was I in there”. He shook his head and made way towards the drop pod bay.

Almost everyone had left, only the skeleton crew remained on board. The_Doctor moved over towards his drop pod which was stationed next to PREDATORv2's. He hated this ship. Deep down it didn't feel right. Technically they were guests aboard the Hunter's Moon clan vessel. The petty feuding between the two clans was over, it had been so long that only few would even remember but there was still a small thread of it lying around. The_Doctor opened the drop pod and ran a diagnostic, a degree of paranoia never hurt. PREDATORv2's bay was empty, as most of the others were. The_Doctor paced the room for a few moments waiting for the diagnostic to finish and that's when he saw it. The bottom PREDATORv2's drop pod bay was covered in a shiny, black liquid. The_Doctor reached in dipped his fingers into the oil like substance. “This is fuel for the landing thrusters” He concluded swiftly. His own pod let out a series of beeps alerting him that the diagnostic was done. He looked at the display on his wrist comp. “Those cowards” he snarled. With a quick stride he ran through the ship's corridors, one after the other. Finally he arrived at the docking bay where his scout ship was being held for the duration of the trip.

concretehunter, Yautja, 11 years ago

”It took four of us.”

He was very resilient at first, But after a while we managed to convince him. We found him climbing in the forest's, The trouble wasn't finding him. It was catching him. Very few in our society can match his skill on his feet, Even among the elders.

We spent 2 weeks tracking him. His legs didn't grow tired. We eventually flushed him into parts of the forest he didn't know and after that it wasn't hard.

Threats of lost fingers are a fast way to convince a man.

Once we had him pinned he was quick to listen. We promised him women, Glory.

He said he would do it, He would do it as long as he is left to his own accord and is never asked of again. It was a fair deal.

We told him that someone else would be with him, They will reveal themselves when the time is right.

Soon enough, Things will unravel.

badapple24, Yautja, 11 years ago

Bad apple hissed, GameFreak came to stop him. But why? Suddenly he hissed smelling the dank air around him. The human was carrying a Queen. Meaning the hunters wanted to replace Bloo. The Pyramid suddenly went silent other than FireHunters faint roars. Suddenly the pyramid shifted again and Bad apple hissed leaping in a gap just big enough to fit him, GameFreak ran and leapt through just in time. Behind them a deafening crash and the stone walls were together once again, the human was at least two floors down. No sense going after him, as the queen didn't want him. Bad apple thought. Game Freak and Bad apple hissed and began to go back down to the queens chambers.

Back at the hive most xeno's were quiet. Bloo had fully awakened. Soon the time will come and she will be free. Bad apple hissed leaving the hive in search for prey, preferrably that of a hunter. Bad apple hissed at the rain that was coming in dark clouds. The dark smoke from the crash was still visible through the trees and rose up into the clouds. Bad apple loved the rain just as much as Game freak did. as she always hissed "It makes me feel good and makes my senses better" Bad apple hissed and leapt up to the to the top of the pyramid. He could see for miles and could clearly see it. One of the Hunters pods had badly crashed. Most of the pod was destroyed. Bad apple hoped it wasn't The hunter he wanted revenge on. Bad apple screeched and watched as the hunters set up camp for the night.

tawganator, Yautja, 11 years ago

The ground is all burnt and scarred from the crashed object and the smell of something familiar grew ever stronger. Bits of jagged metal lay scattered along the newly turn out path and some even embedded in the thick trunks of felled trees. These pieces are sharp, very sharp, so sharp that I had inadvertently cut deep into my right hand after a careless leap. The wound was healing and will be as good as new in a matter of hours but I should be more careful from now on. If I should need to fight it would be best if I was in perfect condition.

Even now on the hunt I am still troubled by the occasional imagery that I had conjured in my sleep. That creature what ever it was brought death to my hive and most likely to me as well. It is something that I can not shake. The beast seemed almost familiar to me, like I know it but just can't remember it.

The stench is now really strong that I can almost see it. The smoke makes it hard to pinpoint it's exact location but it is here, I know it is.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 11 years ago

Jim’s Log #5

      “Indeed my luck was at the upmost level this afternoon, friends. The dinosaurs have left me to my own devices, though I can’t say for how long. Our big blue monster creeped through the chamber and exited to God-knows-where; I know a worldly idiom, “Hei Gui” – that means “big motherfucker” in Chinese or Japanese or one of the “ese”-es – and it fits her perfectly, and would fit her even more perfectly if she were indeed a fucker of mothers.
     Something tells me she did indeed do so in the past and I must find out more. For science!
     After an hour or so (the chamber had shifted five-seven times), I decided enough time was wasted and I ventured to the nearest corridor and exited through the same way Hei Gui had.
     One of the dinosaurs found me and, to my horror, stole my bag, no doubt to eat Hedy. But then something else happened: the dinosaur placed her back in the bag, took one close look at me, and then began following me like a dog!
     He is small and of a reddish hue – I may call him Dog or Canine.”

Red and Blue

     *There are four in the crowd that are not my own, but my children don’t fully understand that – they only see the imposters as their brothers and sisters.
     That stupid fucking human. I don’t want to keep him alive, but I’ll have to if I want to trick the Hunters into thinking I’m falling for their plan. They’re cunning, but they don’t know that I know about my replacement. It’s no fair – she already has in her possession an Alpha Male and Praetorian Guard and she hasn’t even bursted yet!
     That bitch.*

DarkLioness, Yautja, 11 years ago

DarkLioness grew bored of watching the Hunters from the shadows so she slowly and quietly moved on. She would get her chance to kill them later on. For now DarkLioness needed to find Tawganator, she thought he was in the hive but didn't see him. DarkLioness felt at home within the hive but something was still off though. In the back of her mind soemthing didn't feel right at all. Once again it had something to do with the Queen, but what? What was it? DarkLioness began to follow the smell of smoke and burning oil. What happend over there? Did one of the pods explode perhaps? She stayed above ground until she was sure she was far enough from the Hunters to begin to make her way back down to the ground. Darklioness clung to the side of a tree like a lizard and then paused for a moment. Something flashed through her mind for a mere moment. It was very familier too.

Fire. A dark hallway. Metal. A human. A wounded Hunter. Her enraged howls. Another Hunter. A throbbing pain in the side of her body.

Like that it was gone. What did all of that mean? When was the last time she saw a hallway? DarkLioness shook her ridged head back and forth. Trying to clear the memory. Whatever it was. She carefully dropped to the ground and moved shiftly but quietly as possible. She smelled the air, the scent of oil and smoke was getting stronger. As was Tawganator's scent. Maybe he could her what the memories ment? Or not, it was worth a try. Tawganator was always helpful. Although DarkLioness felt tha familier nagging in the back of her mind that something was wrong. That wasn't all, she could feel something else. No, SENSE it. Somethinng good or bad she did not know.

"What is going on?" she thought to herself. The Warrior continued moving through the forest getting closer and closer to the smoke.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 11 years ago

Deathdrop scanned the trees, searching for Xenomorph activity. He checked his holomap briefly, to see where everyone else was.

"Close enough to help, but far enough not to get in the way. Good."

Zooming in with his mask, he saw a slight flicker of activity. Hard meat, most likely. He leaped from the branch. The hunt was on...

concretehunter, Yautja, 11 years ago

Finally something to kill, I noticed a large body moving through the ground not 100ft ahead of me, And boy was it big. I dropped from the trees and hit the floor with a thud causing the dust to unsettle.

So, With one foot in front of the other i began sprinting. I remembered talking to the engineers, Or better known to hunters as "The weak and the old". They say the faster i'm traveling then the more force i deliver when i make contact, The sharper my blade then the less friction meaning that the resultant force exerted on the prey would be greater meaning a faster dispatch.. Who knew that one of the most advanced races made a science of Killing stuff.

As soon as i saw the Demon in its whole glistening form i jumped, Now at this point most would be thinking about the kill, Me on the other hand. I'm thinking about how fucking cold it is traveling this fast in a headwind. At the peak of my parabolic path it noticed me, Twisting its long and queer fallic head in ways that weren't meant to be. Contracting and stretching, its heads ridges glinted in the moonlight. Currently it looks like a H. R. Giger painting, Soon enough it will look like a Picasso. I lifted my maul above my head and began to swing for the monsters head, It had moved by the time my maul connected and i only managed to take a large chunk out of the things shoulder.

I landed with a roll and turned whilst sliding to face my foe, His shoulder bled; Luckily the acidic blood hadn't landed on me. It's a Praetorian, A brilliant way to start the hunt.

badapple24, Yautja, 11 years ago

Bad apple hissed looking at the hunter attacking firehunter, such insolence. Bad apple hissed and walked down off the pyramid. He hissed and got low moving up in the tall grass waving left and right in the wind that was part of the upcoming storm. Bad apple lowly hissed seeing a hunter. Bad apple got even lower at the hunter that was seperated from the pack. Good. Bad apple hissed and moved closer stalking his new prey. Bad apple screeched leaping on the hunters back before being thrown off. The hunter unsheathed his wristblades and ran forward at bad apple. The plain was set perfectly in the middle of the colony. The predator roared and Bad apple hissed back. Now the wind had silenced it's ongoing whistling and the scene was perfectly set. the food was close. UNLESS! Bad apple thought and continued. "I captured this hunter. oohhh the Queen will praise me sooo much after me bringing in this haul. Then how will Kirby feel." Bad apple's body tingled so much at the thought of The new predalien bursting from the chest of that athletic body.

DarkLioness, Yautja, 11 years ago

DarkLioness stopped when she heard the familier roar of a Hunter, tensing up. Had she been spotted already? No she coudldn't have been spotted. Plus the roar was too far off....the Hunter had either spotted or began engaging someone else. DarkLioness continue don her way until Tawganator's scent became stronger. There was also more disturbance on the ground now. The scent of burning rubble assailed the hive Warrior's senses, their was also the scent of a Hunter nearby as well. DarkLioness began to stalk slowly to be on the safe side, she didn't want to be spotted by her prey just yet.

Screeches and cries of pain and anger. A Queen? Two Queens? A Blue Queen, standing over a dead Queen? Clinging to the side of a ship. Staring up at....a strange yet familier face. Fighting. Swarms of Xenomorphs fighting.....each other. A Queen slashing at another Queen, a young Queen.

DarkLioness stopped and stood still for a long time. What did these memories mean?! Why did they feel so familier? Why did they make her so angry? So fearful? Were these even her memories or the memories of another hivemate? DarkLioness gave a frustrated hiss and continued on moving along the ground moving around a jagged peice of metal sticking out of the ground. It was still a little hot too. More pieces of metal laying around, DarkLioness decided to tread a little more carefully. She didn't want to hurt herself and leave a acidic burn trail for an enemy to follow. DarkLioness stopped again when she heard something moving around. It must be the Hunter or maybe Tawganator, but the smoke was clouding her senses. DarkLioness continued stalking until she saw something move approximately one hundred feet ahead of her. DarkLioness gave a loud enough growl to alert her target of her presence but only within the area. No one else would have or could have heard her. DarkLioness began to move backwards and began to side step around her target. They would still think she was behind them and not moving around them.

DarkLioness made a perfect half-moon around her target. She was closer now, about thirty or twenty feet away from the target now. DarkLioness stalked even closer now, taking a big risk if she made to much noise. But if there was just one Hunter in the area she wouldn't have too much to worry about. One Hunter alone was enough for one Xenomorph to take down. If a Facehugger could pull it off so could a Warrior. DarkLioness leaped over a large chunk of metal(or was it rock?) and landed on the ground with a hard thud. Her "target" whipped around to face her, revealing to be Tawganator instead of a Hunter. DarkLioness gave a surprised hiss.

"Tawganator? What the hell are you doing way out here? What's goin-" before DarkLioness get information from her hivemate he turned around and started trying pull...something out of the ground. He said something else that she didn't pick up right away. DarkLioness tilted her head to the side, looking very confused. She was having a hard time keeping up with what Tawganator was doing exactly but the smell in the area was awful. Besides all that she still had some questions she needed to ask.

"Ok what are you doing?" DarkLioness moved closer towards Tawganator trying to figure out what he was up to."Ok..really. What are you doing? What is a Roswell by the way? Something's going I keep having flashback's of fighting a pair of armed Hunter's plus something off about the Quee-" she would have asked more but her fellow Xenomorph quickly asked her to stop yammering. DarkLioness gave a disappointed hiss, oh well she could ask later when they weren't too busy. Or still alive for that matter.

Whatever it was that Tawganator was trying to pull out of the it smelled even worse up close and look familier. Like the drop pods the Hunters often used.....oh shit. There was a sudden beeping noise and if DarkLioness knew Hunters well enough that usually meant there was going to be an explosion.

"Tawganator time to run!" DarkLioness darted away from the wrecked pod and seconds later there was a loud explosion. Normally she would have turned her head to see if Tawganator got away in time, the footfalls behind her suggested he had indeed ran off before he could be blown to bits. Once she felt she was far enough away DarkLioness slowed down a little bit. They were still within the initial crash site but far enough away in case something else around there blew up.

"I think that thing was suppose to blow up if someone was messing with. Not sure if it was rigged to explode for Xenos or not but could you try to becareful next time?" DarkLioness asked, a little annoyed at almost being blown up." We need to get out of here now. We should look for the others instead of wondering around here, we'd be better off in a large group instead the two of us." she suggested to Tawganator, who by all accounts look alright nothing was missing and he wasn't bleeding. Luckily Tawganator agreed and the two headed off towars the forest, that's when it began raining.

FireHunter, Yautja, 11 years ago

FireHunter shrieked as the maul carved through its shoulder with surprising ease, and as it swung around to face the hunter, its tail whipped out and caught its attacker in the chest, knocking him to the ground. The enormous Predalien bellowed again, flexing claws of black steel as it thundered towards the assailant. Reaching down with its uninjured arm, it lifted the predator by the legs and slammed him into a tree, cracking the slim trunk in the process. FireHunter let him fall to the dirt and growled, a deep and hollow sound that rumbled like thunder.

The predator was a little over half FireHunter's size, and many times thinner, it reeked of importance. FireHunter's mandibles stretched and it bared its fangs to the moist air. The wound had already begun to grow over, and it leaped into the jungle, clearing the tops of the shorter trees and smashing through the taller ones on its descent. A boom signalled its landing, it was going to hunt the hunter, and take it by surprise.

concretehunter, Yautja, 11 years ago

"And that's... How baby's are made" I said stumbling around the grove that i had been thrown in.

I again flicked through my vision modes to try and locate the Praetorian, Apparently the half destroyed forest wasn't enough.

Don't get killed by this, Eyes on the prize

I KNOW, They need to believe me.

I dusted off my chest and started the wooden ballet, And then sooner than expected i burst out of the forestry and into the human encampment. Metal blocks stick out of the ground like a half buried body, Some parts withered by the rain others shining like rare metals.

"Nothing like an evenings jog to warm up for the hunt."

The tip of the pyramid was hung just above the trees, The was part 2.

Don't forget part 2

Shut up, I'm concentrating

tawganator, Yautja, 11 years ago

"Where is it? Where is it?" That smell is so strong it must right in front of me but between the smoke and the fumes pouring from whatever the hell crashed here, it is damn near impossible to get a fix on my surroundings now. "Eureka" A very crumpled metal tube with odds and ends sticking out of it and a huge gape right through the centre of it. The stench is definitely emanating from that giant metal turd. Ooh something smells like the bad end of a corpse, this better be worth my time. "Let's get a better look at you" And with a bit of effort I began to pry the the metal casing off my parcel from above.


Jesus H. Christ! What the hell was that? I swear if I had pants they'd be wet by now. As if my nerves weren't on edge already with bad dreams and flying space nuggets, now I've got an uninvited guest that calls ahead. "Wait, is that?" *thud* *snarl* DarkLioness? What an unexpected surprise this is. I hope she isn't expecting me to share.

"You know a simple hello would suffice. Actually never mind, while your here you might as well help me with cracking open Roswell over here". She said something back about hunters and something else but it's hard for me to pay attention when someone is talking to me. "Enough yammering lets pop this beauty wide open".

Ugh, the sound of that metal scrapping against itself is so unbearable, like nails on a chalk board. "Phew, and I thought it smelled bad on the outside". You have got to be kidding me. "Nothing!" Well this was a huge colossal waste of time. *BEEP* "Huh? What was that?" *Rapid beeping* Damn, all of a sudden this piece of junk has come alive and I am feeling a massive energy build up in the air. "DarkLio". Shit she moves fast.

*Big ass explosion sound effect*

"Argh!" My entire body feels like it's on fire and I escaped the explosion. DarkLioness said something but as usual I wasn't listening probably because I still feel like I'm on fire. Luckily I learned long ago to just nod my head and say yes and sure when ever I miss something. It usually works. What I did manage to hear was that she thinks the wreckage was rigged to blow when tampered with but if it was meant for us she doesn't know.

We thought it would be best to join up with the others as soon as possible and we quickly headed off into the forest. Hmm, when did it start raining?