-Bloo-, Yautja, 11 years ago

         ”A big Predalien motherfucker burst onto the scene like bread out of a toaster, crisp and hot and ready to split a bitch in half. Just like toast.”
         ”This giant orange bastard upset the ecosystem, and suddenly every-fuckin’-body was screaming at each other, regardless of any previously established teams. At least, for a minute or two. From the look of things, I think the Predalien just took over for Reeza. Such a shame. Reeza was a brave soldier. I salute you, Reeza. You will be forever remembered in my heart, like the toast that straight murdered your muscular ass.”
         ”And there she went. Ripped in two. Goddamn, this is depressing.”
          *Firehunter, aren’t you supposed to be dead? Dying is a bitch, isn’t it? I bet you’re real sad? You MUST be if you’re siding with DarkLioness and Red. You’re very upset, aren’t you? You might find solace in killing Badapple, though. He still blindly sticks with me, like you all should be doing. Doesn’t that make you want to kill him? He sides with me even when I killed the original Red, and he sides with me even now when I’m on the verge of killing the new Red. Does that upset you even more? Red, do you hear this? I don’t think your new Alpha Male loves you as much as you think he does! Firehunter, I think you should get the fuck away from me and kill Badapple instead. I know he’s no match for you, but don’t let that stop you from having any fun. Badapple, please get this filthy fucking Mutt away from me. Now, it looks like Jim is running away. If you all don’t mind, I’m going to run after him.*
         ”The little Dogalien ran away into the forest with the Predalien in hot pursuit. I mean, like, hot, as in, like, flames, right? Like fire? Because he was in hot pursuit? So the Predalien was like a hunter of fires, right? A FireHunter?”
          *If you want Red to live, let me follow Jim so I can kill her. That’s fair, right? Right.*


          -Goddamn it, come back with my special shoulder-mounted broom stick.-


          ’The distance to Mother is becoming greater again. Hurry the fuck up, you assholes.’
          ’I’m TIRED’
          ’we are about to cross paths with two hunters’
          ’Well, that’s unfortunate. Maybe you should use your big head to crush them.’
          ’CAN I spit on them’
          ’No, Mother needs a big population for The Hive.’


         ”Holy shit, I think Bloo’s still following me.”
          ’oh nooooooooo’

FireHunter, Yautja, 11 years ago

FireHunter chased BadApple into the forest, slamming through the trees and eventually coming to a halt when the runner was out of site. FireHunter's jaws parted and it roared after the small xenomorph that had escaped. FireHunter wasn't sure what made it stop and turn, but it did, instinct told it to move in the direction of its Queen, and so it did. FireHunter broke through every obstacle it could, and leaped over those it couldn't, and came screaming into the Blue Queen's legs, toppling her and allowing Jim to escape, FireHunter roared mightily and battered her a little before running after Jim to protect the Queen. It could sense the Blue Queen's fury and knew that she was too much for it, weighing many times more and being much larger, all FireHunter could do was distract her and hinder her.

But it wasn't too sure that the Host was aware that it was here to protect him.

DarkLioness, Yautja, 11 years ago

The fatigue from the fighting and her wounds had began to set in, DarkLioness could practically feel her strength dropping now. With being attacked again and again by Bloo, BadApple and Tawganator DarkLioness felt overwhelmed at this point, she began to worry that she might not survive this battle. She had already lost one battle that came at the price of her own life and her head all those years ago, she didn't die fighting then; she died on the ground unable to move and slowly bleeding to death. DarkLioness woud be damned if she died and Bloo still lived. Before could make her next move a massive figure burst from the trees and roared. At last! FireHunter was once again alive and so soon at that. The tide had certainly turned in favor for the Red Hive finally what with being out numbered by Bloo and her ilk, Tawganator and BadApple, for so long. Now it was three against three and with FireHunter on their side, the Red Hive would surely see victory over Bloo. FireHunted back-handed BadApple as he charged forward, only his target wasn't Bloo; it was Reeza he was charging towards. DarkLioness watched in shock as FireHunter attacked red Warrior viciously. Reeza as tough as she was didn't stand against the Predalien and was quickly overwhelmed by him. FireHunter ripped her tail off and soon after her tore off her arms off as well, blood splashed all over the ground from where her arms and tail used to be as well as the wound in her chest. With a stunning display of strength FireHunter lifted the Warrior off the ground and ripped her in half spilling her innards and blood all over the ground. So much blood spilled onto the ground now that there were several holes almost eight feet deep into the ground. DarkLioness cautiously watched FireHunter, looking around for a quick escape in case the Predalien decided to attack her next. Did this mean that FireHunter had sided with Bloo? The Warrior got her answer when FireHunter charged at Bloo knocking the traitor Queen over and tearing into her, leaving a wound in the left side of her body. Bloo gained the upper hand, much to the annoyence of DarkLioness, and threw FireHunter off of her sending the Predalien in the direction of her former target. DarkLioness gave a shrill screech of alarm and darted out of the way to avoid being squished by the alpha male. The ground shook when FireHunter, who seemed relatively unharmed, landed next to DarkLioness and shortly afterwards he stood up and briefly glanced down at her. This was reassuring to DarkLioness who worried that she might be the next one to be ripped in half and tossed to the ground. She realized that the killing of Reeza was FireHunter's way of showing who was the dominant one, rather than him joining Bloo's traitorous reign. DarkLioness gave a low hiss and bowed her head slightly in submission to the TRUE alpha male of the Hive. FireHunter soon focused on another target: BadApple who seemed to finally notice that FireHunter had his sights on him. The Runner shrieked and bolted for the forests, FireHunter was after him in mere seconds. Now with FireHunter gone and Blood wounded DarkLioness might be able to guard Jim a lot more-where'd he go?! DarkLioness realized that Jim had ran off during the fight between Reeza and FireHunter, and to make things worse Bloo was running off. After to Jim. And Mother. DarkLioness growled, pausing for a moment as the pain for her wounds began to flare up again. They still hurt but they began to heal slightly which was good. Yet also bad. They'd be open again so and the Warrior knew it. Enough of that now, she had to go catch up with Jim and Mother
Bloo did. As for Bloo....well the downside of that wound she had was it was perfect for being ripped open even more. DarkLioness stood on two legs, stretching her sore back and flexing her claws. Perhaps she'd be able to get a grip on Bloo's innards and pull them from her body. Oh how delicious!

DarkLioness heard a faint noise behind her and turned to see Tawganator approaching her, she was inclined to attack but the Drone but his body language this time didn't appear hostile. He seemed to be carefully moving towards her. He wasn't growling or hissing at her either, but he was..humming? Wait a second....was Tawganator apologizing to her for his earlier attack? That must be it otherwise he wouldn't be walking towards her like he was right now. Perhaps seeing FireHunter's display of dominance reminded him of who the true Queen was fianlly. DarkLioness turned to Tawganator and hissed softly.

*I'm not irate over your earlier attack against me, just annoyed that you thought you could beat me. Anyway good to have you back.*

It felt good knowing that the Drone was back on her side of the battle against Bloo, the tide turning even more this time: FireHunter, DarkLioness and Tawganator now allied with keeping Red and Jim alive. DarkLioness turned to the forest and sprinted in Bloo's direction, this time with Tawganator close by her side. It was easy to follow Bloo's stence as well as that broken trees and trampled bushes, somewhere in the distance FireHunter roared. He sounded enraged, so either BadApple escaped or the Runner managed to wound the Predalien. The latter was unlikely but DarkLioness knew how it felt to lose prey. Oh great, now Bloo was taunting Mother.

*Mother don't listen to her, try your best to ignore her.*

Bloo contined babbling about something with zero importance but DarkLioness focused on getting closer to Jim, the Human needed protecting until Mother was born. DarkLioness and Tawganator were running so fast neither noticed the large shape moving towards them until it was almost too late.

DarkLioness shrieked and leaped backwards nearly knocking Tawganator over to avoid FireHunter, who seemed to have came out of nowhere although Bloo was unlucky once again. Nearly being crushed was starting to get very old. FireHunter attacked Bloo yet again after crashing into her before he charged ahead, looking for Jim. DarkLioness turned to Tawganator and hissed.

*You follow after FireHunter to help keep Jim safe! I need weaken Bloo a little more. Go. Run!*

DarkLioness quickly sprinted for Bloo, who was beginning to stand, leaping through the air and landing right in Bloo's face. Or more acurately above Bloo's face. This is where the crazed Warrior went to work. She slashed her claws across Bloo's head tearing into the exoskeleton before leaping on Bloo's crest. This time DarjLioness used her tail and leave deep ragged slices in the crest and even drove her tail through it twice. Bloo roared and tried to dislodge her attack but to no avail, DarkLioness ran down Bloo's back, making sure to stab the Queen twice before she got to her goal: the wound in Bloo's side made by FireHunter. DarkLioness gripped the exoskeleton with her clawed hands and then the fun began. DarkLioness used her teeth and inner mouth to tear out the chunks of flesh underneath Bloo's hard exoskeleton. All the while taunting Bloo.

*What's the matter, Bloo? Can't get rid of me? I thought you were so tough and smart! Yet here I am chewing me way to you innards! If you were a REAL Queen I wouldn't have been able to attack you!*

DarkLioness then pulled back, her mouth and much of her head stained in Bloo's blood, and used her tail to dig deeper into the wound.

*And that's for calling me a bitch!*

DarkLioness would have loved to keep this up but Bloo eventually got rid of her by slamming her body into a tree knocking the tree over. At the same time sending DarkLioness falling to the ground. Not waiting around any longer DarkLioness fled as fast as she could from the recovering Bloo to avoid anymore injuries. The demented Warrior gave one last taunt to Bloo as she vanished into the forest's shadows.

*I hope the Hunter's take your skull!*

-Bloo-, Yautja, 11 years ago

Phone and Roots #1

          -Look, ConcreteHunter, just make sure Jim – yes, he is the only human on this planet other than The_Doctor’s baby-maker – just make sure he is safe, and that the Royal Parasite does not prematurely eject from his chest. Why are you laughing? Do not make sure that the Royal Parasite does cleave its way through Jim’s breasts. Okay, I do not know why you find this so humorous. DeathDrop, please kill the Royal Parasite’s Alpha Male. I thought you had killed it already. Yes, the Predalien. What do you mean ConcreteHunter ripped its head off? It is chasing Jim through the fucking jungle you bigots.-
          +Shit. Phone’s right.+
          -Of course I am right. Now – wait, I must get back to you, something else is distracting me.-

          .:DeathDrop, you saw me rip that fucker’s head off.:.
          +Maybe it’s another Predalien, ConcreteHunter.+


          -You asshole. Give me my special shoulder-mounted broomstick.-
          -If only I could understand your kind. It looks as if you were born from the Earth Oxen we deployed. Do you understand me?-
          -Oh, Cetanu’s wrinkled ballsack. At least you are not attacking me. That is one thing the stupid ass Elder’s got right.
         Well, if you will not give me my special shoulder-mounted broomstick, what other use do you have?-

          -Ah, perhaps you are right.-
          -Yes, of course it is genius, I was also thinking it.-
          -Yes, yes. I will use you to trick your hive into thinking I am a friendly. Is your kind so stupid to believe such a ruse?-


          -I cannot possibly fathom why you two are not caught up with the Predalien and the Blue Parasite as of yet. Are you two in need of assistance? Maybe not Dto.-
          .-hey what does that mean mister-.
          -It means you are a fucking jackass. You tried killing our Quadrupedal Parasite here when clearly it is friendly. Now shut up and let me speak to ConcreteHunter and Deathdrop.-
          .-fuck you-.
          +Dto, shut up, goddammit. My father literally kicked your father’s ass. +
          .-your mum-.
          +Now, Phone, we’ve got a bit of a problem here.+
          -Oh Cetanu Christ. What is it.-
          +We ran into a Praetorian.+
          -W-what? I have not seen one of those in centuries.-
          .:Not only that, but there’s a Crusher and a Spitter.:.
          .-whats that-.
          -It is your MOTHER.
         I will help investigate. I believe I have a weapon here that will keep them from attacking us.

          -Yes, I know, Roots. I love you too. Who is a good Earth-based parasite? You are!-
          -Shut your trap, street youth.-
          .-you mean royalty, bitch-.
          -I am sighing really hard in your general direction.-


         ”Alright, I’m pretty sure something totally unrelated to me is happening right now, and it’s probably extremely ridiculous.
         Also, there is some crazy Xenomorph fighting going on behind me.”
          ’And that’s for calling me a bitch!’
         ”Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Fuck. Shit. Shit.”


          .:Phone, we’re in clear view of the ensuing battle. It looks like the Predalien I killed is definitely still alive somehow. Sneaky bastard. :.
          -ConcreteHunter, just bring me Jim’s body, and make sure he is not a slab of cold, hard meat. I would like to touch him and make sure he is in fact alive.-
          .:That was incredibly gay, Phone.:
          -What? What is that?-
          .:What is… what is what?:.
          -That word. “Gay.” Dto said that to me earlier, too. You younger hunters have spent too much time hunting humans and have learned their bastard slang.-
          .:It… it means…:.
          +It means it was very smart of you and that this plan will go very well.+
          -Ah. Then yes. This will be gay. This will be gay as hell.-

          ’Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.’

concretehunter, Yautja, 11 years ago

.:Deathdrop I want you to trust me:.


I took DD's plasmacaster and attached it to my own shoulder, after syncing it to my helmet I dropped down, walked into the opening and let off the loudest roar I could, the trees shook and the xenos were alerted. I began running, firing the plasma caster at everything that moves. My legs pumping, I dare not turn around and see the stampede following me.

.:MAG FIN:. I screamed


.: Stop fumbling around you oaf, grab Jim!:.

I took a B-line for the trees in order to get some cover from the corrosive rain that was melting my skin.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 11 years ago


         Jim bolted through the field. He’d absconded with the last of his energy and kept a little jar full of his sanity, just for good measure.
         There were two Yautja and a Xenomorph Queen tailing after his ass, sweeping through the area like a goddamned rocket. They stopped after a while, though. The Yautja, not the Queen. Bloo’s strife was exuberantly demoniacal, gliding through the difference in distance between she and Jim like a goddamned… um, rocket.
         Jim’s decided he has to come up with better metaphors.
         Scrambling like this was second nature to him by now. What he really focused on was why Bloo was so fascinated with the idea of capturing him. Was the big bitch so enamored with the thought of not failing that she began to chase him just for the sake of chasing him? Or did she just really resent the thought of another younger Queen taking her place? Could Xenomorphs even feel emotion like this? How would one even begin to translate her thoughts to something a human mind could comprehend?
         Jim’s decided that there are way too many fucking questions coming from the narrator.
         ”She’s like a tin foil rocket! Hoo hoo hoo!”
         Her boney structure looked utterly, utterly fragile. The crystalline nature of her exoskeleton didn’t help debunk that notion much, if at all – it appeared as if she were about to shatter with every successive step taken. On top of all that, the gaping fractures that split the sides of her sapphire carapace gave way to a lucid sluice of steaming goop. Her blood, apparently. It showered the ground with an increasingly large stream of boiling mud. Jim was amazed. All the blood in the world came out of her – ALL the blood – and she was still rolling hot like salsa in a blender. He couldn’t turn back, he thought.
         ”I can’t turn back.”
         It was almost as if this were the world’s way of telling Jim that he were passed the point of no return. He contacted Phone again. He asked why he called off his goons. What goons, he asked. Fuck, Jim says. Those two “Agents.” Ah, Phone replies, those. He didn’t call them off, apparently. He has no idea what they’re doing and why they’re being stupid assholes. Phone began sighing in their general direction. He then mentioned that they pulled out to find a more direct route toward The Doctor. Phone then hung up. Phone’s an asshole. Jim can agree with the narrator for once.
         ”Phone, you fucking asshole. At least say, ‘Over,’ over.”
          -Jim, I am sighing hard in your general direction. Over.-
         ”Nice. Over.”


         Well, I’d say now is a good time for an intermission while we all set up for the next act. Here’s recap for your lovely eyes.
         Bloo’s downward spiral began nearly 900 years ago when Kidd ‘killed’ her in “Ties That Bind,” the pre-prequel to “The Rain.” It was terrible. She (or he, as Bloo was a male at the time) was actually a very bumbly and naïve Xenomorph. Very childlike, very content with life. His/her mother, the original Red (the very same Red who would die at the end of the last story), loved him/her very much. Of course, shit hit the fan and stuff happened. Who’s Kidd, you ask? Fantastic question.
         Anyway, the aforementioned shit of destiny happened all over the fan, and then “Litany of Fire” happened. Yes, these RPGs are linked somehow. Bloo became evil and got a sex change, Red died, DD’s father did some crazy drugs, Peterson (who is not in this story) killed FireHunter, etc. etc.
         This brings us to “The Rain.” This story begins at night on the recently terraformed planet Spart-3 near an abandoned human colony and an ancient pyramid that is probably evil (hint: it is). This planet was chosen by the Council of Elders to “celebrate” The Doctor and PREDATORv2’s 700-year-old accomplishment of capturing a living Xenomorph Empress for use in the previously mentioned pyramid. This captive Empress is actually Bloo, who’d become the dominant Empress by killing the original Red in “Litany of Fire.”
         This celebration of The Doctor and Pv2 would only be a front for the Elder Council’s actual plan to get them killed for opposing the new direction that the rest of the Elders were going in. They believed the old ways had become stale, or something like that. I don’t know much about old Predators and how they run their shit.
         The plan was this: Allow Doctor to host a joint Hard Meat hunt with Hunter’s Moon in celebration of the captured Bloo. They would then have their Elite Aristocrat, Phone, join the hunt and sabotage the operation by doing a number of things: disable shock-absorption in Pv2’s landing pod (effectively killing him), kill The Doctor’s pregnant human, assassinate ConcreteHunter by hand, and cripple Deathdrop in order to stop him from taking his father’s meddlesome place within the Council.
         As an added bonus, Phone would replace Bloo with a new Queen; Bloo’s capture was the entire reason behind this celebrated Hard Meat hunt, and so by replacing her with a new Queen, it would devalue The Doctor’s accomplishment.
         However, what the Elders didn’t count on was the fact that Phone absolutely hates them. Phone had his own quarrels with the four Predators he was meant to kill, but he never loathed them enough to warrant murder, and so by using this as an opportunity to oppose the Elders, Phone purposely botched each of his missions. Pv2 was still alive, the pregnant female was still in cryo-sleep, and ConcreteHunter and Deathdrop were simply left alone (for the time being).
         Meanwhile, on the Xenomorph end of things, Bloo had just recentl y awoken from the bottom of the pyramid. Bloo had been held captive for 700 years by the end of “Litany of Fire,” though because she would always supply the Predators with more than enough eggs, she would only be brought up a total of 3 times. It just so happens that this is the 3rd time she’s been brought up from the pyramid’s local prison known as the Big Ass ‘Fridge, and she finally finds a way to break free.
         At this point, Bloo now commands the remnants of the original Red’s old hive (simply known as The Hive) as well as her own group (The Shadow Serpents). Those from The Hive feel uneasy with their allegiance with Bloo, but after so long, most of them don’t remember why.          DarkLioness was among those who were conflicted about her “loyalty” to Bloo. She would often “see” vague memories of the original Red and how Bloo had killed her so long ago. She would later convert to Red’s side when fully realizing just how evil Bloo was.

         Each of the normal Xenomorphs (Badapple, Kirby-Cage, Tawganator, Gamefreak, and DarkLioness) awoke and immediately began to feed. FireHunter, a Predalien Praetorian and the Alpha Male of this hive, awoke outside in the jungle. FireHunter is fully aware of his history with each incarnation of Bloo, but at this point is hesitant to outright challenge her.
         The Elder’s reasoning for wanting to cripple Deathdrop is to prevent him from following in the footsteps of his father. They already saw the same wild antics from him, having used another Elder’s son’s head to beat a Xenomorph to death on a previous hunt. Deathdrop was more like his father, Deathdrop, than he cared to admit. By the way: Yes, Deathdrop does have the same name as his father, Deathdrop, who was a previous elder before being killed by a previous incarnation of FireHunter. No, I’m not making that up. FireHunter’s soul just really hate Deathdrop’s family.
         To the Elder Council’s dismay, Deathdrop landed in his pod without injury. No broken legs. Such a shame.
         Concrete Hunter, the newest Elder of Hunter’s Moon, would work closely together with Deathdrop Jr. on this hunt. Deathdrop respected Concrete Hunter, as he survived the event that killed his father. Both CH and DD were initially oblivious to the fact that this wasn’t a normal trophy hunt. Later, Phone would send the two of them to capture a notorious human roaming the jungle: Jim.
         Jim is a man out of time, having been kidnapped by Weyland-Yutani for some evil shit, probably. He, along with five other nameless humans, were then captured again by Phone to be used as hosts for the Elder Council’s new hive. Phone saw no problem with replacing Bloo, and so that was the only part of the original plan that he carried out correctly. Each of the humans were drugged by Phone and had a Facehugger planted onto each of their faces. Unfortunately for Jim, his Facehugger was a gigantic SuperFacehugger that impregnated him with a Queen embryo. This Queen would become the new Red. Jim woke up in his drugged state and stuffed the now-hibernating Super Facehugger into his backpack, believing it to be friendly. Contrary to popular belief, he named it Hedy not because Facehuggers wrap around heads, but because he really enjoys the work of singer Hedy Lamarr.
         Phone’s unnamed drug lasted in Jim’s system for nearly 24 hours. He spent most of that time wandering the pyramid believing he was a British tourist on vacation to Past Italy and that dinosaurs existed. Jim slowly regained stability and embraced his inner ghettoness.
         Meanwhile, PREDATORv2 dropped down to the jungle in his drop pod. Phone had indeed siphoned a lot of fuel from the stabilizing thrusters, but only enough to cause Pv2 slight worry. However, he underestimated just how badly he messed with the pod’s systems, and Pv2 would pass out in the ensuing crash.
         Pv2’s pod was one of the last to come crashing down. The loud boom of this particular crash alerted the Xenomorphs, causing them to scramble. Badapple, Tawganator and Darklioness cornered a younger Predator, devouring him alive. DarkLioness would especially enjoy keeping him alive while maiming his body. Gamefreak would get stuck in the pyramid for the next 7 pages. Those pyramid fluctuations are a tricky bastard.
          Concrete Hunter was the first to make it to the pyramid. The Doctor contrastingly was still on the mother ship, contemplating the current situation with the Elder Council and the pregnant human. The Doctor would find personal logs from Pv2. He would later realize the rest of the Elder Council’s plot to kill them – thus, the plans for the pregnant human needed to be set into motion. SuperSonicMan would stay on the ship with The Doctor, taking time to heal.
         Near the pyramid, Concrete Hunter would begin his fight with FireHunter, effectively demonstrating how babies are made. Their battle would devastate the surrounding vegetation, painting the planet’s surface with blood from both bodies. At the same time, Deathdrop was headed for FireHunter as well, unaware that Concrete Hunter was already locked in combat with him. They eventually crossed paths and took FireHunter down together. Of course, this victory wouldn’t last: FireHunter would be reborn within the next 12 hours.
         Speaking of Xenomorphs being born, Red was now nearly fully developed within Jim’s chest. Jim had been chasing Bloo to follow her to The Doctor’s ship. Jim knows about The Doctor because he had been in contact with Phone. Phone acted as his ally, but secretly wanted Jim to fall into Predator captivity so that Red may be born under controlled circumstances. Jim finds out and decides to run from Bloo, who begins to chase Jim to kill Red. Bloo and Jim eventually cross paths with DarkLioness and Red’s Alpha Male, Reeza, a monstrous Warrior. They fight until Badapple and Tawganator show up, and then the entire thing turns into a free-for-all. Tawganator is confused and attacks both sides.
         Things seems to be going badly for The Hive until the newly reborn FireHunter shows up. He kills Reeza in order to establish dominance, and then he and DarkLioness briefly battle Bloo, causing a large wound on her side. Tawganator realizes his mistake and rejoins The Hive. DarkLioness is thrilled and chases after Bloo with Tawganator while FireHunter chases after Badapple, who is now only on Bloo’s side, The Shadow Serpents. Kirby shows up and helps Badapple defend against FireHunter. DarkLioness causes further damage to Bloo’s side, bringing Bloo to her boiling point.
          Jim is still running away from Bloo and toward The Doctor’s ship. Pv2’s whereabouts are unknown. CH and DD follow Jim for a short time on Phone’s orders, but then they stop and decided to question Phone about what exactly is going on and why they need to capture Jim. At this point, Red’s Praetorian Guard (A Praetorian, a Spitter and a Crusher) show up and chase CH and DD, who are on their way to The Doctor to question him as well. It is now where the Endgame has begun.

         Jim is passed the point of no return and Phone is about to be questioned by ConcreteHunter and Deathdrop. Red’s Praetorian Guard has just begun following them. Let’s not forget to mention the last of The Hive’s warriors facing off against the last of the Shadow Serpents. Or so I assume. I’m not an omniscient narrator, and I’m not omnipotent as well. I just write things. In fact, you may very well disregard the last few things I said. But it IS indeed the Endgame, and something I am sure of is that The Doctor and PREDATORv2 have been secretly putting their plans regarding the pregnant human in motion. They’re about to be confronted by ConcreteHunter and Deathdrop because everyone (including the audience) wants some answers, and because they literally have not been active since page 4.
         Bloo is, of course, following Jim through the other route toward The Doctor. Perhaps FireHunter is following, too? I don’t know, man. Regardless, this is very exciting indeed.


concretehunter, Yautja, 11 years ago

Euphoria, Washing over me. My body feels like silk in a slow breeze.

"Who are you?"

He turned and wispered.

"I am the force pushing you, I'm what causes thought. I'm all that is and will ever be"

"Woah, Are you god?"

"No, I'm just fucking with you. You're experiencing an intermission"

"A what?"

"The first half of the story is done, Everyone is ready. Act 2 is just about to start"

"So who are you?"

"That doesn't matter, You're going to wake up soon"

Light... Fragments scattered, A thin strip, Seeping through between my eyelids.

"Will i remember this?"

"No, You have come a long way. Now go."

"I have so many questions unanswered"

"And i have so many answers unquestioned."

"Fuck you, That's such a cop out"




I sat up gasping, I was being chased. Yet i found myself laying in a field. Deathdrop was standing there staring into darkness. What the hell was going on?

I turned to look and see where my attackers had fled to. No signs, Not a leaf out of place in any of the trees. No scent.


He snapped out of it.


"We need to find Doc."

"I agree, We need to find out about all this shit."

.:What the fuck was that?:. Phone said in that cunting voice he uses.

.:Phone, I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. For a hunter i'm a fair spoken one but i'm a hunter none the less. You may think that you can play us all like fools. Confusing us, Sending us odd messages and confusing my clan.

But listen here, I just tore the head off a fully grown Praetorian, And my friend deathdrop here despite being younger than me is many fathoms stronger. I don't care who you work for, I don't care what your intentions are. But this is my land.

We're coming for you phone

And we will not yeild:.

I took off my helmet and strapped it to my belt, I undid my shoulder plating and dropped it to the floor, Exposing my large chest.

"No more hiding. I'm doing this the old fashioned way. No cloaking, No plasmacasters, Just me and the shadow. I'm going to chop Phones head off, I would advise you find Doc or come with me."

I lifted my wrist comp to my mouth.

.: Doc? :.


.:If i'm here, death drop's here, You're close to your ship, Pv2 is probably dead and most of my teammates are dead. Well i have one question for you:.

.: Oh? :.

.: Then who was phone? :.

gamefreak33797, Yautja, 11 years ago

Finally after what seemed like a century Gamefreak was able to escape the damn pyramid, *Those damned traps, I need to watch out for those.* All the while she was in the pyramid she could hear the distant roars of the queen and what she assumed to be Firehunter. *I must find Badapple, he will know what is going on.* So she raced off in the direction of the roars, hoping that she would find Badapple alive and well.

FireHunter, Yautja, 11 years ago

FireHunter slid to a halt, a familiar scent had caught its attention. Its head turned ominously in the direction of the smell before the massive body followed and pelted into the jungle once more. Revenge clogged its senses and its teeth were bared, trees were left shattered and destroyed in its wake. A throaty roar escaped its jaws as it made a bee-line for the two Predators in the field, it burst into the field and reached for the one responsible for its previous death, one massive hand clamped around Concretehunter's waist and he was lifted into the air before being hurled through the air. FireHunter's eyeless gaze fixed upon Deathdrop, and its tail flicked like a whip towards him. He leaped out of the way, only narrowly avoiding the massive blade as it sliced the air.

FireHunter roared again, jaws wide apart in fury, it swiped at Deathdrop, who only narrowly avoided evisceration and was left with three long gashes along his front. The green blood spurted from the wounds and FireHunter shook its head and stamped its foot, creating a short, dull thud. It roared again, raising its claws to the sky, the roar quickly became a screech of agony as it stumbled forward, a blade buried in its back. It attempted to reach the Maul that jutted from between its shoulder blades but couldn't. The beast turned and kicked with a powerful leg, barely missing Concretehunter with its monstrous foot, which came slamming to the ground with another thud. A back-handed swipe was avoided by Concretehunter, but the following lunge hit home, and FireHunter's claws pierced Concrete's torso, more green blood stained the dark red exoskeleton. FireHunter pulled its claws from the Predator, who stumbled back clutching the glowing rift in his abdomen.

FireHunter roared again, louder than ever.

concretehunter, Yautja, 11 years ago

Oh dear.



Firehunter didn't want me there. This was not my fight, This was a bloodline thing. I don't get involved in that.

"DEATHDROP" I shouted clutching at my ribs. "I'll find Doc. Good luck!"

I limped away from the scene towards the tree line. I was so exausted.

I limped for about 5 minutes before finding a large enough tree to sit in. Pulling myself up with one arm, Hopefully after this blows over i can have my other arm found and reattached. I must have been so coked up on adrenaline that i had blocked out the pain. I finally reached the top. I peaked through the treeline with just enough cover to stop the rain from hitting me. I could see the battle between my brethren and firehunter commence before me.

I spent the next few moments crudely patching up where my arm used to be and stapling up my side. A few pain killers later and i was good as new.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 11 years ago

"Aren't you supposed to be dead?" he grunted.

Predaliens. Why did it always have to be Predaliens?

His family's track record wasn't good. His Great Grandfather has given birth to one, his Grandfather had died fighting one, and his Father had made the ingenious decision to fist-fight one. Guess how that turned out?

Yautja legend held that there was prophesy hidden in the deaths of one's ancestors. If Cetanu caught you making the same mistakes they did, he'd kill you the same way so your children would get the message and make for better sport when their time came.

As the black and red monstrosity roared, Deathdrop got the feeling his bloodline was Cetanu's personal joke. Death after death, demotion after demotion, his family had sunk to the lowest levels in the clan. Now the same story played out again, and it didn't take the village shaman to see what ending the gods had in mind.

Well Fuck the gods; he'd write his own ending.

Deathdrop unsheathed his wristblades, drew his combistaff, and charged.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 11 years ago

[Intermission=”Some Crap About Stuff”]

          And now for something completely different:

         Each living participant was forced to a halt as a white light completely encompassed the planet. A zephyr blew over everyone’s skin, cooling them down from the wars that have since transpired.
         The first half of the story is done,
         Everyone is ready.
         Act 2 is just about to start.

          So who are you?
          That doesn’t matter. You’re going to wake up soon.
          Will I remember this?
          No, you have come a long way. Now go.


          I have so many questions unanswered.
          And I have so many answers unquestioned.
          Fuck you, that’s such a cop-out.

          The white light disappeared, and in its place, a path leading to the definite end of this saga.
          The acidic rain has now become a full-on storm, complete with ominous clouds and rolling thunder. The narrator’s feelings are hurt due to Concrete Hunter’s slanderous comment, but the story goes on as planned – which means, of course, that it’s being written as we go along.


         Phone sat on his undersized stool and stirred his bowl of stew. Dto had made it earlier. By now it was cold. Phone didn’t like his stew cold, and it was obviously Dto’s fault.

         That stupid asshole.

          Dto, you stupid asshole. My stew is cold, and I do not like my stew cold. If you were not my only assistant, I would fist your eye sockets until they looked like a body builder’s vagina.
          man shut up
          Shut your fucking face, you Uncle Fucker. You are dumber than a box of used condoms. Dumbasses like you would collapse in the gravity field created by your own density, lest you live long enough to see your first erection malfunction.
          dats it imma kick yo ass you hoe
          Oh please. As the PunchMaster, I am going to go all windmill on your pimply face.

Boss Battle: Phone Versus Dto

          cum and get some fewl

          Dto flexed his impressively toned forearm to reveal his custom-made extendo-blades. Due to his father’s connections, he had ways to get advanced weaponry, and was the next in line to become an Elite; this joint hunt between Hunter’s Moon and Balatu would have been his trial.
         Phone’s weapon of choice was his distinctly different hidden blade located underneath his wrist, acquired from one of the deadliest human warriors from centuries passed. His only other weapon? A syringe.
         Unknown to Dto, Phone was from Deathdrop Sr.’s generation, and was one of the last few “victims” to be addicted to a certain drug that increased adrenaline like no other supplement in existence. Physically, he didn’t change much, but mentally…
          MY STEW
         FOR THE LAST

         Phone hunched over into a stance reminiscent of a martial art practiced by few Yautja warriors, lost to generations upon generations of new techniques. His hidden blade – as long as a a Xenomorph Warrior’s forearm, by his modification – shined brilliantly under the light of their makeshift hut.

          oh fuck
         And with one extremely accurate and gracefully smooth swipe, Dto’s head popped off. The ends of his fleshy dreadlocks splattered Roots’ face, and his neck was now a glow-in-the-dark wishing fountain. Roots smiled and began gnawing Dto’s toes.
          YOU KNOW, ROOTS,
          FOR A XENOMORPH,
          YOU ARE ALRIGHT.
          Okay, let us calm down now.


         Phone retracted his hidden blade and noticed he hadn’t listened in on Concrete Hunter and Deathdrop Jr. for a while. He might as well do something to get his mind off the MOTHERFUCKING COLD STEW.
          Roots, let us see what those stupid assholes are up to now.
          Deathdrop, we need to find Doc.
          I agree, we need to find out about all this shit.
          What the fuck was that?


          We’re coming for you, Phone. And we will not yield.
          Concrete Hunter. CONCRETE HUNTER. CETANU CHRIST.

          Those STUPID assholes.
          It’s time. It’s time to end this all, he thought. Roots had nearly devoured all of Dto’s body by this point. What a cheeky little Runner. He was very tiny for a Xenomorph, but he could eat like Phone’s fatass uncle.
          Doctor. DOCTOR. CETANU, PICK UP. DOCTOR okay there you are. Yes, Elder. No. No. Yes. No. I do not know, he killed himself. Yes, he is all over the floor of my hut, that poor bastard. Doctor – DOCTOR. I need to tell you something. Concrete Hunter has betrayed us. Be cautious – he may try to contact you. He will try to kill you. He will no doubt ask you who I am. Of course I am not lying. I will come to your aid.
         Phone grinned.

FireHunter, Yautja, 11 years ago

FireHunter released a short burst of air, as if it was laughing at its old enemy who came running at it so gallantly. It charged right back at Deathdrop, stooping down and feeling the combistick pierce its shoulder just before its head collided with Deathdrop's body as it stood up straight, lifting its old foe and dumping him over its back, where he brushed over the spines and yanked the Maul from its resting place. The base of FireHunter's tail slammed into Deathdrop's shoulder and he tumbled onto the ground, the acid rain seemed to mildly affecting his skin.

FireHunter turned to face its old foe, who lay on his back on the ground. It raised its foot in preparation to crush Deathdrop beneath its weight, but he rolled out of the way just in time, and FireHunter's foot slammed to the ground only centimetres from Deathdrop's hand. FireHunter's huge claw reached down and plucked Deathdrop from the ground by the leg, lifting him up and dangling him in front of its face, its jaws opened, revealing a menacing cavern within which rested the fiendish inner jaw, tense and wet with anticipation.

Suddenly two burning lines of pain seared across its face and it dropped its prey, acid poured from the dual wounds. Deathdrop fell back to the ground, and FireHunter clutched the deep wounds in its face, screeching in surprise. Another strike leaped across its abdomen, and FireHunter blindly swung in the direction of the pain, catching Deathdrop in the head, sending him sailing in an arc over ten feet away, and he slammed to the ground with deadly force.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 11 years ago

Deathdrop steadied himself, but only barely. The impact had torn some netting and knocked some armor lose, but no weapons were lost save the maul.

"Fuck destiny. I'll end this now."

Deathdrop activated his plasma caster... Which produced a weird clicking noise, reminding him that he had no plasma caster.

"Concrete," he said over the intercom, "If I live through this, you owe me.

Firehunter charged.

Blades, then. He unsheathed his wristblades with one hand and twirled his dagger in the other. Deathdrop charged, then leaped just before the impact. He spun in midair, swinging both weapons. He landed, and Firehunter's finger and mandible followed him.

He really should have paid more attention to the tail...

badapple24, Yautja, 11 years ago

Bad apple layed low in a field of bushes. Firehunter came crashing through the trees looking around then trudging back through the bush before being engaged by firehunter. "Shit that was close..." Bad apple hissed and snuck away. I could probably tell that Game freak and Kirby were looking for me. Game freak was near the pyramid and I couldn't tell were Kirby is exactly. I snuck through the bushes some more and ran into game freak. I hissed and she hissed back. "Wait you aren't on the red queens side, are you?" Bad apple tensed up again. right now he couldn't trust anyone...

gamefreak33797, Yautja, 11 years ago

There he was, BA, perfectly fine, GF was ready to jump on him, hold him down and feel him up, then he just blatantly asks, "You aren't on the red queen's side are you?" Wow, way to kill the moment BA..

Through a series of hisses GF was able to explain what had happened to her. First was the pyramid, *Those damn moving traps, they got me confused and I was stuck in there for awhile. Then when I finally escaped I started heading in the direction of the roars hoping you were here. Thankfully you were. Now, lets go get FireHunter

Then with an ear-splitting screech and a smack of the tail GF was off running towards where Firehunter was last seen. Hoping that BA would get the message to follow her. Then maybe together they could take down that beast to help the queen. After all, one less enemy means one more ally to help with the fight.

FireHunter, Yautja, 11 years ago

An unholy scream of rage shook the air as FireHunter's finger and mandible fell to the ground. The massive tail of the beast lunged quickly and impaled Deathdrop through the shoulder, lifted him up as it pulled back and flicked, sending him hurtling through the air once more. Acid squirted from the stumps and FireHunter pelted after its attacker, who was getting to his feet in a pool of glowing green. As the beast leaned down to kill its prey, Deathdrop grabbed the combistick, which was still lodged in FireHunter's shoulder, pulled it out, and impaled the beast through the chest, right in the sternum. The predator's leg rose and kicked the jutting handle of the spear, pushing it in further.

FireHunter staggered backwards and screeched in animal pain. The spear still jutted a long way out from its chest, but it could feel the other side protruding from its back. It stormed over to Deathdrop and reached down with its two-fingered hand, gripping him around the throat and lifting him up. The two ancient enemies were face-to-face, and FireHunter's good hand gripped Deathdrop's leg, ready to pull him in half. Almost immediately FireHunter found itself only holding the predator with one hand around the leg, the other hand was still clamped around Deathdrop's throat, but not attached to an arm, a slice of its wrist rested on the ground. FireHunter roared again and tossed the predator over its shoulder. FireHunter's spines rushed up to meet Deathdrop and one of them caught in Deathdrop's grievous shoulder wound, opening the rift further.

FireHunter turned around to see Deathdrop not far away, bleeding furiously and rising from the ground using his good arm.

badapple24, Yautja, 11 years ago

Badapple hissed and stayed behind. He knew firehunter would kill both of them. "Whats wrong?" Game freak hissed and i replied "He's on the red queens side. Bloo wants to kill the elders alone. we should probably find Kirby before anything else"

Kirby-Cage, Yautja, 11 years ago

*Look at how they are ripping each other apart* Kirby thought to himself as he watched from a nearby bush as Firehunter and the Predator continued to fight each other *Good....keep fighting once one of you fells the other I will deal with the other 'victor'* Kirby begin to salivate at the idea of either killing the traitor or the predator who looked may be of high ranking just by the look of his age, killing either of them would put Kirby in a good place to take over the alpha male spot and shame BA at the same time. *But what if you where to kill this new queen before she became a threat to Bloo? There would no better way then to have Bloo back you up on your way to the Alpha male position,but what if she doesn't help me? Bloo is already unstable as things stand and for all I know she could just start rampaging at anything nearby because of these events.* FireHunter had just tossed the Predator into his spines it would not be long until one or the other won, however Kirby always wanted to the alpha male spot but would never directly challenge FH when he was a 100% but now that FH was no longer the alpha male of the Shadow Serpents he would become it at all costs. It was time for him to move on and find this 'other' queen and deal with her.

concretehunter, Yautja, 11 years ago

I stood up and stretched my side slightly to make sure that the staples have purchase in my skin, It appears that they should hold until we’re done. The rain may seep into the wound but hopefully that should cause it to blister over. Oh well, Such is life.

I dropped down from the tree and began running.

The time flew as I ran, Eventually Docs ship emerged from the treeline. I ran to the hull and began banging on it as hard as I could.


“Are my ears burning?” A voice said “Oh, I didn’t realise that he had company”

I turned to see a giant of a Super Predator staring at me from across the way, His armour clean and sleek. Obviously brand new. His dreads were short and wide, This was a sign of im-masculinity in our culture. Clearly he got his size from drug use.

His mask wasn’t very traditional. It had no block strip from the middle of the visor to the chin. His skin was pasty and wasn’t callous. His brute strength is an advantage, But he will be slow and clearly has no experience in the field of battle.

But I had to know.


“The one and only”

“Well then” I said unsheathing my wristblades. “Shall we?”

Phone stood there for a minute tapping on his wrist comp, Probably setting his self destruct. He paused, Looked at me and broke the silence with the sound of metal being unsheathed, revealing his 17 inch hidden blades on both arms.

“I’m going to assume there isn’t a history of endowment in your family”

“Oh a penis joke? Hardly fitting last words.”

He began by taking a swing for my unprotected head, I ducked underneath the blade and punched him in the stomach, My hidden blades penetrated and severed his renal artery. Even if I die, He will be dead in a few hours from that wound alone.

He screamed and slammed his arm into my side, I flew into the air and landed a few meters away. I instantly got up and ran at him, He took a large, Uncoordinated parabolic swing at me. He missed my chest but got a large slash on my shoulder.

“Don’t you see? I’m much to strong for a puny little Yautja to kill me”

Suddenly the doors to Docs ship began opening, me and phone froze wondering how he would react.

"Thank goodness you're here Doctor. Concretehunter is trying to sabotage the mission and kill me!"

“Don’t listen to him Doc, They’re trying to do something with a new queen. They want to replace the queen that the clans caught all that time ago!”

"You blithering, Bubbling vat of-"

"Don't say another Goddamn word. Up until now, I've been polite. If you say anything else - word one - I will kill myself. And when my tainted spirit finds its destination, I will topple the master of that dark place. From my black throne, I will lash together a machine of bone and blood, and fueled by my hatred for you this fear engine will bore a hole between this world and that one. When it begins, you will hear the sound of children screaming - as though from a great distance. A smoking orb of nothing will grow above your bed, and from it will emerge a thousand starving crows. As I slip through the widening maw in my new form, you will catch only a glimpse of my radiance before you are incinerated. Then, as tears of bubbling pitch stream down my face, my dark work will begin. I will open one of my six mouths, and I will sing the song that ends the Earth."

I ran at him, His smug. Insignificant little face. As i lept into the air he accepted his fate. Most would. I may not be thee largest, But when he saw me in the air. He saw my muscles, Worn from battle but ready for more. Every wound and battle scar I've ever had. He saw my chest expand and contract as my powerful heart, As much as it didn't want to, Was still beating. He had made a fool of me, Of everything that i stood for. Brotherhood, Integrity and Tradition. He destroyed them all when he got involved in my hunt. Every breath he took was an insult to my glory. And as i brought down my vengence, The forest went quiet.

"I think i need medical attention"