concretehunter, Yautja, 11 years ago


The Hive:

It was Nightfall on Spart-3, a terraformed planet, Warm and humid. The moon hung gigantic in the sky as the abandoned human colony began to stir. Black flashes began hiding in the rafters and forming their hive. Their queen waking up in a dark place unimaginable, Her body stretching and contracting in ways unnatural. Her minions rushing to prepare for her awakening. The carcasses of former humans lined the encampment, Chest's bent as the horrors within escaped. The clouds began to build up. Soon enough the humidity had to give in. The rain will come and the queen could feel it.

Hunters moon's ship:

The ship was full of noise on a night like tonight. Wristblades being sharpened, Armour being prepared and the hushed should of the hunters masks being rigged up. The military grey walls shake with every roar. Tonight was a night that the whole ship had been looking forward to. A full moon, 2 Yautja clans and the most prized kill in Yautja society. Hard Meat, Xenomorphs. The pods were sealed, the hunters were deployed.

The moon is up, Let the Hunt begin.

concretehunter, Yautja, 11 years ago

Falling, Falling was not a strange feeling to me. Falling in ship to surface pod. Falling off of buildings, I've even had high velocity shells hit me out of trees. Yet every time, without fail. Just before I hit the ground, I forget. I forget everything. I forget who I am and what I’m here for. I forget my name. I lose everything to the unbeatable gravity. It’s the ultimate surrender. It’s giving up. It’s giving up the hunt, the never ending chase for glory. It’s a brief moment where nothing matters. Then, As soon as I left this world I’m back; tumbling back to the earth. Back to reality. For a few moments i lose everything, Lost in oblivion, Dark, Silent and complete

So when I hit the ground, when I am real. Breaking ribs from my pod tumbling through the atmosphere and hitting the ground askew. Real. I remember why I don’t give up. I remember the reason. The life force universal in all hunters. We don’t speak it in words. It’s our condition. It’s how we define ourselves. The law of the meat is not spoken but acted. It is the hunt. And it demands our attention. No matter how hard I hit the ground.

The smoke licked at my mask as the pod cracked open, Snaking through my dreads and whirling over my visor. My body lean and athletic to an insane degree, my Armour glossed with moisture and stained with blood. Old trophies dangling from my belt. Pride placed on my head like a crown. I step out of my pod and into the blackness. The dark dense abyss.

I then see light’s, The moon glittering off my clans Armour. Flawless and polished. So fresh and clean. I never clean my armour, not that I could. The blood stains run too deep. Who would want clean armour anyway? I wear the stains like a king wears his royal robes.

It looks like there is no life for miles except a few trees and the bacteria living on the rocks and in the dirt. The trees had thick trunks and climbed high into each other. I much preferred them to the thin tall ones. In those you’re much more likely to get shot at by shouting humans with ludicrously sized biceps. With a draw on the intoxicatingly flawless air for the first time since Clunk, Detached. Meet you at the bottom I began to breathe.

“This is a big hunt brothers, the reason you are here is because you have proved your worth as a hunter. Today we hunt hard meat.”

As if from a fairy tale, the moon was low hung in the sky, I love when we hunt under the moon. Things get more intense; the clan stand taller and move swifter, hit harder. When the moon is up my men will fight until there heart, nerve and sinew are long gone. This was a night to remember. Conditions couldn't be better, Humid, Hot and dark. Poetic.
This is better than sex.

badapple24, Yautja, 11 years ago

Bad apple hissed, the dormant hive was silent, just the way he liked it, beside him, his partner GameFreak was peacefully sleeping. Bad apple streched his inner jaw inside the pyramid that he had called home. He was starving, the bones of hunters and humans alike scattered around his body. Bad apple cracked a bone on one of the humans and began to tear out the marrow. Soon enough his queen Bloo, would be awakened. He was happy. His life was complete, his friends Kirby-Cage and WarAlien were also sleeping. I hope the queen awakens soon. It has been far to long.

Bad apple quickly saw a mouse dart across the room and he hissed tearing after it. A tiny meal not fit for a creature such as me. My deep red body swaying and scars showing. The many scars of battle including the inner jaw scar. The one that defined him. Bad apple hissed waiting for his fellow Xenomorphs to wake up.

Bad apple hissed, there was more than just the royal Shadow Serpents, The hive wasn't very far off. Their several Predaliens were asleep and some were even beginning to awaken. DarkLioness wasn't far off from that. Bad apple hissed and moved away and began to roam the Royal pyramid the hunters built like he owned the place. Bad apple was thinking to himself "What the hell is the hunters problem. How dare they chain up my queen MY QUEEN up like this was their own zoo, Oh but they'll be sorry. Bad apple had noticed the chains beginning to rust away. Soon enough these chains wouldn't be able to hold the royalty that was their queen.

Bad apple stood on the spot. He had caught the scent of living humans in a cryo chamber. The chamber was in the pyramid, the humans left two cryo chambers in the pyramid in case they were wiped out and then the humans could repopulate. Bad apple hissed and ran off to the chambers. "Finally some food, good food that is worthy to something like us xenomorphs. Bad apple reached the chambers fast. Smashing the computer an emergency opening commenced. Bad apple hissed quickly taking the man and killing him. He took a leg and devoured it. The other one woke up and screamed at the runner and began to run in the pyramid. Bad apple dragged the mans body with him. Catching up to the woman he tackled her and killed the woman. Dragging the bloody bodies back to the hive he hissed, and continued devouring his leg.

Kirby-Cage, Yautja, 11 years ago

Kirby dropped to the floor after hearing the call of Badapple telling the whole hive to wake up. Stretching as Kirby went along Kirby first went to see how the queen Bloo had faired as the years had gone by she was still asleep for now, but not for long. Kirby heard a scream coming from one of the two cryo chamber that the humans had stupidly put in the pyramid, Kirby ran down the hallway into the cyro chamber right next queens chamber and saw that BA had killed two humans and was now eating into the leg on the man, BA started hissing at Kirby as he got closer, BA never was good at sharing his catches with any aliens other then Gamefreak, and even spit some acid at Kirby when he grabbed onto the dead woman and started to take her away but Kirby didn't care much BA always was all spit and no claws when it came to food. Kirby took the body to the queen as she would be no doubt hungry as well and she was even starting to stir, it would be soon before all the aliens would stand before her once more.

tawganator, Yautja, 11 years ago

The world was chaotic and the smell of death carried on the wind, fire screamed in defiance to the rain that pelted down from the heavens threatening to extinguish it's burning light. Body parts scattered all around from all manner of beast and monster illuminated by the over hanging moon. Horrid death rattles echoing from all sides and victorious roars and screams shaking the very earth in a bid to silence the other.

A monster stands above me, towering over my broken figure. Blood eating away at the unstable ground beneath my body and blood drenching the monster in a bright green glow. It's blades tearing into my flesh as I tear into his. The pain is too much. I am consumed in the burning light of this monster...

Where am I? The air is humid and the sky is dark. I find myself standing on all fours outside of the hive. How did I get here? Was everything before just a dream? Wait, I remember now. I am Tawganator and I am supposed to keep watch over the main entrance and protect my resting brothers and sisters. I don't even remember falling asleep. I feel very unsettled. Huh? They have began to arise.

badapple24, Yautja, 11 years ago

Bad apple hissed, Kirby took my food. No matter, I will get plenty of food once my queen awakens, Tawganator. An old friend from my days in The hive. I remember the times we have worked together. Bad apple moved up to tawganator. "Hey, stranger" Bad apple hissed to Tawganator who looked back and hissed. Bad apple approached and took in the pheromones of his old friend. Who was obliviously doing to same to Bad apple. Bad apple suddenly caught up with Kirby who was taking the food that he TOOK from me to the awakening queen. Bad apple got low and tackled Kirby playfully who instead had No time for this and booted Bad apple off and continued. Bad apple thought of following and decided it would be best.

Bad apple hissed and, following Kirby got to the queens chamber where Kirby presented (My) food to the queen. The queen slowly looked up and screeched. She then looked back down. Bad apple hissed. He then moved back to the spot where he awakened and grabbed the man, then taking it to GameFreak, She would obliviously be hungry when she woke up. This time he would be more defensive of this food to any other than GameFreak.

gamefreak33797, Yautja, 11 years ago

GF uncurled herself from her fetal position. She stretched and her many joints cracked. She let out a hiss of pleasure. It was good to be awake, and to wake up to food nonetheless. It was like a dream come true. She crawled towards the food to notice that BA had fetched it for her. She let out a hiss of approval. After all, she had to let her partner know she was happy.

GF laied herself down next to the body and began to feast. She feasted like there was never ever going to be another piece of food again. She clawed at the person's arms till they were striped of muscle. She bit at the person's stomach till it was just an empty hole with the occasional pieces of fat laying there. She even went as far as eating the person's genitalia. *Ick, how can our queen find enjoyment in this disgusting part of the hideous beasts. She then striped the person's legs and devoured it's brain, using her inner jaw to eat it. Then she tossed her remains down in the center of the room. Letting the younger ones have their fill.

FireHunter, Yautja, 11 years ago

FireHunter stretched its limbs in the slimy jungle air, it had been awake for several weeks, since its rebirth. Its foul lips pulled back in distaste as it recalled the creature it now served. Once a Praetorian in the Hive that FireHunter previously served, now the Queen of its current Hive. A deep, bass growl resonated in its throat, clicking in the wet night. It could tell that it was heavier now, much heavier, and larger than before. Claws flexed in the darkness, glinting under the moon, something nudged at FireHunter's conscience. An awakening. Its new brethren were awakening. The huge beast disappeared into the pyramid behind it, the air got hotter and wetter the deeper FireHunter ventured, and soon there was a low-lying fog shifting around FireHunter's massive feet. It could sense the facehuggers shifting and twitching in their leathery confinement, waiting for prey to come wandering into the darkness.

Bloo was still in the centre of the room, only slightly moving. FireHunter thought about how it could kill her right now, though she should have been dead long ago. FireHunter thought that possibly it wasn't the only one that got reborn after death, in a new hive, under a different queen. Its lips pulled back again in distaste and it turned away from the queen, knowing subconsciously that if it killed her, it would likely die itself. From its brethren overwhelming it or from the Queen herself.

It looked around, sensing several other predaliens in the room, still asleep. None as large as itself. FireHunter assumed that it was born from one of a hunting party. FireHunter knew not why the others had slept upon emerging from their cocoons, but it didn't care, it had just gone outside to grow accustomed to its new body, to grow used to the extra thousand pounds and extra foot of height. It witnessed its younger, less experienced siblings feasting upon a pair of human corpses. It released a humoured noise, resembling a cough and a snarl, at their squabbling and pretentious nature, these young ones were proud and aloof, carrying themselves and thinking themselves above others. FireHunter recognised several of them from its previous hive, and again was surprised, although these ones had only been first born very recently, perhaps in the previous hive itself. Making FireHunter much older than them.

Another humored sound escaped FireHunter's throat as it watched the young ones snarl at each other and throw the scraps to the youngest.

DarkLioness, Yautja, 11 years ago

DarkLioness slowly woke up and stretched herself relieving the tension in her limbs, her tail uncoiling around her and the tip gleaming like the Grim Reaper's scythe. She gave a low hiss as she looked around. There were others here, she could hear them and smell them. She began to walk around, slowly taking in her surroundings. That's when she picked up the scent of flesh. Human flesh to be exact. DarkLioness gave a happy hiss and began to move a little faster towards the yummy scent. After being asleep for so long DarkLioness could barely hold herself back and so she began to run in the direction of food. She could sense the others even better now, the closer she got. She could even sense the Queen. Yet there was something both familier and unfamilier about this Queen, but that didn't deter DarkLioness from sprinting for her food. She entered the chamber and gave a low growl announcing her arrival. She spotted a dead partial eaten human and began chowing down on it's head. She looked up and saw GameFreak, Kirby-Cage and Tawganator.

"How come no one woke me up sooner?" she asked tilting her head to the side. Blood and saliva dripped from her mouth.

badapple24, Yautja, 11 years ago

Bad apple hissed "Because you didn't hear the hiss to wake up the hive. I hissed for everyone to wake up you know." Bad apple moved and continued on chowing town onto the humans leg, witch was almost completely stripped now. Soon Bad apple would have to open up the leg and begin to devour the marrow. Bad apple hissed at Firehunter. Another old friend from the hive "Firehunter." Bad apple hissed and Firehunter looked over.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 11 years ago

*Deathdrop despised drop-pods. There were no humans on this planet, so why not a shuttle? What self-respecting society chucked it's finest warriors from the stratosphere in metal darts?

"Next we'll be told to throw feces at the Xenomorphs." he grumbled.

It wouldn't be like this if he were running things, that much he knew. So he had beaten a xenomorph to death with the helmet of the Elder's son. True, the son's head had still been inside, but was it Deathdrop's fault if the smug bastard didn't watch where he was going?

Deathdrop had showed initiative, by Paya, something sorely lacking among the "high bred" fools he was almost constantly surrounded by. In a sane universe, inginuity like that would have netted him a promotion and a hand-job, not ten years on a mining world and another five at the lowest position in the pack.

Stupid Elder. He'd brought the head back, hadn't he? Wrinkly old prick should have been grateful he'd gone through the trouble. It was no use, of course. The council, as always, had let the spineless aristocrats run things, and Deathdrop was stripped of what little standing he had and exiled. He'd spent the better part of a decade clawing his way back up, as he always did. As his family always had.

He'd heard the whispers. He knew what the others said about his bloodline being cursed. They would eat their words before the hunt was through.


Deathdrop's head whacked the top of the pod, as it always did. Fucking engineering bay...

No matter. There were seasoned hunters on this drop, not unblooded idiots with their casters on backwards. Deathdrop could concentrate on the important things.

Enough kills, and his standing could improve enough to put him within striking distance of someone of higher rank. After that, it would only be a matter of time.

The pod opened, and Deathdrop stepped into the moonlight.*

Kirby-Cage, Yautja, 11 years ago

Kirby looked at BA all while hissing beneath his breath. "Take her food will you, we'll see who gets the last hiss." Kirby walked by BA and GF, who were still eating of course, and BA started growling and hissing as soon as Kirby got within 15 feet of them and their food, BA even attempted to claw Kirby and would have hit him too if Kirby hadn't jumped out of the way. "I'll show him" went through Kirbys mind "I'll just catch my own pray, drag it back, and eat it in front of that red scarred bastard."

Kirby left the Hive and could sense that it was night by the way the moon was hitting him he headed to the nearby forest hoping that their might be something alive that managed to hide among the trees. After some time hunting Kirby came up empty of any big game prey to bring back; finding only rats and they weren't worth anything.


Kirby looked and then headed towards the sound in hopes that food may have just fell onto the planet and he could finally show that waste of space that he was a better alien. After a few minutes of running towards the noise Kirby began to hear some odd noises that were most definitely not the trees swaying in the wind or rats running about. Kirby crept forwards trying to get a good look at what had made in hopes that food was just on the other side of the bushes, and there was food on the other side of the bush, however there was just one small problem, the food in question was predators, and they looked like they hadn't come to be a meal that Kirby could just show off. Kirby started to back off when... *SNAP* *Crack* *Crack* *Snap* Kirby had broken several branches and it hadn't gone unnoticed, suddenly Kirby found several red dots all pointed at where Kirby was. Kirby did the sensible thing and ran like his life depended on, and it did, away from the red dots. It would be soon before the hive knew of their guests and soon after that the queen herself would become acquainted with our guests as well.

concretehunter, Yautja, 11 years ago

I turned to see all my fellow Hunters, Both my clan and Balatu. I began walking towards the tree's while my comrades exit their pods and prepare. Instantly i saw DeathDrops Armour. I'm glad we have him here, If he wasn't such a proud bastard then he would be praised as beyond an elite hunter. Sadly me and him have locked horns on previous occasions, It's never resulted in a fight but i can't say he doesn't make me nervous when he's on edge.

.:Private Comm to DeathDrop:.
"Just like old times eh?"
.:Comm Ended:.

At least its only fully blooded hunters with us tonight. Hopefully we get a few casualty's.

badapple24, Yautja, 11 years ago

Bad apple hissed, there was hunters on this planet, no doubt about it. Bad apple hissed at the smell of a certain Pheromone. A hunter was here that he had fought, well a predalien inturrupted it but he was about to fight him. Bad apple salivated, never had he been this excited. He walked up to GameFreak and hissed "We should stick together. We will find Kirby and he'll definitely wanna fight together as well." GameFreak Nodded and ran off. Bad apple shortly followed.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 11 years ago

“My name is Jim. It’s been several nights since my kidnapping and I’ve yet to discover what the purpose of my capture was. Upon the eve of the second or third night, one of my more dimwitted comrades let his fear known through a disastrously timed yelp, and was eaten through the buttocks by one of the shadow’s slithering serpents.

They’ve yet, however, to discover my digital voice log. I’ve made a comfortable living for myself in this cave – making lemonade out of lemons, as mommy used to urge. So far five of us have been taken into what I’m assuming is their main living quarters – the rest of us (a party of four by now) have been squeezed into a small hallway, a storage unit of some sort, judging by the rest of the mauled bodies of various species.

Of all of the places to end up on a vacation, this is probably the most shite, other than the noodle incident. Shh – one of them is coming.”


*Wake up, darling.

Even when brought to my knees and forced into perpetual labor centuries ago, I refused to believe I was anything but royalty.

Work for your money, whore.

Had I known that the Battle of Queens to become Empress was but an experiment of the Demons to select the strongest of my kind, I would have intentionally died at the hands of my mother.

Life beyond victory was a string of disappointment. This resurrection of the Demon’s hunting game was no different, and was in fact a testament to my failure. Our most recent attempt to escape the clutches of our Demon “masters” resulted in a small victory involving both the murder of their Elder and the loss of our previous Alpha Male.

This was all because of the birth of my current Alpha Male, vermin born from the belly of the Demon Elder. His birth fueled the rage needed to glass the surface of my entire planet, but of course they saved me for further conquests, and in turn I was forced to keep the one born from the flames of the Demons. The only thing I could do was bestow upon him a symbolic title fitting his sin – Firehunter.

For an amount of time that I no longer cared to measure, I was routinely fed certain chemicals to further the mass production of my children for their sick games. Millions of my babies have been murdered. My babies - my children - there’s nothing so unforgivable, and not even the eternal raping of my underside has been as torturous as the loss of so many of my younglings while the Firehunter continues to live as a reminder of my most humiliating defeat.

These actions would have my internal flame rise rather than wane - not once have I weakened my will to survive. For as long as I can remember, the Demons have always won because I was never able to protect my children.

But no more.*


“Frequently, my dear audience, I notice my surroundings shift and shift and it’s very curious.

What does this mean, you think?

Nothing in this room has shifted, though I suspect there’s a reason for that. Our hallway was very stationary and vanilla – all of which was kept the same aside from the frequent production of giant leather bags calmly sliding in and out from what looks to be a conveyer belt. We’ve yet to see what’s kept in the bags and where they’re going. Fortunately, some of them make their stop at our hallway, one for each of us. Hopefully the contents of the sacks are useful, though we can’t say for certain, and – Oh! One of my colleagues’ bags is opening, how exciting!”

Edit: For an explanation, see page 3 of the OOC thread.

PREDATORv2, Yautja, 11 years ago

"Damn, I'm late" Predatorv2 angrily muttered to himself. Most of the hunters had already departed the clan ship making the journey to the planet's surface. His heavy foot steps pounded the grated floors echoing throughout the massive ship. Finally reaching the destination of his drop pod, Predatorv2 punched necessary key code. His drop pod doors hissed open revealing a cramped cod pit, jumping inside he activated the launch sequence and prepared for the wild ride that followed. Predatorv2's pod erupted from a port on the belly of the clan ship, racing towards planet's surface.

The pod shuddered and shook as it slammed through the world's atmosphere. It was then a warning went off inside the pod. It was screaming that the stabilizer thrusters had failed. This explained why the pod was spinning around wildly as it neared the soil below. "Wonderful, I'm going die before I even reach the surface". There wasn't much Predatorv2 could do. The g-forces from the uncontrollable pod were causing him to loose consciousness. Hopefully the armored hull would hold up.

BOOOOOOM! The pod slammed into the forest floor at full entry speed, exploding nearby trees and under brush. It continued to travel a mile or so before coming to a smoldering halt. Much of the pod was destroyed, it would seem no thing could have survived such a violent crash. The jungle once again became silent as the flames of crash slowly died out, leaving a dense fog covering the entire crash site.

tawganator, Yautja, 11 years ago

A loud boom emanated from the forest and radiated throughout the hive. Most of the others were too busy with stuffing both their mouths or with the Queen's awakening but curiosity got the better of me. If it was a threat to the hive then we must know immediately. In all honesty any excuse to avoid Bloo would of done, no matter how hard I try I just can't relax around her. Probably why I always take watch outside, I swear the bitch even smiled at me one time, if I had eyes I would of clawed them out.

The ground beyond the hive way soft and dry, it has been awhile since the last rains but they never stay away for long, any day now. After sometime travelling the air had become filled with the dust of trees and dirt and flame. This must of been where it had came from but there is nothing here but a crater and a line of collapsed trees. What ever it was must be further on ahead at the end of line. I should probably turn back and bring some help in case I end up needing it. Nah, I should be fine.

Only a mile further and I caught the scent of something in the air, my inner mouth nipping at this new scent with such excitement that nearly forgot to place one claw in front of the other and stumbled a bit. What ever was up ahead, I was close to it.

DarkLioness, Yautja, 11 years ago

DarkLioness hissed viciously after the first boom. The Hunters were here...on the planet.The second boom, which sounded more like an explosion than anything, shook even the inside of the Hive. A pebble bounced off of the ticked off Xenomorph's head. DarkLioness hated Hunters just as much as humans, so whenever a chance came around for her to cause pain and suffering to either you could bet DarkLioness wasn't going to be left out. DarkLioness knew the others would be prepared to fight and protect the Queen. DarkLioness was ready to kill. She WANTED to kill. She needed to kill. DarkLioness disappeared into the shadows and ran within them, keeping herself hidden until she found herself outside.

Ah! Now she could smell them. The smell of the Hunters was strong. They were so advanced but they still couldn't cover up their stenche. She also picked up a very familier smell; Tawganator. DarkLioness climbed and tree and began leaping from tree to tree looking for Tawganator.

concretehunter, Yautja, 11 years ago

A large boom sounded through the forests shaking trees and startling a few woodlice.

"The silent death known as Pv2 has decided to join us"

A small quip to loosen the tension, The site of drop pods were no place for a hunt, Clearly we needed to begin moving and as the in the know hip trend setter of the clan, i thought that it was ample for me to start the fad off hunting.

So i began to walk, Take that society.

"No rest for the wicked lads, a good hunt is a suicidal hunt. And today is a good day to die."

I began taking leaps and bounds and began traveling across trees in the boatload. Every step precise and nimble, The way you think of hummingbirds as agile. I could smell them. I could hear them stir.

FireHunter, Yautja, 11 years ago

Thuds echoed through the chamber, a familiar sound, creatures with whom FireHunter shared genes, creatures like the one from which it was born. Ignoring its younger sibling's acknowledgement, it stormed from the pyramid, knocked aside several of its brethren, and burst back into the wet jungle, tasting the air. Its suspicions were correct. It tore into the jungle, hissing and snarling, a living machine of armoured muscle fuelled by an immortal, instinctual rage. It unleashed an unholy roar into the air, and a cloud of birds fled from their homes in the trees. More of its kin slithered forth from the pyramid, screeching and howling, moving around FireHunter's legs and feet, not quite a living river yet, but soon the entire Hive would be awake, and only then would the hunters taste death.

Another terrible scream ripped from FireHunter's throat as its head tilted to the moon, the sound shook the trees and rattled the decayed bones of the creatures that had fallen prey to the xenomorphs in the past.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 11 years ago

"Just like old times eh?"

Concretehunter again. He hated to admit it, but Deathdrop was glad Concretehunter was around for this hunt.

He'd hunted with Concretehunter before, and knew how skilled he was. He'd survived the incident that had killed Deathdrop's Father, and any Yautja who could survive that mess was to be respected.

It had obviously been too much to ask of his Father; the drugged up old bastard had apparently tried to fist-fight a Predalien. Admirable, but stupid. And not altogether surprising; the old man had had a death wish.

Deathdrop had no such thing, as the council would find out when he brought back enough trophies to bury the entire homeworld...


As he moved through the trees, Deathdrop turned to see the burning chunks of dirt and splintered wood raining down on the jungle. If that had been a drop-pod, it had not landed properly. Or at all. That was when he remembered PV2 had been late...