.:RPG:.Leap Of Faith

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In the far reaches of space there is a planet looming and eager for death and disorder.Space seems to swallow this planet, yet a great light comes from near, lighting the mood. Yet no one knows what destruction has been laid before this small planet.

September 7th 2305
A far distant planet in need for help with very few people left to fight back. A transmission for help from the commanding officer:
"We need evac now...there is some thing here killing us all. We have locked most of the survivers in the communication room please help we only have so long before we run out of supplies and the damn doors will not hold for long. We have very few weapons to fight them with please help and HURRY !"
.:Transmission ended:.

September 9th 2305
In the far distance of space the desert planet full of canyons,wildlife,mesas,plateus and cliffs also with an on going war, a war between Aliens and colonists. The Marines lost contact with this colony and are sending Alpha Draconis in they are already arming up to investigate and take out the threat.The transmission from the commanding officer was the last transmission from them.They are to head west to were the colony is located.

September 10th 2305
Mean while two very skillfull Predator clans have already homed in on the fighting on the planet surface and are readying up for the hunt.These ships are on route to the desert planet.These two great clans must fight each other for the right to hunt on this planet as well as fight everyone and thing on the planet.What they do not know is that already on the planet surface is some Solo Hunters.Which will not be to happy to see these clans on there planet they have cleamed for there own.

In the far distance a dropship speads towards the distant planet with the very skilled Marines Alpha Draconis inside ready for a fight.

Up near north canyon in the deepest depths of the Hive the Xenos sleep restlesly as they hunger once more for blood.Near the entrance shadows leark and gaurd to make sure no intruder finds there way in to the depths of the Hive.Still sleeping away in the wet dingy cave were once and awhile a scream of pain can be heard while a new xeno is born.

September 12th 2305
Alpha Draconis's dropship finaly arrives and the Marines start to set up a perimeter around the landing bay.The place looks completely dead for as far as they can see there is nothing around and it is so silent all you can here is the wind.The dropship leaves these Marines to do there job.Left alone on a dead planet with an on going sand storm leaving there vision limited to a few meters in front of there eyes.These Marines have no idea what lies before them.

Within the darkest of caves the largest of beasts awaken to reak havoc once more in there path.Nothing will stand in the Xenos path of destruction.There thurst for blood lingers once more.They prepare once more for the slaughter.They live for the Queens command to strike once more.They will infest this planet if not opposed by an enemy with great strength.

The Predator Hunters are ready and have been launching there drop pods towards the planet surface.As the last pods are launched the Predator ships detects a Marine dropship.Within seconds the dropship is destroyed.Both clans now know of each other and start to inform the Hunters which have arrived on the planet.The two clans have agreed to sort there diffrences on the planet surface.The hunt begins.

Marine Mission Breifing:
Main Objectives:
Set up a temporary HQ.
Find any survivng colonists and get them to safty.
Find the power for the colony and get the communications back up to call a new dropship and get out of there when the dropship arrives with any surviving colonists.

Optinal Objectives:
Find the threat and elimanate it.

Good luck Comrades !

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Drenton screamed in agony as Blade Hunters blade ripped the skin off of the right side of his jaws. Surprisingly, Drenton only let out a minimal ammount of blood, but he still fell to the floor and writhed in pure agony. Balde hunters knife was dissolving, but still was solid for the most part.

The human sttod over the pained creature, and savored the moment, then wondered how somthing so evil, could seem so pathetic. He made a motion to stab Drenton, then snap the brittle blade off the handle. Drenton had different plans however, and when Blade Hunters arm came down, Drenton lifted his head, and with great speed an effort, snapped his implanted madibles down on the blade.

Drenton was visably strugglingto keep the blade from entering his mouth, whilst Blade Hunter was forcing all his weight onto the combat knife. Drenton's inner jaws extended, and he released a small ammount of acidic spit onto the blade, ruining it and turning it into mush.

Drenton regained his stance, and hissed. Blade Hunter saw that half of Drenton face was bone, and that he was madder than ever.

Knife ruined, gun out of ammunition, with only his two brass knuckles left, things looked grim for the vengefull human.

(Blade hunter, look for my last post in the RPG topic (Page 24), and answer me, please?)


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War has now taken the planet nothing is a peace death has already come to many and the weather has become worse sand is flying every were some say the planet is fighting back but nothing can stop this war.

CuteFaceHugger in Darkness almost dead no hope to live dieing he trys to fight out of the rocks he snot strong enogh to lift the rocks he begind to try and dig just born into a world and now deading ism this the fate that life brings nothing to save him nothing the help him not dead yet dieing but alive cutefacehugger trys the move the rocks again but...nothing CuteFaceHugger is now going Unconscious he lets out a loud growl echoing many her this screch and

CuteFaceHuggers only hope is the acid that is comeing out of his leg he but he doesnt know it can help him................he fights........and fights to escape....nothing he stops and and fells around and hhe moves his tail and try pushing rocks around its working a rock after rocks move his legs free but his head is still stuck he gets his arms and trys to push his head out but the acid burnig the rock making it lighter he moves out but he is bleeding more dieing faster he sits and waits.........for a Miracle to happen


Proud to be of The Hive

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My cloak didn't work any more for it was damaged and water in by the ground water I ripped it off and pulled out the wires where they were sparking electricity , I was wary cause of the fall and the cuts and piercings from the gun, I lost my disk and the laser pointer on my helmet I had to use my senses to take him out, it was cold and dark, and Hyro was in hidding, I wasn't very good at stelth but I can move, the damaged cloak had electricity sparking from it and could shock me but there was water on the ground, and with all those salactites I could use them as higher ground I ran jumped on one and I stood up tall searching for Hyro I threw the damaged cloak into the middle of the cave it hit the water making electcity spark on the ground shocking everything wet, I then turned on my electro visor and I looked for hyro , I then found him hiding by a salactite against the cave wall, he got zaped a little from the electricity that traveled from the brken cloak, a surged went through his body giving me the exact point of where he is, I got my plasma caster out and shot up the salactite, breaking it down, took off running I fired every where in each direction, for my laser was broken he, shoots back, bullets pass by me almost hitting me, I skiped across the salactites as much as I could, my wounds were hurting and it gave me more pain when jumping, he shot me onec making me slip and land hard against a rock making me fall to my face, I roll over behind a salactite I look over my shoulder, he fires again, Hits me in the eye, scaring my mask, I couldn't see through the damaged one anymore, I acted quickly, rolled to another salactite as I did I threw my spear, hits his knee, going right through, I land on my pierced shoulder ripping my wound more, "Damn" I said to myself, he breaks the spear off but leaves it in, for it was keeping it from blood running out faster, The game was on and both of our advantages were slim, and one of us is going to die......

(you are damaged in the knee so lymp)



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darkness... hyro was in grave Peril. Along with him in this darkness was a hunter. A hunter that seemed almost impossible to defeat. A hunter who had the upper hand. A hunter by the name of voltage…

Hyro remembered a sudden kick to his chest and a hail of gunfire from his rifle only to do nothing. As well as loud sounds coming from the cave they were in as well as a sudden fall. As hyro fell he was pounded by rocks on the way down then suddenly a face full of water. Hyro quickly got to his knees and tried to feel for his rifle but it was no where near him. ‘Not that it matters anyway his armor was to strong’ hyro thought to himself as he grabbed his pistol from his belt and popped in AP rounds. Sweat gathered on hyros brow it was getting hotter where ever he was then he remembered he was sleeping near a hot spring this had to be near the source of the heat.

A sudden sound. A large thump and the sounds of something shorting out. Hyro quickly turned on his shoulder lamp and scanned the area. A cavern almost as big as a football field surrounded the area. With stalactites jutting from the ground every where. As well a large figure face first into the ground. The face of a predator… hyro quickly ran behind a stalactite and watch the hunter from a distance. The beast slowly got to its feet made a quick look around and starting pressing things on his wrist. What ever he was doing (he was trying to activate his cloak) wasn’t working as he let out a large growl of irritation. The hunter thought that he didn’t need it but little did he know his quarry was going to be more of a challenge than he thought…

(Voltage be wary I will fight you to the death and I will make it as hard a possible for if I die trying)

(for simplistic use just call me hyro)

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Katam could not take TDN out in close combat now TDN called the shots now.Katam was out of strength to attack he had to think of somthing else so he did.

Using his tail once more to rip a pipe off the roof he brought it close to his face and drooled on it to melt both sides into a point.

Katam spat at TDN but only realy got usless bits of eqiupment like his knife and boots nothing to realy hurt TDN himself.

With his tail he lobed the sharpend pipe straight at TDN.TDN could not heer this nether see it and unfortunatly inpaled him right through the stomach and pining him to the ground he let out a roar of pain.TDN could no longer hold up all this pain he had to let it out.TDN felt along the floor in arms reach to find his pistol yet could not reach it.It was just out of arms reach by a few inches.

HE was disarmed and defenceless Katam couls strik now yet he knew he could stil fight back.

Katam at range spat acid on his unharmed arm to disable him more.His left arm unusable now.Katam must make him unable to attack back for him to finish this and hopfully win his harest batle yet.

Katam leaned over neer the pistol to drool on it to melt it so it would not work in case TDN did reach and get it back.One or two more shots and Katam would be no more.Katam waited in silance not moving for eather him to blead to death or to make another move for yet another weapon.Katam backed far to the other side of the corridor and hid in a well protected area on the roof to a wait TDNs next move...


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Navy backed off from Predalien64 for a moment and they both stared eacother in the eye, Navy let out a Roar, Predalien64 also Screeched. Navy ran to his left to get his Combistick and Predalien64 reacted quick, Running over to Navyspaz and slaming his tail into his stomach. Predalien64 kneeled over Navy and *hissed*
Navy rolled over and slashed one of 64's Fingers off. Predalien backed up and screeched in pain. Navy stood up quickly and held his Combistaff. Predalien64 wasted no time to pounce again straight at Navyspaz. Navy held his Combistaff up horrizontally because he had no time to hold it straight out, because of the Predaliens extremely swift pounces. Navy was blown back 10 feet. and rolled backwards down a hill hitting some rocks on the way down. Predalien64 lunged from the top of the hill down knocking Navyspaz down again. And holding him down, Predalien Screeched again and with his Inner jaw, Snapped at Navy but he was too far back. Navy Roared,
"Get off!"
And kicked the Predalien as hard as he could in the stomach while it was ontop of him. The Predalien backed up for just enough time for him to jump up and extended his Combistick once again, Navy stared 64 in the eye. Predalien64 hissed back.
The Battle Continues

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Running out of the pod Dragon scanned the desert for lifeforms
"nothing?"Dragon thought "thats a little weird." Thinking nothing of it Dragon ran away from his pod into the desert to look for his clan members, all the time not letting his guard down. As a sandstorm started Dragon switched to his thermal mode hoping it would help find anything hidden in the sand.
"Hmmmm still nothing" he thought as he fought against the wind getting mre and more annoyed by it by the second. suddenuly a noise could be heard from behind him quickly turning around Dragon mentally prepared himself for whatever it may be...


the_doctor, Undefined, 15 years ago

the doctor wandered for some time after dispensing katam, he wandered further into the canyon utill he came to a cave entrance, dark filled the inside, the chances of a xenomorph being side were likley. taking the chance he enters and follows the dark cavern.
he can feel the floor is on an angle pointing upward.

the doctor follows the cavern till he finds light comming from the wall. he starts to tear and pull at the rock pushing away sections at a time,, in a few short seconds he had a hole big enough to climb out.
he pushes through and finds himself back on land above the canyon, he scans around the area but nothing.

he opens the wrist comp and scans for his clanmates and finds only one, stalker, the signal was weak and lasted only a few seconds but was enough for the doctor to get his bearing. the elder started running.

he soon came to an outpost and saw his fellow hunter confusing his prey.

are you predator or prey?


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Dragon turned around and felt relief when he saw it was only voltage-8000 behind him.
"Dragon you shouldnt go to far away" he said
"I just wanted yo see if there was anybody around"Dragon replied. Voltage nodded thinknig it made sense that he would do that. As they walked back Dragon wondering if he acted to quickly when a thought came to him.
"Where are the others" he asked thinking it was weird that it was taking a while
"Not sure. Well just have to wait for them" Voltage replied as they reached there pods. As voltage walked to his Dragon sat down and closed his eyes as they waited for the others to arrive


TDN, Undefined, 15 years ago

TDN stood up, trying to recover from the pounce attack that the creature had inflicted upon him. Touching his armor, he noticed many screatches, but besides that, the armor was still up and running. The creature's attack was quickly intterupted. Somehow it had stopped, and he was thankful for that. If it hadn't stopped, his armor would have been made into a million pieces by now. His eyes was still closed, trying to listen to every single sound that the creature makes, even if they were sounds to distract him. He knew this one was smarter than most Xenos he had faced before. It knew he had a disadvantage when he was using only his eyes. But by attempting to make a sound to distract him, it'll give away its position still, for it can't make any sound without being right on or near the spot where the sound had occurred.

But TDN noticed something else that is now become his disadvantage. His Pulse Rifle had been rendered disfunctional. The creature was indeed intelligent. It had played wisely and waited until it got the chance and went for his weapon instead of him. But he wasn't about to back down. No matter how much the odds are stacked against him, he'll never surrender a fight, especially to these creatures.

His Senses were on high alert, waiting for any move it makes and then he'll strike. A sound of clanking of pipes caught his attention, but he did not respond. This was something he just realized. If the creature was trying to play wisely, any sound that are made, are on purpose, for its attack would be sinlence and swift. He knew it was still trying to distract him until it finally attack, but he shall wait for the real attack to come, and hope that he can survive its initial strike to retaliate.

The strike came after a few more clanking sounds, and this one was suprising. The Xenomorph gnashed out its teeth and tries to bite him. Usually Xenos attack with their second mouth, but this one tries to use its first nouth to attack. He tries to block it with his damaged arm. A searing pain made him almost cream, for the creature's teeth had sinked inside his arm. But something else was causing his pain. It was as if the creature's teeth had contained acid, and the acid could be felt eating through the flesh of his left arm. TDN had only one chance to retaliate, and it was now. No matter how much pain he was suffering, he was not going to stop.

Using his right arm, which still holded his Pulse Rifle, he jabbed it at the creature's head, and pinned it beside a nearby wall. Slowly trying to crush its skull against the wall, he could feel its strenght as it tries to push his arm away. In one move of quick sucession, TDN took out his Pistol the moment he let go of his Pulse Rifle. At point blank range, he shot at least 10 shots from his Pistol, aimed right at the creature's skull. The creature let out a terrifying screech, as it slowly back away. He knew what he did had done the job, or almost at least. It didn't kill the creature, but it came so close. The creature now had only a small amount of strength left, to try to finish him off. His left hand severely damaged now and pratically useless, he could feel the acid coming up his body through his blood vessels, and once again, he dangle his arm down to let the acid drip through his arm and into the floor. He could feel the acid eating through his left arm, leaving almost nothing form it. He gritted his teeth and try not to scream, even if it was unbearable to him. TDN held his Pistol, awaiting the creature's next strike, and when it does, all it will take is a couple more shots and it will die.

"There are five possible operations for any army. If you can fight, fight; if you cannot fight, defend; if you cannot defend, flee; if you cannot flee, surrender; if you cannot surrender, die."

black_warrior, Undefined, 15 years ago

I had gotten my weapons checked the night before the hunt and I was ready, at Doc's orders the rest of the clan got in their droppods and left. I was the last one to leave though, but after taking one last look at myself and my trophy rack i remembered my battle with a tough and worthy predalien when i saw the large scar across my chest and the abnormally shaped dome of an alien on my rack, I figured if i could survive one fight with an alien then i would be okay.............My droppod launched from the clanship at alarming speeds to the planet where we were to go. I cloaked just incase and waited, my droppod hit a large object and punctured the side through the metal almost hitting me in the stomach. I tried to get out of my pod but the door seemed to be jammed, I gathered my strength and burst out of the pod with great force and ran off with my ears $till ringing from the twisted metal of the droppod being punctured.

2 minutes later

There is a slight movement in the sand as a cloaked yautja walks into the duststorm and into the distance to find more of his clanmates, I eventually find C.H. and uncloak realieved that another yautja from balatu was on this planet too. I check my surroundings and see that we are pretty much in the middle of nowhere, even i begin to sweat in the weather as the temp gets warmer and warmer. Beads of sweat drop down from my black armor and bio-helmet making them shine in the blazing sun. I wipe the sweat off and check thermal vision and get nothing, electro and still get nothing, but the only thing i see in predtech is C.H. I sigh and walk towards an old and eroded plateau covered in sand and scout for any unknown objects overhead.

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Angus Alien shook the ache of sleep off his back. The years and years of battle had taken it’s toll on him and his ruined body. He was still the commander of his clan. He deeply respected his Shadow Serpents, and he knew they respected him. But things were different now. He was older, and felt less belonging on the field of battle than before, when he was a young drone.

Angus Alien stands completely upright, extending every muscle he can, including his legendary inner jaws. The rows and rows of jagged steel teeth glisten in the dull hive lighting. The same jaws he had punched a blooded predator’s face in with. Punched clean through the bitter cold mask of steel it wore over it’s ugly face. The sweet taste on blood tricked down his throat.

He wondered if he could still do that, if he had it in him to take on such a deadly enemy, and walk away the victor. He had a very bad feeling about this. He knew, as he shot out of his sleeping chamber on all fours, in search of Predalien 64. At least he could still run fast as a plasma bolt. But would that be enough? This, he didn’t know.


Leader Of The Shadow Serpents.

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After speaking to Dnut along with Drenton they must find the rest of the warriors.

Katam thinks to himself *I hope she can lead them into battle without me i might not make it through this i can feel it this warrior has alot of potentiol* Navyspaz was shocked by what strength this Xeno had and had pushed Katam off him when he regained his corage.

Katam was throwen into the near by rock Navyspaz hid behind.The rock was smashed by the force Katam was throwen at and dust coverd the area."Hell i did'nt expect that from such a small pred" Katam says to himself.Navyspaz walks closer to the dust he was not sure if the Xeno was fine or he had already kiled it."That was easy" Navyspaz said.Just after he had said that Katam flys out of the dust forceing Navyspaz into the canyon wall making an indent were he was foceed into the wall.Katams tail raised high above Navy.the tail was aimed right at Navy and was shot at high spead.At Katuprise his attack ws blocked by Navy simple exstending his spear."Damn he is raly good.I havemore in srote for him yet though".Navyspaz walked forward swining the spear from side to side forceing Katam to retreat backwards...


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Donut awoke in darkness, she stretched her limbs and yawned, drool dripped from her cystalized teeth as she extended her second jaw. Donut rose her head and saught her surroundings, the hive was awake, and many of the xenomorphs were out and about coming inside and outside of the hive. Something seemed wrong though, the hive seemed a bit uprised, almost nervous. Donut sensed something, the hive sensed something, and that something was coming closer every minute. Donut quickly got up and hurried about the hive, she first headed into the queens chamber to greet the alpha male of the hive, Daveberg, "Daveberg, what approaches the hive?" Daveberg looked down at Donut, "Young one, a threat approaches the hive, we have sent scouts out to investigate, but what that threat is we are not sure." Daveberg replied, "Is it those humans again my brother?" "possibly, but it feels larger then that, it could be nothing, but in any case the hive must be prepared." Donut nodded at Daveberg and went off in another direction, she looked for her two comrades Drenton, and AVPFREAK, if there was any trouble, those were the two she was to stick with.

After a small amount of time passed, Donut had found them, "Brothers, a threat is approaching the hive, we must stay together as instructed." The three came together and headed towards the exit of the hive, they all stood and watched the sands of the canyon blow accross the crevices and holes scattered accross the landscape. They all could sense something, it grew and grew, "what is out there.." Whispered Drenton. "I'm not sure..i'm not sure."

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After the long walk back Dragon and the others had made it back to the landing pods where voltage-8000 waited for there return.
"Well how did it go?" he asked hoping nothing to serious had happened
"one casualty. He ran out and fell into a trap.There wasn't anyway to save him. Besides that we managed to kill plenty of marines and destroyed couple turrets thats bout it." Dragon
Allowing the others to take a break Dragon scanned the desert for anything that may have followed them when he noticed a trail of smoke. Finding it would wise to search there voltage,Dragon and the others decided to go there hoping to find good news.


hyroglphsarenice, Undefined, 15 years ago

"DIE YOU MOTHER ****ERS!!!" hyro screamed at the top of his lungs as he fired at anything that wasnt human. his pulse rifle was getting hot in his hands. "Damn" {his pulse rifle was jammed} quickly hyro pulled out his pistol and contuniued the defense against the alien scum.

"We cant hold out for much longer! We need to fall back or get some reinforcments!" yelled hyro at the top of his lungs. but with all the firing of weapons and the blood curtling screams of the xenomorphs hyro had to wonder did anyone even hear him?

(for simplistic use just call me hyro)

xeno_slayer, Undefined, 15 years ago

slayer's drop pod was flying down towards the planet

suddenly a warning alarm sounded
his cooling systems were malfunctioning and he was burning up

slayer knew he had to think fast
he pressed his back agenst the wall ans kiched with all his might agenst the door

it flew off and he jumped down to the planet
as he was falling he caught glimpses oiant plain with a piller of rock jutting out of it

he knew that more than likely he would die when he hit the ground

but somthing broke his fall

it was a grim thing
a pile of corpses
human corpses
but that wasnt all
spirling up the piller was a long dead xenomorph hive and dotted about it were hundreds of dead humans and xenos alike

what happened here? he thought to himself

then he heard a noise
it started as a low rumbeling and then started to get louder
he looked up and the massive balatu clanship soared over him

it was gone just as fast as it had appeared

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Unknown, Undefined, 15 years ago

Dragon roared at the xenos and humans ready to make trophies out of all of them. It had been several hours since Dragon rested and left Voltage, both agreeing it would be smart for Dragon to go ahead and weaken the humans defenses.
Running into fight Dragon leaped up and throwing one of his smart disks at a soldier cutting him in half and slicng a automatic turret in half. Landing besides a yajuta, they started to shoot they're plasma caster into the crowd. Bullets flew by them, one narrowly missing Dragons head but he fought on. Finnaly the xenos got close and Dragon decided it was time to get back
"Lets get out of here! Well come back after" He roared to the other yajuta still firing his plasma caster killing one of the xenos, it's acidic blood spraying on several marines. Nodding in agreement they cloaked again and ran away. They knew they would need more people to fight before they would attempt that again.


predalien_64, Undefined, 15 years ago

64 wondered were his comrades wear his fellow shadow serpents his leader Angus and inferno. He felt good fight along with Angus show what an elite warrior of the shadow serpents can do. The predalien still stood there waiting remembering the past suddenly he heard movement in the dark tunnels he looked to see what is going on he thought it was Katam, but it was his leader Angus. 64 stood and hissed for his attention.

Angus asked what he was doing, 64 answered I’m waiting for Drenton and Quinn Katam told me to tell them to stick together, 64 also said it was good to see him and fighting along side him.


Predalien of the Shadow Serpents

Unknown, Undefined, 15 years ago

Honour In Death had been standing on the ridge in front of his cave-home, watching the Yautja drop pods heading towards the planets surface and being swallowed by the sand-storm. He could remember the dull thumps as they impacted with the earth. The wind whipped past his towering frame, blowing his dreads around his head. Tracing a finger over the NO HONOUR he had carved in his helmet, HiD smiled grimly beneath his mask, today was a good day for a hunt. Today he was going to recover his honour. Today, he would hunt the hard-meat. Sliding his acid-proof wrist-blades in and out to check them, HiD then checked his net gun and slid his speargun into his belt holster. He then attached his combi-stick to his back. Ignoring the swirling sand, HiD let out a roar of challenge to the sky and ran down the hill, quickly disappearing into the storm, heading towards where the pods had landed.

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