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---Balatu Unblooded---

Scar Face, Historian and Technition. Can rig up anything. Can also repurpose technology from any other intelligence. Knows a lot of the histories of the Yautja, Xenomorph, Covenant, Human (from Alien and Predator threads), etc.

Prefers melee weapons. Such as a Yautja Sword, giant AvP style Wristblades, modified acidproof Glaive, Mual that can heat the blade up to 250 degrees ferenheight, and has also reporposed a Covenant sword with Yautja markings on the handle, red recoloring, and much deadlier. Yet the sword is almost never used. If at all he still knows where he put it. He does however have a few long range weapons. A sniper style Speargun, a long range Plasma Caster refitted to have a larger splash range and damage. And a near unlimited supply of expendable Shurikens.

He carries a medicomp, obviously. But Scar Face hasn't taken the time to modify any of it. His COM system, however, can project holograms of who he's speaking to, and is clearer and longer ranged. Scar Face has created a Giga Destruct, it is composed of 3 normal Self Destructs. Its range is that of three added together, that's 900 city blocks. And veiwable clearly from space.

He has much armour. Almost too much. Colored black, dark blue, and blood red. Black overall colour with blue outlines along the edges of each plate. Black helmet with red tiger stripes.

Scar Face is missing one eye, and one madible from a Xenomorph fight that he lost. Hence the nicknames, Scar Face, Scar, or SF. (The name Scarface on Pred:CJ is one word, mine is two)

-=!!!MY SKULL!!!=-


-=!!!MY SKULL!!!=-

-=!!!Close only counts in horse-shoes and hand-grenades!!!=-