Deathdrop, Human, 6 years ago

I'm still amused that the last 15 minutes of War were essentially one big mythology gag; that took commitment. The craziest thing is that it WORKED.

Spider-Man was good when it was Spider-Man and not Iron Man Jr.

James Franco doesn't have an enviable job. Hw the he;ll do you accurately portray the infinite weirdness that IS Tommy Wiseau?

tawganator, Human, 6 years ago

Grrr, I can't stand this! Why are there so many movies coming out that I can't watch?! Being broke is such a drag. Hopefully I can get a job soon because there is no effing way I am not going to the midnight screening of The Last Jedi.

Hunter_Predator, Human, 6 years ago

I do really wanna see Dunkirk, and obviously when Last Jedi comes out, and Justice League. (Unpopular opinion here, I actually really enjoyed Batman vs Superman)

tawganator, Human, 6 years ago

First time I saw BVS I was disappointed because it felt to rushed and cramped. But once I saw the ultimate edition I really enjoyed it. Also I just saw Shin Godzilla and Death Note: Light up the New World. Death Note was good but I frickin' loved Godzilla. Especially his first atomic breath scene and the ending scene.

-Bloo-, Human, 6 years ago

@DW: I bought The Disaster Artist last week. It came in today. I'm 6 pages in and I already cannot believe what the fuck I'm reading. This is prose of the highest level. I hope Tommy's glass of hot water is a recurring joke.

@DD: Yeah, the whole Karen thing is weird. They're over-emphasizing Tony's role to drill it into people's heads that yes, this takes place in the MCU, yes, we finally have Spider-Man back, but the first two scenes are more than enough for that.

Also, is it just me, or was the movie just OK until the last act where things suddenly got serious? I've seen it three times and I enjoyed the majority of the movie less and less each viewing.

@HP: I really hope they take risks with Episode 8. I want this movie to be emotional or at least thought-provoking, like what the prequel's plot was supposed to be like before its narrative got in the way. You can see in the prequel trilogy that there's a heartbreaking story of a kid, Anakin, who was raised to believe he would be great--a kid who ends up broken because he learns that life is not a black-and-white battle of good versus evil, and that no one is actually destined to do anything other than exist and try to make sense of that existence. After a betrayal of his beliefs and the fall of the Jedi, Anakin thinks everything is the opposite of what he originally thought them to be, until his son, Luke, comes around and shows him that you need to make your own destiny. But then Luke gets suckered into the Jedi way of thinking and tries to make things how they were before, but he can't, because you can't force people to be anything. Kylo Ren knew that and rebelled. He didn't become a Sith--not exactly--and he didn't become a Jedi because he knew both sides were wrong.

I don't know anything about the current Star Wars EU, but I really hope they touch on what I think they're hinting at with the whole "Last Jedi" thing. The true path isn't completely light or dark; there's a balance between the two. Even when turning on the lights you're creating shadows, and yet that's fine because that's what gives the world definition: that balance between the two. The Jedi were oppressive monks who kept a certain version of peace, and the Sith were the same. If you get past how terrible the Prequels are, you'll notice that Anakin turned to the dark side because he just wanted to be a normal human. From the beginning he wasn't normal; he was a slave and had no father. He just wanted to fall in love and get married; he wanted people to support him and he just wanted to be a good person without having to hide who he really was. Maybe that's what happened to Kylo Ren, and Luke knows it. He knows he fucked up hard. Kylo Ren fucked up too and that's why he isn't purely evil. They both regret shit. I want to see that regret on screen.

DeathWraith, Human, 6 years ago

I want a KOTOR 2 trilogy.

tawganator, Human, 6 years ago

While I do play SWTOR every now and then I have never played the KOTOR games though I do know the basic story. I did start playing STAR WARS Jedi Knight Jedi Academy but the motion sickness holds me back from any long sessions.

The Old Republic Netfix series, is that something that's happening or just millions of fans crying out at once?

DeathWraith, Human, 6 years ago

SWTOR fucked up the KOTOR story though, everything about Revan is shit now. That's why I want a KOTOR 2 trilogy and not a KOTOR 1 trilogy. That AND because the story of the exile and the accidental Sith that formed around the First Mandalorian War is so much more interesting than that of Revan, which was a pretty basic Sith story about a Jedi fighting a war and becoming obsessed with power until SWTOR turned it into ooooooOOOOOooOOOOOOOo SOME SPOOKY ARTEFACT INFLUENCED HIS MIND FOR SOME REASON OOOOoooooOOOOooooOOO. Also everyone wanted Revan to be female and they made him male so fuck that.

That said, KOTOR is a better game than KOTOR 2, which is unfinished and so some things don't fit together and some quests are bugged and others just don't have the ending, but the revelations (as they were back when it was canon) the game brings about how a Jedi works and how dangerous the Force actually is are worth a playthrough.

DarkLioness, Human, 6 years ago

As much as I liked KOTOR 1 I felt that KOTOR 2 was better although I was still disappointed with the bugged quests and unanswered questions the series left. They could've kept a certain air of mystery and still revealed certain things about the Jedi and Sith yet they really didn't. The second game was too rushed in my opinion as far as development goes, they should've taken their time with the game. Hence why the game crashed all the damn time and had some of the worst glitches I've even seen in a game.

Peterson, Human, 6 years ago

meh personally enjoyed SWTOR, while i agree it fucked the revan story all in all wasnt too bad havent played in about 6 months, just got a new PC so looking to eventually get back into SWTOR

Deathdrop, Human, 6 years ago

The most interesting thing about the "old" Star Wars EU, to me, was the utter lunacy of some of it. Like, back before anyone really knew what they were doing with the franchise, and you had the pen-and-paper RPG makers adding things like freaky teddy bear-lookin' hive mind organisms that get smarter the more of them there are, or Star Dragons right out of a D&D campaign, or a 6-foot green carnivorous rabbit man.

It made the galaxy really feel like a GALAXY, because the tone, design and aesthetic of the constituent parts varied so wildly; it was so consistently inconsistent, and yet the glorious Uber-Nerds who wrote the handbooks and such found ways to make it all fit together.

I mean, between the comics, video games, RPGs, reference books, novels, short stories, TV shows, theme park rides, commercials, flash games, audio plays, trading cards, and... Oh, right, the FUCKING MOVIES, Star Wars had probably the most sprawling EU of any franchise.

The sheer balls it took to go "No, see, this shit is ALL CANON. Yes, even the Christmas Special" is genuinely admirable. Someone had to come up with an explanation for why Darth Vader's chest panel buttons were slightly different colors between movies, and you know what? They probably had a good time doing it.

The new EU is pretty cool thus far, but it's a little too 'clean' for me, y'know? You can tell Disney is going through it with a fine toothed comb to prevent things like this getting in:

Gaunt, Human, 6 years ago

Who came up with the title for Thread 18?
It sounds like Bloo's work ........................ BLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOuuuuueeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhueeeeeee-huehue~

Yes, I'm alive ;^o

DeathWraith, Human, 6 years ago

Gaunt did I host your sig on photobucket or did you?

tawganator, Human, 6 years ago

Another loss this year in Harry Dean Stanton at age 91. I'm sure everyone here remembers him from his role as Brett in Alien or from one of his many many roles over the course of his acting career. It's always sad when we loose someone that played a part in our time growing up but it's good to see that he lived such a long and very filled life.

DeathWraith, Human, 6 years ago

I have a confession to make. I don't know any of the human characters' names in the entire history of Aliens and Predators other than Ellen Ripley.

tawganator, Human, 6 years ago

Yeah I'm not good with names unless they are main characters and even then I'm not always 100% on what their names are. Even to this day I go "Oh yeah it's that guy" when watching Game of Thrones waiting for someone to mention their name so I can forget it by the time the next episode comes out.

DeathWraith, Human, 6 years ago

I used to call all the Game of Thrones characters by made up names. I think I called Jaime "Alistair" because he reminded me of the Dragon Age character. I also remember I called Bran "Ezio" and Ned Stark "Boromir" for obvious reasons.

tawganator, Human, 6 years ago

If for some reason I knew the actor's name that is usually what I would call them. Like Peter Dinklage, Charles Dance and Sean Bean. The only character I had no problem remembering was Hodor for obvious reasons. Speaking of which, who else cried during the hold the door scene?

DeathWraith, Human, 6 years ago

Oh right, I called Tywin "The Final Boss".

DarkLioness, Human, 6 years ago

The Final Boss is now the Night King and yes I cried during the hold the door scene. Of all the deaths in Game of Thrones Hodor's was one of the saddest and is a even tie with Lady's unjust death. I didn't watch Game of Thrones because I thought the show was utterly depressing although I've since become interested in the show now. But I'm wondering if anyone is going to talk about the other dragon eggs or not. Like, no one is seriously gonna say "Oh hey we should probably look up the rest of those eggs now"?

Also Sonny Landham from Predator died :(