Iseijin's WIP pile (Updated)

Iseijin, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

I started on these sketches for Iseijin's profile and I want to ensure I have a good honk of alien experts' (that you all) critiques before I go on the final version - which will be used, and linked, for future forum RPGs.

I'm mostly concerned about the weight and with certain movement options. For one, I have at her close to 300lbs (about 240lbs at least), though I think it may be a bit too heavy for her body type; she's supposed to be a runner, sort of feline-esque feel, but at the same time I'm not certain how chitin is weighed or what sort of mass it has!

The human/yautja height comparison is with a 5'8'' human as the base model. The problem here is that she may be a bit too big for humans, but if I made her any smaller she may end up too small for yautja - trying to find a happy medium here.

My other peeve may be the location of the head on the neck, though xenomorphs don't see in the traditional sense I lowered her neck/head to give a more aerodynamic feel, at the same time it may feel... forced, as though the head weighs too much. How does it look to you at first glance? Normal, or annormally located? I want her to pull her head back when she rears (she is able to walk/run on two legs though not for long - too much frontal body weight) and still keep her head up because it's how she 'sniffs' the air for pheromones.

It's not drawn here, but I've also thought about omitting the tubes to give her a sleeker appearance. Yay or nay?


Deathdrop, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

I think it looks pretty good; the running in particular looks natural. I like the fact that it;s different from "vanilla" xenos without becoming a ridiculous animal hybrid.

I would leave the tubes just because I think that would look cool while the xeno runs.

Mebber, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Woha, looks awesome. I especially like the tail, it adds something special.
I wouldn't remove the tubes entirely too, but maybe shorten them to decrease it's front-profile while running on four legs.

Personally i'd try to make the abdomen and legs a bit more bony. But that's just a matter of taste, this way the alien really looks very feline.

AmerthystBlades, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

I like the way the green one appears to be rearing up. Almost as if it is going to stand on two legs. Thumbs up keep up the good work!

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

DD's comment sums up my opinion perfectly. I think its proportions in comparison to humans is fine - it's like hunting a rabid space bear.

Iseijin, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Yeah, I'm iffy about the tubes' length as well. I may need to shorten them, or at least flatten them a bit more so as to not obstruct her movements when she's crawling in a tight space; I wouldn't think they'd be an aerodynamic problem. I'll keep it in mind.

Or maybe push them further back so that they sit at at the top of the abdomen and not directly on the shoulder blades. They were supposed to act as cat whiskers whereupon Iseijin would know if she can slip her body through, especially the thick end of the tail, because the width the tubes create is roughly the same width as the tail's. If the tubes pass, then the rest of her can as well.

Also, my signature links to my user profile which will be Iseijin's official profile page as well. This is to be used primarily for reference for RPGs. It's a WIP (work in progress) currently, but hopefully I'll get get it finished in a week or two.

Shadowwall, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

This needs a signature topic revive, awesome work

FireHunter, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Why not have the tubes assume an almost blade-like appearance for aerodynamic purposes? perhaps folded back for again, aerodynamic purposes. Either way, it looks awesome, I'd love to see it finished!

Iseijin, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

See, I thought about making the tubes mobile, that they would fold back when running and spring forward when still, and though they already do that a bit I didnĀ“t want to needlessly complicate the design further. My initial idea was to omit the tubes altogether and give her a single, large spine that folded over her back that would be used to impale still living victims and drag them back to the Hive since.

I may revisit that idea, actually. Or sketch smaller tubes that actually fold fully for a more aerodynamic, streamlined feel.

Gaunt, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

For the tubes on her back you could make them in tune with Iseijins breathing and movements, where they retract down towards her carapace when she breathes in and raise back to their original postition when breathing out.

It's not that aerodynamic (dependant on the angles and postitions you'd choose to retract), but it plays on the whole 'unknown personification of biology' theorem, as far as Xenomorphs are concerned.

It could give good imagery of your character when she's about to sprint ('assaulting the target, 1 mile ahead, deep breath, spines retract, claws grip ect').

Iseijin, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Alright, figured since I started posting doodles here I may as well keep going.

I did say I wanted to play a Preddy and here's my current muse. A Bad Blood (not a wolf/super Predator) named Ti'sobe. His primary weapon is a harpoon on his wrist gauntlet that he impales his victims with and draaaaags them closer to later sink hooks into their chests and gut and dangle them up trees, slowly bleeding them to death. His latest focus is hunting, and decapitating, female Yautja.

I have a penchant for playing antagonists. The appeal of a villain is greater, especially in such an honor-strict society. Though don't get me wrong, I'm not playing a Bad Blood just because it's "cool", but because of the psychological impact they create on themselves and their society.


Waralien, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Thats pretty sweet man.

Iseijin, Xenomorph, 11 years ago

Thanks, though now that I look at it fresh in the morning I sorta am iffy about certain design aspects, and realized I overlooked others. For example, though he has the harpoon gauntlet I've designed no method for him to 'reel in' the victim - so I'll have to create a mechanism on his back that rolls up the chain. And that, forgot to add a chain to the harpoon itself. Or straps to hold the hooks without impaling himself. Oi, that's what I get for rushing.

Shadowwall, Xenomorph, 10 years ago

How do you draw this ?

DeathWraith, Xenomorph, 10 years ago

Just thought I'd mention that Iseijin is not a man.