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It let out a howl as it struggled against its bonds. "Impossible, how could they do this? Who in the nine hells would authorize this?" uttered Yakjar in amazement. For chained in front of him was a predalien. Cautiously he stepped forward, and as he did this, he felt a tile fall down under his weight. "Oh, hell no" Yakjar yelled. The predalien shrieked as it leapt at him! Yakjar punched out smashing it right in the jaw and it flew back and slid across the floor; picking itself up it launched its tail at Yakjar, grabbed his leg then flipped him onto his back, then jumped on top of him and started biting at his mask. Yakjar pulled out his combistick, stabbed it in its head, and then extended it. It screamed as the razor-sharp point drove through its head.

It slumped over and Yakjar stood up wondering why a door to the outside hadn't opened yet. Then it hit him, it wasn't dead yet. The predalien leapt onto Yakjar from behind and clawed at his back, tearing off predator flesh in big chunks. Yakjar reached back, grabbed the predalien's head, and then threw it across the room and it smashed against the wall. God, that hurt, he thought as he pulled out his wrist blades; he ran at the hybrid monster and slammed his blades into its chest, ripped them up, then pulled them out. "That oughta fix 'em." Yakjar said as he pulled off his mask, spat on the body, then put it back on. He turned around and saw what he had feared, the door was still closed. "Aww, come o-" Yakjar never finished because the predalien shrieked out in a loud voice and bit him in the shoulder.

"C'mon dammit, DIE!" Yakjar yelled as the pain zinged up his shoulder. Enraged at his enemy's longevity he grabbed its head, and then threw it against the wall. Then, while holding it with his left, he pounded its head in. He smashed again and again, not even stopping to check if it was dead. Trembling he let his arm fall. Then to his horror the predalien shot its feet out catching him in the chest. As he staggered back and let out a roar he ran forward, grabbed it's and threw it across the room. There was a sickening crunch as it hit the wall then slid down; it slowly lifted up its body, and then Yakjar too k a look at his handiwork. The predalien had two long gashes running up its chest, its head was horribly bruised, and blood sizzled on the floor, oozing out of its many wounds. It screeched and lunged at Yakjar, tail first. Seeing an opening he took it, he grabbed its tail, and then reeled it into his fist. He then tossed it behind him and pulled out his disk, threw it, and watched with a ghost of a smile on his lips as it turned the predalien's tail into a stump. As it landed it spun around and then froze.

Yakjar whispered to himself, "What is it doing?" Then he found out, all too late. There was a loud crunch then the floor crumbled beneath him and his nemesis. "Uuugh, my head, where am I?" He scanned the area and could only growl at what he saw. For what lay before him made his blood boil, because lining the walls were hundreds of predators. They had large cuts and holes in their chests, and on their faces. He then looked over at the predalien and, in his anger, he roared in a loud voice, "You monster!" He snarled, charging his way toward it, his anger blinded him.

The predalien jumped up, double kicked Yakjar in the stomach, back flipped, and then lunged forward tackling him. Realizing his folly he pushed it off then kicked, grabbed it by the throat, and then punched it, breaking its jaw. It let out a gurgled and hissed, blood started to well up and out of its mouth. Dropping the creature as if it were on fire, he quickly took an anti-acid rag and wiped off the blood. Then with hatred gleaming in his eyes, Yakjar tore out his combistick and stabbed it in the chest, and then twisted abruptly, laughing in his triumph. "Ha ha ha ha, HA HA HA HA HAAA, rest in pieces bitch!" He hoisted its body onto his good shoulder, and then walked out of the now open doors into the bright sunlight, glad that his arduous trial was finally over…

I hope you enjoyed, I actually wrote a lot for this. Hope you like :)

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am I allowed to start my new series here? Im not going to post my new series tell im sure im allowed to. I made a fresh start in my profile, check my profile out., no nevermind, im just going to post them here.

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Two years have past since the last time shadow serpents had terrorised the humans on LV-896. Recently, the queen started giving birth to newly spawned xenomorph eggs. One of the face huggers had emerged from one of the eggs and went off wondering off in the compound area to explore its surrounding. One day, a Weyland Yutani ship arrives on LV-896, while all the other xenomorphs are fast asleep. One of the soldiers had found a face hugger fast asleep and then attempts to capture and contain it. After the soldier successfully contains the face hugger in the ship, the ship leaves and the face hugger is still fast asleep. By the time the specimen woke up, the face hugger finds itself inside a room with 12 colonial marines and 17 other random patients strapped down in a chair with a glass tube in there chest but one of the patients looked like a Yautja! The face hugger then chooses the Yautja to impregnate. Two hours have past and the Yautja then soon awakens to find a dead face hugger on the ground next to him, then the Yautja begins struggling violently and screaming in pain. Then, a predalien chestburster emerges, but not just any chestburster. This chestburster was a acid spitting predalien king alien chestburster. Weyland Yutanies scientist had implanted king alien DNA and acid spitter DNA with the chestburster in the Yautja! The creature then looks around the room slowly. Then one of the scientists says " congratulations Mr.Weyland, you did it, you finally did it! But then the chest burster begins pounding on one of the vents and escapes. This makes the scientists panic in fear and they then evacuate to the ships in the facility, leaving the marines unaware of whats going on. Then one of the marines finds one of the doors have been opened up mysteriously. He then investigates out side for any intruders, finds nothing. Then as he turns around he finds the acid spitting predalien runner behind him. The creature then uses acid spit on his face before he had the chance to scream. Then the creature rushes into the cargo of one of the ships in the facility. The ship then leaves to go back to the planet LV-896 for investigation. By the time they got there, the shadow serpents gaze into the cold night sky to find a ship flying uncontrollably and on fire, crashing into the cold ground. The blue queen gazes at the ship to find the creature emerging from the ship. Waralien then attempts to rush towards the creature and kill it. But the blue queen then smacks Waralien, making him fly up in the air and crash into one of the trees in the forest. She then picks up the creature and examines it from toe to head. She hisses as if she where saying "i like this one". She then puts the creature down carefully on the ground and invites the creature into the hive as we know it. The creature then joins with the shadow serpents and serves the queen with respect, and the creatures name forever more was Shockwave Because of its great size and power and its punches and pounces creating big shockwaves. It is also known for making large roars loud enough to make your ears bleed . One common characteristic about shockwave is that his skin color is deep black. HE has many black spikes coming out of his back, forehead, arms, knees, and elbows. Halve of his face was burned by a Yautja's plasma caster. His height is 10 feet . Weights 230 pounds. Length is 20 ft. Shockwave also has acid pouches for the ability acid trap. Most of all, the age of shockwave is currently 2 years old

Staus: a king alien

This is me if I were in the AVP universe. All the credit goes to -Bloo- for the clan name and the planets name.

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story 3...the rival.......One day, shockwave stares into the cold night sky..wondering " what is my purpose in life?" "Why was I created?" ...shockwave just wondered every single night about that same thought. Then one night...a ship comes crashing down, a interesting new breed of crusher emerged from the ship..reminding him of when he first arrived at LV-896 . This took great interest in shockwave and he then picked up the creature and examined it carefully. The creature was still in its chestburster stage...3 hours later shockwave becomes comepletly bored with it and drops it and returns to the shadow serpent hive to have human ribs for dinner. Shockwave is the blue queens most favorite assasin and second hand warrior. The crusher then followed shockwave back to his hive and by the time shockwave got to the shadow serpent base..he turns around seeing that same chestburster behind him, shockwave then offers him a rib.the creature accepts it and runs off. 2 weeks have past since the last time shockwave and so called ultimate xeno ( i call him UX for short) met. It is now night time and while shockwave is sleeping 2 miles away from the hive on top of a hill..shockwave sees a giant..scary looking crusher. THIS THING WAS HALF AS BIG AS GODZILLA! ABOUT 5 FEET LARGER THEN SHOCKWAVE( because shockwave is a king alien and king aliens are as big as four queens) It lets out a large roar and charges at shockwave...rather then retreating..shockwave charges back at it..attempting to kill it with its tale. The two fight vicously and injure each other really bad.. the two take a break to heal.. 2 minuts later a weylend yutani ship, a big ship comes to attempt to capture these ultra rare and powerfull creature. Weyland Yutani appears and remembers both specimens. Weyland then says " ah, I remember you both, especially you both. Out of all my failed attempts to creat the most powerful xenomorphs in the universe.. you two were the first to be a great succes to that goal.. you should be grateful, im sorry but now I guess ill be taking you both back to my station. Shockwave and UX looked at each other and looked back, the scientists are surprised that they both are so smart that they understand English! But then the two team up and start destroying the giant ship, but Weyland Yutani escapes in one of the emergency escape ships. But the two destroyed a whole army of tanks, ships and the Weyland Yutanni ship together. It then turns dark and stare back at each other, besides attempting to kill eachother, the two retreat back to there homes. Shockwave hisses these famous words " one shall stand..one shall fall" Thats when the rivally begins, the most epic battle in the universe......has just began!

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story three....... Shockwave hisses " i live to serve you and only you my queen". The queen hisses " you see that boys, this is the kind of respect i want from all of you"! Shockwave hisses " my queen, what is todays main objective?" The queen growls " we have heard reports of our alpha runner xenomorph that a large crusher is heard smashing through building and mini towns". Him agian, my rival, my enemy " shockwave growls". Destroy those nasty worms, please shockwave, you are the strongest and smartest member of the shadow serpent clan, do not fail me please" hissed the blue queen. (shockwave makes it to Hadly's Hope) Shockwave then spots a big red flying queen from the UX clan( there clans name is unknown for now) Once the two make eye contact, the fight viciously, but shockave is to fast and smart, making the red flying queen unable to attack! ( this is not the main queen of UX's clan) Shockwave then breaks hundreds of the queens bones and throws it on the ground, taring of its head and roars loudly. But then, UX appears to see that shockwave has killed one of UX's commanders! But shockwave uses ultra sonic raor on UX, making UX flying 200ft in the air sending him off 5 miles off. This gives shockwave time to escape. My queen, I have just picked up some facehugger eggs that are mutant ones! We could use them to make a powerfull new breed of xeno for our army, shockwave hisses. Good job shockwave, but did you kill UX hissed the blue queen. No, sorry, i dont want to fight him though, Im trying to make direct contact with him but all he does is attack me, hissed shockwave. Very well, that is your choice if you want to keep his heart beating or not, growled the blue queen. NEW OBJECTIVE FOR CHAPTER 4: FIND UX ALIVE.......................

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chapter 4.....a rising friendship......... Yes my queen, hissed shockwave. Once agian, we have heard reports of a huge crusher with two other big crushers waiting at a small conpound for you, growled the blue queen. How do you know he's waiting for me, hissed shockwave. Because i spoke with the night runners clan queen(UX's clan) and she said UX wants to meet up with you, growled the queen. Shockwave then makes his way to the small compound. "well well well, big bad bug actually showed up", hissed UX. " look, if your going to kill me then do it quick cause im not fighting any one today"! roared shockwave. "OH no,no,no, i just want to have a little chat with you" hissed UX. Look, i just feel like we have a stong connection with each other, hissed UX. " yeah, your face, and my fist", hissed shockwave. No, what im trying to say is that I feel like that we are both related to one another, that we are brothers" hissed UX. Yeah, I feel the same way too, hissed shockwave. And why do you have body guards, hissed shockwave. in case you do anything stupid, hissed UX. One of the guards looses his patients and charges at shockwave, but UX grab the body guard, slices his leg off, and smashes his skull with his head. You killed one of our men!, roared the second body guard. He then is about to kill UX until shockwave jumps infront of him and saves his life and staps the body guard with his dagger like claws, lifting him off the ground. NO BODY KILLS UX EXCEPT ME!!! Shockwave then uses his shockwave powers to electricute him to death. With shockwaves hand still in his stomach, he then grabs the body guards spinal cord and ripes it out. The only reason my queen is agianst your clan is because sh is trying to make peace with it but your queen is blinded by rage and keeps refusing the offer, farewell my friend, hissed shockwave. Shockwave then starts jumping hundreds of feet in the air multiple times back to his hive and UX just runs back to his hive hoping his queen wont get mad. Plz check out UX's profile, UX=ultimate-xeno

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chapter 5...... an evil truth..... Shockwave is found now searching through a large abandoned Weyland Yutani base looking for clues why he was created.. But shockwave's tale accidentally presses a button on a link pad that plays Weyland Yutani's voice. " As of now, we are working on project X and Project S. 7 weeks ago, project S(shockwave) and and Project X(UX) landed on BG-896. Here is the truth about the two. One day, one of our scientists finds the last two xenomorph eggs on LV-426. We injected both facehuggers with special chemichals that gave them powers. Project X had the power to control fire and project S had the power to control lightning. The two specimans are actually twins, in other words, brothers. But first we had to seperate the two to see what would happen if they had direct eye contact with eachother. Just as planed, they tried to murder eachother. But project S was a failed experiment, Project X was a great succes. So we inject project S with this chemicals that will make him slowly die. He has about 3 weeks to live for now ( a week has passed) We must never let project X know that project S is his brother, and that Project S is going to die. Project S has the power were every time he eats, he grows twice as big as his own size and height, Project S must not be allowed to live. Of course we killed the originall queen that spawned them, it all must remain a secret. We hope project X becomes a king alien just like Project S. Weyland Yutani, building better worlds. This makes shockwave very sad. He then walks to the ship he emerged from when he first arrived at BG-896 and just waits tell his last 2 weeks have past. Will shockwave ever find away to cure his disease, we will find out in chapter 6

Please dont delete these, i worked super hard on these. UX, post your stories here, copy and paste them in your post if you have to.

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I'm so sorry, but it is late, and I am slightly drunk.



Act 1 - The predator stands on the veranda, smoking a cigarette and considering the broken vase.

The Alien enters.

ALIEN: She's keeping the baby.

The Predator stands in silence.

ALIEN: I know we've had our differences-

PREDATOR: It was an expensive vase. Manufactured in 1952, I think.

ALIEN: I wish you would listen to me.

Close-up of the Predator's face.

PREDATOR: You're not saying anything interesting.

The Alien shakes his head, holding back his anger.

PREDATOR: You never say anything interesting.

ALIEN: You don't find it interesting that she's keeping the baby?

The Predator turns, his mask of sanity slipping away as swiftly as a whore's childhood dreams.

PREDATOR: No I don't.

ALIEN: What do you want-

PREDATOR: I'd like you to stop your badgering and your nonsense. I'd like you to get out of my house.

The Alien starts toward the door.

ALIEN: God help us both.

The Alien lifts a pistol to his head and pulls the trigger.

The Predator turns. Long, continuous shot of the Predator taking a drag of his cigarette.



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By the fires light:prologue

A marine runs out of fear. He could smell it. That smell of blood. That smell that stinked and yet it smelled like iron.
He felt his fear. It never stopped following him. The beast was still following him. He had his weapons lost and he was freaked out.

He was going to need some help soon. He was in a jungle. A dark jungle. So dark that you could not see your own foot. But this did not help,for the beast that followed him could see in the dark with its mask on.

The man ran. He had to search for 8 flares,because that would give enough light for the chopper to notice where he was.

Not because he had no weapons the beast would not attack him,actauly the "thing" was after the man because he had proven to stand a chance. And now there he was:running from the beast...

He had found a flare and saw that the beast was not behind him anymore. It was gone. He was now calmed but only a bit. He could still feel the fear... As if it would never leave...the fear that was not going to stop facing him untill he would have stopped the "thing".... Or atleast made a draw...

"Motherfucker..." The marine thought to himself. He did not light the flare but instead searched for the other 7. "Fucking weyland.... Sends me and my best friends to get his fucking job done..... Well gues what. That thing is still alive and my friends are dead." He thought to himself.

He saw a abandoned building. But he knew something was wrong.... Something just said to not do that... To not get in that building and sucked into the eternal darkness. The dark hallways looked like they where haunted. But he did not believe in ghosts... He believed in close encounters...

He knew something was following him in that building.... But he just didn't want to look at it... The "monster" was probably going to close him in .... But there was his friends,Kyle, gear in there. He saw it. The gear. One flare,a pistol and a pulse rifle.

He had 2 flares and just as he wanted to walk out his fear took him over. He saw the beast. It came out of nothing. Like he uncloaked himself right when he wanted to walk out of that door. It had alot of strong armor and dreads and most of all... A creepy mask... A mask that always scared the fuck out of him.

It walked towards him. The man took his pulse rifle and fired it at the beast. Altough the thing did feel the impact it was almost like it felt no pain. And the man kept firing but his friend had used quite some ammo too so he quickly ran out of bullets.

Now the fear was intense. It stopped the man from moving. The man froze from the fear. Because what he saw next he would never forget his whole life again.

The head of Kyle was showed to his face..... With its eyes out of its head and its mouth opend with blood dripping from it.

"Kyle... Kyle...." He saw no way to escape untill his eyes got used to the dark alleys. He saw a flare at a window and ran for the window as he grabbed the flare while jumping out of it. He was lucky that they where on the first floor. The fall was not to hard. He looked back out of the window and saw the thing look out of the window.

It used its vocal mimicry to say something in a monsterlike voice. It recorded the sound in a deep and slow voice. It said "i want you."

The man now had 3 flares and only 4 to go. He was so fucking scared that he almost wanted to put the pistol to his face. But he knew that he could make it. There it was! Another flare. And more ammo. He took the flare and the ammo and suddenly felt a chill run over his spine...

He saw the predator uncloak himself and take his neck. He wanted to choke the marine and the marine took his pistol. Out of pure instinct he pointed at the things face and pushed the trigger.

He now took a run as he saw that the only thing it did was make the bastard let go of him. He ran to a crashed car and saw another flare. He wanted to take it and right after he took it he felt a pain in his chest. The monster uncloaked itself and you could see that he had stomped his chest.

He saw the thing try to stab him with blades coming out of its wrists. Before it had succesfully stabbed him he rolled over to the legs and shot them with his pistol. Immedeatly the monster cloaked himself and ran to a tree.

The marine had found 2 more flares both of dead friends that had died during the fight. Now he lighted all the flares. He thought he made it.

Weylands helicopter had found him but even before they could get down they already saw a fire errupt from the jungle where the man should be.

The thing had used plasma shots to create fire with the grass. The marine was closed in by a ring of flames and he saw something circling around the flames. Then it stepped in the ring. Even though the fire would feel like fucking hell the thing walked like it was nothing. Fear took over the soldier as it recorded the same disoriented sound "i want you...."
It stabbed the man and recorded "and i got you...."

The man was then thrown away and its skull was taken by the monster. The fire was like the flames if hell around the monster as it roared in pleasure to see it had killed the the ultimate threat. Now the flames became bigger as if the monster was controling them. The flames where bloody red while they should have been orange and the fire engulfed the forest....

"By the fires light"

Chapter 1:my friend?

Carrely was a strong, 25 year old, female. She grew in the city and she had quite her job in weyland and now lived on her own. She had a call from an old friend of hers (the man from above) and went to the forest to visit

ultimate-xeno, Human, 11 years ago


UX had grown tired of waiting for shockwave to show. he had been sitting there for the past 4hours. he finnaly decided to return to his hive. about an hour later he reached his destinstion, when he entered the hive the queen hissed "did you kill shockwave?" UX responded,"no my queen. he did not show, therefore i could not claim his life." the queen hissed, "hmmm, he is smarter than i thought. he must of expected as much of us. you shall move in closer to their hive and draw him out to fight you, also you shall be acomponied by 2 of your fellow crushers." UX hissed, "yes my queen." UX and the 2 other crushers took of towards the hive. when they reached shockwaves hive hive they all 3 of them started hissing to lure out shockwave to fight him. the 3 heard loud stomping. UX hissed to the other crushers, "here he comes get ready!!". out off the hive came not what they expected it was not shockwave but a pitch-black praetorian. the praetorian ran towards UX who started to charge at the praetorian. the pratorian quicklly jumped over UX and turned around. UX looked back, turned around and let out a huge roar. the praetorian hissed at UX, "if you wish to find shockwave you must search other than here. for he has not returned for three days." UX nodded at the praetorian an ran back towards his hive.


Edit:: there shockwave i made into ch.4

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UX, read the last post on page 4 in this thread, there was a chapter you probably missed so you can make the story you just wrote chapter 4 instead of chaptr 3. Becuase if it were chapter 4 then it would match the last chapter I wrote. in that chapter i did show up and yes, in the next chapter you write, shockwave is suppossed to be gone for one week, so please read my chapter 4 on page four on this thread. just to let you know budy. : )

ultimate-xeno, Human, 11 years ago

thanks shockwave for letting me know.

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By the fires light: chapter 2: where is the death?

The woman walked out of the building and she felt a chill run over her spine. She looked in a tree and saw something moving in there... Something blurred...

But whut teh faq? The woman doesn't believe in ghosts so why even try to scare her? She walked to a tunnel in hope she would find her friend. She walked..... And walked.... Untill finaly she saw something. It was... A corpse of her friend....

"Who! What the fuck is this?" She thought. Suddenly she saw something appear out of nowhere...

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Midnights contempt Chapter 5

I am Tenebris, and I am what all of these people fear. They continued to scream at me, to curse me and to hold me in contempt. I drank in these sounds, the cries of the people and the fear I inspired but my instincts began to appear before me. I leaped from the carcass that was my home. I slithered from this chaos and found a vent, small enough for me.

When I looked back, I saw one human with a a weird tool. He held it in one hand and it was small and silverish black. It had a handle and an opening in the larger part. He was aiming it at where I originally was. Something was wrong with it and I felt danger from it.

It was then that I smelled something, something that I have never smelled before but it was alluring, as if it was a beacon for me. I slithered towards this place, intent on discovering what it was that was calling me. It was a long journey and I eventually made it into the wilderness. What type of world did I live in, where such things could tower above me and yet were unliving. I had no hatred for them because they had nothing to hate.

They were just dead, no purpose in life at all. I then found it. It looked like the human settlements only this one was abandoned and weird substance covered it completely. Was it this substance that allured me? Yes it was, I entered into the abandoned settlement and what I found amazed me.

The substance was everywhere and amongst other things as well. Humans were encased in this substance, holes in there chests, some even still alive. But what amazed me the most was what was roaming around this different world. They were tall, taller than any human I've ever seen, they were almost completely black and they had a intimidating look, appearing more like tools of death rather than living organisms. The only part of them that didn't look sharp and deadly was their heads which was a smooth looking dome or a ridged dome. But they didn't create fear in me, they created a sense of belong, of being part of a greater power. Was this what I was, a monster? No wonder the humans feared us.

"Where am I?" I felt young speaking here where the older dominated. But one of them, of us, replied to me. With one word. Hive.

supersonicman96, Human, 10 years ago

Hey Krio, I know I'm a hypocrite for saying this, but I really enjoy your story and would very much like to read more =).

DarkLioness, Human, 10 years ago

Hmmmm interesting story there supersonic.

supersonicman96, Human, 10 years ago

Thanks DL, now if only I wasn't so lazy that I could continue to write.

DarkLioness, Human, 10 years ago

Well take your time you don't want to rush yourself.