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Egypt, Biblical times,
The slave driver was running, he was bleeding, and his arm was cut to the bone. Looking behind himself frantically he continued running. The creature was chasing him. The thermal vision allowed him to track his prey. The slave driver stopped thinking he lost the creature and then something grabbed him from behind. Lifted him up, and looked at him. The driver was petrified, the predator uncloaked. The beast was at least seven foot ten inches. His skin was covered in burns and scars, A skull on his right shoulder. His armor covered his chest and a cold steel mask covered his face. He clicked and turned the human left and then right and with one quick move the skull and spinal cord off of his body. The limp human body dropped to the ground. The predator put the skull on his belt and recloaked. Running into the desert. He hit a button and a large ship appeared. He walked in and recloaked it. Clicking he cleaned the new trophy. First skinning it and cleaning the rest of the skin and flesh off by putting it in a small cauldron of acid
Nearby the pyramids were being built. The slave drivers their whips bloody and the Jewish pushing rocks up the slopes to the top of the pyramid. The predator watched the slave drivers whip the slaves and clicked. He was here for trophies, for blood. For millennia his species had hunted on this backwater planet… Earth. He looked at his trophies on the wall. Many human trophies and in the center… an Alien queen. He roared. And grabbed his weapons, a plasma gun, a net gun, and a few other tools. And stormed out of his ship.
He cloaked and looked around he ran towards to pyramids. The predator looked at the Pyramids, and turned on thermal vision, looking around he was disgusted by these Humans, using each other for work, After all they were the backwater species, He was happy to fight them. He roared and leapt up onto the small unfinished tomb, he looked around, and he chose his next target. The head slave driver was a cruel, remorseless Killer. He was going to enjoy this fight. Leaping off of the perch and looking over he saw him, in his hut. Clicking he walked over to the window and leapt in and threw the leader against the wall. The predator was thrown off of him and kicked to the far wall. Leaping up he roared and ran towards him smashing the driver against the wall breaking clean through it sending the women and children screaming in panic. They both crawled up and the Slave driver looked at his arm loosely hanging and with a sickening crunch cracked it back in. and he leapt at the predator this time. And began choking him. The predator kicked him off and the slave driver ran right at him and he felt something in his abdomen. Looking down he gave a slight whine as the predator was feeling around in his torso and pulled his spine out of the hole with the skull. Another trophy he roared and cloaked. Looking around for more prey.

Meanwhile up at the Pharaohs temple the guards had brought in a slave. “Tell the Pharaoh what you told us.” They demanded. The pharaoh’s face turned sour. “Why, why do you bring him here?” “Because mighty Pharaoh, they head slave driver has been murdered, by a Demon! “Preposterous… must’ve just been a Slave that got a hold of a weapon. That’s all.” “But sire, there is nothing on God’s green earth that could’ve killed him. “THAT IS ALL.” The pharaoh’s voice boomed as he reached for his staff, “GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!”

The predator’s head turned as he looked at the temple. ‘Get---Out-Of---My-----Sight’ the predator mimicked. He Roared and Mimicked again ‘GET-OUT-OF-MY-SIGHT’ and turned around blowing a huge hole into a guards chest. He was going to set up camp here. He ran towards the outskirts of the pyramid. And grabbed something out of his bag. A small metal cylinder with a button on it. Pressing the button a small shelter had been created. And lighting a fire he clicked. Turning the shelter’s cloaking device on and falling asleep for another night. In the morning he crawled out of the metal shelter and looked at the pyramids in the distance. It was just before dawn. He cracked his neck and ran towards the village.

The pharaoh awoke in his satin bed. Surrounded by incense to make a Smokey look to the room. He yawned and walked to the dining room and, like every day he had a large breakfast waiting for him. Complete with the purest water they could find and the heartiest meals they could make. After he had eaten he looked in his grand hall, to see 2 skinned bodies hanging on the onning. He ordered his guards to cut them down. “Who were they” The pharaoh asked. “Two of the best men in your personal guard.” Then throughout the halls they heard the pharaoh’s Voice GET-OUT-OF-MY-SIGHT! The guards said “Who’s there.” It said it again. Then it happened, quick as a flash. The guard on the left was shot in the head with a spear. And the one on the right had been trapped in an ever tightening net. Trying as quickly as possible to grab a knife trying to cut the net open. But the net broke the blade. He then started to panic the pharaoh watched as the Guard was crushed by the net. “So, you again.” The pharaoh calmly said as the predator uncloaked dropping to the ground. Walking towards the pharaoh. They had met 10 years earlier when the predators taught the humans how to build the pyramids. “I thought you were finished with us.” The Pharaoh said, the Predator retorted with a snarl. The pharaoh looked at him, “The problem is, you can’t kill a God!” The predator mimicked him ‘You--- Can’t—Kill-A---God!’ he roared and recloaked, running off to his camp. “Find him….NOW” The pharaoh yelled, the guards scrambled off and the pharaoh looked over the dead bodies. He found a small spear maybe 4 inches in length. Pulling it out of the guard’s skull he looked at it. “Interesting, very interesting”

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I really enjoyed the story though when one guard said god's green earth, remember that the Egyptians were a multi-god believing people.

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Midnights Contempt

Chapter 6

Sp'rtun stood in deep contemplation as he stared out of the window. His home planet was shrinking as the ship flew farther and farther away. Soon it wouldn't even be there anymore, completely out of sight. He had enough of being home sick however, the path that lay before him a path of great honor and glory. He now fought with the elites, fighting for the will of the Yautja race. He walked away from the window and proceeded to the training room. Despite being in top physical condition, it never hurt to keep up in your combat prowess. Well, that was a would hurt, but as all honorable Yautja believed, all good things in life never came without a price.

  Sp'rtun looked around the room. Several Yautja who already have experience in elite combat trained and sparred here. He was taking it all in. The weapons that were of a higher caliber than those of hunters. The strength and prowess of the warriors here. Was Sp'rtun truly worthy of such a group of warriors? Of course he was. He has already proven himself in combat against the serpent race and even humans themselves. He has shown loyalty to the Yautja people and didn't need any justification as to why he was here. He had earned his way to this, and he will not fail.

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