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The wristblades are the predator's basic weapon. They all carry one and from what is know if removed the subject dies. There looks to be some sort of molecular bonding between them and the user. It's an elegant weapon mostly used when the prey is less challenging or as a last resource.
Ceremonial Dagger
The Ceremonial Dagger is a Yautja weapon, used by warriors as a last-resort weapon or a weapon to take trophies from fallen enemies.
Self Destruct Device
When the battle is lost there is nothing more to do then the predator commits suicide by activating this termo-nuclear self-destruct device. Its effective range is measured in kilometres.
Cloaking Device
The Cloaking Device or Active Camo is a Yautja hunter's tool. It warps light around the user and projects a hologram of the wall behind it over top of the bent light, rendering the user invisible. This is used by Yautja that are hunting prey that shoot back ie. humans, however a purely Xenomorph hunt would make the Active Camo next to useless because the xenomorphs can still "sense" or "see" the Yautja warrior.
Bio Mask
The Bio Mask is one of the main tools used by the Predators. These masks contain a variety of functions which the Predators may require during a hunt. As well as protecting the Predator's head, the mask has a sound amplifier, multiple vision modes, a zoom function, some diagnostic capabilities and a recording system. The mask may also have a red targeting laser, used by a Predator for accurate plasma caster shots. It also might be used as a breathing tool.


OOC- I am much into the Predators and have read of their society. I relate to them alot more in a Native way. I am married. Not sure what else to say.

IC- Female Yautja who wanted adventure in her life instead of dealing with the agreesive drivin males. Female of the race are also agressive but she got sick of the teenagers. She went to the Leader and *requested* to go on her warriors right of passage. Now her first Hunt has finaly begun.

Height- acualy short for her species around 5 feet but makes up for that in possible other means

skin- like others of her species but hers is a tad bit on the lighter side.