Beserker Pred?

Tam, Yautja, 11 years ago

Ok so we all know now that the Beserker Pred featured in Predators 2010 is the new "Black Super Pred" which it has been named through various sites on the tinternet.
My question = Your thoughts, Views , Complaints and opoinions on this new or latest pred...

PREDATORv2, Yautja, 11 years ago

Interesting the way they made the lower mandibles really long. I'm not excited about the single bladed wrist blades. I however liked the new 'spin' on the plasma caster, armor, and the helmet capabilities.

Thing is the SBP didn't seem that 'super' to me, yeah it would seem at the end the leader of the SBPs took out the jungle hunter pretty easily, although who knows how long JH was hung to that spire, and they didn't really use any of their weapons.

So the jury in my opinion is still out on them being so much better and stronger than the normal predators, but all in all I still like them.

Tam, Yautja, 11 years ago

Interesting PV2, I agree with your opinoin on the SBP's improvement to the palsma caster but it is a shame as you said the new preds didnt use there caster or any of their equipment to their potenial which was extremely dissapointing as im 14 and it took me 10 Minutets to convince the guys at the cinema that i was 15! shockin' shit huh?... :)

LadyDeathStriker, Yautja, 11 years ago

Well I really loved the movie I thought it was worth my time. I found the new Predators interesting at most, their tactics I found interesting as well. The Falconer Pred used a type of machine the slightly resembled a Falcon and the Tracker Predator used doglike creature to flush out prey. I still say it was a good film but so far no comments on the Berserker yet.

Cetanu-655, Yautja, 11 years ago

all in all i must say. that i didnt like the new yautja. i grew attached to the classic hunters that grew to become what most people find amazing to have come out of some ones mind. human like, primal yet at the same time intelligent and advanced. staying to a code of honor and respect. i see the new pred more of a bad blood then any thing else. i loved the look of the normal yautja, more boxed shape for the out lining of the mandibles and more flat forehead. i just didnt find the new creature that much better. but on the up side. i did like how they used bones on the bio masks. i thought i gave a uniqueness to the personality of the creature and overall look when they appeared on screen.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 11 years ago

Nope, the original pred mask gave uniqueness to the pred, bone masks have existed in human cultures since the beginning of fuck. But, due to living in the great nation of Romania, i still haven't been able to see the movie properly, so i can't really say anything about the BSP.

BloodHarpy, Yautja, 11 years ago

Yeah the new Predators didn’t look all that good. The Berserker really should have kept his mask on. The Classic Predator looked better. Nuff said.

Cetanu-655, Yautja, 11 years ago

the new one was hideous. the classic preds have a unique beauty to them. and on dw note. i meant the the bones mixed in with the masks gave each mask a unique look even at a distance. when the classic masks look mostly the same from some angles. and harpy if they never too the mask of it wouldnt have show the creatures face and then no one would know what it was. and so far there hasnt been a movie that the main preds mask didnt come off.

Rogue, Yautja, 11 years ago

^You have a point.

classicpredator, Yautja, 11 years ago

Besrkser Predator is super duper cool