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Hello my name is Shan short for Shanna I am 22 years old and lovin it! I am a new fan of Alien and Predator(otherwise I wouldn’t be here right now duh!). My friend introduced me to the franchise and it pretty much took of from right there, I have seen all the movies including Predators which might I saw is one hell of a movie if you haven’t seen it go see now you lazy bag of bones lol! I also love RPG’s and that’s what drew me to this site that it had and RPG. So my RPG character is a lone mercenary/rogue female yautja who goes by Rogue. That’s all I saying for now I guess until something else comes to mind.

Name: Rogue
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown classified as a young blood so she is anywhere between 17 and 21 in human years.
Height: 7 feet 1 inch
Weight: 210 lbs
Appearance: Tall, muscular but feminine build, long dreadlocks, molted skin, orange/yellow eyes. Wears the same type of armor as the male yautja but has two extra pieces on the chest plates to cover up her chest.
Personality: Very brave, very strong, willful, easily irritated, smart, resourceful, loyal and will take orders from others but she very rarely does this.
History: No much is known about Rogue other that she was part of a clan of very strong yautja but them she left on her own becoming a lone huntress and on occasion a mercenary seeing that the life style was more thrilling to her. What had her interested was the many of these mercenaries were humans who had been betrayed or hybrids of both yautja and Xenomorph. Though it may or may not be true it is believed that Rogue was sired by Dachande.
Other: Finds hybrids very interesting and good for hunting, finds humans ok at the most thoug Rogue thinks they are mainly annoying and reckless.
Weapons: 1 smart disk, 1 spear, 1 glaive, 1 ceremonial dagger, 1 plasma caster, 2 mauls, 1 wrist blade set on each wrist about three and a half feet long, 3 shruiken and lastly one bladed whip which is very sharp and jagged edged, It is able to slice through any flesh human, xenomorph or yautja.
Trophies: Xenomorph skulls, some human skulls, various animal skulls, one Raptor skull that she obtained off a planet where some humans brought back dinosaurs and one Predator Hound skull. She killed it when I tried to eat her.


"The fight begun would not end until the end."