Species Yautja
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Name: Cetanu
Weapons: a 6ft Combi staff.glaive with a 4ft pole and 3ft blades on each end. dual emerald dragon plasma casters. dual 5ft acid immune retractable wrist blades. net gun. dual 3ft acid immune wrist blades. 3ft acid immune ceremonial dagger sheathed on right outer calf.
armor/equipment: acid immune body armor and body mesh. fully equip and bio mask. fully equipped and acid immune wrist gauntlet. medi kit
Bio: Cetanu the currently young blooded Yautja easily passed his soft meat trial and continues to try and prove him self as a strong warrior. and in search of a clan. He wants to find a family he can call his own. Like the one he had before it was killed. now he must wander alone until he finds others he can trust.


Back with a blood thirsty rage.
Death before Dishonor... Its the only way for a Yautja.