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Yo, I'm LadyDeathStriker and I used to be a Xeno/Human Hybrid on this website but I'm not anymore. That's pretty much all I feel like putting down as for as the "About Me" stuff. Except for the fact that BloodHarpy is my cousin and her husband ,Hellraiser, is on the site too. So that's it.





Weight: Unknown

Hair:Short dark brown hair fixed into thin braids that barely reach her shoulders


Appearance: Athletic, fit and deadly.

History: Not much is known about the young woman other than she was a highly unstable orphan. How she came to be in the Dark Blood Organization is a mystery that might never be solved. With is known about Kieran though is she has various scars and cuts on her legs, torso and arms and she's extremely defensive. Gaining her trust is no easy feat. Kieran is quite trusting of BloodHarpy, the new leader of the Dark Blood Organization, but that's about it.

Other: Kieran doesn't really speak much but when she does it's either to voice her opinion on something regarding the organization's next move. She doesn't really seem to like Kacey that much either and finds Ryuu to be quite odd. As for the other Yautja, it's a fairly neutral setting although she known to admire the various trophies they might bring back. Human or otherwise.


Death is the only escape