-Bloo-, Yautja, 4 years ago

"I personally enjoyed The Force Awakens, not nearly as much as 4, 5, or 6,"

I actually enjoyed 7 more than every other film (including the original trilogy) because the action, character interactions, and camera work were arguably better (or at least more amusing) than anything else in the franchise, but I still think 5 had the best writing of any of them and that's why I rate it so high above the rest, even over 7. 5 is not something I would watch over and over again (while I could watch 7 all day), but there's a HUGE difference between good and enjoyable, so 5's rewatch value is no indicator of how good it is. And anyway, you only have to watch a movie once to see how good it is.

If 5's final duel had the choreography and intensity of 7's and/or 3's (more 7's than 3's, though), it would have been perfect; I'd be a lot more inclined to watch it over and over again if it did. It's still emotional and captivating regardless, of course, but I feel like after all that build up, the climactic Luke vs Vader duel could have been a lot... more. Meanwhile, 7's duel was almost perfect. The way Kylo Ren fucked up TRAITOR was amazingly brutal and nearly everything I expected from that duel.

Edt: OK wait, that's not entirely true. It took me 2 years and a few rewatches to get into Memento, but now I like it a lot.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 4 years ago

The Deadpool movie looks SO BAD

skull_ripper, Yautja, 4 years ago

I thought it looked bad when I saw the first trailer for it, but after seeing the second trailer I'm actually somewhat excited about it. The only movie I particularly care about this year is Warcraft though, I'm interested to see Captain America: Civil War but not as much now that I know it isn't following the comics even remotely besides having an over large cast of heroes and villains.

Something that has been pissing me off though is how crappy the new action figures are for movies. They cant do jack shit, they have no "action feature", and they utterly lack meaningful articulation which severely hampers the imaginative possibilities for both collectors posing them and children playing with them.

It's the exact same crap I had as a kid, its arms and legs go up and down and their head swivels. It sucks, if I wanted a fucking retro Stormtrooper I'd buy an original one off of Ebay. The fact they sell this shit as their primary product line disgusts me. It's combination of laziness and greediness, it barely costs anything to make the toys, they sell them for easily triple their actual worth, and we're stuck outsourcing to action figure customizers and specialty figure lines that cost an arm and a leg.

I remember when this trend started up, back when the first Avengers movie came out was when it became noticeable, and it has been eating away at my patience ever since but also keeping me from spending money I don't have on tiny plastic people. Meh.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 4 years ago

"I think what you're experiencing is Seinfield is Unfunny."

I don't think that's the case with me, though. I'm rewatching Seinfeld and it's just as funny as I remembered. However, the last time I watched the Star Wars movies, which was in spring 2013, I thought they were absolutely shit and I will never watch them again. It felt like a school project written, directed and acted by 6 year olds. There was nothing about them that I found redeeming. I thought "hey, maybe it's because they're old" but no, A New Hope and Alien are only 2 years apart. They're just really bad movies and I have no fucking idea why anyone thinks they're great. Like, I was shocked by how bad they were and how people actually claim that the originals are better than the prequels. They are exactly the same brand and degree of shit! I'm watching the original Star Trek series now and not once have I thought "why am I doing this to myself?" as I did while watching Star Wars - and it predates Star Wars by a whole decade! What the fuck is going on? I feel like the whole world is pulling an extremely elaborate prank on me.

tawganator, Yautja, 4 years ago

I hope Deadpool does well. If not then it will be another 10 years before we get another chance at an R rated mainstream comic book movie. While most of them are good I would like to see a more adult one every now and then. At the moment all the companies just play it safe.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 4 years ago

I really hope the Deadpool trailer is like the Kingsman trailer because the Kingsman trailer blew Huge Chunks while the actual movie was pretty enjoyable. I dunno though, it just looks pretty bad.

@SR: Yeah I know what you mean. Even the larger figures are pretty low in quality, but from what I can tell, they're also pretty sturdy which is good for kids. I just wish there were NECA-quality figures too. Or maybe there are? I should look later.

Also I don't really care if the movie follows the comics since it hasn't been for a while. I appreciate that it's not a straight up adaption and that it's doing its own thing for the most part. The Civil War trailer was honest-to-God the only GOOD trailer attached to Star Wars. All the others looked really bad, including the Deadpool one which was... just awful

@DW: Well you and DH are both wrong.

But for real, that comparison to Alien was pretty good. So @DH maybe it's not a case of Seinfeld is Unfunny, but I still think these movies (except I and II) are genuinely good. (And holy shit, you two agree on something for once??)

I guess it's just a matter of taste. I feel like it's impossible to tell who likes Star Wars. Lots of different people enjoy it, like my grandma who still watches the Wizard of Oz on her VHS player.

Dronehive, Yautja, 4 years ago

See, I dont think Seinfeld is Unfunny accurately describes my dislike for Star Wars.

First off, I actually REALLY like the expanded unuverse. Well written story lines, likeable characters, and far more information about the world it takes place in. Star Wars, on the other hand, is not written well, with perhaps the exception of episode 5.

I dont dislike it for the tropes it created- it didnt even create too many. I dislike how it used a flat trope, the OLDEST of tropes, the monomyth (hero's journey) to fill in for the story. Star Wars (as shown by the EU) has potential to be really cool, but the writing of the movies just isnt good.

I dont dislike the WORLD Star Wars exists in, but I think the story that is presented with it is poorly written and thus is worthless to me.

Like why couldnt Dune have a good film, or something. Or just have the star wars EU. The EU is great.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 4 years ago

I should mention that I, too, think the stories are good and I like the universe, but I thought the movies were shit.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 4 years ago

That's all pretty fair. The only EU thing I've ever cared about was the first Clone Wars cartoon, but Boba Fett's Wookiepedia page made me wanna read more.

Anyway it's funny that the three objectively best ones (5, 6, and 7) are the ones that weren't directed by George Lucas.

Edit: I still enjoyed 3 more than 6 but Darth Sidious was painful to watch. My two favorite lines, "GET/DO EEET," and ,"POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!! UN!!!!!!!!!LIIIMMMIIITTEEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POOOWWWEERR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" were really entertaining to watch, but for all the wrong reasons.

Dronehive, Yautja, 4 years ago

Lucas is an awful director, and the less he touches a movie the better.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 4 years ago

I kinda feel bad for the guy, though. All he wants to do is play with his made up characters and so many people hate him for it. I don't think he's done anything legitimately bad (as a person, not as a director) in his adult life.

Dronehive, Yautja, 4 years ago

Oh no, he's probably a nice person.

But he cant make a movie worth shit.

Star Wars was only "good" because he had people helping him.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 4 years ago

Well, you know how it is. Tommy Wiseau is also a really nice guy.

-Bloo-, Yautja, 4 years ago

Yeah, 5 wouldn't have been so good if Lucas wrote or directed it. The reason I single 5 out as the absolute best one is because 5 shows a much better and more complex version of the Hero's Journey than any of the other movies. Not even its resident "Yoda" characters (Obi-Wan and, uh, Yoda) are as routine as other examples of the trope.

Like, the difference between 5 and all the others is that 5 shows an organic story with things happening naturally (and with REAL struggle + with weighted actions) while the latter (especially fucking Episode 1) shows a whole lot of plot but the pacing is so bad that things just kinda happen. 3 does the same thing but to a lesser extent, and just like 5, it confronts both the viewer and the main character with a very grey conflict rather than the black and white "good vs evil" story of the others (especially 4, which is pretty much a cartoon). 5 and 3 are in no way generic hero's journeys. In a lot of ways, they actually subvert that narrative.

And the hero's journey itself isn't inherently bad, it's just that people keep writing a series of events to fit the mold rather than writing a coherent story that just HAPPENS to fit the mold. It reminds me of cakes that use too much fondant; it LOOKS right, but it tastes like shit.

@DW: JESUS, I forgot all about The Room.

Dronehive, Yautja, 4 years ago

5 is undoubtedly the best. I'll agree. 3 is... alright. Better than 4 or 6.

7? Same issues as 1, just without child actor and Jarjar.

Deathdrop, Yautja, 4 years ago

David Bowie is dead. Fuck.

DeathWraith, Yautja, 4 years ago

Yes RIP. Never got into the Bowie hype, but I respect his impact on the people who did.

@Bloo: I'm currently reading the book that Greg Sestero wrote about how he met Tommy and the making of The Room. It's amazing.

gamefreak33797, Yautja, 4 years ago

Eyyyy, Bowie is dead, Lemmy is dead, everything goes in three's, what could be next?

DeathWraith, Yautja, 4 years ago

The idea that everything goes in threes will probably be next, which makes it a paradox.

Dronehive, Yautja, 4 years ago

It really is sad when the greats go.