Bloo's Fan-Fic (Discussion Thread)

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

This is a discussion thread for a fan-fic I'm writing and illustrating.

New art + info will be posted in that thread. If you got any comments about it, post in this thread, not that one.

If you're new to this thread, you're more than welcome to read through the whole thing, but everything before the most recent pages is all obsolete and bad and you shouldn't look at it.

Truth be told, this is not meant to cater to anyone except me. Your RPG characters do make cameos and have some importance to the plot, but this is largely an original story that I'm writing just to see if I have what it takes to actually produce something of worth. I do love talking with you guys about it and lots of your suggestions are seriously considered, though.

- Last updated on May 19, 2016

Peterson, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

i dont really have a problem with you using my character so go ahead and use mine.

tawganator, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Go for it mate.

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

That's good. At this rate I think everyone'd be on board - I knew it wouldn't be a huge deal even if I didn't ask for permission (because its a tribute to all of us, after all), but you never know.

FireHunter, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

I'm completely cool with this. Go for it.

Waralien, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Fine by me, I'm interested to see what your work will look like

daveberg, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Sure thing, Bloo.

WolfThePredator, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Creative mind bloo fire away

ThePredator13, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Sure, go ahead man, I have no problems with you using my charactor.

supersonicman96, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

I would be honored =)

Gaunt, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Ambitious, interesting idea, sounds very much like you Bloo.

You've got my concent, honestly, seeing what you can create out of the community will be something I don't think many people will forget.

Just remember to enjoy it man, hell, I'm sure this could possibly be collabritive, depeneding on the current artists and writers around here, seeing if they'd like to chip in?

Deathdrop, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

This sounds cool. Feel free to use either version (or both) of my character.

concretehunter, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

I don't want to be the person who overheard people talking about dinner plans and asks when they should turn up.

But i guess I've been here for a while and may be somewhat involved so if you find a place for my character then feel free!

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

@Gaunt: In the later stages nearing completion, you'll all definitely be encouraged to collaborate with me, though If you give me any designs, I'd have to re-sketch it in my own style so that it'll fit the rest of the project.

@CH&DD: Well, I'm trying not to give anything away right now, but anyone who's ever been in an RPG is going to make an appearance at some point. That means I'm gonna have to read, like, every RPG and a shit load profiles to track everyone down, but it'll be worth it.

At this point I'm anticipating using a relatively simple art style with more emphasis on colors and words, but like I said, it's too early to decide on anything. I'm reading Nightmare Asylum right now and the detailed art impresses me enough to want to put that much more effort into my own illustration.

DarkLioness, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

I have no problem what so ever of you using my RPG character Bloo. Go right ahead :D !

Thrax, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Cool go on with it

Illiana, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Amazing mind bloo just make sure I'm with wolfy I love him

gamefreak33797, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

I'm cool with it and hopefully I will be able get on this more often, had to catch up on some major school work. I was falling asleep in class.

WolfThePredator, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Gamefreak Transferable know how that feels. School is stupid and loud for me people there are annoying

-Bloo-, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

...anyway, I've compiled a list of everyone who's ever been an active clan member. Since old RPGs only list P for some reason I'm gonna have to go through each RPG to find the rest. I have to do that for other reasons anyway, so it's fine.

I have near-definite designs for each of the 4 forms I've been in since joining (Warrior, Praetorian, Queen, Empress), though I've only sketched basic predator masks and haven't even touched AD yet.

By the middle of next month I should have rough designs for Donut, Iseijin, Dave, Firehunter, Angus, Frozenalien, DD, K20A2, Stalker, Doc, Pv2, Cory, Predess, TDN, Peterson, and Xeuss (DW). I'll put them up so you guys can tell me what to tweak.

There's a lot more I want to tell you guys, but that would ruin the surprises. Here's hoping I actually make the deadlines I'm setting for myself.

WolfThePredator, Xenomorph, 9 years ago

Blood u sketch or paint? If so I want u to teach me with my newest drawings