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In the far reaches of space there is a planet looming and eager for death and disorder.Space seems to swallow this planet, yet a great light comes from near, lighting the mood. Yet no one knows what destruction has been laid before this small planet.

September 7th 2305
A far distant planet in need for help with very few people left to fight back. A transmission for help from the commanding officer:
"We need evac now...there is some thing here killing us all. We have locked most of the survivers in the communication room please help we only have so long before we run out of supplies and the damn doors will not hold for long. We have very few weapons to fight them with please help and HURRY !"
.:Transmission ended:.

September 9th 2305
In the far distance of space the desert planet full of canyons,wildlife,mesas,plateus and cliffs also with an on going war, a war between Aliens and colonists. The Marines lost contact with this colony and are sending Alpha Draconis in they are already arming up to investigate and take out the threat.The transmission from the commanding officer was the last transmission from them.They are to head west to were the colony is located.

September 10th 2305
Mean while two very skillfull Predator clans have already homed in on the fighting on the planet surface and are readying up for the hunt.These ships are on route to the desert planet.These two great clans must fight each other for the right to hunt on this planet as well as fight everyone and thing on the planet.What they do not know is that already on the planet surface is some Solo Hunters.Which will not be to happy to see these clans on there planet they have cleamed for there own.

In the far distance a dropship speads towards the distant planet with the very skilled Marines Alpha Draconis inside ready for a fight.

Up near north canyon in the deepest depths of the Hive the Xenos sleep restlesly as they hunger once more for blood.Near the entrance shadows leark and gaurd to make sure no intruder finds there way in to the depths of the Hive.Still sleeping away in the wet dingy cave were once and awhile a scream of pain can be heard while a new xeno is born.

September 12th 2305
Alpha Draconis's dropship finaly arrives and the Marines start to set up a perimeter around the landing bay.The place looks completely dead for as far as they can see there is nothing around and it is so silent all you can here is the wind.The dropship leaves these Marines to do there job.Left alone on a dead planet with an on going sand storm leaving there vision limited to a few meters in front of there eyes.These Marines have no idea what lies before them.

Within the darkest of caves the largest of beasts awaken to reak havoc once more in there path.Nothing will stand in the Xenos path of destruction.There thurst for blood lingers once more.They prepare once more for the slaughter.They live for the Queens command to strike once more.They will infest this planet if not opposed by an enemy with great strength.

The Predator Hunters are ready and have been launching there drop pods towards the planet surface.As the last pods are launched the Predator ships detects a Marine dropship.Within seconds the dropship is destroyed.Both clans now know of each other and start to inform the Hunters which have arrived on the planet.The two clans have agreed to sort there diffrences on the planet surface.The hunt begins.

Marine Mission Breifing:
Main Objectives:
Set up a temporary HQ.
Find any survivng colonists and get them to safty.
Find the power for the colony and get the communications back up to call a new dropship and get out of there when the dropship arrives with any surviving colonists.

Optinal Objectives:
Find the threat and elimanate it.

Good luck Comrades !