.::The Planes of Nightmares::.

Peterson, Human, 8 years ago

A stench of musk filled the air of the ages old station "Planes of Harmoney" Taking a deep breathe while walking down a half lightened corridor Artimes Michaels a Senior Research analasist for Weyland-Yutani Corporation let out a deep sigh at last. Thirteen years he worked in this god forsaken space hulk why was it that he always got stuck in the worst places that Weyland-Yutani had decided to set up their so called "Top-Secret" Research stations, he wondered to himself. Stopping at an elevator he pressed the call button and waited paitently as the elevator finally came to a squeeling hault at his floor, with a loud screeching noise the doors slowly slide open to expose a rounded pod shaped elevator, stepping through the elevator he pressed the button for floor 578, a small compartment opened up and revealed a keypad which required individual access codes for different floors aroudn the station, inputting his security key a shortened out and recorded voice buzzed out of the small intercom "Code Accepted, thank you Dr. Michaels". With that the elevator started to lurch down towards his work floor, letting out another deep sigh Dr. Michaels starred blankly out of the windows surrounding the elevator, he had to admit for the old albatross of a research station he now lived and worked on it was still impressive, with 739 floors the station lurched through space seemingly unscathed and unnoticed by any trade freighters, most of the floors housed different research stations for various projects that Weyland-Yutani deemed that the rest of mankind didnt need to know about, Dr. Michaels alone had worked on things from medical research to experimental weapons research Weyland it seemed had never ending funding and there was always new projects however one project had always stood in the dark it was in a single manila folder entitled "project x" little was known about it and it was always listed as active, WY Corp had always been probing and questioning about different species of organisms throughout space wether it was in regards to survival or control, the whole project puzzeled himwith no information to go off of he had always replied with the best of his knowledge on the questions. "Floor 578 Doors Opening" Said the electronic voice from the intercom. "Finally" Michaels said to himself stepping out of the elevator, making his way to his desk he sat in his chair and opened his company mail a single new message entitled "Notification Project-X" Intriguiged by the title he opened the message and read it aloud to himself,

-Open Transmission-Project-X, Operational Status Changed to Active Specimen, Cargo ship S.S. Strecher enroute ETA 2535.01.17 unload cargo implicate level omega testing, live specimen provided, exercise level beta, on going research to continue report progress 2535.02.01 -End Transmission-

That was rather blank he thought to himself, they really didnt say much on what they were going to be studying looking around his small office he got up and poured himself a cup of coffee, as he sat back down at his desk a call came through his office phone, answering it he said one short thing before the conversation was over "I'm on my way"

Stepping onto the landing deck of Docking bay 684 the S.S. Stretcher stood before him a relitively small cargo ship for how hush hush this project was he expected something much bigger but the damned cargo ship fit in the single bay. A single security team of 4 men were waiting next to him to desecend into the docking bay to secure the vessel. The Mighty hatch opened from aboard the cargo ship and the three man crew of the ship walked off to greet the security team, going through the normal process of checking into a WY research station the crew retired to their assigned guest quarters for much needed rest as they claimed. After seven tedious hours the cargo had been put into quarentine a total of thirteen pods all containing some undesierable low life life an odd looking egg had been set up around the massive quarentine room. Starring through a looking glass of the observation room Dr. Michaels observed as the eggs and the men were slowly thawed out from cryo sleep slowly the eggs opened up and in almost simultanous instance the creatures that the eggs housed were upon their victims unaware of what monstrosities their bodies were now hosting sat in holding unmoved and uneffected by the creatures that now clung to their faces. Nodding Dr. Michaels made a few notes and retired to his quarters for the evening.

"This is Cargo vessel S.S. Stretcher we are aboard Weyland-Yutani Research Station Planes of Harmoney and in need of any help that can be provided we're under attack by some creatures we need help, coordinates 005-311-8903 lease respo-" In the deepest Reaches of space the transmission was sent out on an open channel.

Peterson, Human, 8 years ago

Captain Peterson sat in his quarters aboard the USS Vae Victus, the crowing jewel of US Colonial Marine Fleet in the quadrant, rubbing his eyes he put a cigerette in his mouth and lit the stick with his lighter. A rampeting knock came from the door, taking a deep inhale he stood up and answered the door, "Sir, Corporal Jones, important message from USCM Command on the bridge sir" "Very well Corporal i'll be there shortly, putting out his cigerette Peterson threw the butt into the astray across the room and walked out of his quarters to the command deck.

"This is Captain Peterson Commanding Officer Alpha Draconis reporting in sir" Peterson said to the holo terminal inside the command center of the Vae Victus. "Captain, this is Colonel Michaels, Alpha Draconis is ordered to provide assistance to a freighter at these coordinates, we're not sure what happend or what could be going on but apperently a civilian freighter is in some trouble with Weyland Yutani and is being held aboard a station of theirs." "What do we have on the station in regards to information sir?" "Not much is known its a Nebula III Class station by the name of The Planes of Harmoney thats just about it, Contact Command when you have any new information Colonel Michaels out" With that the conversation was over and now it was time to prepare for the impossible, Peterson's job now was to prepare his troops for any possible situtation that could present itself aboard this Station. Turning to the Ships Captain he shook his head and simply said "Wake em up, everyone"

Three weeks had gone by nonstop combat preperation drills were being ran across the decks of the Vae Victus, Marines ran here and there doing various things to get ready for the drop, the Ship reminded Peterson like a crazy frenzied ant hive. Walking onto the Bridge of the Vae Victus Peterson leaned up against the bulkhead of the ship as the station came into view, somewhere on the other side of the bidge a communicatons officer was trying to reach the stations boarding crew, "Attention WY Research Station Planes of Harmoney this is US Colonial Marine vessel USS Vae Victus we are ording you to respond and prepare a hanger for landing of USCM ground Forces over?" "Still Nothing Sir comms dead on the station" "Understood Lieutenant keep trying, Peterson yo and your troops are cleared for deployment s soon as you're ready" Peterson nodded his head in ackowldegment and stood upright and left the bridge.

The Armory of the Vae Victus was massive it held enough ammo and weapons to support at least two entire regiments of grunts to deploy from, sliding his armor over his head he clamped the locks into place securing his armor to his body, slinging his pulse rifle over his back he grabbed his assault pack and made his way towards the dropship. Multiple dropships had already launched sitting in a seat close to the launch pad of the dropship he put his head back against the cold steel of the dropship as it slowly lurched forward out of the Vae Victus hanger bay.

Within minutes the flight was over and the dropship was slowly setting down aboard the WY Research Station, The Drop doors slammed open "MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE!" Peterson shouted as the Marines in his initial landing party disembarked the dropship, as quickly as the last marine had disembarked the dropship pulled back and flew out of the hanger, the power was out and the Station reeked of death, "What the fuck did we just walk into" Peterson thought to himself.

Waralien, Human, 8 years ago

*Thud Thud Thud Thud Thud*

A vision swam into the creature's subconscious, a vision of death. Warriors, with flashing sticks and booming devices swarmed into the nest. War tried to call out to the hive but saw it was in ruins already. They lay the dead and dying, all still trying to reach the queen. He himself was pinned down by a beast from another world, a spear thrust deep into him. It roared at him, and he roared in return whether it be in anger or fear. The queen slashed and hacked at her attackers, allowing none to reach her. A flame enveloped everything, then all was silent.

*Thud Thud Thud Thud Thud*

War stirred from his slumber, yet another dream plagued him from a life long past. Stretching out, his mind went through the facts: he was here, not in some battle; there are no warriors storming the queen presently; the thuds he heard wer-

War paused, no he was not mistaken, there were thuds echoing. Strange, all was silent since the breakout. The screaming, the snapping of bones, the hisses and screeches filled all of the station that day. Slowly, those noises died as the Hive picked off every last host this place had to offer. Without means of escape from the station, the Queen ordered all but a few into sleep.

War looked over to her in the chamber, still sound asleep without a care in the world. How strange that a beast of her ferocity could be so gentle in her slumber. A movement caught War's attention, the other's were awakening as well, the first twelve that had been born from the initial eggs all stirred at the noise.

War began awakening those closest to him. No orders were needed, the oldest knew what would be expected of War and the younger ones.

It was time.

ThePredator13, Human, 8 years ago

John Blackburn’s pod slowly slid open allowing the marine to take a breath of fresh air. It had been a cramped and long ride to the station but he had made it. The First Sergeant sat up slowly and got to work immediately waking up the troops. It was tense as he read the report left out for him. They had lost all contact with the station at 08:00 three weeks ago. The green Sergeant read over the order silently before turning to his men. "Ok ladies and gentlemen get your asses suited up and in the hanger bay in thirty minutes or some of you are scrubbing the ships floors with your toothbrushes tonight" he yelled over the noise of marines talking. The room went dead quiet as marines hustled to put on their gear and get ready.

John swung open his cold pale locker to retrieve his gear from inside. He shoved on his combat gear quickly double and triple checking if it was strapped down tight. He then moved towards the back of his locker grabbing his helmet of the neat little hanger he had put it on. It was a normal model and its only difference was the duct tape on the back of it, with the name Blackburn scrawled neatly on it. He shoved it on his head and strapped it on.

"Twenty Minutes till last drop ship leaving the bay"

John grunted before moving towards the armory picking up his weaponry form the weapon racks. It was hard not to speculate on what happened to the station. He moved quickly up to the command center picking up some coffee on the way there. He turned to the Captain "How far are Pete and his unit into the station?" he asked looking at the camera monitor.

The Captain turned to John "about two to three minutes in to the mission, you have some time to catch up."

John nodded heading down the steps towards the hanger deck. The noise was unrivaled as he reached the bottom floor. It was chaotic as flight crews were preparing the last drop ships for dust off. He moved over to the nearest drop ship before finishing of his coffee and tossing the cup in the trash. He waited for the marines to group up before he started his speech "Chicks and Dicks of the Colonial Marine Core, we got to sleep in and lets be thankful for that, but now’s the time to go in balls deep." he looked down at the marines from one of the drop ships ramps "We are the most state of the art badasses this side of hell marines, we have RPG’s, pulse rifles, nuclear warheads, sharp sticks, we honestly have all the toys." he looked around ready to finish up his speech "So let’s go take names and kick some asses devil dogs, OORAH TO ASHES MARINES!!!"

"OORAH!!!" the core shouted as they boarded the ships in a swarming fashion.

John stepped inside as the drop ship shuttled the marines over to the W-Y station. He then slowly exited off the ramp and moved towards Peterson’s unit on his tracker finally meeting up with them at a juncture. He grimaced at the scene before him looking at it silently.

Voltage-3000, Human, 8 years ago

The stress signal was picked up by nearby Yautja. It sparked interest in clans and scavengers and most took it upon themselves to seek out this unknown prize.

From his camp on a near by planet, Voltage sat with two others, Ripper and Wolf. They sat around a fire eating a final meal before ascending into the depths of space chasing the signal of the Harmony.

The two joined up with voltage for reasons of chasing big game and thus a fight they all been waiting around for may have arrived.

They hollered and shouted to the wind and then boarded their ships, setting off at high speeds into the atmosphere.

As time passed on Voltage double checked his gear and supplies, playing with the bones that hung around his neck. Lost in thoughts the signal got stronger, then the harmony itself began to appear. It was bigger than expected and it laid lifeless... yet not, as humans were boarding the main haul of the ship. the rest of it was dark, flickering with damage and fire. Now and then explosions with dead carcasses will fly out of random areas of the ships, those not wanting to suffer would kill themselves in the process it seemed. A large maze to think twice about.

But they werent the only yautja, a large ship was not too far and it was cloaked. shuttle fell from its underside making its way to one of the hangars.

His group got as close as they can and blew a hole in the side of the Harmony to land their ships inside.Voltage goes first landing his ship in what seemed to be a large corridor, he steps out searching the room that has been sealed off by emergency air locks. he feels against the walls at the scratch marks and corrosion, floors with drag marks and broken nails. the other two make their way inside as well, a red light scans the room revealing a weak airlock. once off their ships they light up the open corridor. The two go to the weak air lock and force it open, as they go through it closes up again behind them. They move forward separating and disappearing into the darkness that is the Harmony. Before leaving Voltage left a marker on the wall so they can find their way back to this specific floor and area.

There was nothing to be made of the Harmony, it was riddled with violence and was infested with many types of organisms in jars, it must have been one of the test labs. The dim lighting in the room made them glow in the green liquid they were submerged in, a few deformed facehuggers and newborns, even a xeno head scattered the tables. They were dissected or covered in tumors, some laid in glass containers opened up during processes with vials labelled with human writing. It did not interest voltage much but one seemed too be still be alive, a newborn. He smashed its head and it stopped wiggling but its blood was different it wasnt corrosive. it became like mercury expanding out on the table. yet voltage didnt touch it, it sparked his curiosity tho, there maybe other experiments to run into. He moved on throwing his weight through heavy doors that were locked due to the emergency lock down.

Red warning lights filled the the narrow halls, it looked like a bad place to have a fight with no freedom of movement, no where to retreat too if things got heavy, no where to hide either. He found an elevator at the end of of one of the halls and pried the door open, it wasnt working at the moment. He looked down a steep fall of about 7 floors. He looks up and sees more floors, this wasnt going to be fun, so many rooms he thought as he looked back down. He rolls his shoulders and pops his neck, then takes a leap of faith...

FireHunter, Human, 8 years ago


The beast stared furiously from its cell, it had been here since its birth, only a week ago, and it already stood thirteen and a half feet tall, weighed eight tonnes, and head-to-tail they estimated it to be at least twenty two feet long. It looked angry, it always looked angry. Science Officer Ash Halliday was stuck staring at the monster, and its eyeless gaze stared straight back through the 20-inch thick, reinforced bulletproof glass. Behind the enormous red and black creature was a dirty white wall covered in bloodstains, a robotic arm lay on the floor in shattered pieces, a remnant of a failed test. They had sent a team in there to put the beast down but the pistols did nothing to it, and their blood now glared ominously from the stark whiteness of the room. They had been crushed and torn apart, there was no way they could put it down safely now, any teams were forbidden from entering the chamber, and nobody could install a weapons system to stop it.

Well today that was to change, Ash knew it, he had been informed of a team who had been sent from the barracks to deal with this abomination. He could hear them, their heavy armour clanking as they strode arrogantly through the halls towards the door. The footsteps ceased and the door slid open, revealing three men in full armour, two armed with smartguns, and the third was armed with a bizarre device, presumably from those weird humanoids on the 568th floor, many floors above this one on the 83rd. The first man nodded, but said nothing. Ash knew what to do and inserted the key into the slot, flipped open the security barrier, and looked up, the monster seemed to have begun ignoring him. It lingered by the door.

"Sir, I suggest we wait until it moves away from the door." He muttered to the man with the strange device.

"Easier target, open that door up." The marine replied in a cold, deep voice that made Ash think of a hollow metal tube.

"I'm sorry sir, but I refuse to allow this operation to start until the creature has moved away from the door." Ash stammered, the man approached him menacingly and reached down, depressing the button.

The door shot open and immediately a massive arm sprung through and slashed at the Marines, knocking the two smart-gunners off their feet and reaching around to drag the leading Marine in by the leg, the device slid under the desk as the man, despite his armour, was dragged in and rapidly ejected as a mutilated pulp. The monster lunged again, grasping one of the smartgunners by the ankle and dragging him towards the door, his weapon scraped and he stuck his free leg out to avoid being dragged in. His body jerked to the side and almost immediately, his neck ripped open and his legs both separated from his body. Blood had covered the floor by now, spewing from the arteries of two men. Ash curled up in a corner, stunned in shock. The final Marine had only just managed to get up when the thick tail of the beast shot through the door and impaled him, pinning him to the steel cabinets behind him, which buckled and groaned from the sudden pressure. The creature retracted its tail from the opening, the man dropped dead to the floor. Ash began to cry, he had soiled himself, he knew running would be no good, it would catch him on his way out.

The enormous hand made its way through the door again, followed by a terrifyingly muscular arm, three monstrous claws skated on the shiny metal, and a huge body squeezed its way through the small doorway, knees bent and body twisted at awkward angles, the doorway began to contort from the monster's strength. The creature came stumbling through into the room, stretching its muscles. Its terrible gaze fixed upon Ash, who unleashed a final scream of terror as its hands gripped his ankles and ripped him in half from the crotch upwards. Innards spilled all over the floor and the beast growled in amusement.

The enormous body turned towards the doorway, and it wasn't long before it had burst through the wall separating the hallway from the viewing room, and went barrelling through the halls ripping anything that lived apart, it wasn't long before an alarm sounded and the monster drew closer to where the largest source of electrical energy was emanating from.

It broke its way through and found the power source responsible for its imprisonment. It pulled the unit from the wall and everything went dark, a voice spoke through the intercom, warning all staff that all containment units had been opened, irregular red lights switched on, spinning and casting an ever-moving shadow on the chaotic scene.


All of the xenomorphs were loose, most of the humans onboard the station were dead or impregnated, FireHunter shrieked in victory as its brethren, few in number, all familiar, rounded up the hosts and begun creating a new hive in the station, they had begun an hour ago, and the 83rd floor had become its centre. FireHunter could sense that there were old enemies upon the ship, on another floor, who had escaped and worked quickly, like the Hive itself, and had created another hive somewhere else on the ships. Encased in shadow, blue and black, as opposed to the red and black of the Hive. There was a time where the two hives had not split, a long time ago now. This would mean war, the two hives would be forced to fight for control of the space they had.


FireHunter's head jerked upwards, a noise had alerted it, more humans had arrived. Many of them. Several floors below, FireHunter grinned sickeningly, knowing that they would be met with a grisly scene. FireHunter knew how to terrify humans, it had been doing so for an eternity.

gamefreak33797, Human, 8 years ago

Thud thud, thud thud, thud thud, the sound of a beating heart of a host that was about to die. Thud thud, thud thud, a new creature was stirring. It was squirming its way around in its placenta. Growing, trying to survive in its torturous flesh cave. Slowly it was draining its host of its vital nutrients. Ever so slightly it was growing, trying to escape. It wanted blood, it wanted freedom, it wanted the ability to crawl around in dark holes, to silently devour its food.

----30 minutes later----

Finally the creature had reached the size the host's chest cavity would allow. It was a tight fit, the parasite could barely turn itself around to face the chest, but when it did it let everything loose. It tore, bit, and rammed its way through the bone, muscle, and flesh. Finally when it broke free it let loose a pitiful screech. Then with it's small weak forearms it pulled itself free from the body. It was fast, faster than the average drone chestburster. Of course having it's forearms helped it move along. But for now it had to find a place to hide. It had to find a place to grow, grow to the runner it would become.

----2 hours later----

After what had only been two minutes the small chestburster had found a small dark corner, it had fed off of its host to supply the nutrients for its growth and now it was as big as it was going to get, at least for now. Now it was time for it to rest until the chance arose for it to escape.

-Inside the Head-

Dark, all encompassing dark. Inescapable, something that was unstoppable. It was a force that was there, it seemed to wait in the dark, waiting for a chance to take control. Then it spoke, "Hahaha, so gamefreak, we have finally grown, maybe now I will be able to take control. Then again, maybe I will be like a second conscience. I may never know. But for now we must rest. I foresee a great battle with many pieces of food. Time to sleep till we are needed."

Then everything went black.

Blizzard, Human, 8 years ago

"I..I don't want to die .... I want my mummy "cried out the little girl who had been cocooned in the wall with no regard for human comfort . Her arms and legs had been grotesquely twisted , broken when necessary to fit properly with queen's scheme and design of the hive . Her once beautiful little face had now been lolled at an unnatural angle . Her name was Caitlin , Caitlin was a bright child a wunderkinder who had been brought over to the facility by her professor and father who was assigned at the facility harmony .She was understandably in shock after a large spider straight from her nightmare had latched onto her face and after all had went black , the pain in her throat was unbearable and was about the only thing stopping her from crying .

2 hours had passed
The embryo inside of her had grown to full size but unlike most of his kin this chestburster was different not in a way which made it superior on a physical or intellectual level . This young xenomorph was just one of those alien who had a tendency of doing thing his own way and sadly for Caitlin this was not the fastest way to go . This particular creature did not ram his way out of the humans chest instead he had decide to devour the girls organ from the inside prioritising the organs which would not kill her . The girl screamed before her cries was cut short by a spasm from the internal bleeding

5 hours had passed
The child body had gone limp if you were to cut open Caitlin you would have found to much inside of her her intestined , heart , lungs had all been partially devoured . Blizzard slithered l out of the fleshy human chest like a snake slithers out of the grass the carcass had given no sign of resistance and no contracting of the muscle .

6 hours had passed
Blizzard had cocooned himself and had now arrived at his final form , a large serpent with the typical dark skin and a few subtle silver outlines on the side of his skin which was the only indicating the presence of a xenomorph lurking in the shadows and even then this was barely visible only after a few glimmer of light from the electronics manage to infiltrate the hive black sticky texture . He let out a faint hiss .
"I am born "

skull_ripper, Human, 8 years ago

As his ship landed, scraping across the metal floor and sparking, Skull ripper looked down at his control console. He reached forward, his clawed fingers grazing the touchscreen as he entered a command sequence allowing him to do a short range scan. It showed nothing alive, only the dead. Aggravated at the lack of immediate prey, skull opened his ship. The top slid down before him as he stepped out, seeing his scarred leader and his fellow youngblood companion he opened his wrist computer, using it to reprogram the lighting system. With a final command the lights came on.
“Lets get that door open wolf” he said to his comrade as he gestured to the air lock. They moved towards the door, as he placed his hands on the sides wolf nodded to him. They both heaved it open, stepping aside as Voltage walked through, they both followed after him. The door slammed shut behind them, causing skull to turn in surprise as it locked. The corridor ended in a sealed lab door and split to the left and right. As the others dispersed skull set about opening the lab door, he tried opening it manually, but it would not budge.

After some time the doors override command was discovered, its locks started to turn and hissed as it decompressed. The door slid open as he walked into the lab, he looked around at his surroundings noticing another door opposite the one he just entered, in addition to many tubes containing warped and twisted serpent spawn. He walked up to the least mutated or altered chestbuster, it was normal save for the tubular spines already present. It twitched and scrabbled at the glass, it amused skull as it feebly switched between trying to escape and attack him. He strolled over to computer station in the middle of the room, it was mostly undamaged and the monitor was on. He activated his wrist computer to access the video logs, he scanned over them starting to view the videos looking for something unique, something special. He wanted his first xenomorph kill to be a unique individual, as he watched enough of each video to see the specimen in each one, he didn’t see any unique enough.
Then he watched the next in horror as a very unexpected creature was presented to him. It was a xenomorph spawned from another yautja, in confusion and rage he ended the video log, he turned as something fell across the room. He looked up staring at the blackness through the clear glass of the door, he thought there might be something on the other side, but when he changed his vision mode there was nothing. He decided to continue through the lab, opening the other door, as he walked he sent a message to his companions.
“I have discovered a hybrid, the abomination must die, and the weaklings behind its existence”. His voice echoed in hallway as he spoke, he went in search of worthy prey, as he did he heard noises but was unsure of what made them, he let out a low rumbling growl to attract whatever made the noises, he retrieved his combistick, ready to strike.

-Bloo-, Human, 8 years ago

[4 Hours Prior to Containment Failure]

         The coffee machine stirred, buzzing to signify that the brew was ready. Ash’s mouth parted as he yawned – he nearly fell over in his chair while he leaned back. “Hey, Halliday. We got our rounds this morning.”
         Ash wiped his lips and reached for his empty mug. “Yeah, yeah. Lemme’ get some more coffee and I’ll be right with you at the elevator.”
         ”Make it quick. She stopped laying eggs.” His escort, a nameless security guard as far as he cared, stood sternly in the door way of Ash’s office, arms crossed and weapon gripped.
         Steam rose from the now full cup and fogged up his glasses. The coffee was particularly terrible today. Was this a coincidence?
         ”That’s… unsettling. Did the other do that before dying?”
         ”I don’t know. I’m just an escort. But we’re supposed to put down the hybrid in an hour. Hurry it up.” The door slide closed as the escort stomped outside.
         Ash Halliday, one of the science officers aboard the research station, woke up this morning anticipating another uneventful day aboard the old Planes of Harmony. His section leader, Artimes Michaels, was a tight-ass who didn’t really seem to do much. Michaels claimed that the Wey-Yu higher-ups never told them what they were studying exactly, just that they were to observe another alien species’ individual living habits. Last quarter, it was a bunch of horse-like reptiles and oxen, all of which were still being held somewhere in the 700-floor station.
         These new aliens, although boring to watch most of the time, were actually intriguing.
         They’re silicone-based creatures? Their blood has acidic properties? But acid doesn’t work like that. What do you MEAN it was born yesterday? It’s huge.” There was so much Ash wanted to learn, but Michaels and the rest of Wey-Yu were particularly secretive about the true nature of this research. “What do they even do? Are they dangerous?”
         ”HALLIDAY.” His escort was getting impatient. The coffee was now cold.
         ”Hold your horses, jackass. I was doing something important.”
         ”My ass, you were. Come on. Michaels wants us to see the queen bee.”


         ”My god.”
         ”She is marvelous, ain’t she?”
         ”No, I mean, you actually get some quality coffee.”
         Ash had already finished two cups of Michaels’ personal concoction by the time the rest of the escorts came by to aid them on the elevator. “That shit they have in the kitchen is downright putrid.”
         Michaels either didn’t hear Ash or just didn’t seem to care. All he could focus on was the moving image on his computer screen – a large black shadow hung suspended from the ceiling, its tail slithering like a serpent between its thighs. “You go, Ash. As much as I’d like to see her in person again, I’ve got to stay here and record a thought I just had.”
         ”Yes, sir. Whatever you say, sir.” Ash and his security team entered the elevator at the end of the research hall. After a few commands, they promptly went down.


         ”She’s stirring from her sleep. Indeed, egg production has come to a halt.”
         Through a 20-inch-thick one-way mirrior, Ash observed the mother alien, elevated from the ground by the very same contraption that kept her prisoner. “Oh, you poor, blue thing.”
         The black creature couldn’t see him because of the nature of the window. She could only see her reflection. She was completely at the mercy of her captors, having been kidnapped from her home 3 months ago and used, as she always had been, as a sex slave. They didn’t know it, but her old age caused her to exhaust her ability to reproduce, and so she no longer wanted to live.
         ”Turn the lights on. I want a better look at the ovipositor.”
         Floodlights from every corner of the room revealed the shadowy serpent’s naked body, mutilated and scarred from centuries of untold horrors. The light revealed her otherwise black exoskeleton to be a rich sapphire with diamond-like properties – a true gem among the stars. Attached to her genital area was a pale-white sac, fleshy and mangled, stretching all the way across the room to the only opening to the outside, which was to an incubation room where the eggs would enter cryo tubes meant to house both the egg and a single potential human host.
         There was another entrance into the chamber, which was used to bring the blue queen into the room in the first place, but that could only be accessed through the control room in which Ash resided in.
         ”The ovipositor - it’s ghostly white. I wonder if she will grow a new one?”
         Ash questioned the Queen’s odd physical condition, but she knew all too well that she was near death.
         ”How old did you say she was?”
         Michaels’ face could be seen on a nearby laptop. “I didn’t. We have no way to confirm that.”
         The Queen, her throat hoarse, bit at the air as a weak growl emerged.
          ”I… I am eleven centuries old.”
         This aging Queen – Bloo – had seen her fair share of violence, having lived a hundred human lifetimes. In her younger days, she was full of energy. By now, however, the only thing she wanted to do was to stop existing.
         Bloo’s age was showing; her sapphire-black exoskeleton contained many milky white blotches, the spikes atop her crown had grown to an atrocious size, and her limbs were that of the malnourished, skinny and as fragile as can be.
         She’s had a long time to think to herself. She couldn’t produce any more Royal Jelly, which would allow her to live longer. She couldn’t reproduce anymore. She… she couldn’t do anything but hang helplessly from her prison, staring at her own face for the rest of eternity.
         The smile-shaped scar decorating the sides of her lips was all that was left of her glory days. There was no way she’d ever grin like that ever again without the scar.

         ”She seems to be breathing fine, Michaels, assuming she even breathes oxygen. Would you like to find out? We can suck all of it from the chamber.”
         ”Why not?”
         ”I can’t take that chance. Perhaps you and the security team should see to it that the hybrid is put down. It’s too dangerous to live.”
         ”Oh, come on. It was a joke. Obviously it breathes, probably. I won’t kill her like I killed the Red one. Poor thing didn’t see it coming. Now this blue alien’s our only source of eggs, and she stopped producing them.”
         ”She has? Go kill the hybrid. I will inspect her myself.”
          ”The… Red one? Dead?”
         ”Ha ha. See you later, sir. Come on, people. It’s time to see the hybrid.”

Rampage, Human, 8 years ago

After The Escape

He had been asleep when the alarm started going off. Rampage slowly rose to his feet and gazed around his cell until the door suddenly came open. With a soft hiss the Xenomorph tilted his head and looked around the room seeming confused by this turn of events. He had never been free before in his life, yet here the door was wide open for him to go as he pleased. Rampage wanted te leave his cell and perhaps explore his new found surroundings. Rampage slowly walked up to the door to make sure this was not a trap of some kind that would harm him should he try to leave. He slowly stuck his left arm in the doorway and when the limb wasn't severed, or shocked, he was assured this wasn't a trap. With a louder hiss Rampage darted out of the room and into the hallway, which had ppols on blood in it as well as a few dying humans and some dead humans as well. A few other Xenomorphs ran past him but he did not know them, he didn't know where he came from. He didn't even know if he had a Queen or not. Did these others have a Queen? If so who was she? It didn't matter, he was free and he intended to enjoy his freedom. Rampage growled and ran down another hallway, this one full of Xenomorphs in the process of capturing, killing or in a few cases eating some of the humans. The smell of blood, sweat, fear, urine and death made Rampage stop and inspect the dead body of a man who had to have been dead for a few minutes. Rampage clawed at the body in the same fashion as a cat claws at a dead or dying mouse. Albeit more sinister than a cat. Rampage grew tired of playing with the dead human and decided to follow some of the other Xenomorphs to find out what the plan was. Perhaps they would need his help as well?

DarkLioness, Human, 8 years ago

The creature writhed and uncoiled it's tail within it's host. The host in question groaned in her sleep and her eyes flicked behind her eyelids as if having a bad dream. The creature moved it's tiny arms slowly as if reaching for something. It wanted to grasp onto something. It moved around for a few more minutes but then it ceased all movement. For the next several hours up until it decided it was time.


Hours Before FireHunter's escape

The host was screaming in agony and pain as a searing pain filled it's chest cavity. The woman, named Cassandra, had no idea what was going on. Despite being only 26-years old she thought she was having a heart attack. Oh but it was something much worse than that: the creature within her chest was ready to come out but this wasn't a traditional chestbursting here, no. This one was slowly emerging in the slowest and cruelest way possible. Simply put the Chestburster was chewing it's way out of the host and it seemed to be taking it's sweet time. Could it be possible that this unborn nightmare was enjoying the sound of it's host's pain and suffering? It couldn'tbe because it hadn't been born yet. Alas it seemed that the creature would get slower each time the host groaned and screamed bloody murder. To her it felt like she was being scratched or set on fire from the inside out and her throat felt try and raw. This was pure hell and she wanted it to end.

"Oh god make it stop please it hurts! My chest it killing please give me something!" Cassandra wailed between sobs hoping someone would take mercy on her and give her something to ease the pain. Then Cassandra threw back her and screamed louder only to suffer from a violent coughing fit that caused her to cough up a bit of blood. Her head was killing her, her chest got tighter and felt worse by what felt like the second and she felt like she had to vomit. What the hell was wrong with her? She looked at the glass that seperated her from the scientists that observed her from a safe distance. She knew people were there. Tears ran down her pale face.

"P-please help me. Please I beg you give me something please! Hello? I know you're there please do something. Do something you heartless bastards!" Cassandra half cried half scream. How could these people be so cruel?

Gaunt, Human, 8 years ago

-Sometime during the class of "Containment Breach"-

The low lit halo-lights of the cargo storage corridors flickered to the blaze of gun fire, the screams of damned souls, and the shake of hulls as bodies hit the floor, corpses beckoning for miles above and below in the unforeseen monolith that was Planes of Harmony, an unprecedented super structure that was home to 739 floors of research, murder, corporate finance and death, along with countless souls and xenomorphic breeds of unknown tangents or race.

Of the situations of the personal or lifeforms that were in this pans labyrinth of a space station, it was currently unknown, synaptic links and thralls of communication were cut apart by the huge wiry structure of the place, like it wanted nothing to compose, and nothing to escape, a looming shadow over all that resided in its cold, barren holds, each scream for escape sooner or later snuffed from existence into darkness.

The dog cage rattled, thin micro-aphasic dust drifted and fell from the girders of the ceiling as dogs whined and whimpered inside their soft lined prison. It was funny how W-Y had taken to abductions these days, even taking the animals of the ships they forced off course onto their cruisers, oh how the persons would resist the corporations will, until a loved one or two was beaten, always a grace in their brutality none the less.

The large soft padded customary cage held a family of rottweilers, the male of this family trapped in a separate cage adjacent to the former, he barked furiously to the bitch in her cell, three small, spry lil' pups all nestled and nuzzled at her tummy, feeding from her lush, swollen pink teats, so young for how she had birthed them only a week and a half ago.

The father of the litter continued to bark, the mother whimpered as to some impending fate, for she had been separate from her partner for too long, her pups were all birthed, her body was clean, save for the irregular, large bulge of a contusion that weighed against her side, slithering slowly as it tuned into motion, having left its place from her livers excess bile duct, it was now wondering, assessing, able to see through her skin as it strained its head into her flesh, her pained yelps scaring the pups as they scuffed and dragged against their Mummy, nuzzling under her paws, trying to keep her from pain.

The bulge dissipated in an instant to the whines of the young, like a nightmare gone as it slaked away, the Mother yelped and whine more frantically, a soft howl only able to pierce so shortly as her jaw was forced open, her throat clamping onto the body of the snake-like monster that writhed up in a horrible motion, the head of the long hibernating Chestburster reeled back as it's body slipped out from the Mother's throat all together in one swift, fairly painless movement, leaving the bitch panting on gagged breathes, drool and blood slipped saliva draining from her muzzle as terrified pups clung to her warm, comforting tummy, whining in fear.

The Male adjacent barked more madly now, in fear and anger, ramming against the door of his cage as Gaunt, gleamed in saliva and stomach acid tilted its head around to survey this new world. He was somewhere deep inside the station from whatever he could feel, the gravitation of the situation moved strangely, much slower than that of something over any ordinary world, the overgrown hell-worm shredded its old skeletal skin then and there, too weathered from all its time surviving against the Females digestive system, he rested in the cage as his new skin took to the air, hardening from its soft, pulpy texture.

Curious pups dared to look to the monster that had left their Mother, it gleamed in it's new skin, stretching a sharp tongue from a damp maw, its new exo-skeletal skin a strong orange pigmentation in color that confused the pups as much as it did scare them, the panting Mother darted her eyes down to see the monster, her lids shut, the Fathers frantic barks turned to quiet concerned whimpers as she opened her eyes once more.

A pool of fluid and shredded skin remained of the hellish Chestburster, a break between the bars had been torn by razoring claws, dented aside by a long muscular body, Gaunt had vanished, the halo-lights continued to flicker in that dark dreary hold room, the silent serpent was already following its instincts and prowess, working through deserted corridors as it did so.

Re-establish The Hive, re-establish dominance, breed, kill, live. The dogs were never to be good if he had slaughtered them, and Gaunt considered it returning the favor, for the Mother who had carried him for what seemed like an ageless sleep. Soft hisses echoed inside the vents as bulk-pins cracked inwards and girders bent, the hunt for familiars was at hand, and any formidable prey would be dealt with.

The Hive would reign this metal hell, or drench it to hell in acidic blood trying.

jessejames, Human, 8 years ago

rolls his shoulders after he walks out onto the cold steel floor of the station and andlooksaround his breath is turned into steam everytime he breaths and flaxes his fingers stretches audible cracksare heard from his joints as he stretches and then gathers hisgear and gets his shotgun on his back and then he rolls his head and quesup his comms "blackburn this is jesse i've touched down and heading into the station now send me your location and i'll rondevouz with you there over" he saysand starts to make his way through the station his shoulder lights on and his rifle mounted flashlight moves around as he walks through and his eyes shift around looking around his guard up and his senses sharp and alert as electricity sparks from cut wires his ears listening for anything that doesn't sound normal the creaking of hanging ceiling plates moves and he looks in every room with a door that is open and looks around and then he reaches a security station andcurses that the electronics are fried and waits to get blackburns location is sent to him so he sees a fridge and smirks and opens it and sees a beer and grabsit and opens it then drinks it and then finishes the rest and chckshis scanner and doesn't see anything 0on it and keeps going not letting his guard down or relaxing ready foranything as he heads deeper into the station.

his eyes scanning the darkness ahead and around him ashe keeps his head on a swivel and wonders why peterson thought that heneeded to bring jesse out of cryo and sending him here to back up blackburn and keeps wondering what blackburns missionis on thisstation is anyways as he slowly makes his way deeper into the station.

Dronehive, Human, 8 years ago

|hour unknown|

The chestbuster should have been out by now.

The parasite was tightly nuzzled in the dead man's body. The man had been dead for a few hours, judging by the smell. His organs pushed aside, the motionless chestbuster taking up all of the room. Six long hours ago, a man had felt a pain in his chest. A soft pain, but it still hurt. Pain medication didn't help. Morphine did. It wasn't until the end pain stopped. His slow death had been triggered not by the normal habits of a chestbuster, but the sheer amount of drugs. The medication was in his system. His blood. Now it was in the parasite. The result was one effect; the chestbuster was sleeping. It wasn't normal.

Hours later, a long, bloody monster emerged from the human. The monster slowly registered the change. "Hisssss" "Hisssssssssss". The creature slowly wormed off into the darkness, waiting for its prey to show up. It could feel its own hunger, and was ready to kill. Slime dripping off its mouth, it crawled along, waiting for prey.

It was less than an hour when it found its first meal.

concretehunter, Human, 8 years ago

God its exhausting. White walls, White bed, Plus every day the same grub that tastes like crushed frogs gets shoved into my chamber through a little slot the size of a shoe box. The worst thing is that they don’t realise what I need to eat in order to stay alive, my species live on a diet rich in protein and fats. Instead these humans are feeding me half what I need to eat and with no protein. Maybe they’re trying to weaken me so that they can control me a tad better. Oh well, What do I know.
I checked my wrist comp for the time, Oh shit! I had better get ready.
I crouched down next to the slot in my door, It was fairly low down. I had to get on my hands and knees.
*Step* *step * *Step*
Haha here she comes.
YES. I went to grab at the woman’s arm, With a scream she pulled it away. My hand still managed to find its way to her ankle. I fastened my hand around it tightly and began to drag it inwards towards me. She was wearing these flat white bits of fabric and rubber wrapped around her feet, I had no idea why. I began slowly pulling her leg in towards my white tomb, She was shouting in the gibberish that they all do. I can only imagine it was a cry for help. Before I got her foot through the slot she was on the floor bracing herself. The bitch was just about to make it more trouble than it’s worth. Since I hadn’t been keeping myself as clean as I’d like these past few weeks my nails had grown rather long. One advantage to this was that I could stick my hand out and tear the woman’s Achilles tendon. She was basically asking for it.

Such a drama queen this one, The blood began to pour out of her other leg. You could tell she was in shock because her leg began to flail about in the kind of way you’d expect a fish to. Suddenly the smell of shit hit my nose. She’s soiled herself, Don’t try and blame it on me either. I can see your piss mixing with your blood there. You’re lucky I’m hungry or I may not want to eat you.
She began to pull back; I had no choice except to dig my nails into the fleshy part of her thigh. Blood began trickling through my fingers and her cry’s perforated through the sheet metal door. Her fellow man came to her aid and was trying to get her out of my grasp, But I was too strong. I kept pulling until I eventually got the majority of her leg in. It wasn’t easy, I kept losing my grip because of her blood and fats lubricating my hand.

The next part was her pelvis, Sadly Human females have wide pelvises. I stuck my hand out of the slot to get a grasp but it was suddenly hit by a barrage of feet. I quickly got a hold of her buttocks and pulled it into the gap in the slot. I heard her torso and skull slam into the door. This was the first time she vomited.
This part was tricky, Her pelvis wasn’t the problem. Her leg was now jamming her torso in the slot. I stood up and put one of my feet on the door, Grabbed her leg and began to pull. This was the second time she threw up. I heard the sound of it splatter on the floor, I’ll just close my eyes and pretend its Chinese food. I squatted deep in order to get more force in my pull. With one long and slow wretch I got most of her pelvis through the door. While doing so the sound of bone snapping and bodily organs hitting the floor hit my ears. I found out later that it was the sound of her ribs fracturing from the force and her left lung being dislodged and forced out of her mouth.
I’m sure she would’ve screamed. Honest. But she couldn’t even draw a breath. After this she was fairly easy to get into my cell, I had to tear her breasts off in order to fit her chest through. They looked bigger inside her padded shirt, She kept tissues there for my to clean myself with.
.: several hours later :.
She was delicious, I’m not going to lie. Sadly her face wasn’t edible, Too much crap smothering it. Probably what humans call “mik op”
Was that my door? Holy shit it is. Finally a way out! I'll find myself somewhere to rest and recover.

-Bloo-, Human, 8 years ago

1 Hour After Vae Victus Boards

     Michaels squirmed to the edge of the door's control panel, just managing to outpace a frisky flock of Facehuggers just five feet away from his fragile foot. Just like he promised Ash and the rest of his section, he made it to the blue queen's chamber, and because of the nature of this observation room, he was completely safe - ironic, considering he was close to the most dangerous of the Xenomorphs on the Harmony.
     He input a command that turned the one-way mirror into a traditional window, just so Bloo knew he was looking at her. He was excited. He finally had some alone time with his baby.
     An eye batted towards a big green button. It was right next to a big red button. The red button was a defense system for whenever Bloo acted up - or, conceivably, that would be its purpose, but Bloo had never so much as growled even when she was forced to grow an ovipositor and lay eggs at an unnatural rate. Michaels liked that, but he was confused. "But it's you who is the superior species, my dear, not me..."
     He'd often send her various delicacies imported from Mars and Earth through an "appearifier" controlled by the green button. He liked rewarding her for good behavior, but his excuse was that he wanted to find out what she ate.
     "Would you like a pumpkin, babe? Oh, don't mind if I do..."
     Michaels was persistent with the pumpkins. Pumpkins were an odd case. Of all the things to NOT appearify into Bloo's chamber, why pumpkins?
     Of course, he couldn't exactly see the platform that the food appearified onto, so he really had no way of telling whether they showed up or not. "Blue, eat the pumpkin."
     "WHAT PUMPKIN???"
     She gurgled and threw a whip of saliva to the platform. "No pumpkin today, girl? That's very strange. Where are the pumpkins going?"
     "I'm sure there have been no pumpkins, if pumpkins are even a thing."
     Bloo squealed again. Michaels sure wished he could understand her.
     "I sure wish I could understand you. Perhaps then you could tell me you love me back. Shoosh-sh, dear - I know it's true. If perhaps you were a female human, or I was a male Xenomorph..."
     "What... what?"
     "Not that I am insinuating bestiality."
     "Thank goodness."
     "Wait... that's exactly what I'm insinuating."
     "Oh Jesus Christ."
     "PLEASE LOVE ME, I KNOW YOU DO." Michaels leaped toward the window and began licking it in a fit of sloppy makeouts, imitating his own idea of a Xenomorph. He barked like an autistic dog and hissed like a deaf snake, which, in a rather odd turn of events, made Bloo grin. The parting of her lips made way for the river of gooey saliva that Xenomorphs were known for. This made Michaels even harder than he was - which is to say, his pants furiously parted from his crotch and he began choking the family chicken.
     "This is amusing me to no end."
     In the course of his sexual advances, Michaels accidentally pushed the button that opened up the gateway to the incubation room attached to Bloo's egg sac - the only room with an opening to Bloo's chamber.

Waralien, Human, 8 years ago

The sight amused War.

Watching from a vent located behind the human and Bloo, War was waiting for the opportune moment to spring Bloo out of his prison. Instead, War was treated to the sight of some human with animalistic desires for a different species. War noted the movement the human was doing. War looked down at his own body and looked for a way to imitate the human wondering what reason he had. After awhile, War noticed that the door to Bloo's chamber stood wide open. Guess he didn't have to do any hard work after all.

Prying the vent open, War crawled down to the floor and was bombarded with the horrid thoughts of the queen. Images of what Bloo wanted to do to the human surfaced to War's mind and gave him an idea. He grabbed the human who let out a shriek of terror as he was dragged into Bloo's chamber. Under the orders of Bloo, War positioned the human in an awkward angle and stood aside.

-Bloo-, Human, 8 years ago

[Early Installment Intermission=”Chamber Break”]

         The Narrator is now taking over the narrative for speed.
         Let’s be clear – Artimis Michaels is a brilliant Weyland-Yutani analyst, but he’s hardly a model of sanity when it comes to his sexual urges. That’s why he’s not a main character. He’s interesting, but not prominent. It was promised that this would be straight up Aliens Versus Predator, and this is what you’re getting – no angry black time travelers, no elaborate Elder Council plans involving communications-themed antagonists – just straight up dick heads versus vagina mouths.
         Also, everyone’s a sick fuck now?? Gaunt, what are you doing? DarkLioness, what?? Concrete Hunter. What are you doing? Concrete Hunter. Stop that. Stop that right now. That poor women’s –
         Oh, for heaven’s sake. I’ll open a door for you, Concrete Hunter. There. Predictably, you escape through it, but not before literally eating out that poor women. Except her head. You will stuff that into the pumpkin later, which somehow ended up in your holding cell rather than Bloo’s. Speaking of Bloo…
         Bloo knows the door to the incubation room has now opened, and that room is huge. It’s huge because it houses hundreds to THOUSANDS of eggs. Think of a factory rather than a kitchen. It’s that big. This place has 700+ floors. It’s huge. There are many areas that have yet to be renovated into a hive. The incubation “factory” is a complete shitstorm, of course (what else would you expect from the room that had all the eggs in it?), but Michael’s observation room and the few hallways connected to it are completely unaffected. However, Waralien is there, and he’s making Michaels do things for Bloo.
          ”Make him release me from this elevated holding construct.”
         Waralien repeatedly forces down Michael’s clenched fists into the control panel to try and get Bloo down from the ceiling. Meanwhile, a few of the scientists in the other rooms have just killed some of the Facehuggers that managed to sneak their way in. These were the same Facehuggers that were chasing Michaels earlier. They didn’t stop existing or anything.
         Anyway, War’s plan doesn’t take.
         Ah, but there’s GameFreak! GameFreak is a Runner, and so she should fit in the vents just fine to get on top of Bloo and manually override the contraption, and… Wait, GameFreak, what are you doing?
         GameFreak deliberately disobeys Bloo and goes after one of the few scientists who actually knows how to control the holding construct that currently imprisons Bloo.
         Great! Now she’s dead. GameFreak ate her pelvis. What? Why is that a thing that’s happening?
         Now, instead of releasing Bloo from the construct, Michaels is escaping War’s grip to try and win Bloo’s affection again. Awesome. More stains for the window, Michaels? Bloo believes something has to be done about this insubordination.
          ”Kill him.”
         Waralien grips Michael’s pelvis and…
          ”No, not his pelvis. I have a feeling that too many people are getting pelvis injuries. It’s a hunch.”
         Waralien grips Michael’s shoulders and shoves his own pelvis into Michael’s neck. He’s now dead. See? Not a main character.
          ”I have a feeling something meta is going on, assuming we Xenomorphs knew what “meta” was, which we don’t.”
         Now GameFreak is back. Somehow, she’s inputting the commands to release Bloo from elevation. A change of heart, it seems. Good Runner.
         The metal construct collapses, as does Bloo; the pumpkin reappears on top of her crown, thus ending the last of these ridiculously meta posts, which was only used to accelerate the plot and get rid of Michaels, who would have potentially ended up as another Jim had Bloo’s prison break stretched for longer than 3 posts.
          ”This was a nice intermission, but now let’s get serious. Shadow Serpents - I need Red’s Royal Jelly.


Blizzard, Human, 8 years ago

Blizzard had been sprinting towards the source of the pheremones so may kin were there so many thoughs were going through his head sadly non of them are noteworthy but for the sake of making more lines here they are :" I wonder what I will find ...oh yeah of course my mummy I could get her released and get a promotion wait do we even have promotions" . There I told you it was useless anyway back to the seriousness . Blizzard came dashing throught the hive that his mother had ordered to be created while she was in captivity , he had made his way towards the royal chamber was held were he would liberate her , he burst him beofre looking at his surroundings Bloo was unchained and the alpha male was smashing shit up , Blizzard lowered his head with disapointement before leaping to the celling to see his surrounding there was a a man with his pelvis in his neck in front of bloo , gamefreak was chasing scientist around , and Waralien was staring at the queen . The queen had odered everyone to look for the red royal jelly and some drones started moving out , but blizzard was still looking at his mother he had so many question to ask like why was her tail so big ? why do you have such a big head , does hurt giving birth all the time ... why the hell are you smiling at me ?

gamefreak33797, Human, 8 years ago

(Just so everyone knows, I will use * to signify if the normal GameFreak is talking, then " to signify the fucked up one.)

--Inside the Head--

"So, I think it is about time I took over, you have been a goody two shoes for to long."
--Outside the Head--

After having released Bloo from her cage GameFreak felt something snap in her head. Like someone was leaning on a glass wall and suddenly it all came crashing down. She began to twitch, going into a seizure. She was fighting to keep control of her own mind. She couldn't let him win, if she did he might ruin everything.

--Back Inside--

*S-s-stop this now!

"Aww, whats the matter, don't want me to ruin you reputation?"

*No, I fear what you are going to do to the other Shadow Serpents.

"Hmm, don't worry baby, I won't hurt them, especially that bitch mother of ours, after all, if this body dies we both are fucked."

*It doesn't matter, I will still not let you control me.

"Excuse me, who said this body was yours, it is both of ours."

*W-w-what, since when has this been true.

"Since we were born. After all, one cannot live with two minds in one body without both fighting for control. Just ask our creator."

*Creator? Who is that?

"That doesn't matter. But for now I think it is time you took the back seat. See ya later GameFreak"

*Wha-, no, this can't be happening.

"To bad sweety, say hi to the creator for me."

After what had seemed like 5 years of arguing inside their head, the sick twisted version of GameFreak finally took control. "Ahh, it feels good to take control. Now I gotta find some Royal Jelly apparently. Well, might as well search for it while I go find some scientists to eat." With that thought(?) GameFreak sprinted off into the maze of corridors, hoping to find some food to torture.

--Two Minutes Later--

GameFreak rounded a corner to see two scientists carrying a large container of what appeared to be some kind of Liquid. She crept up to the humans, making sure she was not found.

"You know Konnor, we could just ditch this Jelly and get off this ship. If we keep lugging this thing around we might just get killed by some Xenos."

"Aww, you worry to much Ben, we just have to take it to that conveniently placed air powered chute that is just big enough for this container and a small Xeno."

"Why would you say that out loud? You might just give one an idea if one is around."

"Pfft, who cares, there are none around."

"Ok, fine, lets get this over with."

They hefted the canister and began to throw it towards the Chute. When they let go they heard a scrapping noise and turned just in time to see a Xeno leaping towards them. They ducked out of the way to see it flying past and land on the container.

"Whew, that was a close one wasn't it Ben? Ben, Ben, Ben? Are you Okay?"

Konnor looked over and could see why his friend wasn't answering, his head was missing. And little did he know that the Xeno was riding the Container to wherever it was going enjoying a little snack he had picked up on the way.