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Hey, My name is Brad and i live in Australia, i used to live in england but i moved here in 2002. I'm 14 years old and i'm interested in most things such as Movies, Film making, Music,Games, sports (just Tennis really lol) and other things.

.:RPG Character Profile:.

Through out the past the great hunter Night Blade has hunted many victims and his dark legacy has been known to other yaut’ja. Known as one on the Gods of Death. Over 7ft tall bearing tough and flexible armour he his capable of taking hard blows from any angle. Armed to the teeth with highly advanced exotic weapons he also has a great advantage over his foe either xenomorph, human or yaut’ja.

Having completed many great hunts and taking part in various battles make him the great vicious warrior he is today. His armour is almost completely covered in the hunters marks, even some of them as recognition for taking part in great wars.

.:Weapons and Armour:.


• 1 metre wrist blades on each gauntlet (duel wrist blades)
• Duel Plasma Casters
• Combi stick
• Glaive
• Left Fist
• Right Fist
• Ceremonial Dagger
• 8 Shurikens
• Speargun


• Most of his armour consists of chromed xenomorph endoskeleton making it resistant to a xenomorphs acidic blood. Shoulders, chest, arms, gauntlets, bio helmet, legs, shin guards, boots, loin cloth thing (armour)

• Not just marks of hunts are carved into his armour but stories of battle are also imprinted onto the armour



Let The Hunt Begin