Alien vs Predator



An expedition of archaeologists on Earth discover an Aztec temple hidden under the Antarctic circle, housing a host of Alien creatures. A group of coming-of-age Predators have also come to the temple, as it has long been a training ground for their race. From there on, it's Aliens vs. Predators, with the humans caught in the middle.


Not that bad


I dont think it was as bad as everyone says it was, i mean atleast the story had some creativity as compared to avp requiem which was bad. the temple and the connection between the two was good but not much fighting shown as u ppl have said before. why cant they make a higher budget movie with good acting and quality plot, the franchise has so much potential. and by the way the should make an alien vs. predator 3 game, avp 2 was a sick game, they should have mad that storyline into a movie.



This movie was great. It is like the best pg-13 movie I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet AVP-R will be better than this. Those predators are fllipen awsome. I mean like with those dual blades, thoes smart dics, those plasma cannons, and those ivisible traps.



This is one of the greatest monster smackdowns in the movie history

I recommend this film a lot.

the best predator movie yet

Konstance Hill

The movie was the best and most interesting film yet in the Predator series. The film as in the continuation into Requiem leaves more questions than answers. I loved the concept and the Predator characters were just awesome and Ian Whyte taking on the role of what must be the ultamate sci-fi character as the Predator after the death of Kevin Peter Hall played a great part and we a more intreging side of the man behind the mask. I thought Lance Henriksen performance was just fantastic, and i loved the leading lady, Sanaa Lathan performed a fantastic performance and the closing sequence was probably one of the best in movie history.

i loved Requiem a dark and showed the shady side of human life while maintaining the whole Predator action and an insight or two into the very end.

i hope very much to see a lot more of this most popular of all franchises in Predator 3 and certainly the universal great battle of Predator v Alien.

avp good or bad

super fan

in avp it was good except for almost no fight scenes and one freakin alien kills 2 predators i was thinking WHAT!!!! i mean the first was jumped but the other one with what he did to it it should be screwed right there besides that worth watchin again

A little above average

A sensible fan

I know most people don't like this movie, and some downright hate it. Its not like they couldn't have done a better job. But in the end, I believe this movie was a success in what I believe its purpose was viewed as by the director: A sci-fi match between two of my favorite movie monsters, the xenomorphs and the Yautja. They fought, there were a few epic scenes, and I liked the new look of the Predators and Aliens. I'm a die-hard fan; I will like AVP, AVP-R, Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien: Resurrection, Predator, and Predator 2 until the day I bite the dust. And while that may influence my decision heavily, I can also base this film's awesomeness on its own merits. It features a hunter sporting alien weaponry, plasma cannons, infrared tracking, invisibility cloaking systems, and a face that not even a mother could love; versus an acid-blooded, serpentine, silicon-based lifeform that is about the best biological weapons-only using alien being to ever hit theaters. If we were going x/10, I'd give it a 9/10, for acting that could have been better, and for changing the plasma-caster blasts from being sparkling and orange to blue. Those are my ONLY two complaints about what I would consider a slightly-above average, awesome match-up that kept me waiting for more.
And as for the obvious sequel, thats not a fault, thats something to hope for, for the next year. If this site would get updated, I'd put out my AVP-R review right now too.

Alien vs Predator


This horror that has been loosed upon us by Paul WS Anderson is as appaling as it is surprising. After directing such theatrical treats as Solier and Mortal Kombat he crashed and burned. Nobody but someone like Spielberg or Cameron should have been allowed the rights to the Alien/Predator franchise.Like, whats wrong with your head man! He cant come up with any kind of plot so he vulgarly pieces together a Alien and Predator to make one wienerish monster. No script. No larger than life heroes. Anhy AvP comics have infinitly more depth, character development, plot, and explosive kick-assness. Bad Paul! In what twisted, false recess of your compulsive rudimentry elements of instinctivness that you call a brain, made you think this was going to be a good idea?!

Let'em come


I disagree with you guys who give a low rate to this movie. Try to forget about previous versions of both Alien and Predator, and then be honest about this. i hope a sequel will come soon, this time happening in a big city, with a lot of human killings.