Alien Resurrection



Perhaps these films are like the Star Trek movies: The even-numbered episodes are the best ones. Certainly this film (directed by French stylist Jean-Pierre Jeunet) is an improvement over Alien 3, with a script that breathes exciting new life into the franchise. This chapter is set even further in the future, where scientists on a space colony have cloned both the alien and Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), who died in Alien 3; in doing so, however, they've mixed alien DNA with Ripley's human chromosomes, which gives Ripley surprising power (and a bad attitude). A band of smugglers comes aboard only to discover the new race of aliens--and when the multi-mouthed melonheads get loose, no place is safe. But, on the plus side, they have Ripley as a guide to help them get out. Winona Ryder is on hand as the smugglers' most unlikely crew member (with a secret of her own), but this one is Sigourney's all the way.


You guys suck!


You guys have the crapiest taste in craptown!This was one of the best movies of the series!Okay,I will admit the part about the alien/human newborn sucked But other then that the movie was awesome.SO #$&* all of you guys.You all suck!

Laying some Judegemetn here

Chriss yBoi

Ok, Alien Resurection was kinda b movie'ish and made the rest of the series look bad, in my opinion Aliens was the best of the movies, But Resurection did bring us the new sfx and more reallookin alien and ofcourse the guy with the dual pistold that slid out his sleeves i mean cmon that was quite kl lol but ressurectiin was quite lame when compared to others, i mean what happend to some marine action, there wasquite alot of the guyz and i did not see one bit of combat, they could have easily controlled the aliens if armed and i wanted action but no, just some bits, and the human alien did suck, some new ideas are good with the half breeds like the alien and pred mix, but that pice of crap just looked retarded.

stupid,crappy,and dumb


this movie was the worst sci-fi movie ever to brodcast on tv thumbs down on this peice of worthless piece of scumbagged movie



Sucked fat nards! The only two reasons I gave it 2 stars:

1. Winona Ryder is hot as hell

2. Sigourney Weaver is the best lead for any Alien movie

well.... ok

woulf hound

well... ok, some of the revies i read was true.... but all & all alien 4 was really cool. I loved the part about the alien sneaking onto the escape pod... and than the captain through a granade on it. But i did not like how the guy said earth was a shit whole, it was better than the ship he was on.



Okay, I do LOVE alien and I'm also a kid. But I would have given this movie 5 stars if it weren't for that BAD BABY! Yes, the alien that kills the queen. WHY did they design it so horribly, WHY! The only cool part about it is that it takes huge bites out of peopole's heads, but other than that it was horrible! and Where's that alen 5 & 6 they were talki'n about in the first movie's commentary? I understand most of the movie though, like when they clone ripley. It also has funny parts like when that one guy's climbi'n up the ladder and sees a small spider and shoots it with his pistol. But I don't think any of the alien movies are scary, just cool! (and if you think my spelling is good, I'm in forth grade and still in elementary school)

Aien Resurrection (The greatest)

Alien Freak

Loved the way they brought back Ripley. The updated robot Winona played. The swimming Aliens great. Nice story line.



A complete knife through the heart in the Alien franchise. Just a C average action movie with aliens in it.