Alien Resurrection



Perhaps these films are like the Star Trek movies: The even-numbered episodes are the best ones. Certainly this film (directed by French stylist Jean-Pierre Jeunet) is an improvement over Alien 3, with a script that breathes exciting new life into the franchise. This chapter is set even further in the future, where scientists on a space colony have cloned both the alien and Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), who died in Alien 3; in doing so, however, they've mixed alien DNA with Ripley's human chromosomes, which gives Ripley surprising power (and a bad attitude). A band of smugglers comes aboard only to discover the new race of aliens--and when the multi-mouthed melonheads get loose, no place is safe. But, on the plus side, they have Ripley as a guide to help them get out. Winona Ryder is on hand as the smugglers' most unlikely crew member (with a secret of her own), but this one is Sigourney's all the way.


This Movie Was Pretty Bad

The Drizzle1212

This movie was pretty bad it was better than aliens 3 but there was not enough action or suspense in it. I could jsut guess whats was goin to happen. It got boring after awhile and i could not watch it in one sitting. But besides that the cgi was pretty damn good. I derfinaly like the way the aliens look in Aliens they look alot more firce and scary thats the way they should have stayed after the second one. But all in all this movie was ok i would recomed a rent b4 u think about buying it.

not to good.


I saw this movie about a week ago and i thought that this movie sucked. i still dont get the whole thing with the human-alien hybrid i thought that it could have done alot better. 2/5

worst film in the saga!


CRAP! I thought every Alien movie was excellent until I saw this! I didn't understand the story. Yeah I understood Ripley coming back after 200 years but resurrecting as a human/alien clone? WTF?!

really bad


lets just pretend this never happened

superbly dumb


This movie was the worst out of all of the alien movies

- they couldnt have cloned the queen, because they only got ripley's DNA.

- second the acting and the story were a bit joky, like no one really cared

I first thought that this movie was good, until I saw the directors cut for Alien 3, then I thought alien 4 was crap.

Oh my God!!!


I don't like Alien Resurrection, because this is the disgracing of the fantastic movies Alien, Aliens and Alien3. And the Half-Alien-Human monster *sucks*. I think this is a very poor film. Just a film "made-for-money". I hate it.

It was awsome.


The Alien Legacy was great. Alien Resurrection, come on it was awesome.



KK right first this film SUCKS. only 3 reasons it deserves a start
1.sigorne wiver
2. its alien
3. thair is no 3

it suckedhands down the worst sifi horror film ever