Alien Resurrection



Perhaps these films are like the Star Trek movies: The even-numbered episodes are the best ones. Certainly this film (directed by French stylist Jean-Pierre Jeunet) is an improvement over Alien 3, with a script that breathes exciting new life into the franchise. This chapter is set even further in the future, where scientists on a space colony have cloned both the alien and Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), who died in Alien 3; in doing so, however, they've mixed alien DNA with Ripley's human chromosomes, which gives Ripley surprising power (and a bad attitude). A band of smugglers comes aboard only to discover the new race of aliens--and when the multi-mouthed melonheads get loose, no place is safe. But, on the plus side, they have Ripley as a guide to help them get out. Winona Ryder is on hand as the smugglers' most unlikely crew member (with a secret of her own), but this one is Sigourney's all the way.


I can't believe people said this was better than Alien 3!

The Jackel

I can't believe people said this was better than Alien 3! The shody come-back of Ripley just for the sake of putting Ripley back in the franchise was a mistake from the start. Than adding the idea of her connection to the Aliens made it even worse and ruined her character. Then there was the newborn...less said about that the better. It's only saving grace were the very cool Xeno fight scenes.

Alien Films


Why don't any film maker stick to the series??? they seem to make it up as they go along! the graphic novels are a lot better than any of the movies as they continue in a linear fashion. the films went down hill from Aliens, as James Cameron stuck to the series and made the Aliens intelligent like say Bees, protecting a hive. The last few films made the series look shody, lack any new ideas and worse still no new bloody story. Just a shame they don't try and make a film that is weired and scary and upsetting as they should be in an Alien franchise!!

it was ok..


ya now what i thought it was a good movie mainly the under water scene !

I hated this movie

Philip Bower

This is one of the few Alien Movies that I have hated! I have been a fan of the Alien Saga since the first movie up to AVP.. But, this movie I have crossed off my list of must haves. I hated the weak attempt to tie the movies into the comics.. And the whole Ripley as momma to an Alien concept stretched the movie WAY beyond what I could handle.

I hated this movie

Philip Bower

I have been a big fan of the Alien Series since the first one back when I was just a tyke. But, this movie.. I hated with a passions and wish that hollywood would never had made it.

This was a VERY poor attempt by the franchise to connect the movies and the comics together.. And the whole fiasco with the return of Ripley and the Newborn who thought Ripley was it's mom.. ACK..

Please please if you ever make another movie due it justice and either keep it to the movie history or keep it to the comic history.. Just DO NOT blend the two in such an awful way again.

Spooky Ressurection


What a ruin to an excellent series. The underwater scene was cool but that's it. the rest was rubbish! its the only film in the saga that i have only ever watched once. ALIENS is much better. the best film in the saga.

The Best In Only One Way, Otherwise 3 Was Way Better


I Think That It Was The Best In Only One Way, The Aliens Were Better CGI Than In three (I Think At Least.) Then Again, 3, I Can't Argue That, No 3 Was WAY Better.

why do you guys give this movie such crap?!!?


Why do you guys give this movie such crap?!!?This was one of the best movies of the series!!You guys have the crudiest taste in craptown.So #%@& all you guys!This movie was awesome and you know it.But I agree with you guys about the newborn,that sucked.But you guys need to shut your piehole!But if you don't,I'll rip it off.Get my drift?